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The Board Games You Should Play With Your Children

As a parent of a two-year-old I found this profoundly interesting.

Simply put: if you pair reviews of board games with the age those board games are targeted at, there’s an interesting correlation. Board games for children literally get better the older your child becomes.

If You Can't Get Enough Portal In Your Life, Then Try This Board Game

For all those cantankerous types who don’t want other people to get cake.

Some Of The Rarest Board Games On Earth

Like video games and comics, there’s a weirdness to what makes a board game valuable. Sometimes it’s quality! Sometimes it’s scarcity. Sometimes it’s simply, well, weirdness.

One Way Of Passing Time Until Fallout 4's Release

Dayshot: As Redditor KongoBoom discovered, one way of passing time until Fallout 4’s release is designing a New Vegas Monopoly board. A physical version of the set is currently in the works, with NCR, Legion and Pre-war money used as currency instead of caps. There’s higher-res pics of the board and some cards below.

A Board Game's Idea Of The Moon Landing, 14 Years Before It Happened

The oldest toy I own is a board game called Careers. It’s set 14 years before Apollo 11 landed on the moon in 1969, yet it includes a moon expedition mission. It’s a curious artifact — a look into a previous generation’s dreams and ambitions, when space exploration was still an unknown intangible. Our dreams, however, don’t always match up with reality.

Classic Board Game Risk Now Has An Official Game of Thrones Version

Not to be confused with the actual Game of Thrones board game, Hasbro has gone and pumped out a Westeros-flavoured version of Risk. Risk already has about a billion different variations based on popular licenses, so I guess this isn’t entirely unexpected. In fact, I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on it.

Man Wins French Scrabble Champs, Doesn't Speak French

Nigel Richards, a God amongst mortals on the Scrabble tournament scene, has outdone himself this time: he’s won the French version of the Scrabble world champs without speaking a word of French.

10 Board Games You Should Play During International TableTop Day

This Saturday, April 11, thousands of people around the world will take part in International TableTop Day. There are events at libraries, cafes and local game stores for you to go and see what this board gaming malarky is about.

This Wargaming Room Would Strike Fear In The Most Twisted Of Chaos Orcs

Not all of us have the opportunity to build our own gaming rooms and your idea of the perfect entertainment haven is likely different to mine. But a gaming room doesn’t have to be filled with TVs and consoles, no, before the Xbox was a thing, gaming rooms were stacked with miniatures, paint brushes and bottles of flocking. Girls and guys, feast your eyes on Helge’s “Wargaming Room” and let the tears of envy flow freely.

Video Games Are Too Perfect, Which Is Why I'm Playing More Board Games

Outside of work hours (or work assignments), I’m finding myself playing as many board games as I am video games these days. I’d long assumed the reasons for this was the obvious: that sitting around a table, beer in hand, was an infinitely more social experience than sitting on my couch shouting at strangers (if I was talking to anyone at all).

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