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This Week In The Business: Or Your Money Back

“It is indeed a safety net for gamers, but it’s not perceived as some type of time-limited demo they can make use of — certainly not for our type of games.” — Slitherine Software marketing director Marco Minoli defends Steam’s refunds policy, saying less than two per cent of the PC strategy publisher’s games sold in the last year were refunded.

This Week In Business: Famous Boy Robot

“We see this as an excellent opportunity to build on the rich legacy of the Mega Man video game series and introduce the famous boy robot to a whole new generation of kids worldwide.” — DHX chief content officer Asaph Fipke gets everyone stoked for a new Mega Man cartoon.

This Week In The Business: Our Human Potential

“We are providing challenge in the games we make, and people are growing inside those economies. In a world of digital content and user-generated content, we are providing self-actualisation for a great many of our players.” — Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson, saying his customers are achieving their human potential by playing EA games.

This Week In The Business: There Are Hits... And Then There Are Hits

Three million — The number of Dark Souls 3 copies shipped by Namco Bandai in the year ended March 31. The game launched March 24.

Disney Infinity Died Just As It Was Getting Good

Disney Infinity was an excellent showcase for company’s vast stable of beloved characters, from Pixar to Marvel Comics to Star Wars, as well as an excellent creative outlet for kids of all ages. The one thing the series never got right was gameplay, and with yesterday’s cancellation it never will.

This Week In The Business: Give In To Your Hate

“We’ve seen this in the franchise before — the reveal trailer for Black Ops II, which took the franchise into the future for the first time had the most dislikes of any reveal trailer we had ever made at that time and that of course went on to become our most successful game ever.” — Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg explains why a wave of hostility aimed at Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare‘s reveal trailer is no cause for concern.

This Week In The Business: Lowered NX-pectations

QUOTE | “The challenge is that the roadmap for a successful Nintendo console is unclear.” — EEDAR analyst Patrick Walker, suggesting that Mario, Zelda and the like won’t be enough of a unique selling point to move the NX on their own.

Nintendo Is Offloading The Seattle Mariners

In 1992, Nintendo’s then-president Hiroshi Yamauchi went out and bought a majority stake in the Seattle Mariners baseball team. It was one of the most 90s things Nintendo ever did, but today, that era comes to an end.

This Week In The Business: Toys-To-Life To Death

STAT | 7 per cent – The amount the toys-to-life US retail revenues grew in 2015, even with the introduction of a new major player in Lego Dimensions. The industry-tracking NPD Group believes the genre will shrink in 2016.

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