Wasn't One Must Fall. 2097 a great game? Everyone seems to have thought so, since it took about four minutes before everyone simultaneously picked it up.

But what memories. Still holds up today, OMF. Anyway, here's a new ScribbleTaku.

Two and a haif was the first to correctly pick Blake Stone as yesterday's game, and they did it in good time too -- under 10 minutes. Nice work. Planky's going to have to push you all harder next time.

So it turns out we're a couple of ScribbleTaku's backed up. Yesterday's, correctly picked by Lysander, was Star Wars. Pod Racer. On the Game Boy Colour, anyway.

As for Friday, the one that Mark drew, that was Eternal Darkness on the N64. Nobody got that one.

By all accounts, the Nintendo Switch looks like the sort of portable-console hybrid that many were speculating about ever since initial rumours about the new hardware first started to circulate.

It's weird to think of Nintendo moving forward without releasing a new, strictly stationary console. For many of us, the first time we ever played any video game was on the NES or SNES, so much so that it seemed perfectly normal to say "I'm playing Nintendo."

Nibbler is a snake arcade game similar to Pac-Man where the player grows longer the more things they eat. In Nibbler, however, there aren't any ghosts chasing you. Instead, the only thing the serpent has to fear is itself. If it makes contact with another part of its body while zig-zagging through mazes, the game ends. The game's fail state is literally a snake eating its own tail.

Well congrats tomathy. First on your username, which I like. Second, for guessing yesterday's ScribbleTaku, which was Football Manager. No idea the year, let's not go down that rabbit hole.

Time for a new one, drawn by ME.

Upon reflection, maybe it was a little too difficult to pick yesterday's game. After all there are so many things that it could have been.

So here's a second clue for you all, from the same game.

Here's the thing about most Australian characters in video games. their stereotypical depiction would be almost offensive, if Australians ever gave enough of a shit to be offended in the first place.

So Destiny finally got knocked off the perch yesterday, with everyone and their dog lining up to give it a hearty whack.

Today should be a fun one.

The Raspberry Pi is the cheapest and smallest way to emulate the old video games you still love to play. You have a few different ways of going about making your own retro game console, but RetroPie and Recalbox are two of the easiest to use. Let's take a look at their differences, and pick the best one for you.

Nobody really had a crack at yesterday's scribble, so here's a second one from the same game to help you all.

The fifth annual Game Boy Jam just wrapped up last weekend after receiving over four hundreds of entries. The rules were simple. all assets had to be created during the jam, the screen resolution had to match the original Game Boy, and each game could only include up to four colours. You can currently find all of them hosted on

So, about 15 minutes. That's how long it took haz to nail Planky's drawing of Hero from the Commodore 64 on Friday. Nice work, mate.

But it's a new week. And I haven't got any reader submissions today. So it's my turn to torment you all. Let's see how you do.

Ben Nicholas is an artist and concept designer formerly with 343 Industries who worked on Halo Wars 2. He's also a huge fan of Final Fantasy VII, which is why he decided to embark on a project to re-imagine the game's various interiors, beginning with pharmacy nestled deep inside the Wall Market strip of the Midgar slums.

If there's anything I've learned in this job, it's this. everyone can spot Winter Games from a mile away. Three minutes before Braains blew Planky's drawing out of the water. Not hugely surprised though; it was a pretty damn good drawing. I'll actually show you the full version after the jump, it's solid work.

But guess what? Planky didn't send in just one scribble -- he sent in two. So you can have a crack at the second today.

Well, yesterday's game was certainly recognisable enough. It was the camera icon in the bottom right-hand corner of Super Mario 64, and Techneon nailed it in two minutes flat. Solid work, mate.

So! Let's see if we can trigger some memories and pick something fun again today.