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Let's Judge The New Limited Edition Pokemon 3DS XL

Nintendo announced a new limited edition Pokemon Sun and Moon 3DS XL arriving next month. Is this a must-have, or is it ugly, but not ugly-ugly? We’re conflicted.

The SNES-Themed 3DS Compared To An Actual Super Nintendo

Earlier this year, Nintendo announced that a SNES (the Super Famicom) themed New 3DS XL would be released in Japan. Those who ordered are finally getting the portable, and now we can see what the handheld looks like next to a Super Nintendo.

Japan Is Getting New Pokémon 3DS XLs

Just in time for Pokémon Sun and Moon, here are two upcoming 3DS XL units for Japan. Whaddaya think?

Japan's Newest 3DS XL Colours Look Terrific Together

Japan is getting Lime and Black as well as Pink and White. Both combos look very, very good, especially if you like Splatoon.

Nintendo's SNES-Themed 3DS Is Just Beautiful

This was announced as part of Japan’s Nintendo Direct yesterday. It’s a New 3DS XL that shares the colour scheme/design elements of the timeless Japanese/PAL Super Nintendo.

Nintendo 3DS Colour Variations Going Out Of Production

Briefly: The Japanese Nintendo site has a notice up that colour variations (including white) are going out of production soon. Next to 3DS XL units, it reads 近日生産終了予定 or “Production is slated to end shortly.” No word how this will impact units outside Japan.

Nintendo's New 3DS Bundles Are Not The 'New 3DS'

Nintendo just announced a whole bunch of new 3DS bundles for late 2014. But they’re not New 3DS bundles. They’re just new 3DS bundles.

A Good Way To Show How Big The New iPhones Are

You play video games, right? Then, perhaps, you’ve come across a Nintendo 3DS or a Nintendo 3DS XL. If so, you’ll know vaguely how big Apple’s new smartphones are.

Damn, This Super Smash Bros. 3DS XL Is Hot

Briefly: Nintendo announced this baby for Europe on October 3, when the new Smash Bros. launches on 3DS. Very sleek. Cluttered but sleek. (Hard to beat my black/gold Zelda XL though.)

Just What The 3DS Needs: A Large Joystick

Now, there’s nothing wrong with your 3DS XL getting a joystick. Heck, more portable consoles should have them.

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