box art

Super Famicom Box Art Collection Kickstarter

This sounds wonderful — an art book collecting the box art from Super Famicom games. And the mockup pages also look great.

Stop And Admire The Original Super Mario Bros. Box Art

The best examples of box art tend to be those with a timeless design. Those you can look at ten, twenty, even thirty years later and say, yup, that still looks amazing. Super Mario Bros. is one such game.

Strange And Wonderful Mirrored Video Game Cover Art

What the hell am I looking at here? It’s the strange imagery that’s produced by taking a familiar piece of cover art, splitting it in half and duplicating one side on the other.

The Best Box Art Of This Generation

You can’t judge a game by its cover. You can, however, judge a game cover by its cover. With the growing importance of digital sales and preorders, what’s actually on the front of a game box is in many ways becoming less important than it once was, since it’s not the main thing driving sales, even for casual buyers.

Fine Art: Your Box Art Is Drawn By Talented Humans

One of the reasons I run Fine Art is so that artists, who play such a major role in shaping our attachment with our favourite series, get some of the recognition they deserve. That goes double for the images on the front of the box.

How Did I Miss These 30 Year Old Video Game Box Art Parodies?

As someone who remembers old box art this brilliant gallery, put together by Games Radar, is an absolute belter. It reimagines the box art of current gen video games and makes it look super old. I am dying.

The Rules Of Grand Theft Auto Box Art

Rockstar not only recreated the 2D universe of the previous games in 3D, but the developers also came up with a new standard for the North American box art. For each title after Grand Theft Auto III, the cover art would focus on characters and various staples from the game.

The Official Grand Theft Auto V Box Art In All Its Mosaic Splendour

Rockstar has dropped the official box art for Grand Theft Auto V. It’s just like that unfinished mural, only finished.

Impatient People Make GTA V Box Art

This weekend, Kotaku posted images of a new mural going up in downtown Manhattan. The unfinished mural seems to show the yet unrevealed Grand Theft Auto V box art. Impatient people decided they couldn’t wait for the mural’s completion, so they finished it themselves.

Splinter Cell Has Changed, Just Look At The Box Art

Last week, while I was checking out Splinter Cell: Blacklist, I had a long, interesting talk with the game’s creative director Maxime Béland.