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There's A Wii U GamePad... Racing Wheel

The wheel, of course, is the Wii U GamePad. Makes sense!

LEGO Builder Creates Life-Sized Hatsune Miku Statue

Making a life-sized Hatsune Miku statue is not easy. What’s more, it takes time. Lots and lots of time. This, for example, took six months’ worth of work.

China Is Serious About Kicking Arse At League Of Legends

Want to get good at League of Legends? Like, really good? You need to go to China’s new LoL bootcamp.

There Are Tiny People Living Amongst Our Oreos

There are a few Twitter accounts that can delight you on a daily basis. This is one of them.

Father Allegedly Let Son Die While He Played Online Games

Tragic news out of South Korea. A young father allegedly let his two-year-old son die due to negligence. The reason? The father was apparently spending all his time gaming.

Giant Mecha Erected In Tokyo

To promote the new Patlabor movies, the life-sized Ingram mecha was shown off in Tokyo. Sure beats a movie poster.

Japanese Service Lets You Hide Photos Of Ex-Lovers Online

Breaking up is hard. But you probably keep moments of the relationship: photos, letters or gifts. But those items suddenly become dangerous once you get in a new relationship. What if your new squeeze discovers them? A service in Japan fixes that.

This South Korean High School Looks Like A Prison

For the past few years, Seongsu High School has been compared to one thing online: a maximum security facility. If you’ve never been to prison, perhaps you’ve seen images of it in movies.

Mother And Son Might Be Dead After League Of Legends Argument

According to reports out of China, a mother and her son are presumed drowned after a fight over online game League of Legends. Well-known Chinese sites like Sina and NetEase are reporting an argument erupted in Guangyuan, Sichuan, when a mother discovered that her 16-year-old son went to a net cafe instead of coming home after his school let him out for a holiday break.

Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls' Game Boy Version Isn't Always Online

Heck, it doesn’t even exist. That’s why South Korea blogger Laptick decided to create it. Well, at least the packaging and the Game Boy cartridge. What better way to mark the launch of Diablo III‘s first expansion, Reaper of Souls?