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Here's What The Secret Menus In Mortal Kombat Look Like

They remained hidden but now we finally have video footage of them in action: the secret menus within Mortal Kombat 1, 2 and 3 that nobody accessed for more than two decades.

Tekken Developer: The South Korean Ratings Board Is Awful

Today, leaked photos of Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, the upcoming arcade update, circulated online in South Korea as well as online in the West.

Sega's Newest Music Game Could Only Exist In An Arcade

What happens when you take music games Beatmania, Keyboard Mania, and Para Para Paradise and mix them into one game? You get the Sega music arcade game Chunithm.

An Arcade Racer For The 21st Century

Arcade racing games were the shit in the 1990s. From Virtua Racer through to Daytona, a revolution in visuals and cabinet design made them the star attractions of arcades the world over. Until, that is, they got stale.

It's Like Tsum Tsum on Your Phone, Only Bigger

Disney’s Tsum Tsum is a worldwide hit and one of Japan’s biggest mobile games — which is why it’s not surprising that someone at Konami decided to take a giant touch screen, turn it sideways and make Tsum Tsum into an arcade game.

League Of Legends Arcade Cabinet Is A Brilliant Idea

For a lot of people it’s the only game they play anyway, so why not make a shrine to it?

Goku Kicking Everybody's Arse In Street Fighter II

Who do you think would win in a fight: Goku or Ryu? What about Goku versus Chun-Li? Or against Guile?

One Australian Took A Wine Barrel And Turned It Into An Arcade Cabinet

I’ve always wanted an arcade cabinet of my own, but I don’t have the materials, tools or the know-how to get started. Fortunately that’s no problem for Matt Shaw, an Adelaide gamer who has enjoyed a little bit of internet fame after he decided to transform an unloved wine barrel into something special.

Hands On With The Pokémon Fighting Game

While Pokken may be a portmanteau word of “Pokémon” and “Tekken”, the actual game Pokkén Tournament is anything but a mixture of the two.

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