How Nintendo Makes Its Games Appear Cheaper In Japan

It looks like Nintendo is doing funny stuff on its official website with price listings to make its games look cheaper.

Here Is A Thing That Happens In The 3DS' StreetPass Zombie Game

This is a Nintendo Mii killing zombies by… making them do maths in school. The deadliest manoeuvre! The dreaded “cram session” is just one of the terrific special attacks in Battleground Z, Nintendo’s zombie game. Multiple GIF warning!

Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX For 3DS Gets A Special Launch Edition (And A Four Month Delay)

Originally due out next f***ing week, the game will now arrive on September 8 in North America and three days later in Europe, packed in a retail box full of stupid crap to try and make fans feel better. It’s not working.

Puzzle & Dragons Z's Freedom Bores Me

After years of dealing with the stamina restrictions and constant rotation of powerful paid content in the mobile version of Puzzle & Dragons, the pay once, play forever structure of Puzzle & Dragons Z for the Nintendo 3DS sounded like a dream. Sometimes dreams are stupid.

Nintendo Won't Make The 3DS Region-Free, But The NX Might Be

People hate Nintendo’s region-locked consoles. While the Kyoto-based game maker says it can’t unlocked current 3DS unit, the upcoming NX console could be region free. Nintendo is looking at that right now. No promises, though!

The Trailer For The Latest Ace Attorney Game With English Subtitles

Capcom recently released a new trailer for its latest Ace Attorney game. Now watch it with handy translations.

Dragon Quest VIII Is Being Re-Released On 3DS

Briefly: Dragon Quest VIII — an excellent JRPG that was first released in 2004 on the PS2 — is being re-released (with improvements, like an orchestral score) on the 3DS in 2015. It will be out in Japan on August 27.

Attack On Titan Has The Best Miiverse Community

Today, Attack on Titan: Humanity In Chains releases for the west on the 3DS. But since the Japanese version of the game has been out for a while, that means the game’s Miiverse forum is already chock full of fantastic art.

The Amiibo Problem

I do not think it is possible to like the entirety of a corporation. Take Nintendo, for example. I like the part of Nintendo that makes Zelda games and, with less alacrity, Metroid games. I do not very much like the part of Nintendo that loves to sell plastic. And, boy, does Nintendo love to sell plastic.