Remember This?

Yeah take that! That’s two days in a row you couldn’t guess Remember This. Consider this revenge! Day 3. Another clue. I think I’ll make this one a little easier for y’all.

The Five Best Game Songs Most People Haven't Heard

I love obscure video game music (hell, I used to run a segment here devoted just to that) but I’ll be damned if I’m not surprised at the esoteric stuff that’s out there.

The ACCC On Valve's Refund Policy: "We Had To Take It To Court"

This morning the ACCC announced it would be taking Valve to court over its current refund policy, today we spoke to the Chairman Rod Sims and Regional Director Sam Di Scerni about the issue and some of the reasoning behind today’s statement.

Mario Kart's Most Hated Item Is Actually Its Best

There’s nothing worse than fighting tooth, nail and banana peel for first place in Mario Kart, only to lose it because a blue shell decided to saunter up and explode on your parade. Would you believe, though, that it’s actually one of the best things about Mario Kart?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

This weekend? I’m guessing it’s going to be all Broforce and Swing Copters for me because I still haven’t taken my consoles out of storage and moved into my new house yet. That happens over the following couple of days. Hallelujah.

Getting Up Close With Bloodborne's Combat

I would never say I was into horror games – I managed about 90 seconds of a YouTube playthrough of P.T. before tapping out, and even the cover art for The Evil Within is a bit much for me – but FROM’s Souls series is the exception to the rule.

Dick Smith Deals Of The Week

Sure, there’s some great gadget discounts for Father’s Day in this week’s list — but at these prices, you’d be forgiven for picking up a little something for yourself. Up to 50% off Logitech G Series gaming peripherals, $50 off iPads over $500 and more…

Titanfall Introducing New Game Mode With No Titans

Titanfall‘s latest update will add a new mode that gives players the option of fighting without those pesky giant robots getting in the way.

Valve Responds To Being Sued By The ACCC

This morning the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission announced that it would be suing Valve over its refund policy, as it allegedly goes against Australian consumer law. According to Doug Lombardi of Valve, it plans to co-operate fully.

Infamous: First Light: The Kotaku Review

Here’s an idea: Take a pretty well-liked superhero game, keep the premise and the beautiful setting, and refocus the story on a more immediately appealing character. Sounds like a sure-fire winner, right? Well…