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What Was Your Proudest Gaming Achievement Of 2013?

There’s a definite sense of pride that comes with playing a game well, whether it’s scoring a crucial goal, hitting a particular score or simply making your way through an enjoyable narrative. Which gaming moment stood out the most for you in 2013?

The Daily HaiTaku

Congratulations to Aliasalpha, who picked Bubble Bobble as yesterday’s HaiTaku game. Now, onto today’s poem.

Internet Archive Now Emulates Classic Consoles

The Internet Archive has added a section of classic consoles to its archive section, along with a selection of classic games playable in your browser.

Off-Topic: New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve is a time for celebrations, reflections and merriment. At least, that’s what popular culture tells us it’s for. What are you doing to cap off the end of 2013?

Our Pick Of Today's Steam Sales

The final Steam Sale day of 2013 — at least on this side of the pond — offers up mixed fare. Here’s our pick of the best deals.

While You Were Sleeping

This is it. 2013 is about to be consigned to the history books, and you’ve had your last overnight snooze of the year. Things were happening while you were busy being a Viking.

Would Batman Win An MMA Fight Against Spider-Man?

It’s not likely. I mean, not just that such a thing would never happen on straight legal grounds, but also because Peter Parker would simply whup him silly.

Reverse Engineered Wii U Gamepad Plays PC Games

That’s one way to solve the drought of Wii U games, I suppose. Nintendo wouldn’t approve, mind you.

The Daily HaiTaku

It was inevitable that I’d write this particular Haiku.

Our Pick Of Today's Steam Sales

Some things in life are inevitable; death, taxes and cheap games during a Steam sale. Here’s the pick of what’s on sale today.