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Splatoon VR Hack Straps A Wii U GamePad To Your Back

Seems like good a place as any to strap a GamePad, no?

Tokyo Mirage Sessions Impressions: So Far, So Good

Another giant JRPG is out for the Wii U today. Is Atlus and Nintendo’s mash-up of Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem any good? We’ve got positive impressions of the Japanese version of the game and video of the first hour of the Western version to help you decide.

Toy Time Plays With The Legend Of Zelda Shadow Link Collection

Spencer’s and Nintendo have teamed up to take The Legend of Zelda hero Link to a very dark place. The first official Shadow Link action figure leads an army of red and black merchandise to the mall retailer’s shelves next month, with a brief stop-off at the increasingly crowded Toy Time desk.

Crafty Designer Builds Soccer Game Using Mario Maker

Just when it seems like Mario Maker creators shouldn’t be able to surprise me anymore, along comes a clever level like Get the Ball into the Goal.

The Makers Of Zelda On Why Their Games Are Usually Late

“First of all, it would be great if I didn’t have to put a release date out at all,” Nintendo’s longtime chief game designer Shigeru Miyamoto recently told me when I asked him about the tendency for Zelda games to be late. “But I have to.” We both laughed.

After Outcry, Nintendo Says Paper Mario: Color Splash Doesn't Reference 'Hate Campaign'

Nintendo has publicly denied that a joke from an E3 demo for the upcoming Wii U game Paper Mario: Color Splash is a reference to a harassment campaign that targeted game designer Zoe Quinn. The company says it’s a nod to the Watergate scandal from the 1970s.

Grieving Fans Ask Nintendo To Name Zelda Character After Murdered Singer

Christina Grimmie, the young singer (and former The Voice contestant) who was tragically shot and killed in Orlando earlier this month, was a massive and very vocal fan of the Legend of Zelda series. In the wake of her murder, fans have been asking Nintendo to honour her in an upcoming game.

Look At These Amiibo Stands

Shelves? We’re well past shelves here.

The Rumour That Someone Tried To Steal The Zelda: Breath Of The Wild E3 Demo

Not long after this year’s E3 showfloor opened up for exhibitors, the internet started gossiping about a hacker who was supposedly trying to pilfer the impressive Zelda: Breath of the Wild demo from right under Nintendo’s nose. For some sceptics, it sounded too incredible to be true.

PewDiePie And Teens React Help Revive Interest In Bayonetta 2

Just because a game was released in 2014 that doesn’t mean it’s undiscoverable in 2016. Thank YouTube for that. Thanks, YouTube!

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