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Photo Essay: 13 Classic Handheld Game Portraits

Handheld electronic games were the big hit at the beginning of the 1980s, when every kid wanted a small portable plastic device for playing video games wherever and whenever he or she wanted. Hundreds of games, created by dozens of manufacturers, swarmed the toy stores, showcasing unique colours, shapes, artworks, displays and designs. And all are the subjects of collectors’ dreams nowadays.

Happy 17th Birthday, Sega Dreamcast

Briefly: It might have been the Dreamcast’s 16th birthday in America a few months back, but today actually marks the console’s full and proper 17th birthday, since it was on 27 November 1998 that the Dreamcast was first released in Japan.

The Famicom's New Cartridge Makes Sweet Music

Video: The Famicom, which launched in Japan in 1983, is getting a new cartridge. Titled 8Bit Music Power, it’s less a game and more an 8-bit album, but hey, it’s a new Famicom cart and you can play it on an old Japanese Nintendo console.


Congrats to Billy Pilgrim who managed to correctly guess Tallen Boyd’s incredible ScribbleTaku yesterday.

Gazillionaire Deluxe, The Art Of The Simple Addiction

Back in the mid 1990’s you didn’t have the simplicity of games like AdVenture Capitalist, Clicker Heroes or the myriad of endless runners that you can get on mobiles these days. But there were games that had simple hooks. And I remember one of them quite vividly, because it was one of the few times I was allowed — why, I don’t know — to stay up ridiculously late to play.

It had a sound effect best described as the following: NYAHHHHHHHHHH.

Dig Through The Archives Of A Closed Developer

Infocom, founded in 1979, were one of the great studios of the early days of PC gaming, responsible for classics like the Zork series. They may be long gone (Infocom were shut down in 1989), but their history lives on in this incredible collection of old documents.


Well done to larrythecrab who managed to guess that yesterday’s ScribbleTaku was Jazz Jackrabbit. Shout out to Tallen Boyd for drawing one of the coolest scribbles I’ve seen so far!


Well done to Astrogirl who managed to guess that yesterday’s ScribbleTaku was Paper Mario. Nicely done. Thanks again to Dong-Tri Phan for sending in his drawing!

That Time Someone Else Was Making Fallout 3

The open world Fallout 3 that Bethesda Game Studios shipped in 2008 was not the original idea for a third Fallout game. Until it was cancelled in 2003, Fallout 3 was to be a turn-based RPG in the same vein of the original two games.


Unlucky plus5defense! Someone guessed your ScribbleTaku! Congrats to Spadge who guessed it first!

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