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The Making Of A Very Different Kind Of War Video Game

“The pattern is always the same,” video game designer Pawel Miechowski told me recently. “People struggle for food, soap and medicine. They trade liquor or any alcohol for bullets or any weapons. That’s what happened in Sarajevo.” That’s what happens in cities wracked by war. That’s what will happen in Pawel Miechowski’s most unusual war video game.

Thank Goodness Someone Is Making A New First-Person Swimming Game

One of the more odd delights on Nintendo’s Wii console was a two-game series called Endless Ocean. The peaceful games let players virtually scuba dive and take pictures of the wildlife below the surface of the sea. Enter World of Diving, a new game about pretty much the same thing, except it’s first-person, you can play it on a computer and, if you’d like, you can play in virtual reality.

A Strategy Game About Space Junk

Have you noticed all the small-scale sci-fi strategy games these days? No complaints here, given how good the spaceship-survival game FTL is and how well the minimalist space-station-building Rymdkapsel turned out. There’s Double Fine’s Spacebase DF9 too. Next? Habitat, a game about making space stations from space junk.

The Undertaker's Outfit From WWE Looks Awfully Familiar

Sign that I might be too obsessed with WWE and Assassin’s Creed: I think the Undertaker is cosplaying as an Assassin’s Creed character these days. Seriously, how did I not notice this before? Or am I just imagining things now?

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How The Batmobile Works In Arkham Knight

I really wish Warner Bros had released footage of their next Batman game, Arkham Knight, because I’d like you all to see what they’re doing with the Batmobile. It’s not quite what you’d expect, I don’t think.

OK, Maybe The Wii U's Selling Point Will Be Graphics

Behold new screenshots of Mario Kart 8, the best-looking screenshots I’ve seen from Nintendo in a long time. They’re an 11-image argument that, OK, maybe seeing classic Nintendo franchises with HD graphics is worth the price of admission for Nintendo’s newish Wii U console. UPDATE: Trailer added.

Meet The Gaming Guy Who Is Now Running All Of Xbox

“I look at gaming as a first-class citizen inside this company,” the new head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, just told me on the phone on this the day it was announced that he’s taking over all things Xbox at Microsoft. “And that’s how [Microsoft CEO] Satya [Nadella] has shared it with me.”

Eight Indie Games Coming To Xbox One That I'm Excited About

There are few experiences I cherish more as a games reporter than walking into a room full of new, unfinished video games, each one of them ready for me to play. It makes it so easy to be excited about the future of gaming. Every time.

Valve's Top VR Expert Jumps To Oculus

Valve’s Michael Abrash, who was just giving a talk about the wonders of virtual reality at the company’s Steam Dev Days in January and has seemingly led the company’s VR research, has taken a job as chief scientist at red-hot VR company Oculus. In announcing his move, Abrash also explained why Facebook’s controversial $US2 billion purchase of Oculus is great news:

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A Very Excited Man Tells Us All About Batman: Arkham Knight

For 30 minutes last week, a man by the name of Dax Ginn, told a room full of reporters how awesome this fall’s Batman game is going to be. The PC/PS4/Xbox One game sure does look good already, even if the frame-rate still chugs here and there at this stage of development.