Someone Beat Super Mario 64 In Record Time

120 stars, all collected in under two hours — 1:43:54, to be exact. The time is a new world record, and you can watch speedrunner Siglemic collect it with a mesmerising efficiency here.

Nintendo Blinks, Offers First DLC "Season Pass"

Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed are the kind of games with season passes. Offers where you pay a lot up front then get access to all that game’s DLC down the line. It doesn’t sound like a very Nintendo thing to do, does it?

We're Getting The Sequel To Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

Already announced for Japan, the sequel to Square’s wonderful rhythm game Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is coming to the West in 2014.

Telling The Story Of The Best Smash Bros. Players Around

Last year, filmmaker Travis Beauchamp released a fascinating documentary about the world of competitive Super Smash Bros. Now, he wants to make another.

Space Invaders And Other Classic Games As Renaissance Paintings

You know what would have made sitting through lectures on early modern European history a lot more bearable? Giant space lasers, and plenty of ‘em.

Help Me Choose Which Virtual Girl To Date

Dear readers, I am about to embark on an experience unlike any other in my 30 years of life: I’m going to date a virtual girl in New Love Plus+, the newest game in the (in)famous Japanese dating-sim series. But even before I start, I find myself at an impasse. Which of the game’s romantic foils should I date?

The World's Fastest Ocarina Of Time Player Set Another New Record

Last month, speedrunner Cosmo Wright beat The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in 18 minutes and 56 seconds. Over the weekend, he hit 18:40.

Here's The New Trailer For Monster Hunter 4G

Monster Hunter trailers are always entertaining — here’s a new one for the 3DS game Monster Hunter 4G, which will be out in Japan later this year, and out in the US, Europe and Australia in early 2015. It will be called Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate when we get it.

Keep It Up Luigi, You Don't Wanna Fall Behind

Here’s a superb animation from Slamschultz made for National Sibling Day, featuring the greatest brothers in video game history.

Ubisoft Has Over 9,000 Employees

While many game companies have been contracting in the past several years, Ubisoft exploded in size without many people noticing. In fact, it may soon employ more people than any other gaming company, if it does not already.