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Dark Souls III PC Benchmarks: Mind The Frame Rate Cap

Dark Souls III is arguably the biggest game to launch this month and with few other major releases there probably isn’t much of an argument to be had, especially since the main competition wound up being a steaming pile (Quantum Break).

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Made A Lot Of Money

One of the biggest surprises of last year for me was just how much fun I had with anime fighters. Dragon Ball Xenoverse was at the top of that list: it was fun, the structure made sense within Dragonball’s ridiculous universe, and the character creation and RPG elements worked well.

Also, beating the snot out of Krillin is great fun. But it was also profitable for the developer and publisher — if one of the game’s voice actors is to be believed.

Dark Souls 3 Will Take Over Our Lives, But The Pre-Release Could've Gone Better

In a couple of days, we’ll finally all get to play what will most likely be my game of the year. It’s loaded with secret content that will keep people talking and playing for a long time. But the lead-up to its release has been less than stellar, and has hindered part of what makes the series great.

Namco Teases 'Big' Dark Souls 3 News, Turns Out To Be Crappy Merch

When Bandai Namco’s Twitter promised “big” Dark Souls news was coming today, it could have been anything. A Dark Souls movie? Details on the game’s DLC? A remastered Dark Souls? Nope! Turns out it’s a really lame clothing line.

Pokken Tournament's Shadow Mewtwo Has An Infinite Blockstun Problem

The simple two-move combination being performed is this GIF? Shadow Mewtwo can do that all day in Pokken Tournament. That’s bad.

Hello, Here's The Dark Souls 3 Japanese Launch Trailer

I could try and spin this into something witty, but Dark Souls fans don’t want witty.

You want Dark Souls 3. You want footage. Here you go.

Watch Dark Souls III Come To Life With Chalkboard Art

Video: A few years ago, Kotaku first reported how Japanese students were covering their classrooms’ chalkboards with incredible art. Now one of those former students is doing that for Dark Souls III.

Pokken Tournament: The Kotaku Review

If you’ve ever wished your Pokemon battles could be more exciting than a pair of Pokemon taking turns making battle animations at each other, Pokken Tournament is your game.

Tales Of Link, The All-star Mobile Branch Of Bandai Namco's Beloved Japanese Roleplaying Game Series

Tales of Link, the all-star mobile branch of Bandai Namco’s beloved Japanese roleplaying game series, is coming to the United States next month. Fans can pre0register for the game on iOS and Android to score a free “Wild Girl” Sophie.

Because You Can Never Have Too Many Digimon, Here's Seven More

In appreciation for all the fans that picked up copies of the excellent Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, Bandai Namco is releasing seven new trainable Digimon for free on March 10. New additions include Rosemon and six less important ones.

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