Selecting King Of Pop Grants The User +19 Dexterity, But Also +14 Infamy

Briefly: Selecting King of Pop grants the user +19 dexterity, but also +14 infamy. [via @LookItsX]

New Anime Casts The Ghostbusters As Penguin-Hunting Kidnappers

Tokyo ESP is the story of a teenage girl with the power to phase through solid objects and a teenage boy with the power to teleport who decide to become superheroes. So while I wouldn’t have been surprised by an X-Men cameo, I certainly didn’t expect the Ghostbusters to show up — especially as villains!

Yo This Is An Expensive Breaking Bad Figure, Bitch

Taiwanese builder RC has made a range of custom accessory sets (head, clothes, etc) that will transform any standard 1/6 scale figure/doll into your very own Breaking Bad toy.

Video Games Are Better With Dancing Pixel Birds

French artist Kévin creates his animations in a rather unique way: by using Flipnote Studio, a downloadable application for the Nintendo DS. This makes all of his art look like something from a 90s handheld game.

"And You Say It Has Air Con? What About Cruise Control?"

Stephen Zavala is a concept artist at creative and advertising studio Muv.

Black Bullet Irredeemably Ruins An Otherwise Good Premise

Back at the start of the spring season, as I wrote short summaries about all the season’s then upcoming anime, post-apocalyptic tale Black Bullet was one of the anime I was most looking forward to. However, less than two episodes in I could already see that it was failing to live up to its interesting premise.

App Review: Modern Combat 5 Does Nothing New, But It Does Old Really Well

If you’re craving innovation, the latest game in a series created as Gameloft’s answer to Call of Duty is the wrong place to look, but its lack of ambition doesn’t preclude Modern Combat 5: Blackout from being one of the best mobile first-person shooters going.

Borderlands Rap Album Is... Not Half-Bad, Actually

Yes, somebody made a rap album entirely about loot-tacular shooter Borderlands. Surprisingly, it’s not the worst thing ever. It’s kinda good, actually. I know, right?

Screw Space Marines, We Need More 70s Cop Games

Hey, it’s LA Cops! When we last saw the game – which my brain registers as the Beastie Boys’ Sabotage video vs Syndicate – it was pretty early code. Now things are looking a bit more structured.

Someone's Figured Out Where One Million Internet Cats Live

This goes without saying, but people love posting pictures of their cats online. They love it so much, in fact, that they’re often willing to forego little things like “privacy” and “self-respect” in favour of bringing their furry friends to the widest possible audience.