Guy Builds An Actual Working Flight Computer For Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program has a whole lot of numbers and variables behind it that influence how your spaceships work and where they go. Well, what better way to keep track of them than with this NASA-inspired flight computer?

The Sims 4 Mods Are Officially Starting To Become Amazing

Despite being so new, The Sims 4 has relatively robust mod offerings. Some mods are sort of saucy. Some are useful. And some, well, some are just sort of amazing.

A Toy Story-Like Survival Game Where You're A Keychain Ninja

According to the devs, it’s Resident Evil meets Prince of Persia, starring a keychain ninja plushie. Sounds nice! Looks nice too.

Nvidia's New GeForce GTX GPUs Are All About Energy Efficiency

It’s a big day for PC gaming. Graphics card powerhouse Nvidia has a new family of GPUs — the GTX 980 and GTX 970 — based on a brand new chipset, designed to deliver more visual power and higher frame rates than previous generations, while consuming less power. If you believe Nvidia, they’re “the new benchmark in performance and efficiency for gaming on the PC.”

It's Heartbreaking To Say Goodbye To My Old World Of Warcraft Name

I didn’t have many real-life friends in high school. I’m pretty sure I heard my WoW name more than my real name in those days — to the point where my WoW identity and my own were inseparable. Flash forward to today. Blizzard’s reclaiming old, dormant WoW names, and I’m crushed.

20 Minutes Of New Metal Gear Solid V Gameplay Shows Jungle Environment

Along with the new TGS trailer for Metal Gear Solid V came new gameplay footage. After all those videos with Afghanistan and Mother Base in it we can finally see what the game’s greener, jungle map will look like, and how Snake manages to take down a whole army of enemy units in this new environment.

Meet The People Who Beat Destiny's First Massive Raid

They were the first in history to finish Destiny‘s mind-boggling raid, and — despite lives, jobs and significant others — they’re not going anywhere.

Microsoft Explains Lack Of Halo On PC

Halo: Master Chief Collection would — in theory — be a perfect point of entry for PC gamers who’ve missed out on the series over the years. So why is it, for now, Xbox One-only? And could that change?

Some Destiny Owners Say Bungie Can't Address Customer Service Problems

“I’ve Given Up on Destiny and Got My Refund” “ERRORS ERRORS ERRORS” “Server problems. Worse then ever now -.-” These are some of the top trending posts on Bungie’s official help forums. As you can probably guess, they’re filled with angry people.

These People Tried To Figure Out How Destiny's Loot System Works

If you’ve been playing Destiny, chances are you’ve been there. A purple orb ceremoniously pops out of a dying enemy, to the delight of every fibre of your being. A legendary item! Surely it’s a legendary item…