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This Week In The Business: More Ambitious Than Molyneux

QUOTE | “It’s simply the most ambitious game we’ve ever created at Lionhead.” – An explanation for Fable Legends’ latest delay, as posted on the game’s official website by Lionhead Studios, a company founded by Peter Molyneux.

This Week In The Business: Rose-Coloured VR Glasses

$US70 ($97) billion — The size of the VR market by 2020, as projected by research firm TrendForce. For comparison, Superdata this year estimated the current worldwide gaming industry — console, PC, mobile, social, eSports, VR, digital and physical — at $US74.2 ($103) billion.

This Week In The Business: Now For Something Completely Different

“I can assure you we’re not building the next version of Wii or Wii U. It’s something unique and different. It’s something where we have to move away from those platforms in order to make it something that will appeal to our consumer base.” — Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima, emphasising that the Nintendo NX will be a departure from the company’s current consoles.

The Biggest Selling Manga Issues Of 2015

I know, I know, 2015 isn’t over yet, but the Oricon charts (think Billboard, but for Japan) have listed the biggest selling manga of this year.

This Week In The Business: The Only Answer To Star Wars

Star Wars is a thing that shaped my whole life. You get invited to join the team? There’s only one answer, ‘Yes.'” — EA Visceral creative lead Amy Hennig talks about the allure of Star Wars bringing her to work at EA.

This Week In The Business: Or Your Money Back

“The game was a failure. We could not do, in good conscience, volume 2 and volume 3.” — Steve Escalante, GM of Afro Samurai 2 publisher Versus Evil, explaining why the game was pulled from PSN and refunds issues to all customers.

This Week In The Business: Bum Raps And Harsh Tokes

QUOTE | “If you want to talk about who is getting bum raps I think Nintendo got some pretty harsh tokes.” – Capy Games president Nathan Vella, saying the Wii U maker deserves more credit for the way it treats indies.

Conan O'Brien: Video Game Salesman

Do you have a video game that needs promoting? Well, Conan O’Brien is your man. He’s quite good. The best, even.

It's Not All Bad: AMD's Snatched A Sliver Of The GPU Market Back From NVIDIA

It’s no secret NVIDIA is dominating the discrete graphics market, despite AMD’s best efforts. However, while the latter company may have lost a chunk of market share compared to last year, the most recent quarter saw it claw back a little. But only a little.

This Week In The Business: A 5.9 Billion Dollar Bargain

“…Activision got them cheaply…” — Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter giving his thumbs up to Activision’s $US5.9 billion purchase of Candy Crush Saga maker King.

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