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Critter Crunch Is Coming To Steam

Dear God. Critter Crunch. That game, man… that game. Critter Crunch is a game about feeding little animals to bigger animals so they explode and die. It is a puzzle game and it is amazing. Until now the game has been a PSN exclusive, but now it looks as though it’s making its way the PC courtesy of Steam.

What Are You Playing This Weekend

I know – it’s so 2010 but, as a result of circumstance, I’m pretty sure that this weekend I’ll be spending a whole heap of time playing through God of War III for the second time. But what will you guys be playing?

A Capy Christmas To All & To All A Good Night

Capy, makers of Critter Crunch, Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes and Sword & Sworcery, wish you a happy holidays with plenty of presents puked under the Christmas tree.

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I’ve spent the last two weekends, quite literally, watching my missus play Critter Crunch on the PS3. Yes watching. I hate Critter Crunch. I hate it so much. Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Packed to the Rafters – my missus has demanded I stop playing for all these shows and more. But nothing has dominated and decimated my potential gaming time like bloody Critter Crunch…

Critter Crunch Micro Review: Gross In A Cute Way

The cute-and kinda gross-puzzler that’s had iPhone users bursting bugs for sometime now, finally infects the PS3 with the same addictive, arachnid-munching action.

Critter Crunch Brings Barfstravaganza To PSN This Thursday

Personally long-awaited puzzler Critter Crunch cutes up the PlayStation Network this Thursday, bringing those precious puke rainbows into your home in HD.

New Critter Crunch Screens Go Beyond The Barf

Capybara Games’ Critter Crunch for the PlayStation Network has more than just barf appeal, as one can glean from the puzzle game’s latest screens. It also has “poisonous” mushrooms and critter crushing anvils. Oh, and versus mode.

Critter Crunch Brings Rainbow Barfing Fun To PlayStation Network

PlayStation 3 owners can gorge themselves on high-definition puzzle fun with Critter Crunch, officially announced today by Capy as an upcoming PlayStation Network release.

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