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Sonic Boom Fire & Ice: The Kotaku Review

There’s a pretty good Sonic the Hedgehog game lurking under the padding and sports tape wrapped around Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice for the Nintendo 3DS.

Dress Your Pokemon Sun And Moon Character Up And Do The Pikachu Dance

The latest Pokemon Sun and Moon update video shows off character customisation, pet grooming and some version-specific Pokemon, but Pikachu’s Z-Move dance steals the show.

Maybe This Is Why Dragon Quest Never Took Off In The West

I’ve always had a soft spot for Dragon Quest, a turn-based RPG series full of silly names and adorable slime monsters. In Japan, the series is a cultural phenomenon. But for some reason it has never found the same popularity in other countries.

Pokemon Player Completes Pokedex Without Ever Collecting A Badge

Two years ago, Matthew Johnson started a new save file in Pokemon X. Instead of playing it as one normally would, collecting badges and monsters in tandem with one another, a thought crossed his mind. How many Pokemon could he capture without making any in-game progress?

Theories About The Mysterious New Pokemon

The latest Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer features a rather unusual Pocket Monster, even by Pokemon standards, called “Type: Null”. There are already theories about what exactly is up with this Pokemon.

3DS Streetpass Plaza Limit Increasing From 10 To 100 With Premium Update

Available after today’s Nintendo Direct, a premium update to the Nintendo 3DS’ Streetpass Plaza will speed up functionality and increase the number of players you can encounter from 10 to 100. Hooray!

Mario Sports Superstars Is All The Mario Sports

Mario’s starred in a lot of sports games over the years — soccer, baseball, tennis and golf. Mario Sports Superstars for the 3DS combines all four and adds some horse racing to the mix when it launches in autumn 2017.

The 3DS Is Getting A Pikmin Side-Scroller Next Year

Fitting for the game’s first handheld adaptation, a side-scroller rendition of Pikmin is coming to Nintendo 3DS in 2017.

Capcom Is Making A 3DS Game That Uses Train Passes

According to Famitsu, Capcom is developing a new 3DS title that uses smart cards for an upcoming title.

New Style Boutique 2: Fashion Forward Certainly Keeps A Girl Busy

This is me, 43-year-old bearded man Mike Fahey, taking a short break from being a fashion boutique manager, hair stylist, makeup artist, clothing designer and interior decorator in Nintendo Presents: New Style Boutique 2 – Fashion Forward. I can’t imagine how I found the time.

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