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Video Games Are Too Perfect, Which Is Why I'm Playing More Board Games

Outside of work hours (or work assignments), I’m finding myself playing as many board games as I am video games these days. I’d long assumed the reasons for this was the obvious: that sitting around a table, beer in hand, was an infinitely more social experience than sitting on my couch shouting at strangers (if I was talking to anyone at all).

Someone Just Got The Rights To Make Settlers Of Catan: The Movie

Movies of video games. Yes, we know about those. Movies about board games though? I’m sure this particular feat has been achieved before, but the only thing that comes to mind that’s remotely related are the D&D films, and that’s technically a pen-and-paper RPG. Settlers of Catan on the other hand… where does one even begin?

XCOM: The Board Game Works -- You, Your Friends And A Table Vs The UFOs

In real life, Toby’s a database guy for Goldman Sachs. Tonight, he’s XCOM’s Chief Scientist and he’s spending worryingly large amounts of our money.

Classic Board Games That Are Better As Video Games

On the sliding continuum of ‘gaming as a worthy pursuit,’ board games are respected more than video games.

Conan Game Crushes Kickstarter, Sees Your Money Driven Before You

Monolith wanted $US80,000 for a Conan The Barbarian board game. They’re on track to get over $US1 million.

Parks And Recreation's Absurd Board Game Could Become Reality

Created by Ben Wyatt in a season six episode of Parks and Recreation, the Cones of Dunshire has come to represent everything wonderful and horrible about overly-complicated fantasy board games. Now Mayfair Games is Kickstarting a full version — but it’s not cheap.

How To Win At Game Of Thrones (The Board Game)

Game of Thrones is not like other board games. While there are plenty of strategy games out there, and plenty of games where people have to be dicks to each other, none walk the line between them as well as Fantasy Flight’s classic. Which can make it tough to get your head around. So I’m here to help.

Pick The Perfect Board Game With This Insane Flow Chart

One of my New Year’s Resolutions — no joke — is to play more board games. This intensely detailed flow chart has been super helpful in helping me navigate the unknown waters that is modern board games. It’s awesome.

Classic PC Space Game Returns As A...Tabletop Game

Freespace, the last of the great PC space shooters, is coming back. But as a tabletop miniatures wargame. Made by Chris Taylor, lead designer on the original Fallout.

Turning Stealth Video Games Into Stealth Board Games

Thibaud de la Touanne spent 20 years working in the video game business, most recently with Ubisoft Montreal. He’s left that behind now, though, and is bringing that experience to board games.

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