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Oh, Legend Of Zelda Chess Set, Why Can't I Buy You?

Novelty chess sets are everywhere and while nothing can beat Star Trek’s 3D version, challengers are always welcome. Fronting up today is this Legend of Zelda offering from Entertainment Earth.

World Record Carcassone Game Used 10,000 Tiles

Well, this is just ridiculous. A group playing at GothCon in Sweden earlier this year set a world record for the biggest ever game of Carcassone, assembling a board made out of 10,007 tiles.

120-Sided Dice, For Your Most Hardcore RPG Sessions

Video: There’s now a d120 out there, made by the folks over at The Dice Lab, and while it’d be interesting to see what it could be used for during an RPG session, it certainly looks like a fun gimmick.

Star Wars: Armada: The Kotaku Review

If there’s one thing you do more than anything else while playing Star Wars: Armada, it’s shout INTENSIFY FORWARD FIREPOWER.

Crowdfunded Dark Souls Board Game Raises $350,000 In Less Than Two Hours

In less than two hours, an amazing-looking board game based on Dark Souls has raised more than £190,000 ($350,112) on Kickstarter. They were only asking for £50,000 ($92,134), and it was funded in three minutes.

Yes, Jim Henson's Labyrinth Is Getting A New Board Game In 2016

A Labyrinth board game? In 2016? If not for the tragic passing of David Bowie this year, we’d probably be asking these questions more seriously. Now, it seems like a beautiful — and interactive — tribute to the man / cultural phenomenon.

There's Gonna Be A Dark Souls Board Game

Prepare to… die?

Oh man, I am way too proud of that pun. Has anyone made that joke yet? Am I the first? Please let me be the first.

The History Of Chess Is Hypnotising And Surprisingly Dramatic

Chess is timeless. Chess is the original esport.

And this fascinating video does something extremely cool: it takes a number of data sources and places them into a single timeline that tracks the rise and fall of the greatest chess players in history.

I don’t play chess. I don’t care about chess at all. But holy hell is this fascinating to watch.

How Chess Has Changed Over The Last 150 Years

The rules of chess have remained consistent since the early 19th Century, but that doesn’t mean our approach to the game has stayed the same. Here are some intriguing and surprising ways the Game of Kings has changed its shape over the past 150 years.

There's Going To Be A Bloodborne Board Game And It Sounds Wonderful

Video games might not translate to movies well, but board games are a different story. Gears of War, StarCraft and Civilization all proved winners. Soon, we’ll (hopefully) be able to add Bloodborne to that list.

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