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Someone Wrote A Book About Street Fighter's Greatest Match

It’s been 10 years since the greatest comeback in competitive video games happened. In the decade since Daigo Umehara and Justin Wong met in a fateful match of Street Fighter III: Third Strike, EVO Moment 37 has become the stuff of legend. Now there’s a book about it.

Huge Collection Of Classic Games Needs A New Home

Facing mounting financial pressure, the Danish museum Spilmuseet (“The Games Museum”) is about to jettison a massive collection of classic video games and related hardware. And with nobody opening their doors yet, all these refugees of console wars past are still in need of a new home.

The Ultimate Warrior Has Died

The WWE is reporting that The Ultimate Warrior (born James Brian Hellwig), has passed away at the age of 54. Just days ago, he was present at Wrestlemania 30.

A Miniature Version Of Yourself That's Good Enough To Eat

Simple dough, made from flour and water is used for everything from feeding the masses to making toys in China. Highly personalised toys. Personalised toys made out of what can be cooked and eaten.

A Look At China's Dizzying 'Rubik's Cube' Buildings

Architecture is art. Some buildings are just cool to look at. Others are mesmerising and hypnotic, like one compound in East China’s Jiangsu province, which has been dubbed by Chinese netizens as the “magical Rubik’s compound”.

Angry White Guy Confuses Chinese Gamers

Recently a video appeared online across Chinese social media creating a buzz among Chinese gamers. The video, quite possibly an ad for Guild Wars 2, has a Caucasian speaking fluent Mandarin angrily at Chinese gamers. That’s right, an angry white man shouting at Chinese gamers in Chinese.

Chinese Internet Slang May Destabilise Country, Says One Official

Internet slang for the most part is, well, meaningless but interesting slang. In China, one phrase from the giant internet lexicon that is Chinese slang has been called out as a phrase that may cause the social apocalypse, at least according to the vice-president of Guangzhou’s Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Robots, Modern Art, Star Wars Collide In Beijing's Glass Pyramid

By now, with all the press about China, you’ve probably have some idea in your heads that certain Chinese cities are like the real-life version of the dystopian cyberpunk worlds of Blade Runner and Star Wars. Sadly, China isn’t all that advanced, but one building in Beijing definitely is.

A Future Where The Worst Nightmares About Video Games Are True

You hear the scare-logic all the time from folks who want to blame video games for bad stuff: they’re just training simulations for how to hurt people. A new sci-fi film project riffs on that premise and places it in a future where all you need to do to play an online game is stick a giant network wire on the back of your head. Thing is, this doesn’t look scary at all. It looks cool, which is probably part of the problem.

Hitting 55 Straight Green Lights In New York Is The Ultimate High Score

This guy makes 55 consecutive stoplights in Manhattan without coming to a full stop. It’s like a real-life version of Flappy Bird.

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