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Chinese Porn Identification Officer Is Sickened By Porn

Somewhere in the world, some guy might think being a porn censor is the best job in the world. Sitting around and watching porn all day may look good on paper to some, but according to an actual Chinese government porn watchdog, the job is sickening.

Shaolin Monks Own Smartphones, Are Not Allowed To Play Video Games

The Shaolin Temple, that place you hear about in all those Wu-Tang rap songs, is very much part of the 21st century. But despite the Shaolin monks and their affinity for technology, according to the abbot, video games and television are off limits.

Chinese Movie Poster Is Advertising The Wrong Thing

Every year, less than 50 foreign movies are allowed to be shown in theatres in China. Transcendence happens to be one movie that’s allowed in China this year, but looking at its marketing materials, one might think that it’s Johnny Depp shilling something other than a movie.

Taiwanese League Of Legends Pro Charged For Insulting Police

A Taiwanese man was recently charged with obstruction of police business after badmouthing police officers on an online forum. First reported by Taiwan’s CNA News and Apple Daily, Taiwanese celebrity gamer Zhang JiaHang of League of Legends fame was approached by the district court of Taichung Taiwan. Zhang was charged with something along the lines of obstruction of justice over something that he did last year. Online.

Taiwanese Cardboard Artist Makes Iron Man Suit

Cardboard is great. It can be shelter, it can be storage, it can be entertainment, it can be invisibility on the battlefield, and it can be art if taken to the extreme.

China Hangs On To A Dying Windows XP

It’s April 7 in China, the last day before the worldwide phaseout of Microsoft’s Windows XP operating system. While most people out West will be operating happily in either Windows 8, 7 and even, hahaha, Vista, close to 200 million people in China will still be holding onto XP.

A Miniature Version Of Yourself That's Good Enough To Eat

Simple dough, made from flour and water is used for everything from feeding the masses to making toys in China. Highly personalised toys. Personalised toys made out of what can be cooked and eaten.

How Tea-Boiled Eggs Caused Controversy In China

Last week, one of the hottest topics online in China was an egg. Not just any egg, but rather an egg hardboiled in tea leaves and soy sauce. A tea-boiled egg.

12 Tips For When You're Travelling To China

Oh China. The Middle Kingdom, the home of kung-fu and pandas, is one of the hottest travel and study destinations in the world right now.

One Chinese Gamer Has Kept His Game Point Cards For Over 10 Years

Pre-paid charge cards for video games have been around for ages. They had them for NeoPets, they had them for Nexon games such as Gunbound, and they’re super useful — but only until the points run out. But for one Chinese gamer, his collection of old point cards may just win him a brand new smartphone.