Rock Band Cranks Out The Tetris Theme While Standing Atop A Building

I’ve gotten flak in the past for being overly glib with my use of the word “shred”, but I’d say there’s enough finger-tapping and cello-sawing going on in this video to qualify.

PAX East: PC's Fragmentation Is Both Its Biggest Strength... And Weakness

With the arrival of Mantle and the more recent announcement of DirectX 12, PC gaming has been pushed back into the limelight. Timely then, was the PAX East panel “The Incredible Future of PC Gaming”, which saw Star Citizen head man Chris Roberts, along with representatives from NVIDIA and Oculus VR, give their perspectives on where the platform is heading.

Even Boring Chores Look Good In This Beautiful MMO

We’ve seen the character creation system, as well as some of the combat featured in Black Desert, a stunning-looking Korean MMO. But the game also features stuff you can do during your downtime — and it looks like the developers are putting care into small details.

Double Bumblebee Is The Best Thing About Rise Of The Dark Spark

I don’t care which universe he’s in, plucky yellow Autobot Bumblebee always rocks. And hey, that’s two voice actors Activision doesn’t have to hire! SPOILER FOR TRANSFORMERS PRIME ANIMATED SERIES FOLLOWS

50 Frustrating Moments Everyone Experiences While Playing Games

Escort missions. Not being able to pause when you need to. Never having a line piece appear in Tetris. There are a ton of little aggravating things anyone who games will experience, many of which BuzzFeedPop compiles into one montage. Which of these is the worst, in your opinion? Or do you have any frustrating moments not covered in the video that you think lots of people experience?

Vlambeer's Nuclear Throne Is Adding 4-Player Online And Local Multiplayer

Briefly: If you’re familiar with the brutal Gauntlet-style game, you’re cheering right now. Online multiplayer will be added to the Steam Early Access version of the game soon. It’s going to be glorious.

Arma 3's Zeus DLC Sounds Like A Griefer's Paradise

Scripted games are great. Tight, hand-crafted experiences from professional designers will guarantee a minimum level of fun. But replace the programming with a person… a person with ultimate control over your fate and the tools to go ahead and ruin your world? Arma 3‘s latest “Zeus” DLC gives one player exactly this… here’s hoping he or she doesn’t make your life miserable.

Disney Characters Do Really Strange Things, When You Think About It

Disney characters might be beloved, but that doesn’t mean they can’t also be weird. This becomes particularly apparent if you ever try to mimic their behaviour — which, by the way, you probably shouldn’t.

Look Kids, It's The First 3D Mobile Adventure Time Game

While Finn, Jake and friends showed up as 3D card battlers in Adventure Time: Card Wars, the rest of their games (browser-based not included!) have been confined to two dimensions. The upcoming Adventure Time: Time Tangle gives the Land of Ooo some much-needed depth. Want to see?

The Level Editor For Age Of Wonders III Looks Fantastic

One thing I’ve always liked about Blizzard is the high quality of its modding tools. Where other developers have dumped such support in favour of, well, nothing, it’s good to know there are studios out there that actually like their communities. Take Triumph Studios and Age of Wonders III, the latest instalment in the fantasy strategy series.