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Man Arrested For Stealing Child's Pokemon 3DS

Thirty-two year-old Seiji Saihara was arrested for allegedly stealing a 10-year-old boy’s Nintendo 3DS XL. It wasn’t just any 3DS XL, however. It was a limited edition Pokemon one.

The 3DS So Rare Nintendo Only Made One Of Them

Every year, a Pokemon tournament is held in Japan to decide the nation’s best schoolboy player. It’s a competition worth entering, because the prize is one for the ages.

Want These Limited 3DS XL Handhelds? There's A Catch

These two very rare 3DS XL units can you yours! If, that is, you sign up for Flets Hikari internet service in Japan.

It's A Little Early For Zelda 3DS XL Bundles

Spotted last night by me at the Walmart on Mansell Road in Roswell, Georgia, Nintendo’s gold, Triforce-emblazoned 3DS Xl The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds bundle was available for purchase several days in advance of Friday’s game release.

Nintendo 2DS: A Video Guide

Meet the Nintendo 2DS, the 3DS’s kid-friendly little brother. It plays 3DS games, but it looks and feels totally different.

Now, These Buttons Are Just Silly

Want a second D-pad for your 3DS? Don’t might tacky add-ons? Or looking silly? Well, this is for you.

Yikes! Sales Chart Predicts Gaming Doom For Sony And Nintendo

Hi, gamers! Were you having a good day today? If so, I apologise for bumming you out, but here’s a chart from a statistical analysis of the sales of Nintendo and Sony console and hardware sales.

Please, Nintendo, Make A 3DS That Looks Like This

Nintendo’s made some killer hardware over the years, but my favourite of the lot is probably the Game Boy Micro they released done up in a Famicom colour scheme. It’s just…ungh. So gorgeous.

This New Pokémon 3DS XL Looks Like Grandma's Sofa

But that’s okay! Because this Eevee themed 3DS XL is still really cute — and interesting looking.