This Week In The Business: Gonna Be Sick

“Getting people sick isn’t a choice.” — Valve’s Chet Faliszek, talking about how the future of VR depends on finding a solution to motion sickness in its users.

This Week In The Business: The Case Of The Disappearing Developers

“I suspect that Apple would be ecstatic if 90 per cent of game developers disappeared overnight. See also: Steam.” — Indie developer Jeff Vogel, explaining why he walked away from iOS development after his game Avernum 2 was pulled from the App Store.

The Average Anime Salary In Japan Is Shockingly Low

We already know that the work hours for animators in Japan are awful. But, as NHK reports, the average pay is shit too.

This Week In The Business: Getting Harder

“Holy fuck, it’s got harder.” — Developer Cliff Harris, who just launched Gratutitous Space Battles 2 on Steam, talking about the big difference between releasing a game in 2013 and releasing a game today.

This Week In The Business: No Time For Consoles

“The real issue is by 2019 whether Sony and Microsoft will still be relevant in the game space.” — Analyst David Cole, talking about his company’s new global industry report which lowers their forecast for consoles and raises it for PC and mobile games.

This Week In The Business: Baby Steps

“I don’t think VR is a now thing. I’m not saying it’s five years from now, but it’s not really a now now thing.” — Xbox head Phil Spencer, talking about why Microsoft is sitting on the VR sidelines right now.

This Week In The Business: That Mad MOBA Money

$US501 million — Amount of money that MOBAs will earn in the USA this year, according to EEDAR; this will be greater the the $US499 million expected from MMORPGs and the $US237 million expected from shooters.

This Week In The Business: Basically Dead

“Most developers never really made money. They were able to stay in the business. But the way the deals were structured, they were basically dead.” — Oddworld founder Lorne Lanning, talking about why capitalism is killing games.

This Week In The Business: Afraid Of Making Games

“I’m scared as a game developer to think about making a game.” — Mike Capps, former president of Epic Games, talking about how hard it is to make a hit game these days and why he’s not starting a new game studio.

Everything We Know (Not Much) About Nintendo's New Hardware

Nintendo just surprised everybody with the announcement that its working on some new hardware, codenamed “NX”. Pretty much everything about “NX” besides its codename remains a mystery, however.