Activision Boss Bobby Kotick Has A Coca-Cola Board Of Directors Position And A Smile

President and CEO of Activision Bobby Kotick joins the board of directors of The Coca-Cola Company today, applying his business talents to the makers of the most popular carbonated beverage in the world. Can flavor-based DLC be far behind? [Coca-Cola -- Thanks Tal!]

Embrace Your Roots And Roll A D6

Goblins all around me, I be hacking them all up, hacking them all up…

You've Got Raving Rabbids On My Coke Zero

Drink up! Starting this summer, Ubisoft’s Raving Rabbids are appearing on Coca-Cola Zero cans in France as part of a “Lapins Crétins” (stupid rabbits) campaign.

Coke's Super Bowl Ad Brings Out The Avatar In, Well, Everyone

Here’s a Coke ad from yesterday’s Super Bowl. And it’s about… no, not football, but online avatars. Everyone’s got ‘em! Even inattentive mothers and attractive young models sipping Coke at a bar.