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Birth of the Federation is easily in my top five games. Made during Microprose's golden age, BotF managed to capture the spirit of Trek, while also delivering a bloody fantastic sci-fi 4X. While I've yet to find a video game that has the same feel, an upcoming board game, Star Trek: Ascendancy, might just do it.


Chess is timeless. Chess is the original esport.

And this fascinating video does something extremely cool: it takes a number of data sources and places them into a single timeline that tracks the rise and fall of the greatest chess players in history.

I don't play chess. I don't care about chess at all. But holy hell is this fascinating to watch.


The rules of chess have remained consistent since the early 19th Century, but that doesn't mean our approach to the game has stayed the same. Here are some intriguing and surprising ways the Game of Kings has changed its shape over the past 150 years.