Remember This?

Sorry about yesterday everyone. Let’s all just pretend that never happened. Time to play Remember This for real!

Remember This?

I had a feeling yesterday’s Remember This was a wee bit too easy, but congrats to Casual Prolix who managed to guess it relatively easily and relatively quickly! Nice job.

Super Smash Bros. And That One Song From Space Jam: The Album

This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard.

At first I thought it was a simple mash-up album: take music from Super Smash Bros. and music from the Space Jam soundtrack and mash them up together. Turns out it’s much simpler than that. And stranger.

The Best Video Game Rumours From The Early '90s

Electronic Gaming Monthly used to be my bible. Every month, I’d flip through the pages, and dream of the future. Quartermann was EGM‘s rumormonger, and I hung on his every word.

Remember This?

Goddammit! I thought I’d be able to beat Decoy at his own game, get him while he was weak with victory. Yesterday’s Remember This was Biker Mice From Mars. Nice job Decoy for still having the wherewithall to guess it correctly.

The Aussie Musician Bringing Metal To Nintendo Classics

I didn’t know I wanted to hear Metal cover versions of NES classics. Until I heard them.

Remember This?

Well done Decoy! You totally guessed a Remember This that wasn’t Biker Mice From Mars. It’s a Christmas miracle. In April.

Remember This?

Someone finally guessed that Friday’s (and Thursday’s and Wednesdays’) Remember This was Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. Really surprised it took that long, but congrats to falkirion001 who was quickest on the trigger on Friday.

David Hasselhoff's New Music Video, In GIFs

Have you watched the video for True Survivor? You should. It’s kind of amazing.

Remember This?

Wow, I thought you guys and girls would guess yesterday’s Remember This for sure. Looks like we’re going into day three.