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A Whole Book About The Difference Between The Japanese And English Zelda Games

Oh, this looks cool. Translator Clyde Mandelin (Attack on Titan, Summer Wars) has turned his website into a book called Legends of Localisation: The Legend of Zelda, which digs very deep into the changes and quirks that separate the Japanese and English versions of the Zelda games, from character traits to sound files.

Chrono Trigger's Millenial Fair Looks Great In 3D

Dayshot: Chrono Trigger started out with a boy and a girl running into each other at a fair. Only, the fair I remember was way less 3D.

10 Close Calls That Brought Smash Bros. Matches Down To The Wire

Video: Nothing beats the adrenaline high of watching a close call in a competitive match — and that’s especially true with Smash Bros., a chaotic game where unexpected things happen all the time.

The State Of The 3DS In 2015

Though it launched with a whimper, the 3DS has long since roared to life. Even after a soft 2015, Nintendo’s DS successor remains great: If you like Nintendo games, there’s really no reason not to have a 3DS these days.

Pokemon Tricked Me Into Learning Braille

More than ten years ago, I got my first Pokemon game on the Gameboy Advance — Pokemon Ruby. Between sneaking it into school, playing on the bus on the way home and using every spare minute on long car trips hunting for and catching Pokemon, Ruby was the first game that I put more than 100 hours into playing. Little did I know at the time, it also taught me how to read Braille.

Look At This Amiibo Display Stand

Just look at it. It even clicks apart, like LEGO, so you can resize and rescale the steps.

Nintendo's 80s Christmas Parties Sounded Wild

Younger readers were spared the hassle/cost, but older folks will remember that people used to have to make phone calls to get tips and strategies for tough video games. The most famous was Nintendo’s Power Line, and over the weekend the AV Club spoke with three former employees about what life was like working for Nintendo, manning the phones.

Let's See Which Sort Of Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Says I Am

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon was released yesterday in the US and as with all entries in the dungeon crawling series it kicks off with a personality test to determine which Pokemon best suits the player. Let’s see who I am!

The 58 Playable Characters InProject X Zone 2

What do Capcom, Sega, Bandai-Namco, and Nintendo all have in common? They all lend characters from some of their most popular franchises to team up in the mega-crossover, Project X Zone 2.

Look Inside Some Classic Nintendo Controllers

This week, tech hardware site Fictiv sat down with a bunch of classic Nintendo controllers and…tore them apart, all in the same of science/entertainment.

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