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The Up-All-Night Stream Plays Detective Pikachu

There are crimes afoot in the world of Pokemon, and only Detective Pikachu and his plucky human sidekick have any chance to solve the case!

One Man's Five-Year Quest To Find A Shiny Pokémon

Under normal circumstances, there is only a one in 4096 chance you’ll find a shiny Pokémon out in the wild. Some people have played Pokémon all their lives and have never actually encountered a shiny, one of those fabled Pokémon that comes in a special, rare colour.

Even Final Fantasy Can't Make Me Enjoy The Monster Hunter Formula

After years of trying to get into Monster Hunter, I thought I’d finally found my opening. If any game could get me into co-op monster slaying, it would be Final Fantasy Explorers. It was a good try.

Linkle Is More Than The 'Girl Version' Of Link

When we first saw the concept art and game footage, we really didn’t have much to go on. Now, with Linkle’s debut appearance in the recently released Hyrule Warriors Legends, we do — she’s far more than just “girl Link”.

5 Surprising Things About The New Pikachu

Detective Pikachu sure is different from what we’re used to. Not only does the character solve mysteries, but he also talks. There are more surprises to be had.

The Other Ways Nintendo Is Changing The English Version Of Fire Emblem Fates

Despite being another sequel in a longtime Nintendo series, Fire Emblem Fates is… quirky. Its Japanese version sparked quite a bit of controversy among English-speaking fans when it launched last year. Nintendo is making some big changes.

The New Pikachu Is Freaking People Out, Man

Today, The Pokémon Company gave us our first look at an upcoming Pokémon spin-off, Great Detective Pikachu: The Birth of a New Duo. It stars Pikachu….but not the Pikachu you’re used to.

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros.: The Kotaku Review

When you think of sensational action sequences and explosive setpieces, your mind may jump to big-budget productions like Uncharted or Tomb Raider. Allow me to present a dark horse contender: the unassuming Mario & Luigi series, with its goofy animations and sight gags, which has carved out its own healthy niche in the realm of visual spectacle.

First Look At The Talking Pikachu Detective Game In Action

Hinted at back in 2013, Pikachu will play a talking detective in the upcoming 3DS game Great Detective Pikachu: The Birth of a New Duo. Today, we finally get to see the game’s debut teaser.

Mighty No. 9 Delayed Yet Again

Originally expected in April 2015, the Mega Man-like platformer’s release date was first moved to September 15, then to February 9 of this year. This latest delay shifts it to spring 2016. At the earliest.

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