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Capcom: 'We Got It Wrong' On PC Super Street Fighter DRM

Capcom will remove the “limited offline” restrictions DRM places on the PC versions of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, saying its community convinced it that such measures meant legitimate users would have a worse experience than the pirates the DRM means to thwart.

Capcom Users Ask What About New IP; Brass Replies

Comments lack a tone of voice (hint hint, dear readers) so a Capcom-Unity user’s query: “Do you guy [sic]ever think about starting a new game franchise??” might sound chippy. Instead, Capcom’s Christian Svensson answered politely that yes, they do.

Capcom Wises Up, Promises Punctual Steam Releases

As an avid PC gamer, and a dedicated Steam user, few things grind my gears like delayed Steam releases. You know the kind. Game comes out on console, then PC, then Steam, weeks later.

Capcom: RE5 Versus Code is Not on Disc

Capcom exec Christian Svensson got called out by his customers to explain the puny size of the RE5 DLC, which some took to mean it simply unlocked code already on the disc. He responded.

Capcom Has More HD Remixes Up Its Sleeve; Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Next?

Capcom’s VP of Business Development and Strategic Planning, Christian Svensson, says the company is far from done making high def Remixes of its old-school games.

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