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Metal Gear Solid 2 Was A Twisted Experiment In Mind Control

It was E3 2000 when I nearly lost my shit. The sequel to one of the best games I’d played on the PS1, Metal Gear Solid, was coming out on the PS2 and the graphics showcased in Sons of Liberty were unbelievable.

The Helplessness Of Clock Tower

Most survival horror games give you weapons to improve your chances for survival. In the original Clock Tower on the SNES, all you can do is run, and even that’s limited by your stress gauge.

The Immoral Morality Of Ultima V

Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar was a revolutionary game because there wasn’t a traditional villain to fight against. Instead, the focus was on becoming the Avatar, chasing after honour, sacrifice, humility, and spirituality. In Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny, the teachings have become totally corrupted.

Final Fantasy IV Was Ahead Of Its Time

There’s a scene in Final Fantasy IV that’s always stood out to me. It centres around the elderly wizard Tellah, who starts off with a puny library of magic but eventually, thanks to divine intervention and a magical house of mirrors, remembers that he’s actually a talented badass with access to every spell in the game.


I’m a little surprised nobody got the last ScribbleTaku — it managed to survive for two whole days, which hasn’t happened for a while. Anyway, it was almost one half of a background screen from Kids Tetris — with the theme being that Time this week had once again nominated the game as the best, or most important, video game of all time.

OK, maybe that was a bit of a far reach. Fortunately, today’s ScribbleTaku doesn’t come from my addled brain.

The Surprising And Allegedly Impossible Death Of EverQuest's Unkillable Dragon

Rare today are opportunities for gamers to step outside the prescribed outlines of a developer’s intended gaming experience, especially in MMORPGs. Back in the early 2000s, anarchic players eagerly hunted down the virtual unknown, where possibility and impossibility were deadlocked within some specter of the original game.

I Had No Idea Paul Rudd Was In A Super Nintendo Commercial

You know when you watch old movies you loved when you were a kid, and you’re like wait… holy shit. That guy from [insert more recent movie here] was in THE GODDAMN GOONIES?

A recent example: Mike from Breaking Bad, the scary bald guy who isn’t Walter White, was in Beverly Hills Cop!

I know right?

Anyway, this is all a long-winded way of saying that I watched an old Super Nintendo ad and Paul Rudd was in it. It was weird.

How Sega Made Pixel Art In The '80s & '90s

In a 21st century world of free software, powerful computers, tablets and mice, making pixel art is fairly easy! In the 1980s, though, your favourite games had to be made on expensive and highly specialised equipment.


Nobody picked up yesterday’s ScribbleTaku, so as per usual conventions it’s back for another run. And to help you all out a bit, I’ll provide a hint as well.


Yesterday’s ScribbleTaku had a bit of a theme to it, and that was the Olympics. But rather than Summer, I went with Epyx’s Winter Games. Casual Prolix was the first to correctly pick up on that, so well done.

There’s a bit of a theme with today’s scribble as well. Let’s see how you do.

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