One Of The Biggest Upsets In UFC History

TJ Dillashaw wasn’t supposed to beat Renan Barao. He wasn’t even supposed to be in the ring with him. There are two kinds of upsets in the UFC: the fast, unexpected kind and the slow-motion car wreck, where it’s like watching somebody get hit by the same truck over and over and over.

The Original Transformers Combiner Is Back And Bigger Than Ever

I didn’t make it to Comic-Con 2015, but there was no way the show was going to pass without taking a pass at some of Hasbro’s Transformers exclusives, including the return of the original Decepticon combiner terror, Devastator.

Street Fighter Versus Honest Game Trailers: More Fun Than Kicking A Car

Honest Game Trailers usually focuses on a specific game, but in its latest instalment, the Street Fighter franchise as a whole is put on trial. With such a body of work to draw from, there’s no shortage of comedy to be found.

The Gameplay Of Skaven Slaughter Simulator Vermintide Explained

The co-op, first-person smasher Vermintide is certainly one of the more interesting Warhammer games currently in development. If you caught the teaser back in April and have been hungry for more, this three-minute video should do the trick.

Co-op Hack'n'Slash Victor Vran Leaves Early Access

Despite past experience, some games do indeed come out of Early Access, with one of the latest off the rank being Victor Vran by Tropico developer Haemimont Games. While it may have missed its planned May release by a few months, the extra polish looks to have paid off for the co-op action RPG.

A Horror Game Based On A Real Place

Horror games, movies, and books are at their scariest when things get a bit too real.

Ant-Man Makes A Good Movie, But How Does He Play?

After seeing the superhero movie Io9 lauded as “perfectly competent” on Thursday night, I felt the urge to get a little more hands-on with Ant-Man. Luckily he’s now in every Marvel video game, including Diablo-esque Marvel Heroes.

Out There, A Lightweight Space Roguelike, Is Having A Sale On Steam

I first discovered Mi-Clos Studios’ Out There on iPad, where it was the perfect, lightweight roguelike to play when I felt like a gaming distraction of the portable kind. Once I’d had my fill — the game has a very limited set of endings — I moved on… or so I thought. Out of the blue, the developer released the “Omega” edition and darn it, I got suckered in again. If you don’t have a mobile device to play it on, all good, the PC version is currently discounted on Steam.

Never Stop Adding Lyrics To The Legend Of Zelda Theme

Animation Domination High-Def takes a stab at adding words The Legend of Zelda‘s classic overworld theme, and while it covers all the bases — mute hero, chickens, smashing pots, side quests — it’s been done much better.

Here's Doom Being Played On A Game Console From 1982

We’ve had Doom on the Raspberry Pi and even Doom inside Doom, so it’s only fitting Doom makes an appearance on the most retro of gaming devices — the humble Vectrex.