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The Fake Video Game Rumour Someone Spread For... Homework

What drives a person to make up a video game rumour and spread it around the internet? They might do it for the fame or the infamy. Maybe for a laugh. Sometimes, it’s… to get a good grade on a university paper.

Bloodborne's Soundtrack Is Less Scary Being Sung By Middle-Aged Men In Shorts

The Cleric Beast is a pretty difficult first boss by any standard, and that soundtrack is part of it. Those unearthly chants, the pounding string sections. You imagine a hellish choir singing and toasting to your inevitable doom. What you don’t imagine: a large group of casually clothed middle-aged men and women chilling out, singing like they’ve just rocked up from a family BBQ.

Kinda kills the vibe really.

The League Of Legends Subreddit Is Having A Rough Month

Vote manipulation. Banned journalists and YouTubers. Reddit moderators who enjoy a disproportionate amount of influence. Not all is well in the community of one of the most world’s popular video games.

Tell Us About The Time You Exploited A Game

I’ll admit it: I’m not above exploiting a game if I feel like it adds to the experience. In the case of Left 4 Dead 2, when I ran into some players who taught me a trick to lagging out the game, I was happy to play along.

Hot Fuzz Is A God Damned Masterpiece

The best movies get better each time you watch them. That is why I am now going to praise the 2007 cinematic masterpiece Hot Fuzz.

In The Face Of Armageddon: How The US Crashed And Burned At The WGL Grand Finals

The battle of Ruinberg has turned into a blood bath. Six Allied tanks lay twisted in a smoking ruin; their vanquished captains outgunned and outmanoeuvred at every turn. Like a pack of ravenous wolves, the enemy units descend on the sole survivor. There is nowhere to run. No chance of reinforcements. In an inferno of exploding tank shells, the remaining VIII is swiftly torn to pieces. If war is hell, then this must surely be the Ninth Circle.

Such is the fate that befell eLevate Black at this year’s World Of Tanks Grand Finals. It was a sad and slightly ignoble end to one of the biggest comebacks in League’s history. After a shaky start to the season, the crack US outfit blitzed its way into the final group stage, only to be eliminated at the penultimate hurdle. We asked the team to debrief us on their war-torn journey.

Remember This?

Well, no-one managed to guess Friday’s Remember This, so let’s head into day 2!

P.T. Was More Than Just A Demo, But Now It's Gone

P.T. was more than just a demo. Can we be clear about that from the outset? It was more than a demo.


Community Review: Titan Souls

There’s a distinct different, I’ve noticed, between the opinions of people who have played Titan Souls on the PS4/PC and those who played it on the PS Vita. The lesson to be learned here? Don’t play Titan Souls on the Vita if you have a choice.