2012 year in video games
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The Best Video Game Tips Of 2012

It’s fun to discover a video game on your own, but every so often, you need a helping hand. We’re here to be that hand. In 2012, Kotaku made a regular habit out of publishing “Before you start” guides to give players spoiler-free tips on how to get the most out of a given video game.

The Best Conversations We Had In 2012

Playing video games is a lot of fun. Kind of goes without saying, right? But talking about games is just as much fun, if not even more so. Take these examples from last year…

The Best Surprises Of 2012

Sure, 2012 was a year rife with disappointments. But it was also filled with surprises of the best sort. Since we brought everyone down last week with our list of the biggest disappointments of the year, we thought it only proper to also share the best, most welcome surprises.

2012: The Year The PC Showed Everyone Who's Boss

For years it slumbered in darkness, deep within the earth. An Old God, maybe even the First God, its hibernation marked by rattling breaths reverberating in the deep like cinderblocks dragged across wet asphalt. Sleeping… resting. One day to wake.

The Year In Kotaku East

It’s been a long year! Can you believe it? Time has flown by. Let’s take this opportunity to look back at 2012, Kotaku East style.

The 5 Best Board Games Of 2012

It’s Christmas, and we know what that means. Board games!

The Year In Cosplay

The 2012 year is almost over. Soon, it’ll be time to get out those top hats and ring in the New Year. But many you don’t want to wear a top hat. Maybe you want to wear something else. Like these folks.

My Gaming Year

I’m obsessed with video games. No news flash there. I can mark months of my life with the games I’ve played, the games I heard about, the new systems I got or the articles about video games that I wrote.

The Best Japan-Only Games Of 2012

Japan: The birthplace of Mario, Sonic, Final Fantasy and Street Fighter — just to name a few. Each year scores of games are made and released here. The best of these come to the West — or rather most of the best do. Each year, a few great titles manage to slip through the cracks for whatever reason and 2012 is no exception.

The Year In Music At Kotaku

Nietzsche once said, “Without music, life would be a mistake.” Imaginary philosopher Richard Riemenschneider once said, “People who begin articles with Nietzsche quotes are the worst.” Let’s agree to meet somewhere in the middle. And with that, let’s look back at the best of Kotaku Melodic this year.

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