People Are Testing Out YouTube's 60fps

Yesterday, Kotaku reported that YouTube was finally launching a 60fps option. And now, people are testing it out, like they would anything new.

App Deals: Discounted iOS iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone Apps

Today’s best deals include Magnet Balls on Windows Phone, Slender Man Origins on iOS and Perfect Produce on Android. Deals end without warning, so be quick!

Glitched Out Pokémon Is The Best Kind Of Nightmare

Pokémon Emerald looks a bit different when you corrupt the file you play on. But that’s not a bad thing.

PAX Is Playing Host To A Bethesda vs Magic: The Gathering Superfight

In the red corner… the heart, soul and PR Voice of Bethesda — and keynote speaker at this year’s PAX Australia — Pete Hines. In the blue corner, Magic: The Gathering’s Director of Research and Development, and ex-professional Magic player Aaron Forsythe!

This Saturday, at PAX Australia, these two are facing off against one another in a Magic: The Gathering contest for the ages.

You'll Be Getting A Very Different Kind Of War Game In Two Weeks

Embodying a soldier has been a staple of video games for a while now. But, on November 14th, players will control the kind of ordinary citizen who the machines of war usually roll right over. Here’s what This War of Mine will look like when you play.

When The PAX Floodgates Open...

If you’re lucky enough to have a media badge at PAX, you get the chance to head into the venue an hour early. This time is best used scoping things out, getting your bearings, checking out a few things before the crowds get in. But my absolute favourite part of getting in early is getting to watch the exact moment when everyone else is allowed in. It’s like a goddamn stampede.

Someone's Finally Making A Gaming Laptop With A Mechanical Keyboard

There are a few key things that keep PC gamers tethered to their desks, one of them being the awesomeness of having the “click clack” of a quality mechanical keyboard punctuate their gameplay. Impressive as they may be, laptops haven’t been able to replicate that experience… yet. MSI to the rescue!

The Creator Of Smash Bros Needs A Holiday

Director Masahiro Sakurai reflects on his workload on the latest Super Smash Bros., and holy hell, what a workload it is.

Tie Fighter: The Kotaku Review

Here’s an entirely plausible scenario: you are a human who enjoys video games, owns a PC and likes Star Wars. You’ve heard forever that Tie Fighter is something you should play, but a combination of necessary fiddling and the fact you couldn’t actually buy it anywhere mean that you’ve never tried it yourself.

The Closest Thing To PAX Without Actually Going To PAX

As you are probably well aware PAX Australia is in full flow. I’m currently sitting in a corner trying to connect to Wi-Fi and bashing out some stories. Consider this a public service announcement: if you want to keep track on what’s going on at PAX Australia but couldn’t actually make it, there are actually a number of Twitch livestreams that’ll allow you to keep tabs on the show floor and watch a number of really cool panels.