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Podcast: The Legacy Of Fallout 4

This week on Kotaku Splitscreen, I’m joined by deputy editor Patricia Hernandez to talk about Pokémon, Fallout, and Red Dead Redemption 2.

Arena Brawler Battlerite Adds Two New Champions Tomorrow

Battlerite is a good time. For a MOBA/Brawler, it is easy to pick up and filled with fun champions. Tomorrow, the roster will expand a little more during the game’s Halloween update.

Rose Of Winter Is A Visual Novel About First Love

Visual novel Rose of Winter tells the story of a mercenary named Rosemary hired to take one of four handsome princes over the treacherous Mount Needle. While it relishes romance novel cliches, Rose of Winter also strives to tell an affecting, human story, about how it feels to fall in love for the first time.

People Are Pretty Happy With Civilization 6 So Far

Even great developers hit a speed bump every now and again. And while Firaxis have continued to do a great job with the XCOM series, the last couple of Civilization launches — namely Civilization 5 and Civilization: Beyond Earth — didn’t go down that well.

Good news: that’s not the case with Civilization 6.

YouTube Blocks Samsung's Takedown Of GTA V Note 7 Bomb Video

Yesterday, Samsung filed a copyright claim on a viral video of a Grand Theft Auto V mod that turns the notoriously explosion-prone Galaxy Note 7 into, well, a bomb. The video got taken down, even though it clearly wasn’t in violation of any copyrights.

The Case Mod That Looks Like An Enormous Gun

Not sure where case mods go from here, but a giant gun will be tough to top.

That's Just BloodRayne In A Wig, Paragon

The latest hero to join the roster of Epic Games’ PC and PS4 MOBA is Rayne, hero of vampire hack and slash action series BloodRayne, only here they call her The Countess and she has mostly black hair.

A Western Game Where Players Literally Shoot The Story

It is the Wild West. Gun drawn and at the ready, you prepare yourself for the next unfortunate collection of words to stumble across your path. You level your pistol, fire, and branch off to the next bit of narrative. This is Words Must Die.

Apple Is Finally Ready To Overhaul The MacBook

After years — literally years — Apple seems finally ready to refresh the aging MacBook line.

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