At Least We Got A Decent TMNT Game Out Of All This Movie Business

While the latest live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film is drawing hate from fans for straying from the original concept, Nickelodeon’s movie-based mobile game succeeds by sticking with what’s worked so well in the past.

Marvel Contest Of Champions Comes To Mobile In Spring. What Is It?

Announced today at Marvel’s San Diego Comic-Con video game panel, Marvel Contest of Champions is a game involving heroes punching each other, coming to mobile platforms in spring. Surely there’s more to it than that.

Batman V Superman Teaser Trailer Leaks Out Of Comic-Con

Video: This might not stay up for long. It’s pretty short, but if you enjoy Batman, Superman or the sound of grown men losing their crap, it’s still worth a look.

Today's Special Destiny Mission Took Players To The Moon

Videos: It’s where evil space wizards come from. Somebody should investigate, huh? A too-cool-to-miss event during the Destiny beta had been teased all week by developer Bungie and players finally got to sample it today. The special Dark Beyond mission that took players to the foreboding, enemy-enveloped moon was unlocked for only a few hours today. Maybe you didn’t get to play it or see it yet so here’s what it looked like.

Freedom Planet Is Basically A Classic Sonic Game, Except When It's Not

If Freedom Planet was sitting at a bar with its back turned to you, you’d almost certainly mistake it for your old pal Sonic The Hedgehog. And I mean old. Classic, 2D, pudgier than today’s model, who inspires body image issues in hedgehogs the world over. This is a love letter to classic Sonic, except when it’s not.

NVIDIA Has No Interest In Mantle, Doesn't Do 'Anything You Couldn't Do Before'

Pre-2010, the antics of NVIDIA and AMD (or ATI back then) was one of PC gaming’s biggest topics, but in recent years the “rivalry”, as it were, largely went off the boil. And then AMD released Mantle, a lean 3D graphics API and competitor to Direct3D and OpenGL and suddenly, it was on again. Now the two companies exchange barbs on a regular basis, with NVIDIA providing the latest salvo.

Marvel Crams The Guardians Of The Galaxy Into Every Video Game It Can

If the official Guardians of the Galaxy mobile game not enough for you, worry not — Marvel’s cramming Star-Lord and friends into every gaming orifice available, from Xbox Live avatars to Minecraft skins.

Tekken 7 Is An Ending Of Sorts

If you’ve played Tekken at all, you probably know that the core of the drama in the fighting game series’ fiction is the intergenerational conflict of the Mishima clan. Jinpachi Heihachi, Kazuya and Jin all want to punch each other to oblivion. That beef will be coming to an end, according to Tekken series producer Katsuo Harada.

The Best Games Convention I've Been To May Soon Be No More

We’re in San Francisco club called Stud, and there are people in fur suits everywhere. Coloured lights and crashing beats flash like fireworks in a thunderstorm. Everyone is sweaty and drunk, but most of all they’re happy. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you GaymerX, my favourite game convention — and also maybe the last of its kind.

See How An Anime Master Manipulated Space And Time

The late Satoshi Kon — director of Paprika and Paranoia Agent — was one of the greatest animators to ever walk this earth, and the impact his body of work had on cinema is so rich and dense, we’re only now fully unpacking it. If you don’t believe me, see for yourself.