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OK, Maybe The Gameplay Isn't My Favourite Feature Of Smite

The latest patch for action MOBA Smite dropped today, adding achievements, a brand new god, a revamped store interface and all sorts of item and god balance tweaks. Great! I’ll just watch this menu animation for the two dozenth time then.

Dumb Hacks: Convert A Miniature Bookcase Into A Cheap Console Display

The problem with being a gamer is all the bloody consoles. Even if you’re a past-rejecting Millennial who refuses to play retro games, you still need to make room for around five or six machines; plus cables and controllers. Most home entertainment units simply aren’t up to the task — which is why you should use a miniature bookcase instead.

A Beginner's Guide To Collecting Video Games

So, you finally realised that you can’t stand to part ways with your games, guides, and various gaming memorabilia. Don’t worry, you’re not a hoarder, you’re a collector! Unless you can’t sleep because your bed is covered in stacks of Electronic Gaming Monthly… then you might be a hoarder.

The World's Largest Video Game Collection Is Up For Sale

Michael Thommason, who is certified as having the world’s largest collection of video games, is putting them up for sale. Meaning the buyer isn’t just getting a ton of games, they’re getting a title as well.

'Holy Grail' Of Rare Video Games Found In A Goodwill For $7.99

It’s the archetypal jackpot story of flea markets, pawn shops and antiques roadshows. Someone pays a few dollars for a long-forgotten box at a swap meet and then discovers they have a five-figure rarity on their hands. That describes a North Carolina woman today, who purchased one of the rarest video games ever sold in the United States for $7.99 at a local Goodwill.

The Sad Story Of An Aussie Who's Selling His Game Collection For Love

Aussie games collector Onur Gonullu has, in just five years, amassed a haul of 550 mostly retro video games, which can be played on over 20 mostly retro video game consoles, from the Famicom to the Master System to the Xbox. He’s spent over $US6000, and it’s a collection to be proud of.

A Sack Of Cash Buys One Of The Rarest Nintendo Cartridges

Three years ago, J.J. Hendricks (pictured right) of Denver paid $US17,500 for a rare Nintendo cartridgeNintendo World Championships, one of about 26 copies of a game for a promotional tournament more than 20 years old. About a year later, he opened negotiations to buy a cartridge even more rare.

Are You A Video Game Hoarder?

Today in Speak-Up on Kotaku, commenter Floppy McWiggle wonders if keeping large amounts of video games around the house is hoarding or just love.

Mum Sells Old NES And 5 Games - For $US13,105

A mum in North Carolina listed an NES and five carts on eBay last week for $US9.99. Final winning bid: $US13,105. One of the games in the lot happened to be the ultra-rare Stadium Events, in its original box.

Digital Re-Releases Deal Damage To Collections' Value

Who doesn’t love it when golden oldies get a re-release over the PlayStation Network or Virtual Console? Game collector, that’s who. MTV Multiplayer examined collectable game values and saw many nosediving after getting a reboot on the current generation.

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