So That's How League Of Legends' Bard Got His 'Meep' Minions

When Riot unveiled its new League of Legends champion “The Bard,” the developer claimed that the heavily bearded fellow hailed from somewhere “beyond the physical universe in realms unknown to men.” Fair enough. But could they be known to… pikmin? (Pun very much intended).

Nintendo's Official Rules On What Colour Mario Must Be

Press the Buttons (via Fast Co.) recently got its hands on something very special: a copy of Nintendo’s Style Guide, a 1993 document that sought to formalise all kinds of weird Nintendo-related mascot matters, like what exact colour Mario’s and Samus’ outfits have to be.

Reminder: Claim Your Free Legendary Pokemon This Weekend

Good news, folks who are playing Pokémon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire. There’s a free legendary ‘mon with your name on it right now.

If GLaDOS Narrated Pokémon's Pokedex 

I would watch an entire show in this “Pokedex” style. The voice behind the Pokedex is just so soothing.

Hyrule Warriors Will Let You Wreck Havoc As A Giant Chicken

The final piece of DLC for Hyrule Warriors won’t be available for most people until March 12, but Japan’s already playing the game’s Boss Pack. If you accomplish a specific and special task, the game rewards you with the chance to play as one of Zelda‘s most fiendish villains: the cucoo.

F**k Pikachu

Seriously. Nineteen years ago, the original Pokémon Red and Green released in Japan for the Game Boy. What better way to commemorate this day, than to eviscerate Pokémon’s emblem?

Guy Breaks Super Mario 64 World Record By Accident

There’s a new world record for getting all 120 stars in Super Mario 64 quickly — and it’s kind of amazing that it happened at all.

Gold Amiibos Already Sold Out In The US, Going For Stupid Prices On EBay

The amiibo collection game is fierce. Rumours of gold Mario amiibos circulated for a while, and Nintendo finally confirmed their existence this morning. Pre-orders for the special edition went online at Walmart today, sold out in 15 minutes, and have already spiked in price on eBay.

How To Hack Your Own Pokémon

Some people turn their noses up at hacked Pokémon, in the same way that people look down, say, a fake Rolex. But let’s say you wanted a hacked Pokémon to play within your own copy of Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire or Pokémon X/Y. Here’s how to make one.

Donkey Kong Country Back On Wii U After Mysterious Two-Year Absence

In November of 2012, Nintendo pulled the Donkey Kong Country trilogy from the Wii’s Virtual Console. They gave no explanation, as is the Nintendo Way. And today, nearly two and a half years later, Nintendo announced that all three games are coming back, this time for the Wii U.