The Lighter Side Of China's Compulsory Military Training

It’s September again, and that means the start of a brand new school year in China. For university first-year students, it means more than just moving out of house and partying; it means compulsory military training. But it seems there is some fun to be had despite the training’s harsh nature.

A Look Into The Homes Of China's 'Ant Tribe'

China churns out more and more university graduates every year. This year alone, close to seven million Chinese students graduated from university. Many of these students will find decent, well-paying jobs, and many of them will not. Those who do not find “good” jobs and have no money end up in what is called the “ant tribe”.

Pacific Rim Wasn't Japanese Enough, Clearly

Pacific Rim, Hollywood’s lavish love letter to all things Tokusatsu, comes full circle in this tribute trailer that reimagines the Western movie as something a little more Japanese.

When A Short Film Looks As Good As A Hollywood Blockbuster

Dust is not, as you may first think, an upcoming Hollywood adaptation of The Last Of Us. It’s just a short, one that’s taken four years, and a lot of hard work, to put together.

Awesome Tattoo Looks Like Suit Of Armour

Dmitry Bronya is the man responsible for this incredible tattoo. It looks less like a heart or Koi fish, and more like something that’d protect you from a maniac swinging a giant blade.

Oil, Bomb-Dodging And Nerds: Life As A Middle-Eastern Game Developer

Pardon the pun, but Captain Oil isn’t one of those mobile games that’s going to set the world on fire. But the more I play it, the more I think about the place where it was made. That almost never happens.

Meet China's Photoshop Trolls

Photoshop is a great and powerful tool. It can take ordinary pictures and make them spectacular… or make them horrible. In China, there are many people with awesome Photoshop skills, and those who don’t have any ability usually ask people for help online. Sometimes these requests go wrong. Horribly wrong.

I'm Mexican. Am I Supposed To Be Offended By Guacamelee?

So I finished Guacamelee! and I think I am supposed to feel offended. I remember being told I was a bad Mexican. To some of the white friends I hung out with, I was one of them. Once someone told me that because I played video games, read science fiction, and spoke with no accent, that I was whiter than they were. Now that was weird.

A Very 'Unofficial NRA Game' Uses Their Own Quotes To Shoot The Gun Lobby's Logic Full Of Holes

When it comes to the increasing scapegoating that says video games cause mass shootings, game-makers haven’t had a whole lot to say in their chosen medium. Most video game companies and their representatives seem to be choosing to stay away from a debate in the court of public opinion, operating maybe on the principle that they may get outmaneuvered in the land of soundbites and pop punditry.

This Is Why We Need More Black People Making Video Games

When I traded correspondence with writer David Brothers last week, I made the argument that video games needs its equivalent to Blazing Saddles. This time, I’m saying that it could use its own version of Milestone Media, the groundbreaking comics company started by a crew of black professionals.