The PS4's Standby Mode Is No More

Briefly: It’s now called “Rest Mode.” There’s even a new little graphic that displays when the PS4 is going to sleep. So peaceful!

How You'll Share Your PS4 Games With Friends Who Don't Own Them

Starting on October 28, you’ll be able to share your games with friends — even if they don’t own them. We’d heard about a feature called ‘Share Play’ before, but now you get a chance to see it in action.

You Can Adjust 'Bounce' In The New Dead Or Alive

For their upcoming fighting game, Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, the developers at Tecmo Koei have created a new engine to bring their characters to life. Called the “Yawaraka Engine” (やわらかエンジン) or “Softness Engine”, it is the result of attempting to up the visual realism of character skin in order to make characters look more naturally realistic on the latest platforms.

Japan Is Even Censoring The Evil Within's 'Uncensored' Version

The Japanese version of The Evil Within has filtered gore. So while the game is certainly creepy, it’s just not as bloody as it is in the West. Good thing there’s a download for an uncensored version. Shame this DLC doesn’t actually do that though.

The Unfinished Swan Will Be Hitting PS4 And Vita On October 28

Briefly: 2012′s very beautiful PS3 game The Unfinished Swan will be hitting PS4 and Vita on 10/28, according to the Official PlayStation blog. Here’s Stephen Totilo’s review of the original release.

Sword Art Online, Now With Flying

Japan’s popular series about life inside video games is getting another game. It lets you fly. Sword Art Online is a story with multiple arcs, perhaps the most famous being its initial story involving a game of death where players are trapped inside an MMO and dying in the game means dying in real life.

Players Try To Cheese Destiny's Hardest Boss, Fail Miserably

Hahaha oh boy. That didn’t go over too well, did it? In Destiny‘s big, epic raid, there is a final boss named Atheon. And there used to be a method of “cheesing” him, as in killing him quickly and unethically (depending on who you ask). Players would be able to push Atheon off the level, thereby bringing the boss fight to its early end.

See What A Difference A Day-One Patch Makes

Hint: In spooky-scary Shinji Mikami survival-horror The Evil Within, it’s a pretty big one. If your internet connection is non-existent/unreliable, this is probably not the best news.

Destiny Cheats Now Include God Mode

Last month, we detailed Destiny cheats that enabled players to have infinite ammo. Since then, it seems as if cheats available to some players have gotten more complex and game-breaking.

How Much Destiny Has Changed Over The Last Year

Since its first announcement or teaser trailer is released into the wild, a game is bound to make certain changes up to launch. But it can be quite revealing to see just what was left out and added into the game by comparing marketing materials to the final product.