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20 Years Later, The N64 Still Amazes Me

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the Nintendo 64 in North America. A chiefly innovative console as games made the jump between 2-D and 3-D, the Nintendo 64’s release was one of the most important gaming moments of all time.

A Look At How Zelda Dungeons Are Designed

Zelda dungeons are, as a general rule, extraordinarily well-designed. Everyone knows that. What you might not know is just why they’re so well-designed.

Nintendo's Big Spring Wii U Game Briefly Went On Sale Two Weeks Early

Some shocked Wii U owners spread the word this morning that Paper Mario: Color Splash, the only remaining big Nintendo-published Wii U game of 2016, was playable yesterday despite it not technically going on sale until October 8.

Some Cool Stories About The Making Of Super Mario 64

Mario 64 is one of the best games of all time. You probably know that, but have you ever wondered about the specifics of why that is? Here, let the game’s creators explain to you that it’s stuff like the momentum of Mario’s movement, the placement of the camera and the feel of Mario’s jumps.

Live-Action Mario Galaxy Might Make You A Little Queasy

Video: When the folks at Corridor Digital realised they could warp footage from their new Gear 360 camera into tiny planets, a live-action Mario Galaxy video was the next logical step. Hold on to your stomachs, folks.

Popular Fan Game Pokemon Uranium Fully Ceases Development

A month ago, a Pokemon fan game with nine years of development got shut down by Nintendo. The creators didn’t seem particularly sad about it, though: over a million people downloaded the game, and the devs planned to continue supporting it for those people. But now, that’s changing.

Very Smooth, Pokemon

In case you missed it, the Pokemon Company is posting official shorts about each generation of the Pokemon series until Christmas.

Zelda Vs Studio Ghibli: A Trailer

Video: So, Nintendo wants to get back into the business of letting other people make movies based on their stuff. The Zelda series is obviously a prime candidate, but before anyone goes committing millions to a mute live-action film, perhaps consider an alternative: A Studio Ghibli-style animated feature.

Atlus Accidentally Left Unlocalised Dialogue In SMTIV: Apocalypse Because The QA Team Was 'Too Good'

The new RPG Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse has two lines of unlocalised Japanese dialogue thanks to an oversight that occurred because the QA team played the game too well.

Good Morning, Here's Link BBQ'ing Some Chilli

Turns out, sauteed peppers are great for fighting the cold.

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