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Intel Likely To Support AMD's Screen-Tear Slaying FreeSync Technology

It’s kind of dropped off the radar, but both NVIDIA and AMD have been working on a solution to the infamous effect of “screen tearing”. The former has been pumping its G-SYNC tech, while AMD has favoured its own solution called FreeSync. Intel may have just decided the winner of this particular war, with the company being “positively inclined” to support AMD’s implementation.

AMD Gets A Huge Bump In The Early DirectX 12 Results

AMD has been well behind NVIDIA in the last couple of years, but that might be about to change if these DirectX 12 benchmarks hold up.

Mantle, AMD's Next Generation Graphics API, Is All But Dead

You guys remember Mantle, right? It was AMD’s effort to inject life into what was once a languishing area of improvement: 3D graphics APIs, the software that powers modern, real-time 3D. However, it appears the company is shelving its creation a mere two years after its inception.

Project CARS Benchmarked: Brutal Weather Conditions

Project CARS (or Community Assisted Racing Simulator) is a racing simulation game that’s been on everyone’s radar since its drool-inducing visuals started to make the rounds as far back as 2012.

AMD's New Laptop CPUs And GPUs Are For Gaming On The Go

If you’re buying a new laptop any time soon, the usual wisdom just got a shake-up. AMD has just launched a bunch of new low-power CPUs and discrete graphics chips that will be appearing in plenty of mainstream laptops, and they’re a genuine contender for Intel’s Core i3 and Core i5 — especially if you’re thinking about playing any games.

DirectX 12 Could Let You Mix NVIDIA And AMD GPUs In The Same PC

DirectX 12 should be one of the more exciting updates to Microsoft’s multimedia API since DirectX 9. Along with vastly reduced CPU overhead and a focus on giving developers more control, it might be possible to mix GPUs from different vendors in the same machine, if recent rumours are to be believed.

Dying Light Benchmarked: Graphics And CPU Performance

Most known for developing the Call of Juarez and Dead Island franchises, Techland is back this week to launch a new open world survival horror title for the PC (including Linux and SteamOS), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

AMD Taunts Nvidia Over Latest Graphics Card Controversy

Of the few remaining Video Game Brand Battles, the AMD vs Nvidia fight might be my favourite. The two graphics companies often take small swipes at each other, and usually with less restraint than console or game manufacturers.

Then And Now: Five Generations Of Radeon Graphics Compared

Last month we compared half a decade’s worth of DirectX 11-capable GeForce cards in the latest and greatest PC games to see where Nvidia has made the biggest performance leaps and which GPUs have aged the best.

AMD Cuts Over 700 Jobs In The Face Of Declining Revenue

In the context of gaming hardware, AMD is right up there with NVIDIA and you really can’t have a discussion about processors without bringing it up alongside Intel. Change the context to the stock market, however and AMD is just another name… one that isn’t doing as well as the other companies mentioned here.

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