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Finally, A Comic That Gets Sex Right.

Finally, a comic that gets sex right. If you read comics, you probably know writer Matt Fraction. He’s widely (and rightly) considered one of the best writers in the business, from Casanova to Hawkeye to other great stuff. Wired‘s got a really cool new profile of him, all about his latest comic Sex Criminals. A lot of what he’s saying about sex and comics could just as easily be said about sex and video games.

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Video Games Sure Can Be Beautiful

Yesterday, I spent an inordinate amount of time messing around with the nifty new photo mode in Infamous: Second Son. It’s surprisingly rare that we get that kind of opportunity to slow way down and really appreciate how beautiful video games can be.

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Infamous: Second Son's New Photo Mode Is A Blast

We’ve already pretty well established that Infamous: Second Son is a really nice-looking game. Wouldn’t it be cool if we had an easy way to freeze the game in action and really drink in all those shiny graphics?

Solid Dating Advice For The Modern Geek

Online dating, romance at cons, asking out the girl at the game store — it’s a wild world out there for the geek who seeks love. Our resident dating columnist Harris “Dr Nerdlove” O’Malley is here to help.

If You Like Thief And Dishonored, Read This Book

Picture it: A beautiful, 18th-century city with a dark underbelly. The labyrinthine streets are faintly lit by alchemical light, and gangs of thieves and cutthroats roam the lower quarters and canal-ways. High above, Dukes and Dons attend gala society parties, far away from the plague-ridden quarters below.

Which Gaming System Do You Use Most?

Here at Kotaku, we cover games for just about every major gaming system out there. PC, gaming consoles, handhelds, smartphones, web browsers… we have it all.

True Detective Meets Family Circus, And Things Get Bleak

I never really did care for Family Circus. Something about those strange children, with their gaping maws and their coal-black eyes…

New TV Show Makes A Pretty Good Joke About Mass Effect's Ending

The characters on HBO’s new show Silicon Valley work in tech, and they clearly know a thing or two about video games. So when it comes time to articulate the pointlessness of one of their peers, they have got a pretty solid frame of reference to work with.

Rock Band Cranks Out The Tetris Theme While Standing Atop A Building

I’ve gotten flak in the past for being overly glib with my use of the word “shred”, but I’d say there’s enough finger-tapping and cello-sawing going on in this video to qualify.

The Cosplay Of PAX East, Day One

Why go to a gaming convention when you can go to a gaming convention dressed up as your favourite video game character? Good question.