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Never Alone's New DLC Is About Preserving  Iñupiaq History

I never expected the world’s first Alaskan Native video game to come out with DLC. But Never Alone‘s new add-on means more than just than just extra gameplay.

GTA V Mod Is Trying To Turn PC Version Into An RPG

All the things you love about GTA V. All the things you love about role-playing video games. Together in one place. It’s slowly happening, all thanks to a person who doesn’t work at Rockstar.

Years Later, ZombiU Is Hitting PS4, Xbox One, And PC

There have been rumours of Ubisoft porting the excellent Wii U launch title ZombiU to other platforms for a while, but now it’s official: Zombi (no more u!) arrives digitally on August 18.

This Weekend's Steam Sale Is Really Good

Weekend sales on Steam aren’t really the main event, more like the undercard, but this weekend? It’s a humdinger.

This Remake of PT Is Scarily Perfect

PT is gone. It’s probably never coming back. But Farhan Qureshi, an aspiring game developer from Calgary, has rebuilt it. And seriously — screenshot for screenshot — this is almost indistinguishable from the original.

The Red Ash Kickstarter Is A Disaster

In 2013, game producer Keiji Inafune earned gamers’ hearts worldwide by promising to bring back Mega Man in the form of Mighty No. 9. Two years later, he’s launched a sloppy, misleading new Kickstarter that threatens to squander all that goodwill.

Physics Puzzler Has A Community Of Mad Geniuses

Your aim in Poly Bridge is simple: build a bridge that’s strong enough to carry waiting cars across a river to their destination. Yet on that simple gameplay foundation, players have come up with some genius solutions.

A Messed-Up Game Where You Play A Disturbing Clown

I’m not the type of person who is terrified by clowns. But Dropsy the clown…Dropsy is another matter entirely.

Counter-Strike Bot Saves The Day, Becomes Match MVP

Watch as an Oliver Bot shows the humans how it’s actually done. God damn.

Why Murky Is My Favourite Heroes Of The Storm Character

If MOBA players had meetings similar to the AA, I could imagine people introducing themselves by saying, “Hi, I’m PufferMan388, I’m a toxic mid main, and I hate the cancer fish known as Fizz.” Or perhaps, “I’m DrunkmasterDave, I live in top lane, and I am on a crusade to take down the satanic menace known as Teemo.”

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