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Animated Short Illustrates Several Strange Things About Heroes Of The Storm

Video: Why can’t Johanna be killed? How can Illidan be blinded? Why can’t Raynor and Kerrigan just be happy? All of these questions and more arise from Carbot’s latest Heroes of the Storm short.

Even With A Billion Guns, Borderlands Can't Escape Honest Game Trailers

2009’s Borderlands might be a little long in the tooth these days, but it’s not old enough to outlast the reach of Honest Game Trailers. It’s strange how ridiculous the game was, in retrospect, and HGT has no qualms getting to the core of that silliness.

This Hollow Knight Trailer Looks Gorgeous

Video: I’ve never heard of Hollow Knight before today, but the trailer is hot as hell. It’s on my radar now and it’s apparently coming to PC, Mac and Wii U next year.

The 'Long Screenshot': More Beautiful Vision From The Witness

Yes folks, The Witness, by Jonathan Blow of Braid fame, is on its way and as it draws closer to release, the developer has started dropping more stuff. Screenshots, videos and screenshot-videos. Those exist, as this new clip from Blow’s follow-up title shows.

Stargate Total Conversion Mod For Homeworld Gets Demo Next Week

It’s sad we never got a truly excellent game based on the Stargate franchise, despite how deliciously ripe it is for all sorts of genres. A Homeworld: Remastered mod with high production values? I suppose that will do.

Introducing Static, Kotaku Australia's New Podcast With Lifehacker And Gizmodo

This week! Black holes, cancer research, Fallout 4, cable management… and bacon.

A Fallout 4 Boss That Scared The Crap Out Of Me

Sometimes, Fallout 4 feels less like an RPG than it does a straight-up horror game.

Here's All Three Matrix Films Condensed Into 90 Seconds

Last year someone had a go at summarising the Matrix films in three minutes, but surely we can do better? Apparently so — YouTube channel Burger Fiction has halved that time to 90 seconds, with the content “weighted in proportion to the quality of movie”.

Elmo Versus The Jet Engine

Video: Hope I’m not spoiling the outcome of this battle for anybody.

Heroes Of The Storm's New Two-Player Hero Is Actually Great For Beginners

Heroes of the Storm is introducing a crazy new hero, Cho’gall, who’s controlled by two players at once. This has never been done ever before in any big MOBA — not DOTA, LoL, or HOTS.

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