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Adventures In Fire Emblem Breeding

In Fire Emblem Fates, like in the other games in the series, the characters you control are able to fall in love and even have children. But while many players create intricate breeding plans of who will marry who, I tried something different: I let them fall in love naturally.

The New Smash Bros. Patch Buffs A Bunch Of Characters

Nintendo put out its version 1.1.0 update for the 3DS and Wii U Super Smash Bros. games today. Along with adding new stages, costumes for Mii players, and nifty-sounding features like tournament modes and YouTube replays, the patch came with a ton of balance tweaks. Specifically, a ton of buffs.

Here's What You Get When A 3DS Eats A Game & Watch

There’s something almost serendipitous about this…

Miiverse Revamp Available Now

Nintendo changed its gaming social network Miiverse today, adding some new features, cleaning up some others. Check out the new features, as screencapped by staff at Wii U.

Dragon Quest XI Announced For PS4 And 3DS 

The eagerly awaited follow-up to Dragon Quest X is headed to the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo 3DS.

The Musical Evolution Of Ace Attorney

With the release of Dai Gyakuten Saiban in Japan, there are now nine games in the Ace Attorney series. And one of the coolest things about the series is how they take the songs and remake them while still keeping a common musical theme from iteration to iteration.

The Battle Over Smash Bros. Custom Moves Comes To A Head This Weekend

If you talk to Smash Bros. players right now, they will tell you there’s a war going on over the Wii U game’s custom moves. The next front will be waged this weekend at EVO, because it’s the first major fighting game tournament that’s made them legal.

Fire Emblem Fates' Big Choice Makes For Great Storytelling

The story of Fire Emblem Fates is built around a central choice — one you inadvertently make the moment you pick up a copy of the game.

The Big Question: Will You Buy Another Handheld Console?

With Nintendo increasingly becoming interested in mobile and the Sony all but abandoning the PS Vita, what are your thoughts on handheld consoles? Do you expect to buy another one in the future?

LEGO Avengers Introduces... Iron Stan

There’s more to the LEGO Avengers video game than the two blockbuster movies. During a Comic-Con panel earlier today Stan “The Man” Lee took to the stage to introduce his two cameo characters as well as a few surprise guests.

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