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The Rainbow Six Siege Beta Isn't Opening Up Just Yet

Rainbow Six: Siege was supposed to transition from closed beta into an open beta phase later today, but that’s no longer happening.

A Gaming Mouse Designed Just For MMORPG Players

Over the years, Kotaku has seen its share of gaming mice. But if buttons alone are anything to go by, this latest one from Elecom sure looks impressive. And button-y!

Kentucky Route Zero's Fourth Act Almost Complete

It was one of the first notable games backed off Kickstarter to gain traction among gamers and the media, but Kentucky Route Zero’s opaque charms have remained incomplete for a while.

Two of the game’s five acts are yet to be released, which is a bit frustrating for people who have been waiting since Feburary 2013 when the first act was released. But on Twitter the developer has announced that the fourth act will be enroute to the internet very, very soon.

World Of Warcraft: Legion's New Druid Forms Look Gorgeous

That bear form with the rocks alone makes it worth maining a Druid and being a tank in Legion. Now with the expansion’s first public build online, we finally get a glimpse of some of the Druid’s new animal forms.

League Of Legends Fan Makes Emotional Tribute To Older Version Of His Favourite Character

Poppy, one of League of Legends’ oldest characters, is about to be retired from the game. And while she’ll be replaced by a newer, better version of herself, fans of the original Poppy are feeling pretty sad right now. One such fan knew this day was coming, so he prepared a video to celebrate the champion’s glory days.

System Shock Is Getting Reimagined

Briefly: Night Dive Studios, the team that released a HD version of System Shock, now own the rights to the series and are working on an all-new, “completely reimagined” version of the original game. Check out Polygon for a comparison between the classic and the remake!

Steam's Exploration Sales Started Today, Here's All The Good Deals

We knew they were coming and now they’re finally here — the first round of Steam sales for the Christmas holidays.

This round is called the Exploration Sales, and as you’d expect there’s some good deals. Let’s dive right in.

How Counter-Strike's Bullets Actually Work

Counter-Strike is a game that’s defined by tiny details. So let’s talk bullets.

You fire your gun, they make people ever-so-slightly more Swiss cheese-like in appearance, and that’s pretty much that. Headshots good, non-headshots less good. You’ve played video games before. You know this stuff.

The Steam Controller Just Got A Great New Feature

If you’re a fan of action-RPGs, strategy games, or MOBAs, the Steam controller just became a much more viable option.

Dig Through The Archives Of A Closed Developer

Infocom, founded in 1979, were one of the great studios of the early days of PC gaming, responsible for classics like the Zork series. They may be long gone (Infocom were shut down in 1989), but their history lives on in this incredible collection of old documents.

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