Video Game Creators Are Going To Be Killed By A Real UFC Fighter

Ten of the guys who work on EVE Online, along with some “special guests”, are going to fight Iceland’s Gunnar “Gunni” Nelson next month. Gunnar is a UFC fighter with twelve wins (and two blackbelts) to his name. They are all going to die.

Real PS4 Screenshots Justify All That 'Next-Gen' Hype

Back when the PS4 and Xbox One were announced, “next-gen” meant a lot of things to a lot of people. Smarter games, bigger games, different games, more ways to play with your friends. But it also meant that games would look a whole lot better.

After 32 Years, Jenga Has Been Improved

All you need is a chess clock. With that simple addition to the game, you can turn Jenga into a thrilling duel where time is your worst enemy. Which is to say, with a chess clock, you can make Jenga way, way better.

Watch Someone Clear Trials Fusion's Hardest Track... Without A Bike

As a general rule, Trials can be pretty difficult. This applies particularly to the extreme tracks. This applies even more particularly to the Inferno tracks that tend to appear in the Trials game. Inferno II in the original was just stupid. Inferno III was even worse. Inferno IV in Trials Fusion? It’s apparently the most difficult track yet. But RedLynx has found a way to make it even more difficult. You can attempt to clear the track without a bike. And by that I mean you simply can’t see the bike. This makes it near-impossible.

Scientists Use Kinect To Make Instant X-Rays And Freak People Out

Everything’s better with Kinect. Including, apparently, your insides. OK it’s not actual X-Rays, but rather a simulation using the Xbox camera to match a model in real time to your own movement. Apparently the effect’s so good at least one woman “gasped and covered her breasts, trying to shield herself from view”.

Nintendo Blinks, Offers First DLC "Season Pass"

Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed are the kind of games with season passes. Offers where you pay a lot up front then get access to all that game’s DLC down the line. It doesn’t sound like a very Nintendo thing to do, does it?

The Daily SingTaku

Well done Batguy for totally guessing yesterday’s SingTaku super quick. Batguy — are you going to dominate this game again and make life difficult for me?

We're Getting The Sequel To Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

Already announced for Japan, the sequel to Square’s wonderful rhythm game Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is coming to the West in 2014.

The Big Question: Minecraft Or LEGO

This is literally a big question, but let’s debate it. In 10 or 20 years time, when we look back at this period of time, which product will have had a bigger impact on culture as a whole: LEGO or Minecraft?