GTA V + Gravity Gun = Tomfoolery

Grand Theft Auto V, meet Half-Life 2. Half-Life 2, this is Grand Theft Auto V. You two should get along just fine.

How Long Can I Survive Spooky's House Of Jump Scares?  Not Very.

One of my Twitter friends, who shall remain nameless, suggested I play a free early access Steam game called Spooky’s House of Jump Scares. That nameless Twitter friend is obviously trying to kill me. He almost succeeded.

Many A True Nerd Speedruns Through Fallout New Vegas

Video: Many A True Nerd is back — this time he speedruns through Fallout New Vegas on hardcore mode without eating, drinking or sleeping. Somehow, he pulls it off. Of course he does.

A Strategy Game Where You're Basically The Power Rangers

Should I care about Chroma Squad? If you’re struck by devastating waves of nostalgia every time you think about Power Rangers, Japanese super sentai series, or, er, Backstreet Boys lyrics, then yes. Definitely yes.

Doom's Creators Wanted To Pay Modders... In 1995

Last month, Valve and Bethesda pissed a lot of people off with plans to charge for mods. One of the reasons both companies gave for the move was so that mod creators could get paid; a novel idea, but not a new one, since iD Software had been planning something similar twenty years ago.

What Are You Playing On Steam This Week?

Steam releases approximately one hundred million billion (give or take a zillion) games every week. So let’s help each other out: tell me what you’re playing on Steam this week and whether or not it’s any good. Let’s recommend games to each other.

Dark Souls 2 Fans Should Be Wary Of Fan-Made DS2Fix Patch

Briefly: Dark Souls 2 fans should be wary of installing the fan-made DS2Fix patch, as players are reporting they’re being softbanned. It’s unclear if the two are linked yet. Softbanning means you can only fight or join up with other people who have been softbanned. We’ve asked Bandai Namco for comment.

Heroes Of The Storm Has Some Great 420 No Scope Moments

Sgt. Hammer is Heroes of the Storm’s version of the classic siege tank unit from StarCraft. Unlike the original piece of Terran artillery, Hammer can fire a giant rocket across the map. This makes for some excellent “skill shot” moments in Blizzard’s up-and-coming MOBA.

League Of Legends Is Bringing Back An Old System To Deal With Jerks

When Riot unveiled its tribunal system for League of Legends in 2011, it sounded like one of the most ambitious plans to improve standards in a gaming community a developer had tried. Inviting players to participate in a democratic process to judge their peers seemed groundbreakingly egalitarian. Often, it was.

Dying Light Is Even More Formidable With Mods

Many found Dying Light surprisingly, refreshingly difficult when it first came out. But time can make even the grossest of zombies appear woefully pedestrian. Mods to the rescue!