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It Was The Sidekicks, Not The Hero, That Made Me Love Mass Effect

Tali was the one who made me realise that my world had changed. Tali — never even my favourite — who had become suddenly beloved and made me stop and think hard about what mattered to me most. And it all began when I got her killed. Warning: Spoilers for all three Mass Effect games follow.

Mass Effect 3: Omega: The Kotaku Review

There was something missing, in Mass Effect 3. The game was filled with a hundred tiny details that paid homage to all the choices and deliberations I’d made in two previous games, and yet one thing sat unfinished.

Wii U: The Frankenreviiu

It’s a new console! These are momentous events in gaming, and yet nobody seems quite sure how to react to Nintendo’s new entrant, the Wii U. To some, it feels like the last of a generation that launched with the Xbox 360 many years ago. To Nintendo, it’s the first of the next generation, well ahead of Microsoft’s and Sony’s next iterations.

The Roccat Savu Is Definitely The Best Mouse I've Ever Hated Using

It’s hard to describe the benefits and drawbacks of a specific gaming mouse, in many ways. Certainly, I can discuss whether the drivers work, whether the buttons work, whether any programming is intuitive and whether the product works as advertised — and in a moment, I will. The biggest problem with describing a mouse, however, is that it’s got to be the piece of hardware most overwhelmingly subject to personal preference.

Cat Pirates: For All Your Adorable Cat And Pirate Needs

A smart game knows its audience. So let’s take a moment to understand what kind of audience I am.

From Pong To Mass Effect 3: Time Names 100 Best Games Of All Time

In what is ultimately sure to be a fool’s errand, Time magazine has compiled a list of the 100 best video games of all time.

The Walking Dead's Episode Four Stats Lead Up To Final Episode

If you, like me, are an episode or two behind in Telltale’s remarkable Walking Dead series, don’t watch this video. If you, unlike me, have caught up on episodes three and four of the five-part series, then by all means, go to town.

Origin Users Are Suddenly Getting Hacked A Lot

Origin users — which means anyone who’s played Battlefield 3 or Mass Effect 3, among other games — should keep a close eye on their accounts.

Splinter Cell Movie Is Happening, Tom Hardy Starring As Sam Fisher

Assassin’s Creed isn’t the only movie that Ubisoft wants to get to the silver screen as soon as possible.

Fans Waiting For The Beyond Good & Evil Sequel Just Have To Keep Waiting, Ubisoft Head Confirms

Fans of Beyond Good & Evil have been waiting a very long time for a sequel.