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Hyper Light Drifter's Retro Collector's Edition Is So Hot

Most digital download only games don’t get a fancy collector’s edition release. Hyper Light Drifter is not most download only games, and its collectors edition, up for presale tomorrow from iam8bit, is very fancy indeed.


Congrats to Decoy. Yesterday was his moment. The artist was Adam Rorke and the game was Biker Mice From Mars.

Well done team. Good hustle.


Well done to Vapor who totally managed to guess that my ScribbleTaku for the last three days was Tails Adventure on the Game Gear!


Now I Really Want A Remake Of The Dig

The Dig was great. It wasn’t Monkey Island 2 or Fate of the Atlantis great, so don’t expect it’ll be receive the old ‘HD-remake’ any time soon.

But if it did, it might look a little something like this.

Kid Designs Overwatch Character, Blizzard Artists Finish The Job

Blizzard fan Shane Hickey’s young daughter thought it’d be cool to design her own Overwatch character and send it into the game’s creators. Blizzard thought it’d be cooler to turn her rough design into something a little more professional.


Okay! I am giving you all one more day to guess this game, then I’m going to declare myself God-King of the ScribbleTaku realm.


No-one guessed my ScribbleTaku yesterday. Maybe today’s drawing will give you all a hand.


OK, so someone guessed yesterday’s ScribbleTaku really quickly. That’s fine.

I have come back for revenge.

Tell Us Dammit: The First Game You Ever Played?

Yesterday I wrote about the very first time I saw a video game. That was a really fun memory to remember.

So I want to ask you all: what was the first video game you ever played? Can you remember? What was it like?

Cosplay Is Over 100 Years Old

Photograph of August Olson from Monroe, Washington, dressed as Mr. Skygack in May 1912.

Last week, a Racked article called “Meet the Woman Who Invented Cosplay” did the rounds (including on this site!). It argued that sci-fi pioneer Myrtle R. Douglas invented cosplay in the 1930s. It’s an interesting story, but the truth is a little older.

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