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PAX East: PC's Fragmentation Is Both Its Biggest Strength... And Weakness

With the arrival of Mantle and the more recent announcement of DirectX 12, PC gaming has been pushed back into the limelight. Timely then, was the PAX East panel “The Incredible Future of PC Gaming”, which saw Star Citizen head man Chris Roberts, along with representatives from NVIDIA and Oculus VR, give their perspectives on where the platform is heading.

$US10 Is All You Need To Scratch Your 4X Itch With Sins Of A Solar Empire: Rebellion

Excited about the new space-faring instalment to Civilization? That’s an understatement. Unfortunately, it’s not available right now, which makes it incredibly difficult to play in the current time slice we occupy. Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, on the other hand, is just $US10 on Steam and it might be enough to tide you over until Firaxis has completed its work.

Arma 3's Zeus DLC Sounds Like A Griefer's Paradise

Scripted games are great. Tight, hand-crafted experiences from professional designers will guarantee a minimum level of fun. But replace the programming with a person… a person with ultimate control over your fate and the tools to go ahead and ruin your world? Arma 3‘s latest “Zeus” DLC gives one player exactly this… here’s hoping he or she doesn’t make your life miserable.

Free Updates Over Paid DLC For Goat Simulator Developers

Paid downloadable content is a given these days — the age of free content patches is far behind us, at least among large studios and their larger games. Not so for indies however, with developers such as Coffee Stain advocating gratis updates for the goodwill they generate and the ease at which they can be released, thanks to less red tape.

Play 'Escape From XP', Microsoft's Parody Game Of Windows XP's Demise

This week, Microsoft officially marked Windows XP as “end-of-life”, which means it will no longer provide updates or support for the aging operating system. The company decided to celebrate XP’s end with a neat browser game called “Escape From XP” that, despite what you may think, doesn’t involve typing “format c:” into a command prompt.

'The Money I've Made From Monaco Is Kinda Gross'

Since its release, Monaco has seen a steady stream of updates from developer Pocketwatch Games, but like all good things, said attention must come to an end. The game’s lead, Andy Schatz, yesterday announced the release of the final chapter for the game, as well as a great summary of how the title has changed his life.

The Level Editor For Age Of Wonders III Looks Fantastic

One thing I’ve always liked about Blizzard is the high quality of its modding tools. Where other developers have dumped such support in favour of, well, nothing, it’s good to know there are studios out there that actually like their communities. Take Triumph Studios and Age of Wonders III, the latest instalment in the fantasy strategy series.

This Cardboard Iron Man Suit Looks Superb, But It's Not So Practical

Cardboard. It’s the stuff they make boxes out of, though if you need an impromptu TARDIS, it’s great for that too. Or, if you’re feeling creative, you could make a replica of Iron Man’s suit. Sure, it wouldn’t stand up to explosions, machinegun fire or a somewhat determined cat, but for those few moments before it started to rain, you’d feel invincible. And then soggy.

Need Your Firefly Fix? The Official Role-Playing Game Just Came Out

There is a Firefly MMO in the works, but if you just can’t wait to get your Malcolm Reynolds on (in a completely platonic way, of course), then you can try your hand at the official pen-and-paper role-playing game, which came out this week.

GOG's Square Enix Sale: Thief, Deus Ex, Tomb Raider And More For A Few Bucks

There’s never a shortage of gaming-related sales, deals, bundles and hilarious cat photos on the internet and along with Steam, GOG has its fair share of these excellent treats (except for maybe the cat part). This weekend the digital distributor is offering a bunch of Square Enix classics, including Deus Ex, Thief and Tomb Raider, for up to 75 per cent of their usual prices.