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Pokémon Sun And Moon's Pikachu Imposter Has A Heartbreaking Theme Song

It was sad enough to read about how Mimikyu dresses up like a popular Pokémon because it also wants to be loved. It’s another thing entirely to hear Mimikyu sing about its woes.

Here's Some Nintendo Highlights To Get You Ready For The NX Reveal

Nintendo has a bit of a track record when it comes to big reveals, and early this morning they’ll be releasing the first official teaser for their upcoming console. So to get ready for that, here’s a look back at some of Nintendo’s biggest unveilings.

Pokemon Sun And Moon's Devs Respond To The Popplio Backlash

Earlier this month, Kotaku asked the folks at Game Freak which starter Pokemon they prefer in Sun and Moon. Unfortunately, poor Popplio didn’t make the cut.

Here's What The Creators Of Pokemon Sun And Moon Think About Fan Games

The recent controversial take-downs of high-profile yet unofficial Nintendo-related creations paints a picture of an aggressive corporation that punishes fans. But Game Freak, the creators of Pokemon, actually seem remarkably chill about the existence of fan games based on a recent conversation with Kotaku.

The Internet Reacts To Pokémon Sun And Moon's Pokedex Demo Leak

Well, the Meowth is out of the bag now. Thanks to datamining of the recent Sun and Moon demo, we now know what a good portion of the Alolan Pokedex will look like, including many monsters which haven’t even been announced yet. (Spoilers ahead.)

Pokemon Sun And Moon Demo Accidentally Leaks Most Of The Pokedex

Pokemon Sun and Moon’s special demo may not be out in all regions yet, but data miners are already hard at work extracting as much information as they can from the uploaded eShop files. Note: there are plenty of SPOILERS ahead.

New Pokemon Sun & Moon Trailer, Everyone

Video: Hark! A new trailer for Pokemon Sun & Moon. Featuring some new evolutions and monsters. Two new trainers, as well.

Starter Pokemon's 'Feminine' Evolution Is Bothering Some Fans

Poor Popplio can’t catch a break. First people hated Sun and Moon’s water starter because it was considered ugly. Yesterday, Game Freak revealed Popplio’s evolution, Brionne, leading some fans to feel like they have even more reason to dislike the evolution line.

Here's What The Evolutions Of Pokemon Sun And Moon's Starters Look Like

Meet Dartrix, Torracat and Brionne. Looks like no matter what starter you pick in Sun and Moon, you’re in for something cute as an evolution.

Pokemon Player Beats Elite Four Champion With Level One Rattata

For most players, the Elite Four is a place to take high level Pokemon, as they can sweep through the league with ease. Sometimes, though, you find a clever way to get through the final boss in Pokemon.

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