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Being released by Abba Games, the tabletop combat game will see players either co-operate or compete as either the League or a roster of DC villains to complete tasks, before going toe-to-toe with each other to decide the fate of the world... or at least the victor of the game.


Thinking about Dungeons & Dragons earlier in the week got me thinking about that other element of tabletop gaming that I have a fondness for: board games. I was only just talking to a friend the other day about making a trip to Good Games and Games Paradise, two of the bigger homes for board games in the city.

There's just so many new games that I want to try, especially after seeing everything that was demoed at GenCon. Thing is, what are you excited for?


Birth of the Federation is easily in my top five games. Made during Microprose's golden age, BotF managed to capture the spirit of Trek, while also delivering a bloody fantastic sci-fi 4X. While I've yet to find a video game that has the same feel, an upcoming board game, Star Trek: Ascendancy, might just do it.