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AMD Issuing Fix For Drivers Following Reports Of Locked Fan Speeds

After users complaints on forums and social media about their AMD cards burning out, AMD has announced that they will be issuing a fix for their latest Crimson drivers due to one very, very serious issue.

AMD's Crimson Drivers Are Out Now, But Don't Expect Magic Gains

I wrote yesterday how AMD’s Crimson drivers would be fixing a whole suite of problems and adding a tonne of performance fixes that Team Red fans should undoubtedly get excited about. Well, now you can go one further and just download the drivers yourself.

AMD Rectifies Crashes In Diablo 3 And GTA 5 With New Crimson Drivers

In the latest announcement for their Crimson drivers, AMD took steps to show how they’ve listened to the community and improved the user experience for gamers. “The community feedback gave us a clear list of issues,” the company said.

As it turns out, performance in games is a bit of a priority for AMD’s customers. And being able to play GTA 5 and Diablo 3 without crashing: surprisingly high on the list.

The Rainbow Six: Siege NVIDIA Trailer Shouldn't Upset Just AMD Users

Ubisoft’s latest trailer showing off Rainbow Six: Siege looks nice. Very nice, in fact, which shouldn’t be a surprise considering the camera angles, panning and various cinematic shots they’re deploying for what is supposed to be an intense first-person competitive shooter.

But there’s a problem: it’s got NVIDIA all over the shop. And while that’s handy if you own a flashy GTX card, it’s not something gamers should be thrilled about.

Want Almost 200 FPS In Star Wars: Battlefront? Then Get Two NVIDIA 980 Ti's

We’ve already got Nathan’s opinions on the actual content, but what about the game’s performance from a technical standpoint? Fortunately the internet is full of those too. And the best part? You don’t need to spend quite as many thousands of dollars to get 200 FPS as you’d think.

Fallout 4 PC Benchmarks: Get Post-Apocalyptic At 1080p, 1440p And 4K

What may be the biggest game of 2015 is finally here with the launch of Fallout 4 this week. Set in Boston 200 years after a nuclear war, Bethesda’s latest open world action-RPG is the Fallout series’ fifth major instalment and along with touting a list of new features, the developer has teased gamers with details about the graphics technology in Fallout 4.

It's Not All Bad: AMD's Snatched A Sliver Of The GPU Market Back From NVIDIA

It’s no secret NVIDIA is dominating the discrete graphics market, despite AMD’s best efforts. However, while the latter company may have lost a chunk of market share compared to last year, the most recent quarter saw it claw back a little. But only a little.

Downscaling In Fallout 4 Is As Easy As Editing One File

Part of the joy of playing on PC is being able to run in whatever resolution you want. Especially if you’re one of those people who like taking really, really pretty screenshots. 10 FPS? That’s 10 gorgeous screenshots per second in some people’s books.

If you’re not obsessed with going into 200 FPS town, and you want to squeeze as many apocalyptic textures as possible into one screen, downscaling is the way to go. Fortunately, it’s really easy to do in Fallout 4.

If You're Playing Fallout 4 On PC, You'd Better Have A NVIDIA Card

With the game finally out for all and sundry, people are binging Fallout 4 left, right and centre. Bethesda’s Pete Hines even tweeted out a permission slip this morning for people taking sickies off work (props to anyone ballsy enough to use it).

Naturally, the PC is the lead platform and it’s where people will experience the fewest performance issues. That’s provided, however, you’re using a NVIDIA card.

MSI's Radeon R9 390X Graphics Card Is Everything You Need For Sub-4K PC Gaming

I’ve been using Nvidia graphics in my gaming PCs for quite a while — at least a couple of generations. Short dalliances with water-cooled monsters like AMD’s R9 295X2 and R9 Fury X haven’t been enough to tear me away. Maybe it’s time to change, though; after some time away from AMD cards, I gave MSI’s R9 390X Gaming 8GB GPU a bit of a test drive, and came away impressed.

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