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What Nintendo's Offices Looked Like In The '90s

Video: If you’ve ever wondered what Nintendo’s offices looked like back in the Super Nintendo days, check out this French documentary, released in 1994 and uncovered recently by the YouTube channel Game Escape.

'The Wii U Has No Games', A Study

Of all the complaints levelled against the Wii U over the years, the most common one is usually “there aren’t any games”. With Nintendo putting out some lifetime release figures overnight, let’s see how that claim actually holds up.

Pokemon GO Players Are On A Desperate Quest To Find Ditto

It makes sense that some monsters aren’t immediately available in Pokemon Go: The roster has “legendaries”, and the best way to feel like they are special is to make them rare. But why has nobody found a Ditto yet?

The New Layton Game Is Called Lady Layton 

Level-5’s Layton series has a new protagonist. Meet Lady Layton.

Nintendo Losing More Money Than Expected

For the most recent quarter ending in June, Nintendo showed a 5.1 billion yen ($64.5 million) loss. According to Reuters, analysts were predicting a four billion yen loss ($50.6 million). But don’t worry. There’s hope.

Japan Is Obsessed With Pokemon GO's Professor Willow

Professor Willow sure is spawning a lot of Japanese fan art.

Pokémon Go Plus Delayed To September

Nintendo planned to release the Pokémon Go Plus accessory at the end of this month. Today, however, the company announced that it will be pushed back to September.

Um, Why Does This Nintendo Game Cost Twice As Much At Retail?

Nintendo and the Wii U doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to digital releases. But when games pop up on the eShop, they usually do so at a reasonable price.

But for whatever reason, that doesn’t seem to apply when the game is re-released in stores.

Federation Force is a Co-Op Metroid Prime. What's Not to Like?

Metroid Prime: Federation Force has attracted its share of consternation in the year and a bit since it was announced, largely because long-time Nintendo fans yearning for a new Metroid game weren’t quite expecting a multiplayer Nintendo variant on Rocket League. Nintendo perhaps regrets the decision to introduce Federation Force to the world by showing off 3-versus-3 robot football.

Wahaha, Smash Bros. Players Mod Waluigi Into Brawl

Project M, the unofficial lovechild of Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Melee, has been abandoned by its developers, but fans are still churning out content for the popular mod. As of last Sunday, our favourite conniving Mario underdog has earned his own — again unofficial — Smash character in Project M. Waaahaaahaa.

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