All this week, I've continually read reports from mainstream media about how Pokemon GO is dying, how the lightning in a bottle game is dead, how Niantic has failed.

And sure, numbers are dropping and the player base isn't what it used to be. But dead?


Uh oh. According to a report on Phone Arena, a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in the US has burst into flames while charging. This is allegedly the third such incident involving the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in the past month. Here's what you need to know.


Despite chatter otherwise, Pokemon GO is still a bit of A Thing. It's got tens of millions of active users, has earned hundreds of millions in revenue, and it's getting new features every few weeks. And one of the latest ones has just been discovered, thanks to the latest bit of datamining.


FRAMED, Australian indie darling, recipient of shit tons of awards (including that one time Hideo Kojima tweeted about it and said it was his favourite game of the year). Now it's about to get a sequel and if all goes well it'll hopefully be as incredible as the original.


The battle between flora and the undead has taken many forms over the years, from the original flower defence to full-blown third-person shooter. Now we can officially add collectible card game to the list, with the launch of Plants Vs. Zombies Heroes, aka Hearthstone with lanes.


Ever-interesting game designer Zach Gage has made a chess game for those of us who aren't good at proper chess and might enjoy something a little more ridiculous. Really Bad Chess, released earlier this week on iOS, is chess with a random mix of pieces.


Anxiety can be crippling, persistent and affect anyone at any point in their lives. Whilst the treatment that works best can differ greatly from person to person, there is much to be said for the therapeutic benefits of play -- and this includes video games.

This where your smartphone can be a lifeline. Whilst not a substitute for professional advice, therapy or medication; games can be an accessible, portable way to supplement treatment. So to mark World Mental Health Day earlier this week, we thought we'd highlight ten of the best games for assisting with anxiety treatment and symptoms.


Samsung's Galaxy Note7 problem has gone from bad to worse. After a complete recall of phones with exploding batteries, and a costly replacement program for customers, and most recently a continuing fire issue with replacement phones, Samsung is asking customers to return all Galaxy Note7s -- including replacement devices both locally and internationally -- for a full refund or exchange to a different device.