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Sony Never Released This 1970s Console Prototype

If you thought the first video game console Sony made was the PlayStation, nope. It was just the first video game console Sony released.

The Mystery Of The Unknown Neo Geo Game Has Been Solved

Hey, remember that unfinished Neo Geo fighting game that was discovered lurking on an arcade board? And how nobody knew what the hell it was? The man behind the game has been found, and he’s been able to reveal all kinds of stuff about it.


Congrats to Braaains for guessing yesterday’s ScribbleTaku. You have proven that you, like me, are old as shit. It was Rygar!


So it seems that no-one was able to guess my scribble.

Back. In. The. Game.

Here’s a second image for all y’all.

It's 2016 And Japanese People Are Lining Up For An Arcade Game

Not just any game at that, but the Kantai Collection arcade game. Awesome!


A lot of people tried to guess yesterday’s ScribbleTaku. Many of those people made scrotum jokes.

Only one actually managed to guess correctly. Congrats to Khadaji!


Well done to Dong Tri Phan for putting together one of the most intriguing ScribbleTaku posts ever. Some very outside the box thinking there.

Congrats to Braaains (and Grunt) for piecing it all together. It was A Link To The Past. Good times everyone.

Norman's Sky Is Like No Man's Sky On A Commodore 64

And if that’s wrong, I don’t wanna be right.


It’s difficult for me to tell if anyone guessed yesterday’s ScribbleTaku because um… I still don’t know what it is!

But last night Dong Tri Phan sent me a second image, so I’m going to say it’s still all to play for!


After yesterday I think I’m gonna buy myself and Etcha-A-Sketch (sorry a Magna-Doodle) for the office. Way more fun than drawing on post-it notes.

Anyway — congrats to Gemini (or the guy at Gemini’s work who told Gemini the answer). Yesterday’s ScribbleTaku was Kung-Fu Kid on the Master System.

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