Batman: Arkham Knight Will Be Out On June 3

The new-gen-only Batman game Arkham Knight will be released on June 3, 2015, after having been delayed out of a late 2014 release, according to a source privy to announcements being made at a GameStop conference today. The game’s publisher just confirmed on Twitter too.

Velocity 2X: The Kotaku Review

Level 26 of Velocity 2X has taken over my day. I wish I could just let go and move on with my life, but I am literally ONE SECOND away from a gold Perfect medal. A SECOND. I have been chasing that second for about an hour, now.

What's New In Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax shares a lot with its predecessor Persona 4 Arena. When it comes down to the 2D fighting, they are largely the same game. However, outside of the fighting engine, there are a lot of new additions that make it worth playing — especially for Persona series fans.

The Final Fantasy XV Problem

On Sunday, when I asked Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi what he thinks of the current state of the franchise he built, his answer was short and blunt. “Final Fantasy XV is taking too long.”

Netherrealm Studios' Mortal Kombat X Releases Worldwide On April 14

Briefly: Goro has also been revealed as a pre-order exclusive character for the game, with the teaser shot above accompanying the press release. MKX is planned to hit Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC simultaneously.

'A Psychological Romance Adventure' By The Maker Of Home

In Alone With You, you’re the last survivor of a failed terraforming project. But the project’s AI has a twisted plan that just might get the escape ship repaired…

A Game Where You Have To Sacrifice Teammates Sounds Cool In Concept

Lost Dimension is a tactical RPG that initially caught my attention due to one of its biggest gameplay elements — the fact that in order to progress through the game, you have to eliminate one of your teammates.

University's PlayStation Classroom Has DualShock Desks

This year, Sangmyung University in Seoul, South Korea will begin teaching a course on PlayStation. Just check out the classroom.

Minecraft PS4 Arrives Today, Vita Version Still In The Works

Following the announcement of Minecraft Xbox One’s release date, here’s Minecraft PS4, cropping up on the PlayStation Network, apparently, one day before the Xbox One version.