I Could Watch Civilisation: Beyond Earth All Day Long

Video: Debuting during the Firaxis Megapanel at PAX Prime this weekend, the “Master Control” gameplay trailer for Sid Meier’s Civilisation: Beyond Earth teaches us about the Purity Affinity, Virtues, the Orbital Layer and how October 24 can’t come soon enough.

Here's More, Unsurprisingly Gory, Mortal Kombat X Gameplay (NSFW)

From what we’ve seen so far, Mortal Kombat X is shaping up to be the best, if not the most violent, instalment in the 22-year old beat-em-up series. Another gameplay clip has popped up online and while it’s a bit too much for my tastes, I certainly won’t stand in the way of anyone keen to literally dispense some brain-snapping bargains on their virtual foes. NSFW purely for crazy amounts of blood, gore and blood-gore.

Gauntlet Remake Delayed Until Late September

On Thursday, Arrowhead announced that its upcoming modern take on Gauntlet will be delayed until next month, to allow for “fine-tuning” of the game’s multiplayer. Considering Gauntlet is all about four-player co-op, you can understand why the Magicka studio would want to spend a bit more time getting it right.

You Will Fall In Love With This Weird Video Game Instrument

Peter Anthony Smith is an Australian musician. In his spare time he messes around with an EWI, an Electronic Wind Instrument, and records some terrifyingly accurate (and gorgeous) video game covers.

Contra Meets Starship Troopers In Co-op Platformer Hive Jump

Graphite Lab’s first crack at a Kickstarter for its side-scrolling, co-op shooter Hive Jump didn’t go so well, amassing just $US6157 of its lofty $US75,000 goal. Now, six months later, the developer is having another go, this time with external funding, updated visuals and a thumbs-up from Valve to sell the game on Steam. Suffice it to say, it’s already doing a lot better the second time round.

'The World's Worst Grand Theft Auto V Stunt Montage'

Video: Their words, not ours. Yeah, yep, those were… pretty bad. But then, in a world where pretty much every possible amazing GTA V stunt has already been done, I suppose this is all that’s left.

The Tomorrow Children: Beautiful. Confusing... Controversial?

Q-Games’ The Tomorrow Children is a lucid dream of community, crafting, monsters and “Marxist parody”. A world where inhabitants work for the good of a communal town. And if that means bribing others to make your vote more equal than others? So be it.

Star Citizen Teases, Racing, First-Person Shooting

Every time I think Chris Roberts’ gorgeous crowdfunded space sim couldn’t possibly get any better, the folks at Roberts Space Industries release teaser videos for things like spaceship racing and first-person shooter modules.

Developer Praises Rip-Off Of His Game... To The Disappointment Of Its Creator

If you create a successful game, you have to expect others will borrow mechanics and themes for their own creations. That’s not so bad — it’s nice to have an influence on the medium — but what is troublesome is when your game is outright cloned, with little to no originality added. Tom Francis, the man behind indie-hit Gunpoint, was recently inspired to record himself playing a Gunpoint “rip-off” called Ronin. The thing is, he not only enjoyed it, but didn’t think it deserved its title as a flagrant copy.

League Of Legend's Newest Champion, Broken Down In Eight Minutes

Though Gnar was revealed last month, Riot took the time today to visually explain what the prehistoric champion is all about. Watching this video, you’ll get a good sense of Gnar’s moves, his combos and how Gnar should be used.