Fake Miyamoto Tweets Are Better Than Real Miyamoto Tweets

Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto is not on Twitter. That’s why he has to ask questions the old-fashioned way. If he was, though, boy, wouldn’t it be awesome if he just let loose like this.

Um, That's Not Dark Link, Racist Old Zelda Dude

What starts (and continues) with a predictable race joke actually gets pretty good near the end. I’d never thought of Ganon that way. Poor kid. *sniff*

Mario Kart 8 Has Millions Of Peaches, Peaches For Me

Gamers took their sweet time making the inevitable “Peaches” joke for Mario Kart 8. But this video by YouTuber Linkums is clever enough that it’s fair to say it was worth the wait.

What Happened To The 3DS? And Why Didn't We Notice?

In July 2011 I looked across at my desk and there was a 3DS. The first version. Not the 3DS XL that would be released in 2012, the old one. It was gathering dust. It had been sitting there for so long. It was part of the furniture. I wasn’t even sure why I noticed it but there it was, forever alone.

14 Things You Might Not Know About The Legend Of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda series is so steeped in lore at this point that just figuring out which version of Link you’re playing as can be tricky. Heck, I’m still not sure that’s even his real name.

People Are Buying The Wii U, But Nintendo Is Still Losing Money

Nintendo has released a report detailing their results for this financial year’s first quarter, and the Wii U seems to be doing better. Nintendo itself, on the other hand? Eh.

Smash Bros. Video Puts Mario In Real-Life Tokyo

And since he’s in real life, he has to take the train to the Smash Bros. tournament. Just like everyone else.

Link Dies 104 Times In This Ocarina Of Time Supercut

Balls in the face might be the deadliest of them all, but the other 103 threats were still dangerous enough to take out the Hero of Time. At least in this video.

Pokémon Wearing Glasses Is A Meme

Who knew Pocket Monsters looked so good in glasses? I sure didn’t. But now I do. In the past few days, fans have been uploading photos of their Pokémon plush toys wearing glasses. Their look is somewhat unexpected! Even Pokémon game designer Junichi Masuda has been retweeting the pics.

This Thing Was First Shown Off Over A Year Ago, And It's Still Not Out

This thing was first shown off over a year ago. And it’s still not out. What’s up, Figma? Killing us softly?