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That Time A 'Gritty' Tomb Raider Reboot Almost Sank The Franchise

Tomb Raider has been in good hands for the last decade or so, thanks to the steady hand of Crystal Dynamics. Before they took over, though, the series had become a disaster, and Angel of Darkness was its trainwreck.

Dust 514, CCP's FPS Set In The EVE Online Universe, Will Shut Down On May 30

CCP has announced its shutting down Dust 514, its FPS set in the EVE Online universe, on May 30. The company is currently developing a follow-up, but unlike Dust 514, it will be PC-only.

The First Hour Of Megadimension Neptunia VII Says It All

The first PlayStation 4 entry in Idea Factory’s girls as game consoles role-playing game is out in North America today, and coming to Australia later this month. I’m betting it will take less than an hour of playing to decide if Megadimension Neptunia VII is for you, so here’s an hour of playing. Mind the NSFW screen at the end.

The Story In The New Naruto Game Would Be Better If It Was Fully Animated

It’s not one of this week’s headline attractions, but for some people the fourth ultimate ninja storm of the Naruto Shippuden games will be welcome news. It’s a genuinely good looking game, something I’ve written about before.

But Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 has one major problem, and it’s not because of the dipping frame rate — although that’s not good either. The problem is an awful lot of the story isn’t animated, and that’s bad for a mode that involves more time watching cutscenes than actual gameplay.

Nearly A Decade Later, Twisted Metal Black Online Is Back From The Dead

Every online game dies eventually. Twisted Metal Black, the gold standard of Twisted Metal games, officially went offline in 2008. But some fans weren’t willing to accept that, and recently, they managed to bring it back.

The Dream Of A Reliable Emulator For The PS3 Is Getting Closer

One of the saddest parts of the transition from the last generation of consoles to the current generation was the realisation that so many games would simply fall through the cracks. Most of the major titles were always destined to receive HD remasters, or re-releases, but plenty of others are liable to be ignored or forgotten entirely.

In those instances, the best solution is a good emulator. But emulating the PS3 is far from a simple pursuit.

Cancelled Saints Row Game Gets Released For Free

Last night, the developers at Volition did something remarkable. They revealed a cancelled game in their biggest series, Saints Row, and then they set it free, releasing it to the public for anyone to download.

In Yakuza 6, You Can Beat Up A Japanese Convenience Store

Yakuza 6 isn’t out yet, but holy crap, it already looks incredible.

Japan, Where The PS Vita Won't Die

This week, the biggest selling video game in Japan is for the PS Vita. While the handheld seems to be on its last legs in the West, here in Japan it’s doing pretty well.

New Vita Update Is Causing All Sorts Of Problems

A newly released Vita update is presenting some users from accessing the PlayStation Store on Sony’s spunky little handheld. It’s also draining some people’s batteries. Good times all around.

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