How To Farm Millions Of Halos In Bayonetta 2 In Minutes

Bayonetta 2 is a game that already has tons of cool weapons and moves. But it’s got even more that you’ll have to buy with halos, the game’s heavenly currency. Thankfully, someone’s figured out how to break the Bayonetta 2 bank. He makes it look pretty easy too.

Pokémon's Creepy Lavender Town Myth, Explained

Pokémon may be famously cheery, but the series has its share of dark, spooky myths. The most famous of those have to be the ones about Lavender Town.

Best Not To Think About Where Some Pokémon Items Come From

Some Pokémon items, like Pokeballs, are obviously man-made. But some items obviously come from Pokémon — and it’s probably not a stretch to think that collecting these items in bulk can have some ugly consequences.

Watch The Wii U Version Of Super Smash Bros Right Now

Yeah, it’s being presented in French but Smash Bros is a universal language, non?

Nintendo Might Be Making Money Again

After what seemed like a truly difficult period, Nintendo looks like it could turn its first yearly profit in four years.

The Legendary Pokémon Rayquaza Is About To Crash Into A Group Of Flying-Types

Dayshot: DeviantART artist Arvalis made a really good job on this. Those tiny animated parts make this version of the serpentine beast totally badass.

The Problem Every Smash Bros Fan Will Face

Can you love two versions of Smash Bros equally? What about if one of them has a big, juicy eight-player mode? It is, as the folks at Dorkly posit, a true conundrum.

Mario Kart 8 DLC Adds Excitebike's Sweet Jumps

Nintendo’s adding an Excitebike-themed arena to Mario Kart 8. Total no-brainer, right?

Captain Falcon Is Way Better With Space Jam

OK, yes — what isn’t better with Space Jam? Regardless, it’s rather entertaining to watch Captain Falcon spike a bunch of fools off Smash Bros stages to that very tune.

Which Of Fantasy Life's Roles Did You Play First?

Level-5′s lovely little life-simulator/role-playing game, Fantasy Life, begins with players choosing one of 12 different lives to serve as their entry point into this colourful little world. Which was your first?