Hitting 55 Straight Green Lights In New York Is The Ultimate High Score

This guy makes 55 consecutive stoplights in Manhattan without coming to a full stop. It’s like a real-life version of Flappy Bird.

School Flag Team Twirls It To Assassin's Creed Liberation

Video games often have epic music. The Encounter music from Metal Gear Solid will always be burned into my mind as something that instills urgency. Music from the Assassin’s Creed series is the same, so no wonder that students from Taipei’s Dongshi Middle School used the music for their flag-twirling performance.

How Much Gaming History Does $50,000 Get?

This much. Actually, a bit more. They couldn’t fit everything on one photo.

Quick, How Do You Pronounce Imgur, The Site With All The GIFs?

Well here’s something. I’ve been mentally mispronouncing Imgur, the ubiquitous home to image macros, rage comics, memes and that other thing I’ve been mispronouncing forever, .gifs.

Chinese Fans React To Japanese Anime Character's New Haircut

Chibi Maruko-chan, one of Japan’s longest-running animated shows, has had a slight change recently. The titular character, Maruko-Chan, got a haircut, and Chinese fans are having a field day. That’s right, Chinese fans, in China, are reacting to a Japanese anime character getting a haircut.

A Thousand Years Of Neverwinter Lore In One Minute

With hundreds of thousands of pen-and=paper adventurers adding their personal stories to the streets of D&D’s Neverwinter over the years, the Lore in a Minute folks wisely stick to bullet points in prepping gamers for the free-to-play MMO.

​Goodbye, 'Start' Button. We'll Miss You.

You put in a disc or launch a game from the hard drive. The title screen glows in front of you, beckoning. Time to press the start button, like you’ve done thousands of times before. Not anymore though. Start’s gone, shown the door by both the PS4 and Xbox One.

The First Big Video Game Console, Now The Latest Tiny LEGO Kit

With it’s sexy wood panelling and those iconic controllers, the Atari 2600 is one of the most readily recognisable pieces of video game console history, even when it’s only 9.5cm wide and built entirely from LEGO pieces.

China's Radiation Masks Sure Make Computer Work Interesting

Due to dodgy air quality, a good face mask is a must-have accessory for residents in China. While air-pollution masks are more and more common outdoors in China, another sort of mask is turning heads indoors: computer radiation face masks.