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When Jeff Goldblum Told Us To Stop Playing And Enjoy Life

Or at least those of us who gathered every DNA sample in 1997’s The Lost World: Jurassic Park video game. We scored a very special message from Mr. Goldblum, urging us to “call a member of the opposite sex” and “Get the stink off.”

How Blizzard (Probably) Makes Hearthstone's Golden Cards

Ever stared lovingly at one of Hearthstone‘s animated golden cards and wondered “How did they make them look so darn special?” There’s the obvious (the card is shiny!) and the subtle (how’d they get the leaves to blow like that?), but no one’s really broken them down in detail. Well, until now that is.

The First Injustice 2 Gameplay Trailer Does Not Disappoint

From cinematic attacks tearing across the sky to the appearance of a certain blue cat dressed in a red onesie, so far Injustice 2 has everything a fan of the first game could want, as long as they are me.

Persuading The Army To Turn Around And Other Tabletop Stories

From the tragically heroic to the hopelessly weird, these stories show off why tabletop games remain popular. Here are seven of my favourites, their selection being totally subjective and based on my own odd sense of humour.

Warcraft's Special Effects Explained In This 20-Minute Documentary

Opinions are conflicted on Warcraft as a good or bad film, but most seem to agree that the computer-generated imagery is superb. If you’re curious for more details on how the effects were accomplished, this 20-minute BBC doco should do the trick.

Kirby: Planet Robobot: The Kotaku Review

Kirby is approaching Mario and Sonic in terms of ubiquity. The little guy has starred in three games in as many years, all without a drop in quality. The newest game, the Nintendo 3DS’ Planet Robobot, is the best of the three.

E3 Skylander Imaginator Reveals Begin With This Hot Little Number

While Skylanders Imaginators is all about creating your own custom characters, they’d be nothing with Sensei characters to show them the way and give Activision new figures to sell. We’ll be seeing a lot of new faces during E3 this week, including Ember, the fire-based Sensei of the Sentinel class.

The Secret To Winning Catan According To The Creator's Son? Complain... A Lot

Most of us have played a game or 20 of Settlers of Catan. Despite its constant popularity (enough for someone to buy the rights for the movie), the original came out over two decades ago. If you’ve ever wondered how the board game came to be, this short, yet fascinating look at creator Klaus Teuber should prove enlightening.

My Sanity Is Ready For This Official Call Of Cthulhu Game, Based On The RPG

The world needs more HP Lovecraft-inspired games. Something we can not only sink our teeth into, but risk having teeth sunk into us. The most unthinkable, unfathomable and unspeakable option on the horizon is Cyanide Studio’s Call of Cthulhu, based on the pen and paper RPG of the same name.

There's A Song In Nier That Drives Me Up The Wall

There’s a village, the Aerie, which your character visits at the beginning of Nier. Its cacophonous theme is… surprising. As part of my never-ending battle against my backlog, I decided to finally play 2010’s Nier in preparation for the new game in the series, NieR:Automata.

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