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This Week In The Business: Virtual Shots Fired

“In reality I see [virtual reality] as a very expensive Wii.” — Day Z developer Dean Hall, sharing his concerns about the new tech given how little is known about what games will sell and how big the market for it will be.

This Week In The Business: Feardom Of The Press

“In the very near term I am fearful of journalists.” ­– Unity boss John Riccitiello speaking during the Vision Summit keynote about how press might react to the shortfall between the analyst numbers and his own forecasts on VR.

This Week In The Business: Money For Nothing

STAT | $US794 ($1,122) million – The staggering size of Magic Leap’s latest investment round. The augmented reality company has yet to even announce a commercial product, but is already valued at $US4.5 ($6) billion.

Strong Game Sales Are Helping Power Nintendo

Nintendo has posted their financial data for the nine month period between April and December of 2015, showing some rather strong software sales: just Splatoon sold over four million copies, for example.

This Week In The Business: Witness Pirates

QUOTE | “It seems The Witness is the #1 game on a certain popular torrent site. Unfortunately this will not help us afford to make another game!” – Indie developer Jonathan Blow talking about the unfortunate levels of piracy that he’s seen for his much-praised new game The Witness.

Peter Molyneux's Twitter Apparently Hacked, Posts Fake Retirement Message

Earlier today, it looked like British game developer Peter Molyneux, famous for his work on games like Fable and Populous, had announced on Twitter his retirement from video games.

Sony Tried To Trademark 'Let's Play', Gets Smacked Down

Last year, Sony quietly tried to trademark the term “Let’s Play”, which they want to use for marketing, but which everyone else associates with videos of people playing games on the internet. Thankfully, the USPTO is having none of it.

This Week In The Business: Cooks, Magicians And Other Video Game Things

“This year a variety of talented people will explore engagement and how it deeply affects what they do…” — Martin Rae, president of DICE Summit organiser AIAS, explaining why this year’s edition of the gaming convention features presentations from a Las Vegas magician, automobile industry insiders and film and TV producers.

This Week In The Business: Digging Just The Right-Sized Hole

QUOTE | “We don’t want to dig too big a hole.” – Oculus VP of product Nate Mitchell, explaining why the company isn’t selling the Rift hardware below cost, at least for now.

This Week In The Business: Shinra Falls Again

“[Shinra Technologies] has found no prospective investors at this point, and therefore has to discontinue its business.” — Square Enix, explaining why it shuttered the cloud-gaming subsidiary founded by former Square Enix president Yoichi Wada.

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