25 Years Of The Dr. Mario Commercial Music Stuck In My Head

Call the doctor, Mario oh-oh.

Never Stop Rapping Over Nintendo Soundtracks, Drake

The past few days have been hugely important for the Drake fans among us. They have been even more hugely important for the Nintendo game-loving Drake fans among us.

Devil's Third Bears The Scars Of A Troubled Development

As a critic, I endeavour to approach each game I play with an open mind. It’s almost impossible, however, not to have some preconceptions when a game arrives for review. Knowledge of the developer, familiarity with the circumstances of its development and experience within its chosen genre are just three of the factors that come into play. Devil’s Third is an unusual case in that I came to it acutely aware of both its troubled background and a raft of overwhelmingly negative impressions from those who’ve played it so far. My expectations, then, were fairly low — and to a point, they were met.

Massive August Splatoon Update Adds Private And Squad Squid Battles

Form up Squid Kids, it’s nearly time to build squads and play without those horrible strangers. Two new matchmaking modes arrive in Splatoon on August 5, plus 30 more player levels, more than 40 pieces of gear and a pair of new weapons.

In Brazil, Sega Won The Video Game Console Wars Of The 1990s.

In Brazil, Sega won the video game console wars of the 1990s. An article at Atlas Obscura delves into the Brazilian video game market, a weird place, one where a new PS4 costs three times as much as it does elsewhere.

Stack The Pikachus. But Don't Wake Snorlax!

This is a very cool toy. It’s also exactly the kind of thing I expect we’ll be seeing when Nintendo games finally hit mobile phones.

This Is How You Make Levels In Super Mario Maker

Super Mario Maker is one of my most anticipated games of 2015, but that enthusiasm has been about the insane levels we’ve seen demoed. I haven’t really stopped to think how I might create levels myself.

Until now.

A Game About Killing 'Mario'

Mario is the ultimate video game hero, beloved by families the world over. Let’s kill him.

Nintendo Will Be Shutting Down Wii U TVii Next Month

While it never made it to Australia, after nearly three years of letting Wii U owners in the US and Japan awkwardly interact with cable and streaming video services via their game pads, Nintendo TVii is officially going off the air on 11 August. Everyone try to stay calm.

Is This The Best Thing You Can Do With A NES Cartridge?

You can’t sanction the mutilation of a perfectly good NES cartridge… unless the game is of questionable entertainment quality. Take 1989’s Championship Bowling. Even with its tantalising promise of four player action, I think we can find a better use for it. How about the best hard drive enclosure ever? Yes please.