This Week In The Business: The PlayStation 4 Redemption

“PlayStation 4 was such a great redemption… making that platform such a success quite frankly contributed to me being more comfortable with getting on to the rest of my career.” — Former Sony Computer Entertainment head Jack Tretton, reflecting on his 19 years at Sony and his new role on the advisory board of AI firm Genotaur.

This Week In The Business: Our Prices Are Insane

QUOTE | “If you want to sell a game for $60, to the player it has to feel like $200…In 2014, $60 for a game is a little insane.” – Creative director Adrian Chmielarz talking about the lessons of Bulletstorm and the problem with prices.

This Week In The Business: Forbidding Fruit

QUOTE | “I’m sure that they’re trying to stay away from controversy. I get it, but it still makes me sad.” — Tina Gong, creator of HappyPlayTime, talking about Apple’s rejection of the app featuring a vagina to educate young women about female masturbation.

This Week In The Business: The Xbox One Unleashed

QUOTE | “This change will be enough to push the Xbox One installed base higher than PS4 in the US and Canada in 2015.” — IDC analyst Lewis Ward, commenting on Microsoft’s decision to release a Kinect-less Xbox One for $US399.

This Week In The Business: A Billion Dollar Battle

STAT | $US1.11 billion — Amount of revenue Activision earned in the first quarter of this year, down from $US1.32 billion last year; the company projects revenues of $US4.22 billion for the full year, compared to $US4.3 billion in 2013.

Dark Souls II One Of The Few Positives For Namco Bandai's Bottom Line

Dark Souls II has done alright for publisher Namco Bandai and developer From Software, shifting a chunky 1.2 million copies to masochistic gamers everywhere. That’s great for Namco’s games department… and Namco as a whole, considering the rest of its business didn’t do so great over the last 12 months.

Nintendo Reports A Loss Of $489 Million, 3DS And Wii U Both Fall Short

Nintendo has published its numbers for the most recent financial year, and it’s sadly not doing all that well.

Report: Neversoft Merging With Call Of Duty Developer Infinity Ward

The studio that created Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater will soon be no more. According to an internal memo from Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshburg obtained by Giant Bomb, the 20-year-old studio is merging with Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward, and the Neversoft name is being retired.

DayZ Standalone Has Already Sold Two Million Copies

Briefly: DayZ Standalone has sold two million copies as of last night. This is notable because a) it’s still in alpha, b) it only came out mid-December, and c) it was never part of a sale. Very, very impressive.