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Hey, There's No Triangle Button On The 3DS!

Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode was just released on the 3DS in Japan. Originally, it appeared on the PSP as Digimon World Re:Digitize. If this is anything to go by, it might not be the best port.

Namco Bandai's Latest Gundam Game Is (Sort Of) Free!

Gundam is a bit like a Japanese version of Star Trek; it’s an epic sci-fi fantasy series with multiple spin-offs and games (some of which fans don’t like to talk about), a massive fan base, a gargantuan library of technical information, and it all came from an original series that was cancelled during its initial run.

The Latest Idolm@ster Product Offers (Virtual) Conversations With Virtual Idols

The Idolm@ster series is renowned for its cute virtual idols and ability to suck money out of fans’ wallets with pricey DLC and slot machine-like tactics. Next up: snack wafers that let you make phone calls to your favourite virtual idols.

Illegal Or Not, These Social Games Will Drain Your Wallet

With the illegalisation of complete gacha being made, multiple social game companies have already either made changes to their applications or simply made new ones. The question is whether those modifications are any better than what we had previously.

Game Creators Look To 2012: We'll Do Better

Last year turned out to be a tough one for most Japanese game companies. With natural and nuclear disasters and economic downturns, it’s been a rough year all around. In Weekly Famitsu, several game companies have announced their year-end performance and plans for 2012.

Some Of The World's Best Young Gundam Model Makers

You’ve already seen the best Gundam models made by Japanese fans. Now, you get to see some of the best Gundam models in the world. Lucky you!

So I Guess This Will Be A Movie Within A Game?

Or maybe it’s a game within a movie? Or maybe it’s just a movie–enough! OK, .hack, the video game within a video game video game, is getting a movie version.

Namco Bandai Ready To Go After Mobile Games

Namco Bandai established a start-up with Japanese mobile gaming giant DeNA to make social games. Dubbed BDNA, the company’s funded by Namco Bandai (75 per cent) and DeNA (25 per cent). DeNA makes the popular “Mobage” titles in Japan. [IT Media]

This Trailer Is Armored To The Core

Armored Core V is not the fifth game in the Armored Core series. Funny that.

The Trailer For 2011's Hardest Game Is Easy To Watch

Dark Souls, the spiritual sequel to the challenging Demon’s Soul, will not be a cake walk.