Remember This?

I’m sort of happy Amelia managed to guess Friday’s Remember This, mainly because I had almost forgotten what game I had actually posted! Well done, it was Guardian’s Crusade. Amazing get. I thought we might have been struggling with this one for a couple of days.

TurboGrafx-16, The Little Retro Console That (Sadly) Couldn't

Before the console business became a three-horse race (or two-horse, depending on who you talk to), many of the big consumer electronics companies had a crack at the lucrative gaming market by releasing their own hardware. Panasonic has the 3DO, Philips the Odyssey and of course, NEC with its TurboGrafx-16. Unfortunately, none of these resulted in profitable dynasties, with the TurboGrafx-16 having to butt heads with Nintendo and Sega (in its prime).

Parental Locks For Video Games Used To Be Crazy

These days, parental locks stop kids from playing games using simple software. In 1990, lacking that kind of technology, things were a little more draconian.

Remember This?

Congrats to Energydrinkhigh (weird/cool username dude) yesterday’s game was Spice World! I saw Edenist post this as a guess for an earlier Remember This and I thought, man, that would be a cool game to put yesterday’s effort! Sorry you missed it Edenist!

Unearthed Copies Of E.T. Set To Be Auctioned On Ebay

Hey, remember when Atari buried thousands of copies of E.T. in the desert? Remember when that became a massive urban legend? Remember when copies of the game were then unearthed in a brilliant publicity stunt for Microsoft? Now the story has another twist: the Alamogordo City Council has agreed to auction off 800 copies of the game on EBay. Soon you will be able to own a piece of wacky gaming history.

Remember This?

My favourite part about yesterday’s Remember This was that despite the fact it was guessed correctly early on (Gitaroo Man — well done Zar) people just kept on with the guesses throughout the day. That was kind of hilarious.

What Would A Dreamcast Be Like In 2014?

Fifteen years ago, the Dreamcast launched in North America, five weeks before hitting the UK. D.R.E.A.M.C.A.S.T. It was a games console. No, it was nothing like the PlayStation 2. Yes, it was really called Dreamcast, even in the UK.

Remember This?

Wow, it took Foggy all of two bloody minutes to correctly guess yesterday’s Remember This. It was Black & White, well done!

What Video Game Characters Do When You're Not Controlling Them

Yeah, video game characters are great when they’re hopping, bopping, and shooting everything in sight, but the best reveal themselves when they’re standing still. No, not like that, you pervert and also me after I wrote that sentence. Idle animations. I’m talking about idle animations.

GoldenEye Watch Face Makes Me Really Want A Smartwatch

Thank goodness for hungry children, because if not for them I’d be blowing $US250 on a Moto 360 right now for no other reason than to load it with the watch face from GoldenEye 007.