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ALICE VR Looks Like A Sci-Fi Version Of The Witness (With Oculus Rift Support)

If The Witness and Eastshade are anything to go by, 2016 might be the year of the “walking simulator”. I know that phrase is almost always used derogatively, but that’s not the case here. It could also mean VR comes into its own — which is a perfect fit for the genre — especially if Carbon Studio’s ALICE VR gains some traction.

Eastshade Is A Beautiful Indie Game About 'Taking' Paintings Like Photos

The recent financial success of The Witness goes to show that people are happy to simply wander around game worlds. Sure there are puzzles to solve, but you’re mostly free to just exist. An indie title by the name Eastshade looks like it’s taking the same tack, except you get to take paintings of the scene.

My New Best Friend Is A Blade & Soul NPC

NCsoft’s martial arts MMO Blade & Soul is filled with colourful non-player characters voicing their enthusiastic praise, desperate pleas for help or dramatic plot advancement. Then there’s Ronsul. She’s the best.

Warcraft Movie Actor Tells Conan O'Brien How World Of Warcraft Saved His Life

Orgrim Doomhammer actor Robert Kazinsky was on Conan O’Brien earlier this week, where he told the story of how World of Warcraft made him fat, lazy and happier than he’s ever been.

Here's The First Episode Of Confirmed 'Myths' For Just Cause 3

YouTube channel DefendTheHouse has built its reputation on Mythbusters-style videos for popular games. It’s just taken the wraps off a new series for Avalanche’s Just Cause 3, the first episode of which you can watch right here.

Unreal Engine 4 Does Excellent X-Men Fanart

The Cerebro/Cerebra is a device used to locate mutants in the X-Men world. Its Unreal Engine 4 version probably does that, too, plus it looks amazing. A GIF really doesn’t do it justice.

It Has Come To This (NSFW)

This image comes from a game called Balls Kicking Simulator 2016. I would say we’ve hit peak Steam Greenlight, but I’m not sure that’s possible anymore.

Yandere Simulator Dev Says Twitch Hasn't Told Him Why His Game Was Banned (NSFW)

Yandere Simulator is the latest game to get banned from Twitch. If you stream Yandere Simulator, you could get banned, too. Thing is, the developer making the game doesn’t exactly know why Twitch made this call. He’s willing to change some things, if they’d consider lifting the ban, but Twitch isn’t talking to him. Note: The screen shots featured in this article may be Not Safe For Work.

Honest Game Trailers Nails The Strangeness Of Life Is Strange

Heard of Life is Strange and not entirely sure what it’s about? Well, time to be simultaneously informed and amused as Honest Game Trailers tackles this odd blend of teens, time travel and uh, hipster Patrick Bateman.

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