Earlier this year, Microsoft gave away the majority of Halo 5 to PC users for the massive price of bugger all. And, in the same quiet manner that the Halo 5: Forge bundle was first released, the game has just got a whole lot better - because today, it now has custom browsers.


Commandos was a very good video game. It's also a kind of game that we haven't seen much of since, so it's nice to see Shadow Tactics step in and deliver us a similar kind of experience. Well, as similar as swapping World War Two for Japan's Edo period can get, anyway.


Earlier this year CORSAIR refreshed their mechanical keyboards with the LUX RGB line, and I liked them so much that I ended up buying one for myself.

And I thought that'd be it for the year. They were the best keyboards I'd used in a good while. They were small, did everything I wanted, and didn't break the bank.

But then iKBC came along.


Self care can seem like an unnecessary indulgence when you have a million things to accomplish. Who has time for a manicure when there's bills and deadlines? But it turns out being good to yourself, especially when you feel like you can't or don't deserve to, can make a huge difference in your outlook. Twine game Self-Love Hotel serves as a reminder to take care of yourself, as well as being an act of self care in itself.