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Deals: Reversible Micro USB Cable Is First Of Its Kind (And The Last You'll Need)

How many times have you gone to plug your charger into your phone only to be completely denied? Struggle no longer: the world’s first fully reversible Micro USB cable is here. With Micro USB and USB-A plugs, this cord plugs in easily whether you’re putting it up right side up, or upside down. Available to Kotaku Australia readers with savings of 44% off the regular price.

Pokemon GO Isn't Dying, Not Even Close

Pokemon GO is dead. Or dying. Apparently. That’s the latest story, after the game’s rapid popularity spike began levelling off. The reality: Pokemon GO is still one of the top apps, and the top game (in terms of both revenue and active users). It’s most likely going to stay that way for a while.

Pokemon GO Stampedes In Taiwan 

Damn. This is not scene from a disaster movie. These are apparently Pokemon Go players in Taiwan.

Keeping Hearthstone Fresh, Three Years On

Hearthstone has been out for a few years and there’s already millions of experienced and regular players. But to find out how Blizzard keeps things fresh, we had a chat with lead designer Ben Brode about the intricacies of the meta, matchmaking system, and more.

Pokemon GO's Leaders Are Actually Useful Now

In an update posted to the official Facebook page, Niantic has announced a patch that will make the team leaders in Pokemon GO actually somewhat useful.

Designing A Better Pokemon GO

Like many of us, Wendy Borg has a few issues with Pokemon GO’s user interface and menu design. Unlike us, she went ahead and did something about it.

Monash Council Mayor Hits Out At Pokemon GO 'Geeks'

First it was the residents and governing council of Rhodes in Sydney struggling to deal with the hordes of Pokemon GO trainers. Now it’s the Monash Council and the Glen Waverley Golf Course, with the course banning players to stop them interfering with the grounds.

Facebook Is Making Its Own Version Of Steam

Several years ago it seemed like games on Facebook was going to be The Next Big Thing. But that battle has since well and truly been won by apps, which is fantastic for anyone who truly hated FarmVille.

But Facebook hasn’t given up on games just yet. Overnight the company announced it was teaming up with Unity to make a new service that developers might be a little bit interested in.

Deus Ex Go Is A Satisfying And Complex Puzzle Game

Deus Ex Go follows in the step-by-step footsteps of Square Enix’s other mobile puzzle titles, Hitman Go and Lara Croft Go. Like those games, you move from node to node to complete single-level puzzles that grow steadily more challenging. Deus Ex Go, however, takes the stellar formula of these games and adds new complications.

A New Way To Play Pokemon GO

Simone Giertz, Queen of Stupid/Awesome Internet Robots, has an idea on how to make playing Pokemon GO a little easier. A custom helmet. And I like it.

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