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'The Tiny Monsters' Reaches #72 With Tentacool

Dayshot: In June, designer Karolin Gu started drawing one Pokémon a day, posting the results on Instagram in what she calls “The Tiny Monsters” series. She’s currently at Tentacool (#72) and plans to eventually draw every Pokémon in existence.

The Super Mario Maker Manual Offers Helpful Life Advice, Too

It’s been a long while since a video game manual made me laugh or feel warm inside. The Mario Maker manual is something else indeed.

I Beat Final Fantasy VI's Opera House And All I Got Was This Lousy Airship

Every time I would tell people I hadn’t played Final Fantasy VI — a claim which is no longer true, thank god — they’d respond with particular forcefulness because of how much I love music. Not only does FFVI have a famous soundtrack, it features a major musical setpiece: The Opera House.

The Pokémon Company File Stupid Lawsuit Against PAX Party

The Pokémon Company, the business devoted entirely to managing all things Pokémon, has filed one hell of a lawsuit against the organisers of a PAX party that had been scheduled to go down last week.

I Just Finished The New Ace Attorney. It Was Fantastic.

Ever wanted to know what Ace Attorney would be like if it took place in 1901? Well, if you speak Japanese you can — and it’s awesome.

Super Mario Maker Exposes More YouTube Copyright Stupidity

Things have been kinda rough lately. I was having a bad day in a bad week in a bad month in kind of a crappy year. My grandfather suddenly passed away a few months ago (he choked while eating, and the paramedics weren’t able to revive him quickly enough). It came as a shock to my whole family.

Meet The Latest Amiibo: Shovel Knight.

Meet the latest Amiibo: Shovel Knight. An indie game character! Nice move, Nintendo.

Someone Made A Troll Level In Mario Maker, And Nintendo Actually Promoted It

It’s not surprising to see people try to trick other players in Super Mario Maker. I just wasn’t expecting Nintendo to give anyone a helping hand in doing it.

Devil's Third: The Kotaku Review

Probably the only thing that most people know about Devil’s Third is that it’s been in development for an unusually long time. Valhalla Game Studios’ debut started life as an Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game, announced in late 2011 by publisher THQ, which has since folded.

What It's Like To Play Final Fantasy VI For The First Time

Last night I started playing Final Fantasy VI, a video game about suplexing locomotives. I had never played it before.

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