This Donkey Kong Themed Skin Is One Of The Best Custom Console Jobs Ever

There’s putting form over function, and then there’s making a themed Game Boy case that’s so ornate I’m not sure it’s playable. This Donkey Kong -themed skin is one of the best custom console jobs I’ve seen. But it also raises important questions like: do those directional buttons actually work?

Super Smash Bros. Characters Sure Have Changed Over The Years

We’ve talked a bunch about Super Smash Bros‘ new characters, but what about the classics? Mario, Link, Samus and pretty much every other major character in Nintendo history? Turns out they have changed since Super Smash Bros Brawl/Melee in ways both big and small.

Here's The Full Roster For Super Smash Bros.

The new Super Smash Bros. is out for 3DS in Japan, which means that we now finally know the full roster of characters that will appear in the upcoming Nintendo mascot fighter, from Mario to [SPOILERS].

Somehow, Somebody Transformed Trials Fusion Into Donkey Kong

Last time I saw anything retro-centric in the latest version of Ubisoft’s super-tough motocross game, it was an homage to old-school games of yore. That was cool. But this — an incredibly accurate remake of the first Donkey Kong — is insane. It’s the work of track creator PATI-I, who nails the look of the famous Nintendo arcade game dead to rights.

Why Super Smash Bros. Players Are So Obsessed With Ridley

I mean, this character isn’t even playable. What’s the deal? A vocal contingent of Super Smash Bros fans have an obsession. They have wanted one of Metroid‘s prime villains, Ridley, as a playable character for years — long before the latest instalment in the series was even announced. Their campaign has thus far yielded nothing tangible, leading to widespread outcry on these here internets.

The Brothers Who Hacked Mario Kart 8 Are Back

The brothers who hacked Mario Kart 8 are back with another video that gives many a new perspective on the game’s racetracks. It it just me, or does Grumble Volcano start to look a lot like Mount Doom up close?

Every Final Smash In The New Super Smash Bros.

The most powerful moves in Super Smash Bros. are dramatic showstoppers — and you can totally watch them now, if you’d like.

These Limited Pokémon New 3DS Consoles Sure Look Luxurious

Probably because they’re covered in suede! Available for pre-order through Japan’s Pokémon Center stores starting September 20, these limited edition New 3DS consoles come with suede faceplates stamped with Pokémon — Groudon for the red Groudon Edition, and Kyogre for the blue Kyogre Edition.

Nintendo Is Sorry For Accidentally Banning Smash Bros. Players

Over the weekend, some Smash Bros. 3DS players complained of being banned temporarily from online play. They weren’t sure why.

Japanese Newspaper Admits Fabricating A Nintendo Interview

One of Japan’s largest newspapers, The Asahi Shimbun, admitted that it made up an interview two years ago with Nintendo president Satoru Iwata.