How Sonic Helped Sega Win The Early 90s Console Wars

In the early 1990s, Sega had a six percent market share in the US whilst Nintendo had 94 per cent — but by the middle of the decade, the Mega Drive had become one of gaming’s great success stories, with 65 per cent market share. How did it happen?

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Seems like nobody managed to correctly guess yesterday’s game. Finally, I managed to stump you guys/girls. Looks like we need a second image…

One Of EA's Best Games Is Old But Also Free

Maybe because it’s never got a modern remake, maybe it’s because you wore a silly red helmet, but EA’s Crusader: No Remorse has never got the love and respect it deserves from a 21st century world. Maybe that will change now that everybody can play the game for free.

Fist Of The North Star For PS1 Is Better With Glitches

Fist of the North Star is a classic ’80s anime about machismo and martial arts. So, obviously, glitching out the PS1 game based on it is going to have some pretty awesome consequences.

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Well two people managed to guess yesterday’s Remember This within minutes of each other. Congrats to sleazybuddha and Luke who both correctly guessed that yesterday’s game was Dragon Spirit.

Fallout 3's First Level Does Everything Right

I’ve been thinking about the apocalypse a lot lately. It’s partly because of the intense drought in California. But mostly, it’s been because of Fallout fans.

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How? How? I was certain that no-one would guess Friday’s Remember This but NOPE. Someone got it. That someone was Claymore35, so well done. That was pretty ridiculous.

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Congrats to mickd for totally guessing yesterday’s Remember This. It was Pilotwings on the N64.

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So a number of you managed to guess ‘Spiderman’ for yesterday’s ScribbleTaku, but the first person to correctly guess Spiderman 2 was jupiterofthemonkey. Congrats on that!

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Metroid Fusion?