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A Quick Look Back At Some Of Your Favourite Side-Scrollers

What happens when you get Cliff Bleszinski, John Romero, Tom Hall, Dave Taylor and more in a room? You get a great chance to look back at some of the best side-scrollers ever released on PC.

Blizzard Characters Make Awesome 2D Sprites

Very cool pixel-art versions of characters from various Blizzard games, who are also in Heroes of the Storm, by Daniel “Abysswolf” Oliver.

NES Emulator Transforms Classic Games Into Awesome 3D Sprites 

Some of the most iconic NES games around have gotten a makeover — and you can experience it first-hand in your browser. If you’re running Firefox, that is.

The Mechanics Behind Satisfying 2D Jumping

Video: The simple act of jumping can make or break a 2D platformer. In the first episode of Mechanically Speaking, Game Array explores how developers balance responsiveness and fairness to the player to make these movements magical.

Bioshock Doesn't Need To Be An FPS

Isometric RPGs will have an exciting year ahead. Just think about Pillars of Eternity or Torment: Tides of Numenera. Maybe this inspired Chris Bischoff — who’s also about to create his own isometric game — to do a mockup of the underwater world of the first Bioshock and his project, Stasis.

The Coolest 2D Video Game On Earth Is Hong Kong

After visiting a friend in Hong Kong, Swedish photographer Christian Åslund thought the streets below looked like the best video game he had never played. The result is this tribute to 2D gaming.

Now Make A Castlevania That Copies BloodRayne

Now that I’ve gotten past the shock of the initial reveal and the awe of the first trailer, I’m done referring to BloodRayne: Betrayal as a game that’s trying to be Castlevania. With each new screenshot I find myself wishing there was a Castlevania that looked this good.

Pixeljunk: Sidescroller Looks Like A Neon Delight

The Pixeljunk series is back for another trip around the PlayStation Network, this time with the snappily-named PixelJunk: SideScroller, a…side-scrolling shooter that’s as much about messing with liquids as it is shooting stuff.

Nintendo's 3DS Warning For Kids Under Six Years Old

Next month, Nintendo is showing off the Nintendo 3DS to the general public in Japan for the first time. It could possibly make you sick. Oh, and don’t plan on bringing young kids for 3D fun.

A 3D Twist On 2D Street Fighters

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Armed with screenshots of Street Fighter 2 and Alpha, an iPad and a copy of his HoloToy app, Kode80 created something wonderful.

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