Lindsay Lohan's New Mobile Game Isn't What You Think

I’m sitting at my desk with my iPhone in one hand, rapidly stroking the screen with the other. This is how my celebrity avatar builds her fan base in Lindsay Lohan’s The Price Of Fame — simulated masturbation on a grand scale.

Shovel Knight Is Coming To PlayStation... With Kratos

Video: Nice! The excellent action/platformer Shovel Knight is coming to PS4, PS3 and Vita. Also, it looks like a certain God of War will make a cameo appearance.

The New King's Quest Makes An Impressive Debut

The classic adventure game King’s Quest is coming back courtesy of indie studio The Odd Gentleman. And… it looks lovely. Take a look at this debut trailer.

Day Of The Tentacle And Grim Fandango Are Getting Remastered

Briefly: A whole new generation of gamers will finally get to play Day of the Tentacle, one of the greatest adventure games ever created, thanks to a newly-announced remaster from Double Fine. Day of the Tentacle: Special Edition will be out for PS4, Vita, PC, and Linux. No release date yet.

There's A New Playable Character Somewhere In This Witcher 3 Trailer

Video: Geralt isn’t the only playable character in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. There’s another one in this video. CD Projekt Red just isn’t saying which one. Reps from the developer teased the new playable character on stage at the Game Awards prior to showing this latest trailer, in which a white-haired woman I desperately hope is the character they are teasing does a lot of very cool things.

Marvel Heroes' Latest Playable Character Is A Mass-Murderer. Yay!

Look kids, it’s Max Eisenhardt, one of the most beloved villains in the Marvel universe. He may be directly responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of people, but he feels really bad about it so we’re giving him a second third fourth fifth chance. Oh, Marvel.

The Game Awards And PlayStation Experience: What You May Have Missed

So we had a lot of short stories from the Game Awards event and the PlayStation Experience come in overnight and rather than hit you with them one at a time, here is most of them in a single go. Enjoy!

Twenty Years Of PlayStation History The Most Delightful Way Possible

Video: Shown during the PlayStation Experience keynote presentation, this LittleBigPlanet tribute to two decades of PlayStation games makes me wish every game had an official sack counterpart.

Capcom: Street Fighter V Is Exclusive To PS4 And PC For Good

Video: While we got to see some of Street Fighter V in action earlier this week, there was still some new information announced at the PlayStation Experience event in Las Vegas yesterday. Cross-platform play!

No Man's Sky Still Looks Spectacular

Video: Wow. Here’s one of the best trailer from The Game Awards. It’s No Man’s Sky doing what it does best: look beautiful. Hello Game’s procedurally-generated space game lets you explore the universe, and that universe is vast.