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Hello friends. I asked you to take it easy on Adam Rorke. You ignored this request. You crushed his dreams. He is now broken.

Well done everyone.

PlayStation 1's Most Unusual Japanese Box Art

The PlayStation 1 got an array of games. Some were good, some were bad and some had odd box art. “Odd”, however, isn’t a bad thing at all.


Morning everyone! Welcome to a brand new week and a brand new ScribbleTaku. Today we have Adam Rorke coming back for revenge. Last time you guessed his scribble in five minutes flat.

Take it easy on the poor guy will you?


Nobody got my ScribbleTaku cameo on Friday, so it’s back for you to all have another go.


Mark’s off today, so your ScribbleTaku comes courtesy of yours truly.

The Nintendo 64 Turns 20 Years Old Today 

On June 23, 1996, the Nintendo 64 first went on sale in Japan. Twenty years ago! Think about that.

Dream Arcades Wants To Build A Very Fancy Emulator Console

Known for creating full-sized arcade cabinets packed with emulated arcade games, Dream Arcades is getting into the console business with the Dreamcade Replay, bringing arcade and console classics to anything with an HDMI port.

John Romero Honours Quake's Birthday With A Text Newsletter

In case you didn’t know, this year is the 20th anniversary of the original Quake. And on this exact day, 20 years ago, a FAQ dressed up as a newsletter was created to keep everyone informed as to what was happening about the game.

Today, John Romero republished that newsletter.


First comment. Two minutes.

The ultimate insult. Thanks for nothing Dr Neeson.

But yes, you were correct. Yesterday’s image was Eternal Champions. Damn son. That was speedy.

Seinfeld's Apartment Recreated In Classic Doom

Well this was way better than I expected.

Now I want more. So much more.

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