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Star Wars: Uprising Is Coming To An End

Last year around this time, mobile developer Kabam and Disney released Star Wars: Uprising, a “dull Diablo clone” set between the events of Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. It’s shutting down in November.

Someone Stop Me From Playing NBA 2K17's Card Game

Just the thought of interacting with a companion app sounds wrong. So often they’re shallow, half-baked experiences that serve little purpose beyond nickel and diming their audience into spending more money on a game that they’ve already shelled out a substantial amount for.

And there’s no doubt that MyNBA2K17 is designed to generate some extra money for 2K. But while it exists as a way to scan your face and check your stats in NBA 2K17, it also comes with a mobile card game that’s disturbingly entertaining.

Police Dealing With Pokemon GO Chaos In Tokyo 

In the past few days, a rare Pokemon has been spotted in Tokyo’s Odaiba. Loads of people have shown up to catch it, and the crowds have become so big that the police were called in to handle the situation.

Apple's iPhone 7 Is A Glimpse Into The Future

This is the Apple iPhone 7, the twelfth of its name, successor to the iPhone 6s, and the best iPhone ever.

Mobius Final Fantasy Saved My Day

Last night sucked. The real world was a confusing pile of rotten politics and horrible tragedy. I needed to find some strength. As it turns out, it was right at my finger tips. Mobius Final Fantasy’s multiplayer let me stare down a monster and, with others by my side, fight back and win.

Another Final Fantasy XV Tie-In Game Is Coming To Mobile

Square Enix announced a new mobile game called King’s Knight: Wrath of the Dark Dragon at Tokyo Game Show 2016. It will be part of the Final Fantasy XV Universe, and is actually one of the games played by the characters in that world similar to Justice Monsters Five, that “mobile pinball thing” that came out for iOS and Android last month.

Study Confirms People Love To Play Pokemon GO While Driving

People do all kinds of absurd stuff while driving, including but not limited to: eating, texting, reading books and apparently even playing the guitar. Ever since Pokemon GO came out, people have also been trying to catch Pidgeys and Zubats while driving, because you can never have enough Pidgeys and Zubats.

The Heroic Lengths You Have To Walk To Evolve Buddy Pokemon

The buddy system is Pokémon Go’s latest cloying grab at my ’90s kid nostalgia. Think about it: you, your favourite Pokemon, together, walking, forever into the sunset; growing as one and traversing the unknown. It’s just like Ash’s journey in the Pokemon TV show, except if you’re attempting it with the IRL buddy system, you might realise halfway through that your legs have become bloody stumps.

Hearthstone's Welcome Bundle: $6.49 For 10 Packs And A Legendary

With the introduction the “Hearthstone Welcome Bundle”, Blizzard may tempt quite a few dedicated “free” players to spend a few dollars on its digital CCG. The offer, which costs $6.49 in local coins, provides 10 Classic packs and a guaranteed legendary card from the same set.

Square Enix's New Mobile Game Features A Big Blue Goat

Video: Square Enix had been teasing that it would announce a new action title at the Tokyo Game Show. Yesterday TGS began, and Square Enix did just that. It’s called Flame X Blaze and will be out on iOS/Android in Japan this summer. No word on a Western release.

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