Huge Collection Of Classic Games Needs A New Home

Facing mounting financial pressure, the Danish museum Spilmuseet (“The Games Museum”) is about to jettison a massive collection of classic video games and related hardware. And with nobody opening their doors yet, all these refugees of console wars past are still in need of a new home.

What Could Kill Japanese Arcades

As if Japanese arcades didn’t have enough hassles on their plate already.

You Are Probably Not As Good At Driving Games As This Guy

I’ve always had a distant respect for players of the arcade racing series Initial D. This video catapults that respect to new heights.

We Should Build Arcades On The Street

Kris Temmerman lives in a combined shopfront/apartment in Antwerp. Last November, with the shopfront empty, he decided to put it to good use, installing a custom arcade rig and coding a simple video game for people to stop and play.

He Played Missile Command For Nearly Three Consecutive Days

Earlier this year, Victor Sandberg broke Missile Command‘s all-time world record — a mark that had stood since 1982 and was believed to be unassailable. This weekend, he shot for another goal most thought unreachable. In the end, it was.

He's Played 59 Straight Hours Of Missile Command. His Goal Is 100.

If you want to watch a Swedish guy tear Missile Command a new one, tune in to this. Around 11 a.m. EST, he beat his world record of 81,795,035, but that’s not the goal now. He’s trying to play the game for 100 hours, on a single credit. That would be a record across all arcade games.

Sandy Hook Killer's Video Gaming Obsession: Not What You'd Expect

If Adam Lanza — the shooter responsible for last year’s Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre — had a video gaming obsession, it appears to be Dance Dance Revolution, according to a comprehensive final report the state of Connecticut released today about the mass killing.

Arcade Tokens Mistaken For Real Chinese Money

Arcade tokens have always been a form of currency. Often, they come in the form of smaller or lighter coins with cute, arcade-themed decals; but what happens when an arcade token is minted like actual legal tender? For the buses in Shenyang, China, it means unscrupulous passengers getting free public bus rides.

For Sale: A Rare Pac-Man Bootleg From Arcade Gaming's Golden Age

A Craigslist advertisement for a Pac-Man arcade cabinet tells a sweet and sentimental story about its life with its owner and its role as a favoured sleeping perch for his cat. But it may overlook its real value to collectors: It’s a rare, illegal clone of the game, known as “Hangly-Man“.

Donkey Kong Gets Unofficial Star Wars, Alien, Total Recall Expansions

Donkey Me is a fan project by Bruno R. Marcos which takes Nintendo’s classic arcade game and gives it a ton of new, unofficial “themed” expansions, based on stuff like Star Wars, Conan, Rambo, Indiana Jones and Big Trouble In Little China.