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The Best Board Games Of 2013

As I’ve talked about before, board games aren’t simply enjoying a resurgence right now. They’re in a glittering golden age with fabulous releases every single week, the entire hobby evolving and adapting with Borg-like ease. There’s no easier way to prove it than with my favourite releases from 2013.

The Top 5 Board Games That Really Will Ruin Friendships

One piece of trivia orbits modern board gaming like a dark, sexy star. Someone who doesn’t really play them will always have heard from their friend, who heard it from another friend, that games like Game of Thrones or Battlestar Galactica are mean. They ruin friendships.

BioShock Infinite Has A Board Game And It's Brutal

It’s here! Like a murderous detective leaping from a Skyline, the Bioshock Infinite board game wants to come crashing into your house and help itself to the money in your pockets. It’s a pretty exciting proposition — unlike video game tie-ins of movies, board game tie-ins aren’t a meritless lake of bilge water. Some, like the Game of Thrones game, are pretty wonderful. So I was really curious sitting down to play The Siege of Columbia for a lengthy playtest. What have we got here? Bilge or anti-bilge?

The Porsche Of The Board Game World

“Part of our brand,” explains the sonorous French voice on the phone, “is coming from the fact we do very few things. Porsche is the most successful car company in the world from the business standpoint, but they do very few models… we take the same approach in the board game business.”

Video Games' Obsession With Winning Is Killing Them

Two years ago, I left a job at Rock, Paper, Shotgun to start a board game site. But that’s not the strange part. What’s odd is that I’ve never looked back. I’m getting more out of table games these days than video games, and the biggest reason is that somewhere along the line, video games became obsessed with winning, and it’s killing them.

A Board Game Piece Is More Than A Mere Chunk Of Plastic

Two years ago, I began transitioning from video games to table games. But I always thought that one day, I’d come back. I kept one eye on my cards, the other on the door, which was actually very impractical but did give me a spooky Forest Whitaker look that would unsettle my opponents.

You're With Me: Five Team Board Games You Should Play

Today, we’re always being told that video games are social. It’s only recently that I’ve been able to take enough of a step back to realise that this is weapons-grade nonsense.

Forget Game Of Thrones. The Best Board Games Are German-Style

Board games are big business now! I’ve been screaming this for so long that my lungs resemble two teabags flapping in a breeze. Excitingly, this means every week I get a tweet, email or text from someone who’s started their board game collection.

The 5 (Or So) Board Games To Get Excited About In 2013

Right. For my first ever board game column for Kotaku, the editor-in-chief here suggested I cover the top games coming in 2013. This created an anime-sized bead of sweat on my forehead. You see, board games aren’t like video games. You want to know if a video game’s coming out, you call a guy who works in a place, or perhaps do a Google. Board games? Oh, man.

6 Board Games That Video Gamers Should Play

At the end of part one of this essay on analogue games, I said I’d talk about specific examples of board games to show why you, a video gamer, should be playing them.