It didn't last long: a couple of people (Khadaji first, then cffndncr) spotted that yesterday's torch was from Prince of Persia. The original Prince of Persia mind you, not the 3D remake in the early 2000's or the Ubisoft reboot thereafter.

Well done, you two. But now it's time for something a bit harder.


So, there wasn't a ScribbleTaku yesterday. That's because I inadvertently got my fingers wedged in a car window, but I'm alright now. Monday's drawing, incidentally, was the fairy ocarina from Zelda: Ocarina of Time. We hadn't had a Zelda scribble for a while, and with all the Nintendo Switch stuff it just made sense.

Anyway, new game. Let's go.


There have been many great first-person shooters in the last couple of decades, but what really makes shooters work — multiplayer-centric ones especially — is the quality of the levels.


WiseHacker was first out of the gate yesterday, and he was the first one right. The drawing was from the classic Monopoly, although I used the icon from the original board game rather than any particular digital version. (The guess about the Mafia series was pretty funny, though.)

But it's a new day. Let's see how you go with this one.


Bit of a delayed ScribbleTaku today, so my bad on that. But hopefully this will be reminiscent enough a game to make up for it.


In terms of preserving gaming history, we live in a fortunate era of the internet and cheap, expansive storage. 20, 30 years ago that wasn't the case and if no one had the presence of mind to make loads of backups, it was easy for the original source code and assets of a game to disappear forever. We get lucky sometimes though, as is the case with one recent discovery by YouTube channel SiliconClassics.


Nobody managed to pick up yesterday's game, which was Civilization: Call To Power. People are pretty familiar with all of the Sid Meier games, but the Activision-produced titles - which really weren't bad for the time, even though Alpha Centauri was something special - often get forgotten.

The icons were from the bottom right of the HUD, in case you're wondering. But that was yesterday. It's time for a new scribble!


A lot of people had a crack at yesterday's scribble, but sadly everyone was well wide of the mark. Let's see how you go again today.


Running for three seasons in the early '80s, Starcade was a US game show in which players with excellent hair competed on arcade machines while the host tried to keep up. Now the pop culture preservationists at Shout Factory have the rights to Starcade, and they plan to bring it back.


Congratulations Ashigaru! He finally broke yesterday's game: it was Battlefield 1942. The scribbles were taken from the radio commands at the very top of the UI, where you hit the function keys to issue commands or respond to teammates/the AI.

Well done, mate. But it's a new day, and time for a new scribble.