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Aussie Nintendo Store: It's Raining Men

So last week the Wii U Virtual Console was launched, this week both the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS get a bunch of new Virtual Console titles.

Aussie Nintendo Store - Sales Galore

There isn’t much new this week on the eShop, but instead lots of big games are on sale for both the Wii U and the 3DS. The likes of Trine 2, The Cave, Toki Tori 2, Little Inferno are on sale on the Wii U. On the 3DS Mutant Mudds, Mighty Switch Force and Gunman Clive all drop to some decent prices.

Aussie Nintendo Store -- Skultimate Warrior

After a mega two weeks of updates its time for the eShop to slow back down to a normal pace. Wii U owners are the real lucky ones this week with the long awaited arrival of Toki Tori 2. Fans of the 3DS though you’re in luck to with Mega Man 3 on the Virtual Console and um, Monster High Skultimate Roller Maze. Yeah, well I don’t know about that one.

Aussie Nintendo Store Update: Undercover Brother

So if last weeks eShop updates weren’t impressive enough, this week will knock your socks off again. There’s one huge update for the Wii U but the 3DS gets everything else and it’s entirely awesome.

Aussie Nintendo Store Update -- Monster Hunting

You know some weeks we lament the lack of content on the eShop, this week though there is a clear abundance of content for both the 3DS and Wii U eShops. It’s actually quite impressive.

Aussie Nintendo Store: King Of The Castle(vania)

If you’re a 3DS owner, I have great news for you. You’re got a couple good games to download this week. Wii owners too you’re blessed with another Neo Geo classic. Wii U owners… well maybe you could like do the latest system update. That’s fun.

Aussie Nintendo eShop: Hunting for Boost Power

So Nintendo goes to sleep for a couple of weeks and then bam, there’s a whole wad of Wii U and 3DS eShop releases and demos to check out all at once. So sit down, grab a drink or two and let’s find out what you can download today.

Aussie Nintendo Store: Star Fisting Rage

There’s a little bit of everything for Wii U and 3DS owners this week. And it’s the first week the Wii U has seen a game that’s ‘retail’ but won’t be coming to stores. Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2 is that title and while you might not be able to pick it up in stores, previously you’d have to import it or go without. It probably won’t sell to much here in Australia but at least there’s the option to nab it.

Aussie Nintendo eShop Updates: Vektor into Christmas savings

Well here it is, the penultimate eShop update for the year and it’s a mix of new games and sales, yep sales on the Nintendo stores. It’s a foreign concept I know, but they’re doing it.

Aussie Nintendo Store: Bleedin Splish Splash Show

For what it lacks in quantity, this weeks update makes up for in absolute quality with the 3DS getting possibly what will be two of the best games to hit the eShop. Crimson Shroud is a Level 5 developed RPG that was part of the Guild01 compilation upon it’s release in Japan. So Level 5 right? They’re good. But what about Yasumi Matsuno, he’s made such games as Vagrant Story previously. So if you’re a traditional JRPG fan this one is for you.