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Namco Bandai Ready To Go After Mobile Games

Namco Bandai established a start-up with Japanese mobile gaming giant DeNA to make social games. Dubbed BDNA, the company’s funded by Namco Bandai (75 per cent) and DeNA (25 per cent). DeNA makes the popular “Mobage” titles in Japan. [IT Media]

This Trailer Is Armored To The Core

Armored Core V is not the fifth game in the Armored Core series. Funny that.

The Trailer For 2011's Hardest Game Is Easy To Watch

Dark Souls, the spiritual sequel to the challenging Demon’s Soul, will not be a cake walk.

A Serious Button-Pounding You Won't Believe

Arcade superplay footage of Taiko no Tatsujin is dime a dozen — amazing players beating out perfect drum routines, even incorporating their own dance moves and flourishes. But Taiko no Tatsujin isn’t only an arcade game.

Let A Giant Mecha Show You Around

Bandai Namco is releasing a Gundam themed navigational app for the iPhone.

A Tour Of Retro Japanese Toy Porn

Japan has a long, proud history of making toys. The Bandai Museum in the rice fields of Tochigi Prefecture catalogues the amazing playthings the country has produced over the years. Can’t make it out to sleepy town of Mibu to check out the museum? No worries, Kotaku‘s got you covered.

This Is The World Cup Of Gundam Models

This December, Bandai Namco is holding the “Gunpla Builders World Cup 2011″, the first international competition devoted to Gunpla, or Gundam model building.

Take A Tour Of The Tales Cafe

To promote the latest Tales role-playing game Tales of Xillia, Namco is rolling out a Tales cafe, first in Tokyo and later in Tokushima.

Don't Just Sit There, Let These Toys Blow Your Mind

Gundam. Draonball. Kamen Rider. Great Mazinger, even. Namco Bandai’s 2011 Tamashii Nation toy show proves just how wonderful (and awesome) Japanese figures can be. Don’t believe me?

2011's Biggest-Selling Game Maker In Japan So Far...

This year isn’t over. It’s more than half over. Time to look back and see which game maker is doing the best in Japan. So far.