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Animal Crossing Board Game Is Coming To The Wii U

Think Mario Party, but with Animal Crossing characters. So, it’s way, way cuter.

Image Of New Animal Crossing, Mario Maker Amiibo Emerges

This image is currently viewable on Nintendo of Europe’s site (via Eurogamer). It appears to show new Animal Crossing Amiibo, as well as an old-school Mario for Mario Maker, alongside some Amiibo we know already. We’re guessing they will make an official appearance at next week’s Nintendo Direct.

Another Gorgeous Animal Crossing 3DS

To this day, my favourite 3DS design is the Animal Crossing one. That place in my heart is being challenged today, however, by a new Animal Crossing 3DS design.

The Dream Nintendo Game That Was Never Released

Shigesato Itoi (Mother), Shigeru Miyamoto (Mario, Zelda) and Tsunekazu Ishihara (Pokemon), all working on the same game? We should have known it would be too good to be true.

Mario Kart 8 Is Now Officially The Cutest Mario Kart Ever

Mario Kart 8’s second batch of DLC finally came out today. Just like the first round that added Zelda and F-Zero stuff into the mix, this one looks pretty rad. Perhaps more importantly, it also looks ridiculously, disgustingly cute.

Brave Human Trying To 'Finish' Animal Crossing, Live

Awesome Games Done Quick have finished some difficult games over the last few days, but surely none are as tough as Animal Crossing, a game that doesn’t even have what you’d call an “end”.

Animal Crossing Characters, Humanised In Sims 4

The Sims 4 community have already remade countless things in their current favourite game, and the partial cast of Animal Crossing is just one of the latest.

Beautifully Redrawn Animal Crossing Scene

Strange, yet lovely Animal Crossing art from a Japanese Pixiv user, who transformed a screenshot of 3DS game into something really special.

Don't Kill Orcs, Brew Beer For Them

We’ve been slaying lots of orcs lately around the Kotaku office/converted anti-orc nemesis death fortress lately — lots and lots, all thanks to Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. But not all orcs want to kill or even fight. Some just want to drink. Orcish Inn‘s Animal Crossing-esque antics are for them.

Zelda, Animal Crossing Coming To Mario Kart 8

Didn’t like that stupid Mercedes DLC for Mario Kart 8? Please understand. Nintendo had something cooler coming later.

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