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If Harry Potter Were About DOTA 2

“Harry, yer a DOTA player.” Former Team Liquid admin Ken “Hot_Bid” Chen and Mark “SirJolt” McEntegart are Kickstarting their eSports satire publication in an attempt to turn it into a full-time job.

It's 2014, And Team Fortress 2 Is Still Around

I checked my RSS this morning, and saw — because I am still subscribed to the blog’s feed — this news piece from Team Fortress 2. It’s about the game’s big Halloween festivities. And I thought, wow, I can’t believe I’m still opening blog posts about Team Fortress 2.

Origin Chronos Z Compact Gaming PC: The Kotaku Review

The Origin PC Chronos Z is the meanest small form factor gaming PC I’ve yet to encounter. Origin PC ships its gaming systems in wooden crates. The Chronos Z came in the smallest crate to date, yet the Titan Z-powered beast within was far more powerful than anything that came before it.

Elite: Dangerous Just Got Heaps Of New Stuff

Today, Frontier Developments launched the third beta phase of its open-ended PC space sim Elite: Dangerous. The Beta 3 update adds a bunch of welcome new features and probably gives you an even better sense of what the final game will be like.

How To Get All 42 New Mounts In Warlords Of Draenor

World of Warcraft‘s fifth expansion is not out yet, but thanks to its beta, it’s more or less clear what we’ll be facing, including the heaps of new mounts. BellularGaming’s guide is just perfect for mount collectors, showing how to obtain all of them after Draenor goes live.

Valve Won't Let Hackers Ruin Team Fortress 2's Halloween

Halloween makes people do strange things — for instance dress up in costumes and beg for candy from people who might be murderers. Sometimes, it also makes them create Team Fortress 2 cheat plugins that teleport players between Halloween items, which ruins the game. It’s a trick alright, but it’s definitely not a treat.

Witness My Futile Attempt At Upholding The Law In A Cop Simulator

Look, I’m not a cop. I’d have to tell you if I were a cop, but I’m totally not a cop. Garry Copman, on the other hand, is a fully-fledged police officer. His duties include giving out tickets for minor infractions of the law — small things like broken tail-lights, expired licenses and vehicles illegally parked in the sky.

Indie RPG Is An Apocalyptic Sausage Fest

Lisa takes place in a bizarre, unpleasant world without women. There are grotesquely elongated spider men, writhing flesh pile people and giant intestine walls though. So that’s something.

Blizzard Bans Thousands Of Bots From Hearthstone

If you are a robot, and you play Hearthstone, I have bad news for you: You’re probably banned. (Also, thanks for reading Kotaku. Please consider keeping us employed when you enslave humanity.)

Breaking The Sims 4 Is Just As Fun As Playing It

By now it’s well-known that The Sims lets you do all sorts of unrealistic, goofy things, like letting players become ghosts, or letting players create giant versions of everyday items. But just how far will The Sims 4 let you go with these elements of the game?