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Nobody Actually Knows How They Solved The Silent Hill Teaser

People beat the cryptic P.T. PlayStation 4 horror demo. They discovered that it was a teaser for Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro’s Silent Hills. End of story, right? Not even close.

New Madden Gets The Weirdest Commercial Ever

EA pulled out the big guns for their Madden 15 commercial, bringing in Kevin Hart, Dave Franco, Colin Kaepernick, and a pool full of dolphins for what might be the weirdest and/or best advertisement in video game history.

Catch Up On Tales Of Xillia Before The Sequel

Tales of Xillia 2 comes out on Tuesday, and if you’re like me and never quite got around to beating the first game, here’s a solid refresher video to catch you up on the story.

The Next Silent Hill Already Has Bonkers Fan Theories

The PS4 teaser for Silent Hills may end up having nothing to do with the final product. Still, it’s fascinating to hear fans speculate on what the next Silent Hills game may be about based on P.T. The actual game isn’t even out yet and people are already making theories about it!

Until Dawn Is A Horror Game Where Everyone Can Die

It may have been a room full of overworked, stressed and irritable journalists, but Until Dawn did something special when I went to see it at Gamescom: it made people jump, it made one woman scream and it made everyone laugh nervously and chatter about what they’d just seen happen.

How Digital Game Sharing On The PS4 Will Work

So, Sony’s upcoming update feature is going to let me borrow and play my friends’ games without actually owning them? Holy crap, I’m on board. But how does it work? And what game limitations (if any) are there?

PlayStation's Twitch Channel Is A Little... Inappropriate

Did Sony get hacked? Did someone working for their Twitch channel get a little frustrated with the camerawork at the PlayStation conference in Gamescom earlier this week? Are they mad about the whole Tomb Raider thing?

Report: The Last Guardian Won't Be At The Tokyo Game Show

Are you surprised? So, the bad news is that The Last Guardian will miss TGS. Again. The good news is that the team is apparently “making great progress”.

Some PS4 Owners Can't Play This Week's Great New Indie Game

Hohokum came out for the various PlayStation platforms yesterday. The beautiful, weird exploration game isn’t quite like anything else on the video game landscape lately. So it’s really messed up that some folks who bought the game for the PS4 are saying that they can’t play it.

No, You Can't Bite People In FIFA 15

Sebastien Enrique is the lead producer on the PS4 and Xbox One versions of FIFA 15. He’s been at EA Sports since FIFA 06 — in other words, when the series was still awful – and he’s been there to see its rise to greatness.