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A Quick Look Back At Some Of Your Favourite Side-Scrollers

What happens when you get Cliff Bleszinski, John Romero, Tom Hall, Dave Taylor and more in a room? You get a great chance to look back at some of the best side-scrollers ever released on PC.

The Last NBA Player From The 16-Bit Era Has Retired

Kevin Garnett’s retirement from the NBA on the weekend was a sad day for Timberwolves fans, but it’s also a big deal for sports video game trivia nerds, because with KG out of the game there is no longer a link between the 16-bit era and the modern NBA.

Make Your Own Retro Console Inside A NES Cartridge

Cartridges really have stood the test of time, haven’t they.

Remembering The Brutality Of Meridian 59, 20 Years On

Before the recent wave of excitement around new virtual reality technology convinced everyone that the future was inside of a headset, people longing to escape the constraints of their everyday lives invested their hopes and dreams in ugly looking worlds housed on distant computer servers. Massively multiplayer online games offered a meaningful substitute to the real world not because of how faithfully it could duplicate it, but because of how little it tried to.


How is everyone? Have a good weekend? Feel nice and refreshed? Sharp as a tack?

You’ll want to be. It’s ScribbleTaku time, and I’m feeling devilish.

Resident Evil 4 Changed Action Games Forever

Resident Evil 4 was released in HD on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One recently. It’s been years since I played and I was eager to give it another look. I found a game lives up to the reputation, marrying strong action with a new perspective that altered games forever.


I’m genuinely surprised that nobody picked up yesterday’s Scribbletaku, so as per usual conventions it’s back for another round. And because I’m nice, there’s a hint this time too.

Turning A PS4 Or Xbox One Into A NES

Let’s be real for a second: The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One designs are hideous. Sure, both are great gaming consoles, but their cases employ the same look of every generic VCR from the 1980s. Thankfully, Etsy store-owner Decalgirl has a fix for that problem.


Well, yesterday’s Star Fox Adventures didn’t last particularly long either. Eight minutes, if my math works out correctly. Seems like you’re all getting one back for last week.

Let’s see if I can’t throw a spanner in the works today.

How To Finish The Legend Of Zelda In Under Four Minutes

Many games offer ways to program new code that allows players to skip to the credits. It’s a complicated process that’s allowed people to leap to the end of Super Mario World and skip over most of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. So why not jump right to the end of The Legend of Zelda?

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