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Look At This Box Art

It’s for the Super Famicom-themed 3DS that Japan is getting. As if the handheld itself wasn’t beautiful enough, now this? This should be on a gallery wall, not a retail shelf.

I Like What's Going On With Doom's Box Art

Most video game box art sucks. The new DOOM’s cover, however, is especially bad. Thankfully, Bethesda seems to have taken note of this, and is offering fans a “vote” on a reversible second cover.

Doom's Cover Fits Perfectly With Every Game

Yesterday, alongside the announcement of Doom‘s release date (May 13), Bethesda showed off the cover for it’s next big shooter. It’s… generic.

Very Cool Box Art. Maybe The Coolest.

I am an aficionado of fine box art, it is known. And this is an ever-growing collection of damn fine box art.

Games: When What You See In The Box Art, Isn't In The Box

It’s not so much a problem these days with videos, screenshots and reviews everywhere for almost any remotely popular game, but before the internet, sometimes you just had to trust the publisher. And that meant box art. Dirty, damn lying box art.

The Origins Of Nintendo's Trademark Box Art

From the very first days of its home console business, Nintendo has given its box art a trademark standard, a border or frame that clearly marks the title as being for a Nintendo system. Did you know, though, that this trademark is a lot older than the NES or Famicom?

Super Famicom Box Art Collection Kickstarter

This sounds wonderful — an art book collecting the box art from Super Famicom games. And the mockup pages also look great.

Stop And Admire The Original Super Mario Bros. Box Art

The best examples of box art tend to be those with a timeless design. Those you can look at ten, twenty, even thirty years later and say, yup, that still looks amazing. Super Mario Bros. is one such game.

Strange And Wonderful Mirrored Video Game Cover Art

What the hell am I looking at here? It’s the strange imagery that’s produced by taking a familiar piece of cover art, splitting it in half and duplicating one side on the other.

The Best Box Art Of This Generation

You can’t judge a game by its cover. You can, however, judge a game cover by its cover. With the growing importance of digital sales and preorders, what’s actually on the front of a game box is in many ways becoming less important than it once was, since it’s not the main thing driving sales, even for casual buyers.

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