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Blow-Up Dolls Make VR Sex Worse

Don’t worry. This gentleman is fully dressed, and he isn’t actually making love to this blow-up doll. Oh good.

In Case You're Looking For A Way To Express Your Love For WoW

Dayshot: In case you’re looking for a way to express your love for WoW, Redditor revenger96 recently put together several wallpapers starring the game’s major bosses/villains. There are quite a few variations on the main wallpaper at the top — 17 in total — which you can find below.

Metal Gear Solid Weddings Are Both Romantic And Sneaky

If you are looking for a special theme for your wedding, how about Metal Gear Solid cardboard boxes like in this PlayStation ad?

Angel Beats: The Kotaku Anime Review

While the popular anime Charlotte didn’t quite make the cut for our must watch anime of this season, watching it has encouraged me to go back and check out other works by writer Jun Maeda: namely his 2010 hit, Angel Beats.

Fine Art: That's One Way To Avoid Rising Sea Levels

Oleg Zherebin is an artist who works across a number of fields, from concept art and illustration to UI and icon design.

You're A Disembodied Head In Double Fine's Next Game

See that head with the jetflame coming out of it? Yep, that’s you. Aptly enough, the game is called Headlander.

I Just Finished The New Ace Attorney. It Was Fantastic.

Ever wanted to know what Ace Attorney would be like if it took place in 1901? Well, if you speak Japanese you can — and it’s awesome.

Arkham Knight Glitch Clones Nightwing, Makes Batman See Double

Today on Highlight Reel we have Rocket League trick shots, Battlefield 4 plays, illegal wrestling moves and much more!

Grand Theft Auto Would Make For A Cute Anime

Doraemon is one of Japan’s most beloved anime. Grand Theft Auto is a hugely popular video game series. Put them together and you get this.

A Gory Flash Game From 2010 Is The Hottest Thing On The App Store Right Now 

Happy Wheels has been on the internet for a long time. You’ve probably played it, or watched a YouTuber play it, or at least heard of this gruesome ragdoll physics game. Well, now it’s on iOS — and I dived in to see whether or not it still holds up.

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