Fortunately, Cheat Codes Were Never This Complicated

Look, if you want the Boner Code to work in Monster Peninsula, you’re going to have to sweat. And bleed.

Let's Take A Trip Back To 2006

Do you remember 2006? The president of the United States was George W. Bush, a website called Twitter was about to launch for the first time, and in the video game world, everyone was excited for a revolutionary project called Spore.

Timeless Life Advice, Brought To You By Mario Kart

Video games rot the brain? Pffft, hardly. I’d like to think some of my most valuable life lessons have come from games, lessons like “be cool to people” and “that jerk took the piece of loot I wanted, never mind.” How about Mario Kart 8 though? What can we learn from that? Let’s find out with the help of this handy (and hilarious) video.

Report: Google Is Buying Twitch For $US1 Billion

We’ve heard rumours that Google was in the market to buy Twitch — the game-streaming behemoth that’s up there with YouTube — for a cool billion dollars, and now VentureBeat is reporting the deal’s gone through.

Remember This?

Well people, I’m officially claiming victory. No-one guessed Remember This and I pretty much dragged it out for an entire week. I’m pretty impressed with myself, but now it’s time to relay the final answer.

Timelapses Make MMO Boss Fights Peaceful

Using roughly 20,000 Guild Wars 2 screenshots, YouTuber Quecc made a stunning timelapse video of various zones from the game, including chaotic world boss fights that just look peaceful when watching them from a distance.

Where To Find The Destiny Beta's Five Golden Chests

Part of Destiny‘s gameplay formula is finding and grabbing loot amidst all the sci-fi gunplay. But some of the loot chests in the beta are shinier and cooler than the others, bestowing special rewards to players that find them all. Here’s where the good stuff is.

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What are you playing? I’m playing World of Warcraft. I am having ‘fun’.

Nah, in all seriousness, I am enjoying my time with WoW, but I would also like to make the most of the Destiny beta everyone seems to be talking about. Taking on two MMOs at once? Am I crazy?

Ask Dr Nerdlove: She Broke My Heart And Won't Move Out

This week we have a couple of interesting questions. One reader wants to know how to handle a tricky (and painful) living situation while another wants to know the best way to get busy. But as with many dating questions, the answers aren’t always cut and dried.