Remember This?

Congrats to Zar who managed to guess yesterday’s Remember This correctly. It was Doki Doki Panic! Nice job Zar.

Remember This?

Yesterday’s image was a tough ‘un. No-one managed to guess it correctly. Looks like you all need a second image!

The Human Being Who Sounds Exactly Like Street Fighter II

Street Fighter II is so ubiquitous in our culture that the very sounds made in the game have become part of the modern lexicon. Like if I said HADOUKEN in the street, everyone under the age of 40 would know what that means.

It is only in a world like this that a goddamn genius like Marcelo Carvalho can flourish.

Remember This?

Hey! A new face! I love it when a name I don’t recognise manages to guess Remember This. So congrats to tikanderoga for guessing yesterday’s game. It was Finders Keepers. That was a tough one, so congrats!

Exploring The World Of Morrowind In Skywind

Skywind, an attempt to remake Morrowind using the game engine behind Skyrim, is a pretty incredible little project. It’s essentially a mod, but it’s much more than that — it’s a homage, it’s an exercise in revised nostalgia, it’s an attempt to revive one of the most popular games in The Elder Scrolls series.

Remember This?

Finally, I’ve stumped you again! No-one managed to correctly guess yesterday’s Remember This, so it looks like we’re heading to day two.

You Will Fall In Love With This Weird Video Game Instrument

Peter Anthony Smith is an Australian musician. In his spare time he messes around with an EWI, an Electronic Wind Instrument, and records some terrifyingly accurate (and gorgeous) video game covers.

A Look Back At Geek Fashion In Japan

Remember the 1990s? I do! While there were some very cool styles, there were some truly awful ones too. Then, there’s this: 1990s Akihbara fashion.

The Worst Cop Movie Ever Has A (Fake) Video Game

Samurai Cop might be the best/worst 90s cop movie ever made. Think The Room crossed with Lethal Weapon, somehow spliced with that Loaded Weapon spoof movie starring Samuel L. Jackson. It’s the best. Samurai Cop is a cult classic, basically because it’s completely terrible.

Shenmue HD Is Being Made By A Fan, Because Sega

Your petitions, they will do nothing. As far as Sega is concerned, cult adventure series Shenmue is dead in the water. But as far as fans are concerned, well, that’s another story.