These Virtual Rocks Look Damn Good

Rocks are everywhere in video games. They sit by roads, roll around as debris, make up whole rooms, or even sometimes star in their own games — they’re pretty important! So really, it’s no wonder there’s a whole, pages-long forum thread dedicated to crafting and sharing the prettiest 3D rocks.

I Wish Video Games Had High-Speed Gesture Tech Like This

The Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory at the University of Tokyo recently showed off its very cool 3D gesture tech. Using high-speed camera, the system is able to track hand movements at 500 frames per second.

How The Oculus Rift Can Turn You Into A Controller

Playing with the Oculus Rift is better with friends. You can get your head chopped off, or use them as your personal “gaming chair”. The idea is simple: the player with the headset on enjoys the game, like this hang gliding simulator, while the others lift, tilt and push the player, following on-screen instructions.

Suddenly, Mewtwo Is The Most Badass Pokémon Of All

That is one spectacular, buffed up Mewtwo sculpture, like something out of the XCOM games, or a live action Pokémon movie — not one of the cartoony monsters from a Nintendo game.

Taking A Chalk Yoshi Into The Streets Is No Laughing Matter

Drawing a realistic 3D Yoshi from Mario Kart with chalk is one thing, but the way the fine folks at the AweMeChannel animated and put him into a real-life street scene is quite spectacular.

Havok Unleashes Project Anarchy, A Free 3D Mobile Game Engine

Ever wanted to be a mobile game developer and weren’t sure where to start? This. This right here. Project Anarchy is completely free end-to-end game development engine, just waiting to bring your ideas to life.

Why The 3DS Has Become The Best Gaming Machine Out There

Two years ago, Nintendo was in trouble. The House of Mario had just released a brand new handheld system with impressive 3D graphics, but nobody seemed to care. Sales were sluggish and reception wasn’t great.

Why I'm More Excited For The OUYA Than Next-Gen

I arrived in this industry when the 360 and PS3 were considered “next-gen”, and like a kid who never grows out of a speech impediment, I’ve habitually (and incorrectly) referred to them as “next-gen” ever since. But now that there’s a new next-gen on the horizon, I find myself much more excited by changes elsewhere in the industry. Specifically, open microconsoles like the OUYA.

So The Wii U GamePad Will Have 3D Imagery... The Worst Kind Of 3D Imagery

Nintendo has been obsessed with 3D ever since Hiroshi Yamauchi asked his staff if they could find a way to make Mario jump out of the screen. After decades that demand manifested itself in the Nintendo 3DS, but now it seems as though that legacy lives on through the Wii U’s new GamePad. In the worst possible way.

In Japan, Little Plastic Figures Make Lovely Portraits

Screw traditional portraits! Who wants that when you can get a miniature figure of yourself, right? That’s exactly what people in Japan can soon get. But don’t expect them to overtake traditional photos anytime soon.