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Mario Maker Player Creates A Level So Dirty, He Ends Up Trolling Himself

Mario Maker’s most notorious player is back again with another devilishly difficult level. This one is a little different, though. There’s a trap at the end, and it’s a little too good.

Choose Wisely

Briefly: This is some excellent Pokémon fan-art by digital artist Orioto. It would be cool to play a version with graphics and colours like this.

Mario Maker's New Pokémon Costumes Are Perfect

Video: The original starters from Pokémon Red and Blue are now available in Mario Maker, and I think it’s safe to say Nintendo nailed them.

The Original 151 Pokémon, Ranked

For some people, the first set of Pokémon designed by Game Freak might as well be the only Pokémon that exist.

Detective Pikachu Is A Simple Point-and-Click Adventure For Pokémon Fans

Three things you need to know going in about Detective Pikachu: 1) It’s not hard. 2) It’s not long. 3) Detective Pikachu himself makes the whole thing worth playing.

Star Wars Versus Mario Kart Is The Best Thing Ever

OK. This is some next level stuff.

Mario Kart meets Star Wars. Super high production, super cool ideas. Mario in an X-Wing, Bowser Jr. in a broken Tie Fighter. This is unreal.

If Only 

Briefly: The ultimate crossover, courtesy of GAME store shelf placement. Spotted by Redditor t3hOutlaw.

The New Fire Emblem Is Still Pretty Saucy

You might have heard that Fire Emblem Fates is getting rid of the infamous ‘petting’ mini game for Western shores. But even with that aspect of the game gone, much of the experience is still brimming with suggestive content.

Watch The First Pokemon Movie, Legally, For Free

Thanks to Vooks for this pick-up: as of right now you can totally head to the official Pokemon site and watch it — legally — for free.

Someone Created A Working Calculator In Mario Maker

OK, I know that someone built a cell phone in Minecraft not that long ago, but Mario Maker isn’t the most expansive toolset, and yet someone’s built a god damn maths machine.

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