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Superman's Latest Attempt At Getting His Powers Back Is Pretty Stupid

Clark Kent’s already done some silly things to try and get his Kryptonian mojo back, like trying to fly right into the sun. His most recent stab at getting fully powered makes that dumb stunt look like a genius move.

Two New Cartoon Versions Of The Justice League Are Coming Soon

A new animated movie and series will feature DC Comics’ biggest super-team, just in time to tie-in to Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Don’t worry: Kevin Conroy will be doing Batman again on the new TV show.

Gotham City's Newest Joker Is An 18-Year-Old Kid

The newest Clown Prince of Crime in Batman’s hometown isn’t insane. He didn’t fall into a vat of chemicals. Honestly, he’s just kind of a dick. That’s what’s scariest about him.

What The Heck Is DC Comics Doing To Scooby-Doo?

Shaggy looks like he lives in Newtown now and works at an artisanal milkshake pop-up. Zoinks, Scoob!

Bruce Wayne Doesn't Want To Be Batman Again

Last month, Bruce Wayne — who came back from the dead with no memory of his former life as a superhero — found out he used to be Batman. This week, we see how he comes to grips with what that means.

WIN! 5 Double Passes To The DC Comics Lego Exhibition In Sydney!

If you haven’t yet been down to the amazing Art Of The Brick: DC Comics exhibition at the PowerHouse Museum in Sydney, here’s your chance. Thanks to the PowerHouse, we’re giving away 5 double passes, valued at $52 each ($26 per ticket), to go see your favourite superheroes in Lego form.

The LEGO Classic TV Series Batcave Has All The '60s Batman

Slide-able Batpoles! A Batmobile with a clearly labelled “Emergency Bat-Turn Lever”! Cesar Romero’s Joker, complete with makeup’d over ‘stache! An official “DICK” LEGO piece! Kapow! Whamm! Zooomm!

DC Comics Is Making Big Changes (Again) To Superman And Batman

The current storylines — which have ushered in radically different versions of the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight — will be wrapping up early next year.

The Fall Of Baghdad Makes For A Great Setting For A Crime Comic

War is chaos for all involved, a constant struggle to marshal enough resources, weapons and manpower to survive another day. It’s also great cover for stealing, killing and blackmail.

The Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Comic Is Surprisingly Good

I told myself I wasn’t going to read the Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic that came out this week. I also told myself I wasn’t going to enjoy it at all. I was wrong about both of those things.

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