The Majora's Mask Version Of The "12 Days Of Xmas" Ends As Expected

Those of you familiar with The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask will immediately see the problem with Really Freakin’ Clever‘s “Twelve Days At Snowhead.”

The Pokémon Players Who Want To Save Christmas

Pokémon players around the world are coming together in the name of holidays next week. The plan? To brighten up the day of any kid that is playing Pokémon for the first time, after receiving any of the new games as Christmas presents.

The Opening Sequence To Super Metroid Is A Masterpiece

It’s been a little over two decades since Super Metroid debuted on the Super Nintendo, and it’s lost none of its power in the intervening years.

Nintendo Is Working On New Console Ideas, Says Miyamoto

In an interview with Associated Press, Nintendo executive and creative visionary Shigeru Miyamoto mentioned that divisions within Nintendo are hard at work on new console ideas – but that the Wii U is still very much the focus.

If Adventure Time Characters Were Pokémon Trainers

Imagine, for a moment, that characters like Finn or Marceline had to pick a Pokémon team. What creatures would you match them up with?

Why Pokémon Players Are Obsessed With Blissey Secret Bases

In two words: experience points. Heaps and heaps of experience points.

Nintendo Warns Parents About Kids Spending Their Money

Parents, do you know what video games your kids are playing? Do you know what they’re buying? Please pay more attention. For Nintendo.

Players Are Trying To Clean Up Pokemon's Hacked Trading System

Right now, the GTS — Pokémon‘s online system, which allows players around the world to trade monsters with each other — is a mess. Normally, newer Pokémon games don’t let you name your Pokémon anything offensive. To wit, a friend tried naming a Pokémon she recently caught “Grassy”, but the system is so strict, that it wouldn’t allow it. Hackers, however, have found a way around this safety measure — and they’re flooding the online trading system with poorly-named Pokémon that shouldn’t exist.

Mercy Self-Destructs, A Smash Bros Phenomenon

I’ve spent a long time playing For Glory in Smash Bros — that hardcore one-on-one mode with no items and flat stages. And while much of that playtime has been me getting my arse kicked, I can’t help but keep coming back to it. Part of it is that, in my experience at least, the players in For Glory are very classy.

How To Do Smash Bros Wii U's Version Of Wavedashing

While the new Smash games don’t have the famous technique from Melee that players called wavedashing, they do have something called “perfect pivoting” — and it’s similar/useful enough that you’ll want to learn how to do it if you’re playing seriously.