There's Nothing Sweet Or Gentle About The Firefly Diary

Aww, look at the cute little Japanese puzzle platformer with the adorable little waif and her firefly friend. Right. This adorable little puzzle platformer has been a massive source of frustration since I started playing.

One Part League Of Legends, One Part StarCraft. Wait, What? 

From Namco Bandai’s official announcement, “Set in the distant, space-faring future Supernova takes an innovative approach to the multiplayer online battle arena genre by adding real-time strategy elements.” That’s kind of like innovating a peanut butter sandwich by adding jelly.

New Tricks Help Shatter The Halo Legendary Speed Record

As of November of last year the world record time for completing Halo: Combat Evolved on Legendary difficulty was 1:29:59. In this video a group of four speedrunners demonstrate techniques that shave a full 22 minutes off of that time.

HAL Laboratory, The Studio Behind Smash Bros. And Kirby, Just Turned 35

Who knew 35 years ago that a small software company founded in Chiyoda-ku Japan to make personal computer games would one day be responsible for some of the most popular video game franchise on the planet? Happy 35th anniversary, HAL Laboratory.

'Realistic' Smash Bros. Clapping Video Is The Dumbest Way To End Sunday

You made it to the end of another weekend! Your mother and I are proud of you. And so are all of these Super Smash Bros. characters, who will now clap “realistically” at you for five minutes. Just watch (with sound on). It’s as great as it is dumb.

Guy Hitches Ride On Motorcycle, Refuses To Get Off

On today’s Highlight Reel we have confused NPCs in Sleeping Dogs, Smash Bros. character reveals that are super believable, sniper shots, jet backflips and more!

Kirby And The Rainbow Curse: The Kotaku Review

Kirby And The Rainbow Curse is a good game with a weird problem. If you play it, you most likely won’t be able to appreciate its graphics. This isn’t because The Rainbow Curse‘s claymation-style graphics are too beautiful for your primitive senses to comprehend. No, you probably would look at this game and think it’s beautiful.

Here's The Killing Floor Live-Action Short Film You Never Knew You Wanted

I always found live-action advertising for games interesting — as potential customers, in-game footage is always more valuable, but putting actual people in odd situations and applying a dash of special effects will earn you more coverage with mainstream media. This real-world take on Tripwire’s Killing Floor might not be the best translation of game to film, but I’m sure its shlock zombie aesthetics will win it viewings in unconventional places.

Dimension-Jumping TV Series With Battlestar's Tahmoh Penikett Hits Kickstarter

Cast your minds back to May last year and you’ll remember we saw Tahmoh Penikett of Battlestar Galactica fame camping it up as a dimension-skipping wizard in a short film called The Portal. The 11-minute feature was quite on the funny and the people behind it, First Love Films, were keen to get a full series going. Well, it looks like a real possibility, if its Kickstarter goes well.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Takes The Fight To Japanese Arcades

Video: Announced this weekend at the Japanese Amusement Expo, Dissidia Final Fantasy takes Square Enix’s franchise-wide fighting game from the PSP to the arcade with three-on-three battles between a horde of iconic characters.