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In Two Weeks, You'll Fall To Your Death In The Next Call Of Duty DLC Map

The globe-trotting nature of the Call of Duty series means that multiplayer maps have a plethora of locales to choose from. And the latest one is in… New York?!

Modern Warfare 3 PlayStation 3 Elite Content Season Kicks Off February 28

PlayStation 3 Call of Duty Elite members get their first taste of the nine-month Modern Warfare 3 content season come February 28, when Activision launches the Liberation and Piazza maps for Sony’s console.

Modern Warfare 3 Maps Out Its DLC Schedule

Man, Activision is really pushing its new Elite subscription service. Not that we blame them — it’s a smart idea. Now Activision has completely ‘mapped’ out its DLC schedule for 2012, and it looks as though they will be regularly releasing new maps and missions exclusively for Elite subscribers.

Call Of Duty Elite Comes To iDevices Tomorrow

Some hardcore fanatics might say that Call of Duty’s a major part of their life. Thinking about killstreaks, prestiges and perks in Activision’s multi-developer FPS series takes up a large part of their days and their nights get spent filling online opponents full of bullet holes.

Call Of Duty Says Happy Holidays With Double XP And A Prestige Token For Elite Members

Premium Call of Duty Elite Subscribers got a couple stocking stuffers on Christmas Eve for use in Modern Warfare 3. They’ll get an extra two hours of double XP play, and a Prestige Token that can be redeemed for more XP time or other perks in the game’s Prestige Shop.

What It Looks Like When Call Of Duty Elite's Social Platform Actually Works

So, getting Call of Duty Elite functional has been a struggle for Activision. The publisher’s promising that the social platform built for their best-selling FPS franchise will finally be mostly functional this week.

Call Of Duty Elite Is 95% Operational, Mobile Versions Inbound

Call of Duty’s online Elite service is just about fully functional, with the first episode of Friday Night Fights set to hit this week and the mobile version releasing as early as next week, Activision says.

One Million People Are Paying For Call Of Duty Elite

Never mind that the rollout for Call of Duty Elite, Call of Duty‘s stat tracking and social service, hasn’t been smooth, Activision is sending out a press release this morning to proudly announce that it’s sold one million premium accounts. Congrats!

Call Of Duty: Elite's 404 Page Is Wonderful

Call of Duty: Elite is suffering a rocky rollout. Things haven’t gone as expected, but in good time, Activision will hopefully get things ironed out. Until then, there’s this.

GameStop Alone Sold 600,000 Memberships To Call Of Duty's Elite Service

Call of Duty Elite’s launch was rocky, Activision tells us, missteps were made, but we’ve never had any sense of just how many paying customers it might have attracted, until now.

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