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Nintendo Defends Art Style Of Controversial New Metroid Game

The first nine minutes of a new video for the most hotly-debated Nintendo game in years shows what looks like a pretty fun four-player co-op shooter. The last five minutes are interesting in a different way, as they appear to be Nintendo’s best efforts yet to address criticism of the upcoming game, Metroid Prime: Federation Force.

Amiibo Support Arrives In Animal Crossing: New Leaf This Spring

After a year of fumbling about in Amiibo Festival and Happy Home Designer, Animal Crossing Amiibo figures and cards are finally making it into the main event. Four years after its initial release, Animal Crossing: New Leaf is getting Amiibo support.

Pokemon Sun And Moon's Newest Monster Is Literally A Lei

Introducing Comfey, Pokemon Sun and Moon‘s silliest monster design (so far).

The Internet Has Fallen In Love With Pokemon Sun And Moon's Pikachu Imposter

Meet Mimicyu, a ghost type Pokemon that should look pretty damn familiar to you. There’s actually a good reason for that.

7th Dragon III Code: VFD: The Kotaku Review

The name might be a bit of a mess, but Sega’s new 3DS role-playing game is anything but.

BoxBoxBoy: The Kotaku Review

How to improve a game like BoxBoy? How to create a sequel to a game that was simply perfect, flawless in both idea and execution? Easy: You add another box.

Is There A 3DS Charger In The House?

Video: Eeveespiritt’s Summer Games Done Quick speedrun of New Super Mario Bros. 2 had almost reached the final boss, when everything went black.

Those Goofy Leaked Pokémon Are Real

Overnight, footage of some silly-looking characters from the upcoming Pokémon: Sun and Moon leaked online. No way they could be real. Turns out, they were.

The Games Stephen Played At E3

Between interviews, video shoots and encounters with mascots, I played a bunch of games at and around E3 last week. Let me tell you about them.

Nintendo Reveals New 3DS RPG, Ever Oasis

Build and manage a desert paradise, cultivate equipment and form a party to explore dungeons and solve puzzles in Ever Oasis, a new RPG coming to the 3DS from developer Grezzo.

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