What's Your Monster Hunter Weapon Of Choice?

OK, it happened. I’m hooked on Monster Hunter. I’ve held off diving into the series for years now, but the latest game, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on 3DS, has got me. We just added it to our list of The Best Games for 3DS, and it earned its spot. This game is great.

Reminder: Claim Your Free Legendary Pokemon This Weekend

Good news, folks who are playing Pokémon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire. There’s a free legendary ‘mon with your name on it right now.

Why I Love Playing Games On Handhelds

Look at your television. Look at where it’s positioned in your house/apartment. Look at what’s surrounding it: furniture: sofas, chairs. Silently pointing in its direction. This is the modern living space: all things gaze upon the television. It is the centre of your living space. Immovable. It’s heavy. It’s a burden. It’s an argument waiting to happen. You wouldn’t risk moving it by yourself. You’d ask for help. Your television might even be mounted; physically, irrevocably bolted onto the walls of the house you living in.

Xenoblade Chronicles Is Almost TOO Big For The New 3DS

Ever since I transferred everything to my new 3DS, I’ve played with the 3D slider permanently on. With Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, though (the first game made specifically for the New 3DS, in that it won’t work on an old one) I had to turn it off, because there was just too much happening on-screen.

Giving Yourself Hacked Pokémon Just Got Way Easier

Normally, Pokémon cheaters have to use devices like Action Replay to get rare (but hacked) Pokémon. But, recently, Pokemon players found an exploit that uses nothing but the 3DS camera to get rare or unreleased Pokémon — and it’s ridiculously simple to pull off.

Salvaging Games From A Broken 3DS Is Surprisingly Easy

My 3DS bit the dust a few months back. Rather than pay for Nintendo to fix it, I waited for the New 3DS. Unfortunately, most of my games were purchased digitally, and you can’t just insert an old SD card into a New 3DS. On Nintendo platforms, games are tied to the hardware. Dumb? Yes. Reality? Also yes! So I got on the phone with Nintendo to find out what my options were.

You Can Get A New Nintendo 3DS For $157.60 Thanks To Target

So here’s the deal: Target is selling white versions of the New Nintendo 3DS consoles for $197. Good deal, right? But it’s about to get better. If you buy it on Target’s eBay store before the February 22? You can get it for $157.60.

Pokémon With Microtransactions Is Just As Bad As It Sounds

Nintendo released a new Pokémon spin-off on the 3DS eShop today called Pokémon Shuffle. You can download it right now if you want to, because it’s free. But just because it’s free doesn’t make the game worth your time.

How A Zelda Dungeon Is Made

Eiji Aonuma has overseen the development of many of the major Zelda games, from Majora’s Mask to Wind Waker to Skyward Sword to A Link Between Worlds. So I figured he probably knows how to make a Zelda dungeon. Last week, I asked him.

The Legend Of Legacy Doesn't Live Up To Its Pedigree

The Legend of Legacy has a pedigree other JRPGs can only wish for with its development team consisting of former Square Enix and Level-5 employees. But given that it comes from a team who had a hand in some of the most popular classic JRPGs of the ’90s and beyond, this game is more than a bit of a letdown.