Latest Smash Bros. Glitch Is The 'Biggest' Bug Yet. Literally.

Smash Bros. released with a handful of bugs. Personally, I don’t think they’re bad. They’re features. Funny features! (Well, unless they get annoying and screw up gameplay.) The latest bug, it seems, is turning Yoshi into Giant Yoshi. Or better yet, GODZILLA YOSHI.

The Biggest Problem With 3DS Smash Bros.

For the last week, one thing has been bugging me about the 3DS version of Smash: the controls.

Iconic Final Fantasy Characters Made All Big-Headed And Cute

Square Enix just released character art and images of how iconic Final Fantasy characters will appear in upcoming 3DS title Final Fantasy Explorers.

In Conbini Dream, You Are Living The Dream

Briefly: This download title from Arc System Works and just hit the 3DS in Japan. Looks like a fun little management sim for Japanese convenience store fans. No word about a Western release.

Learning To Love Items In The New Smash Bros.

When I was first introduced to Smash Bros. back in university, there was an unspoken mutual understanding between all my friends: no items. Mind, it was never anything as serious as the infamous F ox-Only-Final-Destination-No-Items deal; I don’t even think most super hardcore Smashers play like that, regardless of how fond everyone seems to be of that joke. But still, that’s how we played — without items.

We Asked Japanese Gamers If They're Buying The New 3DS

Nintendo has a new 3DS coming out in Japan next month. It’s called the New Nintendo 3DS. Do you want one? Have you even heard of it?

Marvel At How Yokai Watch Has Totally Overtaken Japan

You might have never heard of Yokai Watch. Maybe you have. It’s a 3DS game and anime with hard-to-get toys. In Japan, it’s extremely popular at the moment. But sales numbers aside, what is a good way to tell? Merchandise, that’s how. Endless merchandise.

Someone Modded Their 3DS To Play Smash Bros. With A Controller

Before you ask: yes, it’s a Gamecube controller. Of course it is. What else would it be?

Smash Bros. Online Is Pretty Strict

Here’s the big warning screen you’ll see if you flip through the Online portion of the manual for Super Smash Bros. 3DS, which comes out next Friday in the United States (and is out already in Japan).

This Man Is Using A GameCube Controller To Play Smash Bros. On The 3DS

Ask any seasoned Smash player and they will tell you: the GameCube controller is the weapon of choice. It continues to be the best way to play Super Smash Bros.. Now an enterprising modder has figured out a way to use his GameCube controller to play Super Smash Bros. on the 3DS.