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The Star Wars Board Games Just Keep Getting Better

Star Wars: Imperial Assault and Star Wars: Armada are two of the biggest and best board games around at the moment. Both have had recent expansions that shake things up, and both of those expansions have been terrific.

Look At This Amazing D&D Diorama

Suddenly a nice table and some beers just doesn’t seem good enough.

The New DOOM Board Game Looks Hot

There was a DOOM board game released in 2004. This isn’t it. This one is brand new.

Star Trek Adventures RPG Announced

Besides the latest Star Trek movies, the franchise has recently received a new lease on life, with news that CBS is cooking up a TV series. It appears that’s not the only item on the cards — we’re getting a pen-and-paper RPG too.

Scythe: The Kotaku Review

It’s not every day you get to rampage through the 1920s countryside in control of a fleet of giant mechs.

Official Evil Dead Board Game Takes Boomstick To Its Kickstarter Funding Goal

Board games are getting Kickstarted left, right and centre, which means we’re only going to get more of them. Enter Evil Dead 2: The Official Board Game, almost certainly sparked by the recent success of the franchise’s TV refresh.

I've Been Waiting My Whole Life For This 4X Star Trek Board Game

Birth of the Federation is easily in my top five games. Made during Microprose’s golden age, BotF managed to capture the spirit of Trek, while also delivering a bloody fantastic sci-fi 4X. While I’ve yet to find a video game that has the same feel, an upcoming board game, Star Trek: Ascendancy, might just do it.

Final Fantasy VII Gets An Official Monopoly Board

You probably won’t want to play as Aerith in Final Fantasy VII Monopoly, announced today for release in April 2017.

Who Stole The Breeches? And More Tabletop Stories

Remember a couple of weeks ago, when we posted a bunch of tabletop memories? Just as I predicted, one post wasn’t enough to list all of my favourites, so I compiled another.

Persuading The Army To Turn Around And Other Tabletop Stories

From the tragically heroic to the hopelessly weird, these stories show off why tabletop games remain popular. Here are seven of my favourites, their selection being totally subjective and based on my own odd sense of humour.

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