board games

Because I Always Wanted To Be A Star Wars Admiral/Fish Man

I always thought the coolest job in the Star Wars universe was one of the guys/gals/fish aliens in charge of a fleet of enormous starships. So little exertion, so much fun.

This Is The Zelda Monopoly Game Board, Out Next Month

Announced back in April with few deets, finally we now know what the Legend of Zelda version of the popular-amongst-old-people board game Monopoly looks like.

Stupidly Expensive Tables Are A Board Gamer's Fantasy

If current trends continue, there’ll soon come a time when I play more card/board games than video games. And when that time comes, I hope to be playing on something as extravagant as this.

Why Board Games Are Beautiful

The best thing about board games, hands down, is the people. I don’t just mean the sorts of people who play board games, I mean that more broadly: Playing a tabletop or board game means spending time with your friends, your family, your loved ones. Board games are about people.

Watch A Bunch Of Cats Ruin Board Games

Oh, sure. You think it’s cute to break out a few board games with a cat around, but don’t — it’s a bad idea.

King Post Back With Another Tabletop Literary Adaption

Briefly: The guys who brought you a card game adaptation of Moby Dick are back with another tabletop literary adaption, this one about Beowulf. King Post is following last year’s successful Kickstarter campaign with another crowdfunding drive to make their nerdy dreams come true. If you like the sound of playing a Grendel card, check the game out here.

People Used To Think Chess Would Ruin Everything

You know how it goes: something new comes along and catches everyone’s attention. Immediately, people think the new thing will corrupt society and make everything worse: this has been true for everything from books to video games. And yes, it also holds true for chess.

Sorry, Rabbits, This Strategy Game Says You Have To Die

For fantasy buffs of a certain age, there’s a series of books dearer to our hearts than Lord of the Rings or even — dare I say it — Harry Potter. I’m talking about Redwall, the kid-friendly epic that reads like Games of Thrones with furry little animals instead of gratuitous raunchy sex. Unlike those other series, however, Redwall has remained impervious to any sort quality adaptation. This has left Redwall lovers (like yours truly) feeling sadly jilted by the as-yet-unfulfilled promises of a true video game adaptation.

You Can Now Play The Original Ultima In Board Game Form

You should play more board games. No, I don’t care if you crack out Settlers of Catan on a nightly basis, or if your flatmates want to kill your because you’re up at two in the morning owning newbs with your Big Money strategy in Dominion. If you don’t want to buy more, you can always print them out. Hey, why not blend old-school PC gaming with even older-school board gaming and play Ultima in ye-olde paper form?

Southern Hobby Supply Reveals Two New Monopoly Sets

Briefly: Southern Hobby Supply has revealed two new Monopoly sets (via NWR) — one themed after Pokémon, the other, Legend of Zelda. Both will be released on August 21.