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I Just Finished The New Ace Attorney. It Was Fantastic.

Ever wanted to know what Ace Attorney would be like if it took place in 1901? Well, if you speak Japanese you can — and it’s awesome.

Here's Nintendo's Game Lineup For The Rest Of The Year

The company revealed its plans for the year in a press release, and a hefty one at that. Look below for the full list of games and releases.

In Ace Attorney, Sherlock Holmes Is A Crappy Detective

The new Ace Attorney, Dai Gyakuten Saiban, is full of the over-the-top courtroom drama you know and love. But outside of the courtroom, you have to prepare for the trials — mainly by proving how terrible a detective Sherlock Holmes is.

Solving The Mystery Of When The New Ace Attorney Takes Place

Dai Gyakuten Saiban, the latest game in the Ace Attorney series is set not in the near future but over 100 years in the past. The game never gives an exact year for its setting — but that doesn’t mean you can’t figure it out using a bit of real-world information.

Nintendo, Give Rick & Morty Free Stuff

This week’s episode had a pretty good bit about Zelda, the 3DS and eBay monsters.

YouTube Exploit Can Disable 3DS Region-Locking

3DS tinkerer extraordinaire Jordan Rabet, aka smea, has (with a little help) found a really easy way for Nintendo 3DS owners to get around the company’s region-locking.

Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest: The Kotaku Import Preview

When picking up Fire Emblem Fates, I had two choices: the stereotypical “good guy” story in Birthright, or the far darker “good people forced to do bad things” story in Conquest. Even as I slaughtered the would-be Birthright heroes, I was glad with the choice I made.

Dragon Quest XI Looks Very Nice On The PS4 In This Latest Batch Of Screenshots.

Dragon Quest XI looks very nice on the PS4 in this latest batch of screenshots. Check 4Gamer for more, including Nintendo 3DS screens.

More Than The Story Changes In Fire Emblem Fates

There are three versions of the newest Fire Emblem title: Fire Emblem Fates. Yet, it’s not just the plot that changes between each version, but the gameplay as well.

The Children Of Fire Emblem Fates

As I’ve already talked about at length, breeding the characters in your army is a big part of Fire Emblem Fates. But which parents create which children, you may wonder.

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