Katamari Damacy's Chaotic Lore Summed Up In Under One Minute

Zeurel and Octopimp’s short animation — which is just as good as the original cutscenes — about the first Katamari game’s silly plot is enough proof to be sure: it’s impossible not to love Katamari Damacy.

The Order: 1886 Is Probably Way More Violent Than You Thought

This new trailer for The Order: 1886 shows some unexpectedly gib-tastic gunplay: exploding heads, arms blown off, a leg stripped away at the knee by a shotgun. There’s a lot of ouch.

I Can't Be The Only One Who Wants Yakuza Zero in English So Badly

While there’s no word on a Western release for the upcoming Yakuza 0, the latest trailer was just too awesome not to share. With English subtitles no less.

The Limited Edition Bloodborne PS4 Is A Tad Uninspired

After a recent delay, Darksoulslike Bloodborne will be coming out on March 26 in Japan — along with this pair of PS4 models which, uh, basically have a slight variation of the box art on them. But, hey, they at least include the game.

Destiny Player Thinks He's Figured Out Where The Tower Really Is

If you’re not out shooting things in Destiny, chances are you’re in the Tower, jumping from potted plant to potted plant while you wait for your team to get ready. We know that the Tower is located in “the last city” on Earth, but where is that, exactly?

A Tribute To Syphon Filter's Taser

I say ‘tribute’. It’s more ‘a minute and a half of people being set on fire’, which, if you ever played the original, was one of gaming’s greatest guilty pleasures.

One Way To Solo The First Part Of Crota's End Hard Mode In Destiny

Now that Destiny‘s Crota’s End raid has a hard mode, the race is on to find creative ways to exploit and solo the raid’s various sections. This afternoon, I actually figured out a decent way to solo your way through the first phase.

It Took 27 Minutes To Beat Destiny's Crota's End On Hard Mode

The newest update to Destiny – that introduces a hard mode to the Crota’s End raid — has only been out for about two hours at the time of this writing, but a team of players has already beaten it.

Sony Makes A University Class You Wouldn't Skip

I dunno. Maybe you would skip it. But if you like video games, chances are this PlayStation university course is something you’d attend.

GTA V's San Andreas Vs 2004's San Andreas

We’ve seen charts, and galleries from the street, but it’s only when you see the size of the game world in both GTA titles laid bare that you start to appreciate a few things you might have otherwise missed.