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January 31 Is Antichamber Day

I should be playing Antichamber right now, but my preview build of the mind-blowing first-person exploration/puzzle game that you can see in the trailer here is at home.

Australians At GDC: Demruth

Three towering complexes stand staunch against the city’s cold. Thousands of game developers spill from their doors. Excitement buzzes beneath the ground, from the basements in which countless huge humming computers try to process the tech-heavy new games that they are demonstrating. Back above ground, over-eager girls press energy drinks into the hands of passers-by.

Antichamber Will Confuse Your Brain

Antichamber, much like the premise of Portal, is a first-person puzzle game, and one that Stephen Totilo fell in love with at PAX 2011.

The Philosophical First-Person Puzzler: Antichamber

You could almost imagine what would happen to Alexander Bruce if he worked for a big publisher and had a media minder during interviews; he would probably be bound, gagged and zapped every time he speaks. But this isn’t because anything he says is inherently negative or controversial – this indie developer from Melbourne isn’t here to flame bait – rather, Bruce is refreshingly honest, open, and unafraid to challenge popular opinion and, whether or not you agree with him, it’s clear he’s onto something good.

8.5 Minutes Of Antichamber, My Favourite Game Of PAX 2011

Formerly known as Hazard: The Journey of Life, Alexander Bruce’s extraordinary game Antichamber will hereby known as Oh My God, My favourite Game of PAX.

Interview: Alexander Bruce Talks About Making Something Unreal

Alexander Bruce kicked some serious butt recently by taking out the overall 5th place in the worldwide Unreal modding competition, Make Something Unreal. We caught up with the Victorian indy developer about the experience and the ideas behind the project most simply described as a ‘Philosophical First Person Single Player Exploration Puzzle Art Game’. See? Simple.

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