Bloodborne Patch Is Coming Next Week

Briefly: Bloodborne players, make sure you don’t summon or invade anyone during the game’s Forbidden Woods section! Right now, doing so will prevent you from acquiring a crucial progression item, the Lunarium Key. Sony says a patch is coming next week.

Bloodborne's Hilarious Physics Lead To Some Unexpected Results

All of the Souls games, Bloodborne included, have included hilarious rag doll physics for the enemies, which adds a welcomed slice of humour to an otherwise dark and difficult game.

You Can Finally Suspend Games On PS4 Now

Sony released a new firmware patch for the PS4 today, and with it, the suspend/resume feature promised way back in February of 2013 is finally here.

Bloodborne Players Are Killing Themselves In The Most Unlikely Place

It goes without saying that people playing Bloodborne are going to die a lot. It’s a tough game. But to die in the game’s one “safe” area?

A Helpful Guide To Bloodborne's Confusing Multiplayer Options

Bloodborne might be the most accessible Souls game yet, but some elements are still pretty confusing. You know, like figuring out how to join up with other players. Here’s how to do it.

See If I Die In The First Five Minutes Of Bloodborne

Being a From Software title in the Something Souls vein, the only thing keeping me from endless death is loading screens and cinematics. Can I beat the clock?

Bloodborne Isn't As Brutal When It Glitches Out

Bloodborne can be pretty brutal… unless it happens to hiccup. While it might not be particularly common, when Bloodborne glitches out, just about anything can happen.

PS4's Yukimura Update Goes Live Tomorrow

Briefly: The PS4’s next firmware update, 2.50 “Yukimura”, goes live tomorrow. You can find a list of Yukimura’s additions, including the new HDD Backup and Suspend & Resume features, on the PlayStation Blog here.

Everything That Happened At Kotaku Australia's Bloodborne Launch Event

Last night, to celebrate the launch of Bloodborne here in Australia, Kotaku Australia put together an event. We ate, we drank, we watched competition winner Sterne He face his fear and — of course — we played Bloodborne.

A Brief History Of Slender Man, The Internet's Boogeyman

Slender: The Arrival launches on PlayStation 4 today, and while the Slender Man phenomenon has died down in the last few years, he’s still super creepy. Did you know he was invented on a message board?