Nintendo, You Should Listen To These Diehard Pokémon Fans

Have you ever played a video game in another language? Maybe you understood that foreign lingo no problem and were fine. Maybe it was difficult. Maybe you just wanted to play the game in your native language. Then, you’ll understand these Chinese Pokémon fans.

Why Yokai Watch Shoplifting Made The Evening News In Japan

Right now, Yokai Watch is incredibly popular in Japan. The 3DS games, the kiddy arcade games, the toys, and the anime are all smash hits. And one network news channel recently reported about a Yokai Watch shoplifting incident.

Monster Hunter Helps Bring Couples Together

Dating isn’t easy — just ask Dr Nerdlove. It’s a lot easier if you’ve got common interests to break the ice with and get the conversation flowing. In Japan, there’s anime. There’s also one of Japan’s most popular games.

Damn, This Super Smash Bros. 3DS XL Is Hot

Briefly: Nintendo announced this baby for Europe on October 3, when the new Smash Bros. launches on 3DS. Very sleek. Cluttered but sleek. (Hard to beat my black/gold Zelda XL though.)

Meta Knight Returns, Looks As Menacing As Ever In Super Smash Bros. 4

Menacing or cuddly, depending on how you look at him. Kirby’s nemesis and the first on Brawl’s pro-gaming tier list, Meta Knight will be appearing for the second time in Smash Bros.

Just What The 3DS Needs: A Large Joystick

Now, there’s nothing wrong with your 3DS XL getting a joystick. Heck, more portable consoles should have them.

Nintendo Finally Brings 1986 Video Game To America

It’s taken more than 25 years but a NES game made by Nintendo itself will finally be coming out in North America. You may have seen or heard homages to The Mysterious Murasame Castle in Nintendo games but the real deal comes to the 3DS this week. Get ready, but this sucker looks hard.

Streak About To Be Broken?

Briefly: Nintendo has released a new handheld — or iteration of an existing handheld — in North America in each of the past five years. Nothing announced for this year, which means 2014 might break the streak. Unless… anyone want a 2DS XL to be announced by December? A 3D XL Lite? Game Boy 2?

There's A Good Reason Why This Game Is Japan's Current Bestseller

Yokai Watch 2 (妖怪ウォッチ2), the sequel to the exceedingly popular Yokai Watch, has been selling like gangbusters in Japan. And for good reason. Not only is the TV anime going strong and related toys disappearing off of store shelves faster than they can stock them, but the game itself is a whole lot of fun.

4344739's Channel Modded A 3DS So They Could Use A Gamecube Controller On It

Video: 4344739′s channel modded a 3DS so they could use a Gamecube controller on it. Whoa. Suddenly, portable Smash Bros actually sounds enticing! (Via Tiny Cartridge)