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Indie Gala, Where $5 Gets You 14 Great Games, Plus A Bunch Of Extras

Game bundle sizes typically range from four to seven games. The appropriately-named Indie Gala Colossus however wants nothing to do with single digits — this bundle has 14 games and three extras, if you’re willing to part with less than $US5.

These Developers Just Took Their Characters Out Back And Shot Them. For Real.

There’s retiring old video game characters by not using them any more, and then there’s retiring old video game characters by building little models of them and destroying them.

Minecraft Would Look So Much Better With Physics Like This

Would a really sweet and totally accurate physics engine really add much to the addictive gameplay of world-carving indie hit Minecraft? Perhaps not, but this build and destroy demo – “Minecraft + Physics!” – according to its creator would certainly make it easier on the eyes.

Steam Sale Saves Developer

If ever proof was needed of how important Valve’s Steam platform has become to many PC developers, look no further than the tale of Introversion, the developers of Defcon and Darwinia, whose company was saved by a Steam sale.

Darwinia+, Your Xbox Live Arcade Game Of The Week

Introversion Software’s port of the award-winning Darwinia comes to Xbox Live Marketplace this week for 1200 Microsoft Points. The abstract strategy game may not be the most graphically impressive of XBLA offerings, but its gameplay is rock solid. [Xbox.com]

The Darwinian Invasion Of Xbox Live Begins Next Month

In 2008, independent developer Introversion announced an Xbox Live Arcade version of its innovative PC strategy action puzzler, Darwinia. Now Darwinia+ is only a few short weeks away.

Introversion’s long struggle with Microsoft’s high standards has finally come to an end, and the XBLA release of Darwinia+ is scheduled for February 10th. 1200 Microsoft points ($15) will buy you a ticket inside the computer home of the Darwinians, who need your help to evolve in order to combat the vicious computer virus infecting their home.

“It’s been a long battle with Microsoft and their particularly high standards; in the end we are really thankful for their advice and help in completing this long and challenging game project. We have come to think of Darwinia+ as the Director’s Cut as it has surpassed our expectations of what we were originally looking to create and now looks and feels smoother than ever.”

It certainly looks like an entirely new game compared to the PC version, which I was tinkering with earlier today. It should be interesting to see how they mapped the game’s controls to the 360 controller.

Check out screens of Darwinia+ below, or visit the game’s official website to see it in motion.

Darwinia Shirt Will Make Your Avatar The Fittest

Unlockable avatar shirt from the upcoming XBLA release of Darwinia+, as seen on Fidgit.

A Look At How Microsoft Approve A Game For Release

Introversion – developers of Defcon and Darwinia – have a treat in store for us. Following “unprecedented approval” from Microsoft, they’ve uploaded a paper trail documenting the journey a game takes from pitch to release.

New Multiwinia Video Shows 'King of the Hill'

For those of you who don’t know, Multiwinia is the fourth game developed by Introversion Software. I was a huge fan of Defcon and Darwinia. Multiwinia looks like it’s shaping up very nicely. In this video we take a look at the “King of the Hill” mode where players try to control zones.

New Title Chronometer In The Works At Introversion

Over at Introversion Software’s blog, the developer of Defcon and Darwinia has revealed it’s at work on its sixth game, Chronometer, with funding from the UK’s Channel 4.

It’s unclear what the fate of the game, currently in pre-production, will be; said Introversion’s Chris Delay:

Ultimately we don’t know for certain if Chronometer will be going into full production – the conditions would have to be right for Introversion and for Channel 4, although they’ve been fantastic to work with during pre-production. We’re pretty much finished with this phase of Chronometer for now, and we’ll keep you updated about this interesting sixth game project as decisions are made.

The team is currently preparing for the launch of Multiwinia (shown), a multiplayer version of strategy title Darwinia, for PC.

Chronometer [Introversion blog]

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