The Creator Of Smash Bros Needs A Holiday

Director Masahiro Sakurai reflects on his workload on the latest Super Smash Bros., and holy hell, what a workload it is.

Mighty No 9 Now Raising Money For DLC Pack

Briefly: After successfully reaching the English voice acting stretch goal, Mighty No 9′s slacker backer campaign is now raising money for a post-release DLC pack consisting of an extra stage with its own boss fight. The planned release window is Summer 2015, provided they can collect another $US190,000 by the end of this year.

Nintendo Might Be Making Money Again

After what seemed like a truly difficult period, Nintendo looks like it could turn its first yearly profit in four years.

The Problem Every Smash Bros Fan Will Face

Can you love two versions of Smash Bros equally? What about if one of them has a big, juicy eight-player mode? It is, as the folks at Dorkly posit, a true conundrum.

Captain Falcon Is Way Better With Space Jam

OK, yes — what isn’t better with Space Jam? Regardless, it’s rather entertaining to watch Captain Falcon spike a bunch of fools off Smash Bros stages to that very tune.

Which Of Fantasy Life's Roles Did You Play First?

Level-5′s lovely little life-simulator/role-playing game, Fantasy Life, begins with players choosing one of 12 different lives to serve as their entry point into this colourful little world. Which was your first?

Fantasy Life Is The Best To-Do List I've Ever Played

Fantasy Life, released today by Nintendo for 3DS, is not so much a video game as it is a to-do list. Playing this game is akin to performing a series of increasingly difficult household chores. Some games ask you to slay demons or explore the frontiers of space; Fantasy Life asks you to go find some vegetables and cook dinner.

Watch People Freak Out Over Mewtwo In New Smash Bros

Yesterday, Nintendo announced that Mewtwo was heading to the new Super Smash Bros games as a downloadable character. Some people went bonkers. Others filmed themselves going bonkers.

Twitch Plays Smash Bros Is Perfectly Chaotic

If I had to use one word to describe Smash Bros., it would be “mayhem”. Oh, hey. That’s the exact word I’d use to describe a room full of Twitch viewers trying to play a single video game too. It’s almost like Twitch playing Smash Bros. is the perfect combination.

The New 3DS Is The Portable Nintendo Should Have Released Years Ago

I’m not saying the original 3DS is bad. I’m not saying that at all. What I’m saying is that the New Nintendo 3DS seems so good. It would have been nice to have this from the get go.