Sony Will Stage Live Reading And Musical Performance Of The Last Of Us

Briefly: Sony will be staging a live reading and musical performance of The Last Of Us in Santa Monica on Monday, July 28 at 10pm ET. The performance will feature the game’s voice actors and is overseen by the game’s creative director, Neil Druckmann. Livestreamed on PSN/Twitch/YouTube. More details at the PlayStation blog.

Looks Like There's A Female Assassin In The Newest AC: Unity Video

We can’t tell who she is, and it’s unlikely that she’s playable. But it nevertheless looks like Assassin’s Creed: Unity, like earlier games in the series, will have female assassins. No comment from Ubisoft.

Destiny's Hair Is Fabulous. Step It Up, Other Games.

Video game hair rarely even looks acceptable, let alone this good. If you’ve been playing the Destiny beta and you’re anything like me, you spent an inordinate amount of time in the character creator picking out your character’s hairstyle. That’s because the coiffures in this game are straight-up fabulous, and even the crustiest ‘dos are still a head and shoulders above your average video game hairstyle.

Final Fantasy Fan Translation Has Become A Fiasco

Last week, the creators of an unofficial English translation for the role-playing game Final Fantasy Type-0 announced that they were taking down the patch and all blog posts associated with it.

I Liked The Sound Of Tri-Ace's New Game Until I Learned More

Judas Code is the title of a new action RPG from Star Ocean series developer, tri-Ace. Everything about the game’s description sounded pretty awesome to me, until those dreaded three words appeared.

Gundam Side Stories Is Nothing But An Inept Play On Your Nostalgia

For decades, Gundam has had some impressive side story games that explore the war in the original Gundam. So you’d think an HD collection like Gundam Side Stories would be a godsend — and it would be if it were more than just an inept play on your nostalgia.

Custom Metal Gear Rex Has A Working Gun

Made by really talented modeler NG78, this custom Metal Gear Rex is a bit more different than the ones we’ve seen so far.

Alien Isolation's Worst (Best) Aspect: The Unpredictable Alien

One thing I noticed playing Alien Isolation was its unpredictability. Multiple replays showed the alien and other characters never did the same thing twice, which is entirely the point, explains creative lead Alistair Hope.

Japan Gets Two New PS4s: One Nice, One Gross

To recap: there were a lot of awesome limited edition PS3 consoles in Japan. To date, there have been a procession of ugly-arse limited edition PS4 consoles in Japan.