What's In 100 Battlefield 4 Battlepacks?

JackFrags plays a lot of Battlefield 4. As a result, he’s got a lot of Battlepacks to open. So here are the results of what was contained within 100 Battlepacks.

The Elder Scrolls Online At Its Silliest

No MMO can exist without a handful of emotes and idle animations, and The Elder Scrolls Online is also no exception. IGN shared a short clip where the play around with the available ones.

Dark Souls II's Backstory, Explained In A Minute

Like in every game in the series, the lore of Dark Souls II is cryptic and obscured. Lucky for us, the Lore in a Minute guys have our back.

BioWare Returns To Its Roots With The Next Dragon Age On October 7

We’ve seen Dragon Age: Inquisition in action, and have even detailed many of its new and returning features, but the question remains: what is the game actually about at its core?

Minecraft's New Terrain Generator Looks Amazing

Mojang has been slowly teasing out details about the next big update for Minecraft dubbed for a while now. This Tuesday, the team decided to drop a bombshell on fans of the legendary PC game in the form of a quiet little YouTube video announcing how players will soon be able “to create their own wild and crazy terrain!”

The First Player To Unlock All 2057 Of World Of Warcraft's Achievements

No, it wasn’t one of the Blizzard devs, but a rather enthusiastic Russian player, Хируко, who managed to unlock every single achievement in World of Warcraft (that’s 2057 at the moment) and an extra 205 of the approximately 300 Feats of Strengths unlocked. Technically, this means he has nothing left to do (collect missing mounts, maybe?) until the next expansion, Warlords of Draenor, arrives.

Help A Bunny From The Future Become Mayor By Murdering His Enemies

Spoiler: the stupid joke-gimmick glasses I’m wearing at the beginning of this video don’t do anything to make Not a Hero look any cooler. That’s OK though. The new over-the-top action game doesn’t need help looking cool, because it happens in 2.25D.

Welcome To The Lands Of Iuvem

Created by redditor crpeh, Iuvem is a world file for Minecraft that you can download and adventure on with your buddies. Or just stare at the scenery by yourself, since it all looks so holy-crap-incredible. The map can be downloaded here, and there’s more shots below.

A Spaceship Game That Feels A Lot Like Being In A Relationship

Listen, Space Partner, if we don’t figure out how to work together, the space bunnies are going to die horrible, lonely deaths. Stop screaming at me and upgrade those shields!

Controversial Game Highlights Flaws In Steam's System

Earth: Year 2066, a game that was greenlit by the public on Steam earlier this year, is receiving a lot of negative attention recently because it charges $US19.99 for a shoddy game that plays horribly and seems unlikely shape up down the line, despite developer promises to improve the game. Worse, the developer, “Muxwell”, is being accused of stealing artwork and erasing all criticisms of the game on the Steam forums.