Super Mario Bros. 3 Finally Comes To Wii U And 3DS Today

Rounding out today’s Nintendo Virtual Console update is Super Mario Bros. 3, generally considered one of the best platformers ever made. I have no idea why it took this long for Nintendo to release their NES classic on 3DS and Wii U, but hey. BABY STEPS.

Nintendo Almost Got A Piece Of The Skylanders Cash Cow

Imagine, if you will, a world where Activision’s crazy-popular Skylanders series isn’t just populated with giants and dragons, but Marios and Zeldas and Samuses. It almost happened, according to Fred Ford and Paul Reiche, co-founders of Skylanders developer Toys For Bob.

How One Mario Kart Track Has Changed In 22 Years

If you’ve been playing Mario Kart games since the beginning, you’re probably going to have a bit of déjà vu on the Doughnut Plain track. The folks at GameXplain take a look at the Doughnut Plains level as it originally appeared in 1992′s Super Mario Kart and as it will show up in next month’s Mario Kart 8.

Princess Peach Gets Her Own Damn Wii Remote Plus

I’ve managed to resist picking up the Mario and Luigi themed Wii remotes thus far, but the addition of a Princess Peach motion controller at the end of the month has the game paraphernalia collector in me twitching. Dammit, Nintendo.

There's A Wii U GamePad... Racing Wheel

The wheel, of course, is the Wii U GamePad. Makes sense!

Professor Layton Would Be The Perfect Mastermind In Grand Theft Auto

Professor Layton is getting a proper crossover game this year, but the talented animators at Polaris have let their imagination run wild and put the archeologist gentleman and some puzzles into Grand Theft Auto V. If you think about it, the professor’s calm, passive-aggressive behaviour fits into a world full of mad criminals after all.

Realistic Pokémon Snap Would Give Me Nightmares

Dayshot: Hey that’s not the Mewtwo and the Cerulean Cave I remember from the Pokémon games. This — otherwise amazing — redesign by DeviantART artist arvalis is way more creepy.

A Breakdown Of The New Smash Bros. Mode

Based on what we’ve seen of Smash Run, the recently revealed multiplayer mode in Super Smash Bros. where players traverse dungeon-like levels and collect power-ups, it looks like the 3DS-specific mode could be a blast.

Super Mario 64 Feels Great, But Plays Like Crap On Oculus Rift

First-person platforming is hard to pull off. It takes lots of planning and fine control to make it work, so Super Mario 64 playing so badly in first-person really comes as no surprise. Still looks fun though.

Surly Link Is A Terrific Video Game Figure

While Figma can try and do a “realistic” Link figure, the more cartoonish Nendoroid line is free to do something a little cuter. Yet also angrier.