Rhythm Heaven: The Best +: The Kotaku Import Preview

Rhythm Heaven: The Best + is the newest game in Nintendo’s long-running Rhythm Heaven music game series. But the moment you boot up Rhythm Heaven: The Best +, you’re confronted by a glaring new addition: Unlike the past three games in the Rhythm Heaven series, The Best + has a plot. The story follows Tepiri, a young creature that has literally fallen from heaven and seeks to return. To do this, he must gain the help of the various wacky creatures of the world below.

Of Course Charizard Is In The Pokémon Fighting Game

What, did you think that everyone’s favourite Pokémon would be left out of Pokken Tournament? As if!

In This JRPG, You Customise Your Party Members

Coming to the 3DS is a classic-style JRPG sequel that features mankind’s war to take back the Earth from dragons.

Pokémon Helped One Student Get Into Japan's Most Elite University

The University of Tokyo is Japan’s most prestigious school and the highest rated university in Asia. To get in, you will needs smarts. Playing Pokémon, says one student, probably won’t hurt either.

Best Buy Is Finally Fixing Its Amiibo Policy

It’s not easy to collect Amiibo — it’s a pain in the arse, really. But maybe things are changing, as Best Buy announced some surprisingly reasonable policies for its exclusive, Dark Pit.

Nintendo Is Revamping Miiverse

Nintendo is giving the Miiverse, its social network for the 3DS and Wii U, a much-needed redo this year, the company just revealed. The redesign promises a number of easier ways to document and share your gaming experience with other Miiverse-goers.

These People Are Really, Really Good At Splatoon

Splatoon is my new thing. Super short games, super rewarding, surprisingly deep. It kinda corrects all the things I dislike about playing shooters online. But the other day I openly asked myself: where are all the videos of people doing insane things in Splatoon? Where are the MONTAGES?

So I went looking for them. Here’s what I found.

Emulator Within An Emulator Creates Almost Perfect Pokemon

We missed this earlier in the month, but the talented team behind the Dolphin emulator have done something very cool: they have got N64games working on the GC/Wii emulator by running their virtual console versions.