Nothing Says Halloween Like People Screaming At Horror Games

Let’s plays of horror games are popular for good reason: watching someone else lose it over a jump scare can be hilarious, and, in case you’re a huge coward (like me), even therapeutic. There have been lots of really good videos over the years — and what better time to take a look back than Halloween (well, post-Halloween)? NSFW Warning: Disturbing content and strong language follows.

A Look At The Tech That Powers Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix just showed off this footage in Paris. It looks impressive. As you can see in the clip, via YouTube user Mika IIM, the demo shows off some of the game engine’s fancy tech.

John Carpenter's Halloween Theme, Played By GTA Car Horns

Video: Some movie music will keep on giving you the chills, long after the credits rolling. The haunting piano riff from John Carpenter’s classic horror movie Halloween makes it one of those tunes. But, when it’s a bunch of video game car horns bleating it out? It’s actually kind of funny.

10 Hours Of Walking Around In Skyrim (While Wearing Skimpy Armour)

How do Skyrim’s townsfolk react to seeing a player walk around in suggestive body mods? They don’t. They just repeat the same lines they’d say normally, but that’s exactly what makes this video funny.

Everything Wrong With The Evil Within In 12 Minutes

Video: Many of the attempts at generating fright in The Evil Within just feel… clunky. Doubtful? Just watch a comprehensive breakdown of the survival horror game’s missteps. Be careful not to step in any blood.

Valkyria Chronicles Is My First And Only SRPG Love

This week, Sega announced that formerly PS3-exclusive Valkyria Chronicles would be coming to PC 11 November, 2014. Just the idea that more people will get to experience this game makes me giddy. Why? Because the Valkyria Chronicles series is my first and only SRPG love.

DayZ Players Turn To Cannibalism To Survive

Video Desperate times call for desperate measures — and when players are running low on food, there’s no telling what they will do in DayZ to survive.

A Horror Story Only The Worst People Will Understand

I’ll be upfront: The people in this video are awful. Still, I couldn’t help but laugh and shake my head as they freaked out over a “nightmare” scenario involving poor mobile phone service, and the inability to update their social media accounts.

The Kind Of Video Game Violence That Disturbs Me (NSFW)

Hatred is a game about the wanton slaughter of people fuelled by nothing but pure, well, hatred. Its trailer came out this week, and many people found it to be upsetting, even deplorable. Video games, however, frequently revel in over-the-top violence. So why is everybody talking about this game in particular?

The Latest LEGO Minifigures Are Video Game Characters Too

Adding a new dimension to collecting LEGO’s iconic action figure series, starting with this month’s Series 12, every physical figure comes with a code to unlock them for play in LEGO Minifigures Online — and they’re so cool.