What Mario's Nightmares Sound Like

Nothing gets a party going like every sound effect in the original Super Mario Bros. all at once. Looped. For 12 hours.

Gengar, Who Is The Best, Will Be Playable In The Pokémon Fighting Game

The #1 Pokemon of all time according to snack website Kotaku.com will be a contender in the upcoming Pokkén Tournament game. YES!

Meet The 'Villain' Of Super Smash Bros

If you follow competitive Melee at all, then you probably know exactly who William “Leffen” Hjelte is. Widely considered to be a “heel” player, Leffen has a reputation for being the bad guy.

Mario Kart 8's 200CC Mode Changes Everything

Ever since Nintendo made its surprise announcement that Mario Kart 8 was getting a new high-speed difficulty level, excited fans have had one question: what would it do to Mario Kart?

This Wii U Game Comes With The Oddest Bonus -- The Same Game On Wii

Rodea the Sky Soldier is a game with a bit of a troubled development history.

Smash Bros Creator On 'Intolerable' DLC

Sometimes, downloadable content is OK. Other times, DLC is anything but. Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai explains the difference.

How To Become Pokémon World Champion

Se Jun Park won the Pokémon Video Game World Champion Master’s Division last year. You’d think preparing for a tournament that has the words “world” and “champion” in it would require months of dedicated prep beforehand. You’d think.

Mario Kart 8 Is Now Officially The Cutest Mario Kart Ever

Mario Kart 8’s second batch of DLC finally came out today. Just like the first round that added Zelda and F-Zero stuff into the mix, this one looks pretty rad. Perhaps more importantly, it also looks ridiculously, disgustingly cute.

Smash Bros Players Found A Way To Break Mewtwo

The most menacing Pokémon of all can become quite game-breaking in the hands of savvy Smash Bros. players.

Weed And Nintendo Taught Me A Valuable Lesson About Parenting

I imagine that parents get struck with a revelation in the process of rearing a child that helps them appreciate the enormity of the task before them. I say “imagine” because I’ve never had a child. At least, a real one. But I was struck by that revelation recently thanks to a small, weird Nintendo game of all things.