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31 Of The Most Satisfying Feelings In Board Games

Picking up a wild draw four card in Uno. Letting all of the Connect Four pieces drop after a match. Playing a dirty word in Scrabble. Being an ace at Jenga.

It's The Perfect Time To Play Dungeons & Dragons

You might know that the long-awaited new edition of Dungeons & Dragons is upon us. You might be playing it right now, waving an HB pencil around, informing your friends that they’re up to their nips in orcs and should roll for initiative.

10 Things I Learnt Acting Out XCOM In Real Life

The new XCOM board game sounds phenomenal, but last month I played a different kind of XCOM board game. Watch the Skies was a day-long game run by the UK Society of Megagame Makers. “Megagame” is a name that doesn’t disappoint — each one features dozens of players controlling small parts of a massive story.

OK, The XCOM Board Game Sounds Awesome

While the idea of a co-op XCOM board game sounded great, the fact it required use of an app turned a lot of people – myself included – off. Well, maybe I was being premature, because it turns out calling it an “app” is doing it a disservice.

Because I Always Wanted To Be A Star Wars Admiral/Fish Man

I always thought the coolest job in the Star Wars universe was one of the guys/gals/fish aliens in charge of a fleet of enormous starships. So little exertion, so much fun.

This Is The Zelda Monopoly Game Board, Out Next Month

Announced back in April with few deets, finally we now know what the Legend of Zelda version of the popular-amongst-old-people board game Monopoly looks like.

Stupidly Expensive Tables Are A Board Gamer's Fantasy

If current trends continue, there’ll soon come a time when I play more card/board games than video games. And when that time comes, I hope to be playing on something as extravagant as this.

Why Board Games Are Beautiful

The best thing about board games, hands down, is the people. I don’t just mean the sorts of people who play board games, I mean that more broadly: Playing a tabletop or board game means spending time with your friends, your family, your loved ones. Board games are about people.

Watch A Bunch Of Cats Ruin Board Games

Oh, sure. You think it’s cute to break out a few board games with a cat around, but don’t — it’s a bad idea.

King Post Back With Another Tabletop Literary Adaption

Briefly: The guys who brought you a card game adaptation of Moby Dick are back with another tabletop literary adaption, this one about Beowulf. King Post is following last year’s successful Kickstarter campaign with another crowdfunding drive to make their nerdy dreams come true. If you like the sound of playing a Grendel card, check the game out here.