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The Technology Behind Just Cause 3's Destructible Environments

We know Avalanche’s Just Cause 3 is going to be a madhouse of… well, everything. But a lot of careful design, smart technology and plain old love is going into the game to make it foremost third-person sandbox title. Take the science behind Just Cause 3‘s explosions — it’s more intelligent than your run-of-the-mill, one-size-fits-all explosion code.

Final Fantasy XIV's Anniversary Takes Players To A Very Special Place

Final Fantasy XIV‘s two year anniversary celebration is a one-way ticket to the place where dreams become reality — sort of.

Guild Wars 2 Is Free To Play Starting Today

Since its release in August of 2012 playing the subscription-free PC MMORPG Guild Wars 2 has been a simple matter of purchasing the initial game. Starting today you don’t even have to do that.

The Sunday Morning Stream Plays Disney Infinity 3.0 

Sunday morning used to be all about playing with toys and watching cartoons. Let’s do that! I’ve been on holiday for the past month and that holiday may have been specifically timed in order to ensure I was around for the launch of the latest wave of toy-based games.

The Metal Gear Franchise, Mostly Explained In Under 12 Minutes

Video: Metal Gear lore is remarkably complicated and goofy. Michael Huber at GameTrailers tries to quickly sift through it all and distil it down to the main points. I think it pretty much works!

Kerbal Space Program Is Coming To Xbox One... At Some Point

Although only officially released in late April this year, PC gamers have been enjoying Squad’s rocket-builder Kerbal Space Program since mid-2011. It’s come a long way in that time and having thoroughly conquered the desktop, the game is now making its way to the Xbox One.

With Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Incoming, Eidos Montreal Devs Play Human Revolution

I think we’re all ready for a new Deus Ex game. Thankfully, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will be with us early 2016, delays notwithstanding. As for 2015, it marks the 15th anniversary of the release of the original and to give this event some recognition, a pair of Eidos Montreal developers fired up Human Revolution and provided some commentary on its creation.

Touch Arcade's Hands-On Video With Horizon Chase

Video: The folks over at Touch Arcade have uploaded a hands-on video of Horizon Chase. It’s being marketed as a “love letter” to the 8-bit and 16-bit racers of years past, and it drops on Thursday, 20 August.

Hi, Let's Stream Some Destiny

It’s Sunday and Xur is selling Gjallarhorn. Seems like reason enough to stream some Destiny.

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