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A New Trailer For Hotline Miami 2

Devolver Digital and Dennaton Games just released a new trailer for Hotline Miami 2, the highly anticipated sequel to 2012′s acclaimed indie gorefest and one of our favourite games for the PlayStation Vita. The video doesn’t court as much controversy as, say, that notorious sexual assault scene from an early demo did. But fans don’t need to worry about Hotline Miami losing its edge this time around.

It's Looking Bad For Peter Parker In The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Game

As if three movie villains weren’t enough, Electro and the Green Goblin are are joined by the ugliest Kingpin ever, bad-hair-lighting Black Cat and… is that Carnage? Yeah, Parker is screwed.

It's The Last Weekend To Play Resistance Online, So Get Right On That

It’s time to shut the door on the least memorable shooter franchise of the previous generation. Online services for Resistance: Fall of Man and its two sequels will cease functioning on April 8. Surely someone out there is sad?

J-Stars Victory VS Gets Real Old Real Fast

Goku and Naruto. Luffy and Ichigo. Jojo and Kenshiro. It’s hard not to be excited about a game where all your favourite Shonen Jump heroes battle it out. Unfortunately, while it does deliver on the fanservice, the novelty wears off painfully fast.

You Might Be Surprised How Grand Theft Auto V Did In Japan

Japanese game publication Famitsu released a list of the biggest-selling video games in Japan between 1 April 1 2013 and 3 April 2014. It’s mostly 3DS games, but the inclusion of one PS3 title might surprise you: Grand Theft Auto V.

Phase 2 Of Final Fantasy XIV's PlayStation 4 Beta Test Begins Today

Briefly: If you’re new to the game, you can download the client through the PlayStation Store for free. The test runs until Monday, April 7, 6pm AEST, and characters made during this phase will be playable after the game’s April 14 launch.

Atlus Confirms Persona 4 Is Coming To PS3

It will be a digital download of the PS2 version and will cost $US10 when it’s out on April 8. If you don’t own a Vita, and you have never played a Persona game, and you are a human being who likes good times, you simply need to play this game.

Tecmo Koei Wants Me To Buy Its Game Again (Again)

Toukiden is the samurai vs demon hunting game that was released last year on the PS Vita and PSP. Now, Tecmo Koei has announced Toukiden Kiwami, an upgraded version of the original with additional story, equipment and enemies.

Here's 10 Minutes With Child Of Light On PS4

Video: Sony’s PlayStation Access sits down with creative director Patrick Plourde to talk about Ubisoft’s upcoming JRPG-influenced role-playing game. It’s looking very pretty, as usual.

That Vita Game With The Talking Dogs Coming In June

When you’re really excited about an upcoming game, it sometimes helps to completely wipe any trace of it from your memory, as I did with PlayStation Vita Pets. “Oh yeah, that game!” is slated for release next month in Europe and June in North America. I’m so excited I could forget again.