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Well that was confusing.

Everyone seems to think that I accidentally drew the same game two days in a row.

You’re wrong. YOU WERE ALL WRONG!


Casual Prolix is approaching godlike levels. Seriously.

I thought yesterday’s drawing by Dong Tri Phan was close to unguessable. And it was, until Casual Prolix swooped it. Amazing job. Amazing guess.

The Original TY The Tasmanian Tiger Hits Steam Next Month

Krome Studios last year poked their heads out to let everyone know that, out of nowhere, one of the TY the Tasmanian Tiger games would be re-released for all and sundry.

Problem is, it wasn’t the original TY. But that’s being fixed, with an announcement that the original TY is being re-released in March.


Goddammit guys, you guessed my ScribbleTaku in three minutes. At least give me the common courtesy of five goddamn minutes before crushing my dreams into dust!

Well done to Casual Prolix, who is getting way too good at this shit.


Congrats to GZ who managed to correctly guess that Dong Tri Phan’s ScribbleTaku was Majora’s Mask! Nicely done!


No-one managed to guess Friday’s ScribbleTaku. Probably because it’s one of the most vague drawings I’ve ever done; to the point where I’m just gonna tell you all what it is so everyone can move on with their lives.

It was ESWAT.

Let’s move on! We have a new one today!

Happy Birthday, Mewtwo

Briefly: “We named the newborn Mewtwo” concludes the diary entry from the original Pokemon games, though it might just be a clever ploy by a highly intelligent clone in order to score annual cake. I’m not arguing with him.

Fan Remakes Street Fighter III's Q In 3D

Unlike the main characters, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike‘s mysterious Rorschach-esque fighter never got the 3D treatment.


Well, my moment of glory didn’t last long. You guys guessed yesterday’s ScribbleTaku pretty easily despite how ridiculously vague it was.

It was Maniac Mansion. Congrats to Casual Prolix who first guessed it. Shout out to Sughly who came close with Day of the Tentacle!

Lucasarts Adventure Games, Ranked

Kicking off in 1986, Lucasarts presided over an era (running until around the year 2000) in which they were the adventure game Kings, releasing a string of titles that remain all-time classics even decades later.

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