Here Are The Top Games In Japan For 2014 (So Far)

Now that we’re into July and 2014 is half over, how’s everyone’s year been? Good? Mediocre? Crappy? OK, let’s talk games.

This Week In The Business: Free-To-Play Failure

QUOTE | “It will start to tail off because the people who play the games will recognise when they’re about to be nickled and dimed, and stop playing them.” — MMO pioneer Richard Bartle, arguing that free-to-play games have a “half-life” and will soon start to fail.

This Week In The Business: Creative Immaturity

QUOTE | “The majority of what the other developers exhibited was bloody shooter software… I believe this is a revelation of creative immaturity on our part as creators in the video game industry.” — Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo’s legendary designer, speaking to Nintendo investors about how Nintendo can improve its position.

Airtight Games Is No More, According To GeekWire

Briefly: Airtight Games is no more, according to GeekWire. The independent developer behind Quantum Conundrum and Soul Fjord recently released Murdered: Soul Suspect, a noir-themed adventure game published by Square Enix. The GeekWire reporter found the studio’s Redmond, WA headquarters newly vacated, “with a sign outside saying the company is closing its doors.”

This Week In The Business: Putting The 'F-U' In Free-To-Play?

QUOTE | “I was so fed up of people telling us we should do free-to-f**king-play, in-app-f**king purchases, whatever the f**k that is, and that consoles were dead. So f**k all of those people and their f**king shitty stance.” — Graeme Struthers of Devolver, talking about why he’s happy to see next-gen consoles doing well.

This Week In The Business: Turn The Wii U Around

QUOTE | “I think we are right at that tipping point where we have a lot of great content that is about to be released for [the Wii U] that’s going to tempt gamers into buying the system.” — Scott Moffitt, EVP of sales and marketing for Nintendo of America, talking about how the Wii U is about to have a 3DS-like turnaround.

THQ Lives Again

Like Hannibal Lecter wearing that guard’s face, Nordic Games are planning to publish games under the THQ name and trademark.

This Week In The Business: Mistakes Were Made

QUOTE | “Inclusivity always seems to end up on the cutting board.” – A female engineer at a top studio (who prefers to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal), discussing the “horribly familiar” arguments Ubisoft offered as to why a female character option was left out of Assassin’s Creed Unity.

This Week In The Business: The PlayStation 4 Redemption

“PlayStation 4 was such a great redemption… making that platform such a success quite frankly contributed to me being more comfortable with getting on to the rest of my career.” — Former Sony Computer Entertainment head Jack Tretton, reflecting on his 19 years at Sony and his new role on the advisory board of AI firm Genotaur.

This Week In The Business: Our Prices Are Insane

QUOTE | “If you want to sell a game for $60, to the player it has to feel like $200…In 2014, $60 for a game is a little insane.” – Creative director Adrian Chmielarz talking about the lessons of Bulletstorm and the problem with prices.