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A Puzzle Game That Makes You Kill Yourself To Win

Life Goes On embraces death in a way that most games don’t. Sure, lots of platformers embrace death in the sense that they know that landing the perfect jump will first require a lot of trial and error, but few make you intentionally kill yourself to get across from point A to point B.

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New Call Of Duty DLC Has Snoop Dogg Announce Your Kills

Wait, what? A few things. Why does this exist and why didn’t this already exist? Regardless of the answers to these pressing questions, Call of Duty: Ghosts now officially has the best announcer in all of first-person shooters.

I Think I Found My New Favourite Titanfall Move

Instead of calling in your Titan just as the match is ending to unload on the enemy dropship, what if you saved your Titan? Just for a bit longer?

Titanfall's Next New Modes Will Be Free

During their PAX East panel today, Respawn announced that they’re working on new modes for Titanfall. These updates, in addition to other micro updates that they have already been working on, will be completely free to owners of the game.

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The Next Big Borderlands Game Will Let You Play As Claptrap

If you’ve ever just looked up at the sky while playing a Borderlands game you might’ve noticed the big H-shaped, Hyperion-owned moonbase suspended ominously in space above the planet Pandora. Well, in the next big Borderlands game, coming out this fall, you’ll be going to that moon.

Watch All Of Today's Smash Bros. Reveals, Right Here

Video: If you missed it, all 39 minutes of today’s Nintendo Direct covering the next Smash Bros. game is right here for you to watch. Come for the character reveals — like Charizard! — and stay for the wacky fighting styles of The Villager and the Wii Fit goons.

Here's What Will Get You Banned In Super Smash Bros.

During today’s Nintendo Direct covering all things Smash Bros, the director of the game — Masahiro Sakurai — outlined the kinds of player behaviour that will get you banned (or at least temporarily so) from the game.

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What's Really Fun About Dark Souls 2

It’s not just that it’s “difficult”. It’s not that it beats you down, over and over again, sometimes pushing you to the brink of frustration and frustration’s cousin: rage quitting. Dark Souls II is enjoyable because you can overcome that. Because you can be better — tougher, wiser — than the challenges it throws your way. Imagine that: tougher than the toughest game out there. No achievement can stand up to that.

Curb Your Enthusiasm's Jeff Garlin Rags On The Need For Speed Movie

No, really. He hated it. Including the bits with Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul.

Someone's Pretending To Be Obama While Playing Titanfall

Probably the best thing about these videos from GameSocietyPimps is that everyone involved is such a good sport. Often these “character plays a multiplayer first-person shooter” pranks lean toward the cruder side, but this impression artist stays in fairly true character. Imagine Key & Peele’s Obama skit but a little less…angry.