There's no luck in those blue post-its, it seems. Yet again you all managed to blow Tegan's drawing of Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land out of the water in a matter of minutes.

But not to worry, because today we have a new contender. Step up to the plate, B-ob.


If you're into video games, you're probably aware of the white whales. Earthbound for the Super Nintendo, Stadium Events for the NES, that impossible-to-find Nintendo World Championship cartridge that sold for $US100,000 ($133,804) on eBay a couple years ago despite a torn label.

All of those make sense. They're either great games or carry enough historical baggage to ascend towards untouchable Honus Wagner status. But video game collecting is a weird hobby in the sense that legacy doesn't always matter. If you collected baseball cards, you'd never find yourself dropping a ton of cash on, like, a Cameron Maybin rookie card. It's Cameron Maybin. A totally average player with a totally average career. But with games, sometimes a replacement-level product can demand a ton of money.


Undeterred by the mere amount of seconds it took you all to solve her drawing of Bubsy Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind yesterday, commercial editor Tegan is back it again with her blue post-its.


Defender of the Crown, first released in 1986 on the Amiga, was at the time one of the best-looking video games ever released. Or, at least it was on the Amiga. Some of the game's ports to other systems weren't quite so hot, yet in today's world of YouTube nitpicking they remain useful as examples of how wildly different ports used to be.


One minute past the hour, Crazyguy nailed yesterday's scribble bang on the head. Rather than a silhouette of someone who was busting for a pee, the image was the idle villager icon from Age of Empires 2.

I had the game on my mind given yesterday's delightful discovery. Has anyone given that a go yet, incidentally? Either way, here's a new scribble for you all.


So despite the odds, nobody managed to pick Thursday and Friday's game as being Daggerfall. The Daggerfall from the Elder Scrolls series. A game that was once known for being one of the most astronomically buggy titles in existence.

The more things change, the more they stay the same, huh. Anyway it's a new week, and time for a new ScribbleTaku.


I'm a little surprised that nobody picked yesterday's game. But maybe I didn't pick something that was recognisable enough. So everyone can have a second crack today.


Looks like the turret finally did it: that was the trigger for a couple of people to pick up that yesterday's game was Star Wars: Battlefront from last year. I don't have a habit of picking modern games often, but it's nice to roll one or two out occasionally.


And you thought the Game Boy Micro was small. Jeroen Domburg's custom lil' handheld here is small enough to fit on a keychain. It's so small you can't even read the text.


So yesterday's hint wasn't enough. Which I can completely understand; it wasn't the most immediately recognisable game. So here's another hint for you all.


Good to see everyone remembers Wipeout pretty well! As many people spotted, yesterday's scribble was from the speedometer (or speed bar) in the bottom right hand corner. Another person suggested it could have been from Hi-Octane, which isn't wholly unfair.

You don't hear Bullfrog's racer mentioned a lot these days. Surprisingly challenging, that one. Anyway, let's get to the new game.


Unsurprisingly, everyone and their dog picked up the Hitman barcode pretty quickly. I figured people might have, but it's always fun to pull something out that people recognise quickly.

Let's see if this game is as immediately recognisable.