There Are Already A Ton Of Fantastic Zelda Manga Adaptations Out There

There are already a ton of fantastic Zelda manga adaptations out there (the Ocarina and Majora’s ones especially good), but reader King Zombie figures there’s also space to tell a more original story. So he’s started drawing his own. Looks cool!

A Fridge Full Of Jurassic Park Games Is Perfect EBay

“Refrigerator full of Super Nintendo Jurassic Park games”. That eBay listing title says everything your heart needs to know.

Thought You Had Collected The Mario Amiibo? Now He's Gold And Silver

Australian amiibo collectors will be getting two new versions of Mario, starting at the end of the month.

The Strange History Of The Word 'Pokemon'

Turns out, Pokémon didn’t start with Nintendo and Game Freak. Or at least, the word didn’t.

Here Is A Thing That Happens In The 3DS' StreetPass Zombie Game

This is a Nintendo Mii killing zombies by… making them do maths in school. The deadliest manoeuvre! The dreaded “cram session” is just one of the terrific special attacks in Battleground Z, Nintendo’s zombie game. Multiple GIF warning!

Mario Kart, Mad Max Mash Up Works Way Better Than It Should

Oh, what a lovely day. Let’s thank the cinematic genius sundbergkr for YouTubing what we were all thinking: that a Mad Max: Fury Road version of Mario Kart would be spectacular. Do you still need convincing? Watch the trailer for Mario Kart: Fury Road and try telling me it’s not the greatest thing ever.

Watch Us Play The Wii U's New 2D RTS, Swords & Soldiers II

The first Swords & Soldiers, released nearly six years ago, was a hidden Wii gem. The new one, released today for Wii U? More of the same in all the best ways. I captured my playthrough of one of the game’s levels so you can see for yourself.

Splatoon's Squids Started Out As Blocks Of Tofu

In a recent “Iwata Asks” conversations between president Saturo Iwata and key members of the Splatoon team, the developers revealed that before the game became a bright and colourful paint-chucking extravaganza, it starred innocuous blocks of tofu. Mmmmm, tofu.

Smash Bros. Creator Gets Bummed Out By Japan's Game Museum

Taking time off from his insanely busy workload, Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai visited Japan’s Video Game Museum. He was in for a letdown.

The 8GB Wii U Is Dead In Japan

The Wii U Basic Set set is no more in Japan, Nintendo announced today.