Rage Was Actually Pretty Damn Good

I’ve been thinking a lot about Rage lately. Last week, I dove back in. Minutes became hours, and I soon realised I was having a blast. When I was finally done, I had to ask: why doesn’t Rage get the love it deserves?

Some Games Should Have Fewer Features

While reading Nathan Grayson’s assertion that Batman: Arkham Knight should have borrowed Shadow of Mordor‘s “nemesis” system to use with the various street toughs Batman fights throughout that game, I had a horrifying vision, one I don’t believe he intended to elicit. I imagined this gameplay system being piled on top of everything already present in Arkham Knight.

The Source Code For This Game Fits Inside A Single Tweet

If the popularity of game jams is anything to go by, indie game coders love the chance to flex their programming and creative skills. So when Aussie dev Ben Porter last week issued the challenge to fit a game inside a single tweet, he got a fair number of replies, including this strangely addictive effort from a guy by the name of Alex Yoder.

Fallout 3, As Told By Steam Reviews

Steam reviews… Steam reviews never change. And that’s good, because Steam reviews are damn hilarious — especially the ones for Fallout 3.

Arkham Knight Should Let Batman Play With All His Toys

I didn’t love Batman: Arkham Knight, but I did like it. Just not at first. For at least a few hours, I worried that I was going to give the game a “No” under Kotaku‘s binary rating system.

League Of Legends' Gentleman Gnar Skin Is Disgustingly Cute

Oh my goodness. Not all MOBA character skins are created equally. But the ones Riot has made for League of Legends prehistoric boomerang-wielding fur monster known as “Gnar” have been great. Gnar’s base character looks sort of like Gizmo from the Gremlins movies… until he transforms into the hulking beast known as “Mega Gnar” — something that happens periodically during matches.

Latest Steam Hit Is NotGTAV, Which Is Not GTA V

For the past day or so, the top-selling “popular new release title” on Steam has been a simple $US0.74 game called NotGTAV, from which all proceeds go to charity. The PC is a strange and wonderful place.

Lab Zero Games Announces Indivisible

Video: The team behind Skullgirls, Lab Zero Games, just announced Indivisible, a game “inspired by classics like Valkyrie Profile and Super Metroid”. Looks cool, and in a nice touch, the soundtrack is being handled by Secret of Mana composer Hiroki Kikuta.

The Steam Stream Plays Broforce, The Most Patriotic Game Of All

In addition to Broforce — which just launched its timely Freedom Update — I’m also gonna play one Secret Bonus Patriotic Game. Which one? Like a firework going off in your hair, it’s a surprise.

Heroes Of The Storm Makes The Butcher From Diablo Scary Again

If there’s a single phrase I’d associate with the original Diablo, it’d have to be: “Fresh meat!” That’s the line The Butcher growls as he strides towards you from a room full of festering corpses. He wasn’t the biggest or baddest villain in the game. He wasn’t even a Lord of Hell. But he was the first boss you encountered. And he was absolutely terrifying.