Fighting Game Player Does Stone Cold Steve Austin's Full Entrance

Now this is how you tear a room up with an entrance. This amazing, over-the-top scene comes from CEO 2015, a fighting game tournament held last weekend in Orlando, Florida.

Players Turn Team Fortress 2 Into Splatoon

I suppose it was inevitable, wasn’t it? Pretty much since day one, comparisons between Wii U-exclusive Splatoon and early Team Fortress 2 have run thick, like wet paint or a rotting bucket of squid chum.

This Is A 14-Foot Starcraft II Map. Made Out Of LEGO

So on Saturday morning I made a truck out of LEGO with my two-year-old son and I was so proud that I actually took photos of it. This 14-foot Starcraft II map made out of LEGO just hit me with a dose of pure perspective.

Splatoon Is Hiding Some Creepy Secrets

It’s pretty easy to miss Splatoon’s creepiest moments. Had someone not pointed it out to me, I never would have noticed!

Uncharted 4 Actor Says Months Of Work Was Thrown Out

Video: The man who plays Nathan Drake says that eight months of story/performance work on Uncharted 4 was thrown out when Naughty Dog changed the creative leads on the game. In a video from a panel discussion at this past weekend’s MetroCon, North said that the scrapped work came from the script and ideas of former Naughty Dog creative director Amy Hennig.

Remember This?

Wow, major apologies to littlejulesy. He guessed correctly on Friday and I must have skimmed past it. Sorry mate! Anyway, congratulations. Yesterday’s Remember This was Clock Tower on the PS1.

Three Very Different Upcoming Games That Impressed Me At E3

As I look over my notes from the big E3 show in Los Angeles earlier this month, three games stand out that I wanted to be sure to praise. I’m eager to play more of all of them.

17 Years Later, StarCraft's Story Is Finally Coming To An End

It’s been 17 years since the original launch of StarCraft, the seminal real-time strategy game that both revolutionised competitive gaming and went on to spawn some of the world’s most popular games, like Dota and League of Legends. In the next few months, or maybe years — this is Blizzard, after all — that long journey will finally be over.

Off Topic: Netflix Recommendations

We did a poll. And it turned out that — of those using TV streaming services — 94% of you were using Netflix. This feels like an opportunity for me. An opportunity to get all your recommendations!

Batman: Arkham Knight Is Afraid You're Going To Be A Terrible Batman

Let’s talk about a video game so good that it has one single problem. A game called Batman: Arkham Knight.