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No Man's Sky Can Now Legally Be Called 'No Man's Sky'

Briefly: Hello Games’ Sean Murray celebrated via Twitter yesterday over the news that he won’t have to change his game’s name to No Man’s One or something.

By The Way, Drawful 2 Is Out Next Week

It’s been in the works for a little while, and was supposed to be coming out very soon. As it turns out, it’s real soon.

Star Trek VR, As Seen At E3

There’s a window in one of the corners of Ubisoft’s massive E3 booth, and through it you can see people playing the new Star Trek Bridge Crew virtual reality game.

Batman In VR Is Everything I Hoped It Would Be

Batman Arkham VR is an upcoming virtual reality game for PlayStation VR developed by Rocksteady Studios. It’s going to be one of the PlayStation VR’s launch titles and will be available to buy in October. During E3, we were invited by Rocksteady to don the midnight cowl and step into the batcave.

Guys. Guys. This game is going to be goddamn amazing.

A Closer Look At Secrets Hiding In The God Of War Reveal

God of War 4 (AKA God of W4r, God of Four, 4 God 4 Fourious and so on) is, I think it’s fair to say, not what people expected from a God of War follow-up. In it, Kratos has a precious new family member (his beard) and also a son. What does it all mean? Nothing’s concrete yet, but there’s been some interesting speculation.

20 Minutes Of Death's Gambit, A Very Dark Souls Side-Scroller

Video: I was wondering if we’d written about Death’s Gambit before, and all I could find was a 2014 post about how much I loved a GIF I saw of it. That GIF is still cool, but the actual game looks good, too.

Rain World's Charming Slugcat Meets Some Dangerous New Beasts

Video: We last checked in on Rain World a little over a year ago, with its nifty platforming and cute little Slugcat star. Yesterday at E3, half of the game’s two-man dev team showed off the progress they have made since then.

Don't Ever Change, Yakuza

Video: Because it’s a prequel set in the 1980s, Yakuza 0 is hopefully going to be the perfect place for newcomers to jump into Sega’s story-heavy world of brutal combat and dumb-arse minigames. Because the more people who play Yakuza, the better.

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Has A Fast-Forward Button

The HD remaster of Final Fantasy XII will come with a fast forward feature, letting players blaze through all those random battles and giant maps at twice or even quadruple speed.

Witcher 3 Patch Gets Rid Of Hilarious Glitch

The latest patch notes for The Witcher 3 state that CD Projekt Red fixed an issue where “a noblewoman in red would sometimes follow Geralt everywhere he goes”. But while this issue may not plague players anymore, the internet never forgets.

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