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The State Of The 3DS In 2015

Though it launched with a whimper, the 3DS has long since roared to life. Even after a soft 2015, Nintendo’s DS successor remains great: If you like Nintendo games, there’s really no reason not to have a 3DS these days.

Let's See Which Sort Of Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Says I Am

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon was released yesterday in the US and as with all entries in the dungeon crawling series it kicks off with a personality test to determine which Pokemon best suits the player. Let’s see who I am!

The 58 Playable Characters InProject X Zone 2

What do Capcom, Sega, Bandai-Namco, and Nintendo all have in common? They all lend characters from some of their most popular franchises to team up in the mega-crossover, Project X Zone 2.

Here's How Buying Fire Emblem Fates Will Work

We’ve been wondering how this three-part Fire Emblem game would work outside of Japan. Now, we know.

Pokémon Red, Blue And Yellow Are Coming To 3DS

The original Pokémon games are coming to the 3DS, Nintendo announced today. They won’t be remakes, as everyone had guessed/hoped, but the games will have online functionality THAT will allow you to trade with others without needing a cable link. Ha.

Nintendo Explains Microtransactions In The Most Nintendo Way Possible

Nintendo’s “free” crane game for the 3DS requires a dollar for every five tries with the crane. Some companies would just tell you to pay and leave it at that. Not Nintendo. They have got a cartoon rabbit ready to explain to you why Nintendo needs to do this.

Why We Like Yo-Kai Watch

The most colourful game any of us are playing this busy video game season is Yo-kai Watch, the creature-collecting Japanese 3DS phenomenon that is finally making its way to Australia. What’s so good about it? I talked it through with the most youthful member of our staff:

What The Hell Is Going On In This Nintendo Trailer

Level-5’s Yo-Kai Watch owns Japan, in a way we haven’t seen since Peak Pokemon. The series is heading West for the first time real soon, and if you were wondering how Nintendo would market such a franchise over here, well, here’s your answer.

Target's Massive EBay Sale Still Going, More Wii U Stock Added

In case you missed the mega sales last time, this is a helpful reminder that you can still pick up some handy bargains — especially if you’re a fan of Nintendo.

Target's Having A Massive Sale On Games And Consoles

Something’s going down at Target. Either they’re really getting out of games and consoles and just having a massive firesale, or they just really want drive traffic to their eBay store.

Either way, out of all the deals that have gone up these are by far and away the most insane. Let’s begin.

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