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Portal 2's 'Want You Gone' Sounds Even Better When Sung By Electric Guitar

Need a reason to learn how to play the electric guitar? YouTube musician FamilyJules7X demonstrates how well mad guitar skills and gaming go together in his triumphant electric cover of Jonathan Coulton’s “Want You Gone”.

This Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Magazine Cover Has A Secret

Game Informer has revealed the cover for its February issue, dedicated to Bethesda’s recently revealed The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and while the front is rather classy and subdued, there’s a mysterious party going on around back.

Tebow Confirmed For All NCAA Football 11 Covers

Tim Tebow getting the cover of NCAA Football 11 was part rumour, part poorly kept secret, and all but assured. EA Sports has confirmed for Kotaku that Tebow will be on the cover of all versions of the game.

Tiger Woods To Share Cover Of Tiger Woods Game

He’s also sharing it with a rookie. Billed as an advertisement of the game’s Ryder Cup features, some take the pairing with Rory McIlroy as more fallout from Tiger’s inability to abstain from sex with women not named Mrs Woods.

GOD OF WAR III Snaps Necks Starting March 16

It’s official, God of War III hits stores beginning March 16. (That’s a Tuesday for those of you planning illnesses.)

Donkey Kong Versus The Fantastic Four

Comic artist Anthony Vukojevich’s Donkey Kong take on Fantastic Four #26, as seen on Covered – Thanks David!

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