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Titanfall Was Almost Destroyed By Lawsuits

Before Titanfall was Titanfall, the mech-heavy shooter went through years of development hell. Crippled by a complicated lawsuit back in 2010, the folks behind the newly formed studio Respawn Entertainment worried for a long time that they might never actually make a game.

Blizzard's Hearthstone Now Available On iPad

Video: Hearthstone, Blizzard’s addictive online card game, is now available on iPad worldwide. New players get a free pack of cards.

Hyper Light Drifter Is Like A Surreal, Indie Zelda

Video: Hyper Light Drifter, a game we’ve been psyched about since we first saw it on Kickstarter last year, continues to look great. Here’s some new hands-on video, straight out of PAX East 2014.

It's Like Secret Of Mana... As A Dungeon Crawler

Sometimes, you’re wandering around PAX East and you find a sweet game that looks like Secret of Mana, so you’ve gotta check it out. This is Wayward Souls, the next game from the folks at Rocketcat (Mage Gauntlet, Punch Quest).

Evolve Is One Of The Best Games We Saw At PAX

At PAX East last weekend, Team Kotaku went and played Evolve, the upcoming co-op shooter that pits a group of four hunters against one vicious monster. Yesterday, we talked about it. Here’s that conversation.

Mass Effect 3 'Expiration' Raises Questions About Our Digital Future

Two years ago, BioWare released Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut, a free alternative ending for the controversial sci-fi role-playing game. Last Saturday, that offer technically expired.

We've Already Found The Best Video Game Mod Of 2014

UPDATE: What we first thought was a bug is actually an intentional fan project, according to Telltale, the company behind The Wolf Among Us. “This is actually a fan made modification using existing game animation assets from a previous episode,” a Telltale rep tells us. (The episode in question.) Kotaku‘s headline has been changed accordingly.

A Video Game About People Who Pretend To Be Aeroplanes

Video: Sometimes a headline and a video are really all you need. You can check out Cult of the Wind on Steam Greenlight.

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New JRPGs For Vita Make Me Unreasonably Happy

Between PS1 Classics and newer games like Persona 4 Golden, the unheralded PlayStation Vita has become an essential beast for JRPG fans and today brings news of more cool Japanese stuff for western gamers.

Indie RPG Channels Old-School Ys

Meet Chasm, an upcoming indie 2D dungeon-crawler inspired by the likes of Ys III: Wanderers From Ys and other old-school RPG-slash-platformers from the 16-bit days.