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Deep Silver Buys Homefront From Crytek

In the wake of Crytek’s financial troubles, Deep Silver has just acquired the rights to Homefront: The Revolution and will develop the game under a new Nottingham-based studio, the publisher announced today.

Crytek UK Has Finally Been Paid, Sources Say

After months of missed pay and walkouts, the staff of Homefront developer Crytek UK were finally paid this week, according to two people familiar with the company. It’s a welcome bit of news for employees who were worried they might never see what they were owed in full.

Sources: Crytek UK's Staff No Longer Going To Work

There’s still trouble at Crytek, the independent game developer behind games like Crysis and Ryse. And as of yesterday the bulk of employees at Crytek’s UK office are no longer going to work, according to people familiar with the situation.

Rumours Swirl About Trouble At Crytek

Crytek, the multinational video game company behind games like Crysis and the new Homefront, appears to be facing financial difficulties, according to numerous rumours and reports.

What BioShock Would Look Like Running On Crysis' Engine

The original BioShock was created using Epic’s Unreal Engine 3. Let’s imagine, though, just for a second, that it had instead been built using Crytek’s fancy new CryEngine 3.

TimeSplitters 4 Is Not Being Developed

There’s been teaser art for years. And even as recently as 2010, word that its creators were talking with publishers about releasing it. But in sad news for TimeSplitters fans, it seems the 4th game in the series is going absolutely nowhere.

Timesplitters Developers Already Working With The Next Xbox Console?

Last month, there were reports that an “unnamed Electronic Arts studio” already had new Xbox hardware sitting on its desks. EA swiftly denied the rumours, but now another British source is saying almost exactly the same thing.

Haze Developers Say PS3 Technical Issues Impacted Game Design

Free Radical Design’s Haze was not a good game. After being delayed multiple times, the futuristic first-person shooter landed with a thud. Part of that can be attributed to the developer’s struggle coming to grips with PlayStation 3 hardware.

RIP 'Free Radical' As Developers Get A Name Change

Look, it’s great for the staff at Time Splitters developer Free Radical that the studio found a buyer. Nobody likes to be out of a job. But did they need a name change?

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