What Do Pac Man's Ghosts Taste Like?

Pac Man has been spending decades chowing down on stuff. Eating seems to come so naturally to him I never stopped to consider if he enjoys the taste of everything he eats. Apparently, neither have his owners.

Hyrule Warriors: The Kotaku Review

Hyrule Warriors is the opposite of a Zelda game. Zelda games are tidy and elegant. They may be grand adventures, but the best of them feel carefully-pruned.

The Super Smash Bros. Demo Is Now Available On The Australian eSHOP

If you haven’t managed to get a hold of it by other means, Nintendo Australia has informed us that the Super Smash Bros. demo is now available on the 3DS. No trickery involved, it’s actually on the Australian eSHOP now!

Finally Exploring Final Fantasy Explorers. Is It Fantastic?

Square Enix offered a playable demo of the new Final Fantasy Explorers at this year’s Tokyo Game Show and I got a chance to give it a whirl. It’s a solid game. It’s a Final Fantasy game. But I’m not sure it’s a solid Final Fantasy game.

The Best And Worst Taunts In The New Smash Bros.

Taunting is an important part of any multiplayer game — and Smash Bros. is full of taunts. In fact, every character has a handful of taunts, all of which you can look at right here.

Bravely Second Is Exactly What You Want It To Be

Bravely Default is a darling of a JRPG that harkens back to the Final Fantasy games of yore — and one of the best games the 3DS has to offer. From playing the game’s demo, Bravely Second seems like simply more of the classic JRPG gameplay you know and love.

The Latest Final Fantasy Music Game Is Totally Rad

This video contains hands-on impressions of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call, the bizarrely-titled music game that Square Enix released for 3DS this week.

The More Damage You Have In The New Smash Bros., The Harder You'll Hit

A small change can make a huge difference — and it looks like the new Smash Bros. has a tweak that will definitely change the way the game plays.

Sega, You're Breaking My Heart

Video: This trailer for the new Yakuza game was actually shown first during Sony’s pre-TGS press conference, but has only today made its way online for general viewing. Enjoy, then, another fantastic trailer for a likely fantastic Yakuza game that we’ll probably never get to play in the West because Sega.

Smash Bros. Looks Like A Scene From Samurai Jack

Dayshot: With this design, Smash Bros. suddenly looks like a scene from Samurai Jack in Toxodentrail‘s excellent fan-art.