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Cartman Renames You, And Other Fun Name Prompt Screens

Some adventures cannot begin without naming your character. It’s when Final Fantasy Clouds can be Squalls. Or Freds. Some games provide the option to change your character’s name at the start screen. Others integrate protagonists’ intros and renaming prompts in clever ways. These five games do the latter.

Animal Crossing And Fire Emblem Are Getting Mobile Apps

Yesterday, Nintendo announced that it’s releasing Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem apps for mobile devices.

Isabelle Has Some Revolutionary Ideas For Running Your Animal Crossing Town

Leaving Isabelle in charge during an extended visit to another game entirely, the Villager returns to find his Animal Crossing town in a slightly more socialist state than he left it. Oh that Isabelle.

A Damn Good Concept For Animal Crossing Wii U

For whatever reason, there hasn’t been a proper Animal Crossing game on the Wii U yet. If there was, though, it could look a lot worse than this effort by TheBitBlock.

You Finally Got Me Amiibo, But Your Animal Crossing Board Game Is Boring

Up until Friday I possessed a grand total of two Amiibo figures. Now I own nine, and I’m eagerly awaiting the release of more. It’s too bad the game they’re attached to is a snooze-festival.

Look At This Dog That Loves Animal Crossing

From Tumblr You Booze You Lose, this Bull Terrier is way better equipped to express his love for Animal Crossing’s KK Slider than our ridiculous human bodies could ever be.

I Bought Five Packs Of Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards And Didn't Fucking Get Isabelle

Nooooooo. This is how they get you. This is exactly how Nintendo gets you to spend money on stuff that might just end up in a landfill in a few years.

My Quest To Make The Ugliest House In The New Animal Crossing

For months, I’ve had a specific if not dubious plan for Happy Home Designer. An evil scheme. A dastardly design. I’ve been waiting a long time to make this happen, damn it.

Animal Crossing Board Game Is Coming To The Wii U

Think Mario Party, but with Animal Crossing characters. So, it’s way, way cuter.

Image Of New Animal Crossing, Mario Maker Amiibo Emerges

This image is currently viewable on Nintendo of Europe’s site (via Eurogamer). It appears to show new Animal Crossing Amiibo, as well as an old-school Mario for Mario Maker, alongside some Amiibo we know already. We’re guessing they will make an official appearance at next week’s Nintendo Direct.

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