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Speedrunner (Almost) Beats Zelda Without A Sword

Did you know that you can beat the original Legend of Zelda without using a sword? No, you did not know that, because it’s not true. But you can beat almost all of it — up until the very last battle.

10 Gifs From The First Chapter Of The New Ace Attorney

Some of the most enjoyable parts of the Ace Attorney games are the crazy characters you encounter and their equally crazy animations. Here are a few of the best from the first chapter of the newest game in the series, Dai Gyakuten Saiban — in gif form.

Fans Don't Think Smash Bros.' New Tournament Modes Are Good Enough

Super Smash Bros. got a big update today, adding something that fans of Nintendo’s colourful mash-up fighting game have been eagerly awaiting: an online tournament mode. Once they started to get their hands on the update, though, many weren’t thrilled to see what had become of it.

The New Smash Bros. Patch Buffs A Bunch Of Characters

Nintendo put out its version 1.1.0 update for the 3DS and Wii U Super Smash Bros. games today. Along with adding new stages, costumes for Mii players, and nifty-sounding features like tournament modes and YouTube replays, the patch came with a ton of balance tweaks. Specifically, a ton of buffs.

Watch A Speedrunner Break The Hell Out Of Earthbound 

Did you know that if you press the right buttons in the right order, you can manipulate Earthbound‘s random enemies into doing whatever you’d like? No? Now you know.

Rare Planned A Perfect Dark Spinoff

Rare’s creative director, Gregg Mayles, has been going through the company’s dusty drawers pulling out old design documents to share on Twitter.

Smash Bros. Creator Talks Of Satoru Iwata's Funeral

July 16th and 17th were the wake and funeral of former Nintendo president Satoru Iwata. There’s no way Kirby and Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai was not going to attend.

Here's What You Get When A 3DS Eats A Game & Watch

There’s something almost serendipitous about this…

Miiverse Revamp Available Now

Nintendo changed its gaming social network Miiverse today, adding some new features, cleaning up some others. Check out the new features, as screencapped by staff at Wii U.

Smash Bros. In First Person Would Look Weird

YouTubers SoKrispyMedia show us why Smash Bros. with a VR headset in first person view would be problematic and hard to play.

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