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Professor Layton Would Be The Perfect Mastermind In Grand Theft Auto

Professor Layton is getting a proper crossover game this year, but the talented animators at Polaris have let their imagination run wild and put the archeologist gentleman and some puzzles into Grand Theft Auto V. If you think about it, the professor’s calm, passive-aggressive behaviour fits into a world full of mad criminals after all.

46 Reasons Why You Keep Losing In StarCraft II

Finding excuses when we lose online is something we all sometimes do. It can be frustrating, after all. Tutorial Central collected a fair amount of StarCraft II-related ones, but most of them would apply to any competitive game.

Realistic Pokémon Snap Would Give Me Nightmares

Dayshot: Hey that’s not the Mewtwo and the Cerulean Cave I remember from the Pokémon games. This — otherwise amazing — redesign by DeviantART artist arvalis is way more creepy.

That's A Perfectly Executed Slam Dunk... In Kerbal Space Program

Performing a Space Jam!-style ultimate dunk with an asteroid is not how you finish Kerbal Space Program, but that’s how it should end.

Some Skyrim Mods Just Break Immersion Completely

Dayshot: Some Skyrim mods just break immersion completely.

Half-Life Speedrun Breaks World Record At Just Over 20 Minutes

After months of theorycrafting and planning, speedrunner quadrazid and his friends were able to run through Half-Life — a game that’s anything but short — in 20 minutes. And the fact that it’s almost 10 minutes faster than the previous world record shows how perfectly executed their run was.

Cool Macroshots Show The Dramatic Adventures Of Star Wars Figurines

Photos with Star Wars figurines can’t really get more dramatic (and funny) than in Malaysian photographer Zahir Batin’s machroshots on DeviantART. He only needed a few droids, some stormtroopers and the touch of nature to fill his series with emotion.

Metroid's Zero Suit Samus And Samus In Her Power Armour

Dayshot: Metroid’s Zero Suit Samus and Samus in her power armour, combined into one amazing fan-art by the talented Wen-JR. A wonderful tribute to the series!

Minecraft Items, According To Someone New To The Game

Pixelated Minecraft items can be confusing for someone not familiar with the game — like Redditor CyanideX-Ed’s wife in this case — with pretty hilarious results when they try to guess their names.

That's Just Too Much Video Games For One Cartoon Episode

The show is Steven Universe, a relatively new animated series on Cartoon Network about a young boy called Steven, and his intergalactic female warrior friends. Its 16th episode, ‘Steven the Sword Fighter’ was aired recently and surprisingly, it was full of video game references!