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Cut Paul "@OceanMarketting" Christoforo A Break—He Might Just Have Roid Rage

It’s been a heck of a day for Paul Christoforo, whose flippant email to a customer asking about his Avenger controller order has made Christoforo a walking memetic punchline. But maybe we should cut Christoforo a break for his overly aggressive emails: he could just be feeling the effects of roid rage.

Naughty Dog Calls Out Video Games For Weak Stories, Promises To Blow Brains With The Last Of Us

Sure, Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series is a benchmark for narrative, cinematic gaming. But from the way Naughty Dog is talking up their new franchise to Eurogamer, the upcoming PlayStation-exclusive The Last of Us is going to have a lot to live up to — especially in a setting as well-trodden as the zombie apocalypse.

An Annotated Map Of Skyrim Big Enough To Put On Your Wall

To celebrate the launch of a new Skyrim-themed section — and to get you to come check it out — Game Banshee has built a nice-looking annotated map of the northern kingdom. There’s even a version at resolution high enough to be suitable for printing on your wall. There are light spoilers if names and locations are something about which you worry. (But you probably shouldn’t.)

Modern Warfare 3 Looks Even Better In LEGO

This is as close to an official LEGO interpretation of Activision’s tentpole franchise. Honestly, it looked pretty believable until they blew up the LEGO Eiffel Tower. There’s no way that would happen in real LEGO life.

Gifts For Everybody

Everybody games. (Finally!) With a million different types of gamers, there are a million types of gifts to be bought. This year, rather than going very broad, we’ve tried to offer up a few specific different archetypes, the better to actually help you find something for the person you love.

See The Augmented Reality Effects Possible On PS Vita

I’ve only gotten to play with the PlayStation Vita’s augmented reality functions for a few minutes, but the portable system’s relatively powerful processor and high-resolution screen does a good job of selling the “magic” overlay effect.

The Equal Opportunity Perversion Of Kotaku

Last week, some folks paid Kotaku the kindness of noticing how… let’s call it “progressive”… we’ve begun to lean over the last few months since I came aboard as Editorial Director. (Dan Bruno, in particular; I had other discussions on Twitter.)

William Gibson On Cyberpunk's 'Dirt In The Corners'

In an interview with author William Gibson, the creator of the notion of “cyberpunk” — a milieu that remains heavily influential to the world building of video games — comments on what inspired him to deviate from the then-too-polished world of mainstream science fiction. It’s relevant to today’s Neuromancer-inspired video games: Make sure you put the dirt in corners.

Which Console Company Will An Apple 'Smart Television' Kill?

There’s going to be another round of consoles. There’s another Xbox coming, another PlayStation. Anything could happen in the next couple of years before they’re released. For instance, Apple could start selling “smart televisions”.

Should You Buy Forza Motorsport 4? Yes.

Brian Crecente: The Forza franchise continues to dance the fine line between a racing game too authentic to interest me and one designed to be intuitive enough for someone who likes going fast, but doesn’t necessarily have the abilities to do so well.