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AMD's Gaming Software Makes Automatic Counter-Strike And League Of Legends Highlights

It’s not widely in use these days, but there should be a fair few of you who remember the Raptr third-party gaming software. It was founded by Dennis Fong — the guy who won John Carmack’s Ferrari in a Quake tournament — in 2007 and the platform joined forces with AMD and Twitch a couple of years ago.

Raptr’s now primarily called AMD Gaming Evolved, and serves a similar purpose to NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience. The software’s just gotten a neat update too, something that Counter-Strike and League of Legends fans will appreciate.

The Radeon Pro Duo Is AMD's Most Powerful Ever Graphics Card

1080p, 1440p and 4K are all so passe; the future is about VR. And to build VR games — as well as to play them — you need an especially grunty graphics card. Just announced at GDC in San Francisco and designed for developers, the Radeon Pro Duo is AMD’s latest silicon slice, built on two R9 Fury X GPUs.

AMD Is Making A VR-AR Headset Of Their Own

So we’ve got the HTC Vive. There’s the Rift-powered Samsung Gear VR. The actual Rift. PlayStation VR. And StarVR, even though we haven’t heard a great deal about that. And let’s not forget Microsoft’s HoloLens, even though that’s a different technology altogether.

As it turns out, AMD are making a headset of their own — but it’s a blend of both worlds.

AMD Is Creating A 360 Degree Virtual Reality News Channel

It’s an interesting combination. Associated Press are more known for their wire services and syndicated written stories than their video, while AMD has been more successful competing on price than they have on performance.

But both companies aren’t holding back with their latest venture: a 360 degree virtual reality news channel.

AMD Has New CPUs And A New Stock Cooler

Where its competitor Intel has decided to cut the air cooler out of its enthusiast-targeted Skylake CPU packages, perennial underdog AMD has doubled down. It’s launching a new, more efficient cooler alongside new desktop chips for gamers and non-gamers alike.

AMD Drops Radeon R9 Nano Price To $849

AMD’s Radeon R9 Nano was the most interesting card in the company’s most recent graphics refresh — not because it was the most powerful (that’d be the watercooled R9 Fury X), but because it was the most efficient, and used its power in a tiny footprint that would fit a Mini ITX motherboard. Now, it’s had a pretty significant price cut in Australia.

AMD Takes A Swing At Intel And Their SYSMark Benchmarks, Misses Completely

It always fun when major corporations decide to publicly slag the other one off. So to help round off your Friday with a smile, let’s enjoy AMD having a good old whinge about benchmarks and bias towards Intel.

AMD Cards Will Support HDMI 2.0a And DisplayPort 1.3 Next Year

It’s always nice to get an insight into what we can expect over the next year when it comes to hardware, and AMD were happy to open the lid recently and share some information about what you will get from their Radeon GPUs over the next 12 months.

AMD Issuing Fix For Drivers Following Reports Of Locked Fan Speeds

After users complaints on forums and social media about their AMD cards burning out, AMD has announced that they will be issuing a fix for their latest Crimson drivers due to one very, very serious issue.

AMD's Crimson Drivers Are Out Now, But Don't Expect Magic Gains

I wrote yesterday how AMD’s Crimson drivers would be fixing a whole suite of problems and adding a tonne of performance fixes that Team Red fans should undoubtedly get excited about. Well, now you can go one further and just download the drivers yourself.

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