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They're Making A New City Of Heroes. Kind Of

As you may have heard, City of Heroes, one of the oldest superhero MMORPGs, is no more. But its spirit lives on, apparently. In a Kickstarter campaign.

City Of Heroes' Studio Fought To The Bitter End To Save The MMO, Designer Says

Gamasutra‘s postmortem of City of Heroes and Paragon Studios says the MMO’s development staff did everything it could to keep the game running — including trying to buy it from publisher NCSoft. Apparently, plans for one final update were shot down right before the game was closed on December 1.

City Of Heroes Goes Out With A Roar And A Bang

Last night NCsoft shut down City of Heroes, a landmark game that eight years ago brought the thrills of super powers and comic book crime-fighting to an MMO role-playing world.

The Two Superhero MMOs Not Facing Imminent Death Are Doing Just Fine

As fans gather in a desperate attempt to save the doomed City of Heroes from its announced closure, DC Universe Online unleashes mystical forces with its latest expansion and Dr Destroyer’s army of Destroid robots rises in Champions Online in celebration of the game’s third anniversary.

Dinner's On Us, Grateful Fans Say To City Of Heroes Developers

Last week’s vigil in Paragon City was misunderstood (including by me) to be a protest against the announced shutdown of City of Heroes, the eight-year-old superhero MMO. It was intended as a statement of support and tribute, particularly to the Paragon Studios development team that, let’s not forget, is seeing the end of something it cares for, as well as the end of all their jobs.

City Of Heroes Protest Takes Its Case To City Hall

The City of Heroes community has called for a massive demonstration at 5pm EDT in Atlas Park to protest the MMO’s shutdown. [Update] But apparently it’s already begun.

MMO Developer Paragon Studios Closing, City Of Heroes To Be Shut Down

Paragon Studios has announced that effective immediately, all work on superhero-themed MMORPG City of Heroes will be ceasing, and the game will be shut down by the end of the year. In a post on the official City of Heroes site, community manager Andy Belford wrote the following.

It's A Massively Multiplayer Online Halloween Spooktacular

With fewer and fewer children donning costumes and hitting the streets every year to celebrate all things sweet and spooky, the Halloween tradition is alive and well in the virtual worlds of today’s massively multiplayer online games.

City Of Heroes Now Free-to-Play

After more than seven years as the most popular subscription-based massively multiplayer online superhero role-playing game, Paragon Studios flips the switch on City of Heroes Freedom, potentially the most popular free-to-play superhero MMO.

You Don't Have To Pay For City Of Heroes Anymore

Superhero MMO City of Heroes is killing its monthly fee with the advent of City of Heroes Freedom as the game transitions from subscription-based model to a new, free to play one.

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