Someone's Compiling A List Of Every Video Game Ever Made

With help from a growing posse on 4chan, Pastebin user Data_Baser is attempting to compile a list of every video game ever released. Not just console games or PC games, but every mobile and browser-based game as well. The current count? 43,806.

10 Things You Might Not Know About Sonic The Hedgehog

Trivia time! How much do you know about gaming’s speedy little hedgehog?

The Daily SingTaku

It seems like we’ve had our very first SingTaku shutout! No-one managed to guess GerminalConsequences pretty tough effort, despite the fact that actually left a visual cue in his video!

What If The Fifth Element Was A 16-Bit Video Game?

Cinefix has been creating these 16-bit video game versions of classic movies for a while now, and I can’t get enough of them. The latest, based on The Fifth Element, is a humdinger.

The Daily SingTaku

Dear lord, I am going to continue to be amazed when people correctly guess SingTaku. [Razor] was the only one who managed to get yesterday’s song. Well done. It was this song from Duck Tales. Immense.

The Daily SingTaku

I can’t believe it. I am shocked. How is this possible. All afternoon I sat and chuckled as you were stumped by the very first SingTaku. No, it wasn’t Gene Wilder’s Pure Imagination! This is a video game website! It wasn’t Song of Storms either, but that was a good guess. It was… [drum roll]

Dark Souls II Tips Delivered Straight From 1993

Dark Souls II is difficult. Dark Souls II is so difficult that tips from people who play games today just aren’t going to cut the mustard. We’re going to need help from people who played games back in the ‘good old days’.

The Daily SingTaku

Welcome to SingTaku, Kotaku Australia’s latest lunchtime game. I hum a song, you try and guess which game that song is from. Easy right? Well it would be easy if I had anything resembling an ear for a tune.

50 Frustrating Moments Everyone Experiences While Playing Games

Escort missions. Not being able to pause when you need to. Never having a line piece appear in Tetris. There are a ton of little aggravating things anyone who games will experience, many of which BuzzFeedPop compiles into one montage. Which of these is the worst, in your opinion? Or do you have any frustrating moments not covered in the video that you think lots of people experience?

People Sure Do Hate When You Narrate Their Life

I suppose the guys at Mega64 couldn’t get enough of The Stanley Parable, because they decided to go out and narrate a bunch of people’s lives to their faces. The results weren’t too friendly.