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Dick Dastardly And Muttley Will Be Post-Apocalyptic Death Racers In Garth Ennis' New DC Comic

Look, that right there is one hell of a headline to have to write. But in a world where DC Comics is giving us all sorts of weird Hanna-Barbera series — from profane cyberpunk Scooby Doo, to post-modern Flintstones, to sci-fi spy-fi in Future Quest — I guess the thought of Garth Ennis writing a Wacky Races spin-off isn’t too far out there.

The First Trailer For Justice League Action Is All About The Action

Video: Also? It’s fun. It’s a lot of fun. There’s definitely some silliness here — hell, Batman even smirks after drops a minor quip after kicking Mr Freeze in the head — but anyone looking for some good, straight-up superhero-vs-supervillain action should be pleased with WB Animation’s newest DC offering.

There's Going To Be A Statue Dedicated To Nightwing's Sweet, Tight Arse

Dick Grayson’s rear end is finally getting the rock solid tribute it deserves.

DC Comics Just Killed A Superman Character In A Seriously Messed Up Way

Apparently not everyone has gotten the memo that hope and love have returned to the DC universe.

Telltale's Batman Begins On August 2

This first episode of Telltales take on both sides of Bruce Wayne arrives early next month. The release date arrives with the game’s first trailer, hitting all the bat beats comic book fans are familiar with.

Something Major Just Shook Up The Bat-Family

Gotham’s vigilantes really have their work cut out for them now.

New Super-Man Is More Than An Official DC Comics Chinese Knockoff

Clark Kent is an aw-shucks Kansas farmboy who can juggle tanks but is modest and humble to a fault. Kenan Kong is no Clark Kent. He’s an asshat who steals his classmate’s lunch.

The Tough Job Of Giving Wonder Woman A New Origin Story

It’s often felt like DC Comics hasn’t known what to with Wonder Woman, imbuing her with sensibilities and backstories that clash with each other. The new comics featuring Princess Diana are attempting to mould her history into one cohesive whole.

Comic Books Are More Popular Now Than They Have Been In 20 Years

We already knew that the comics industry, helped along by a steady stream of related blockbuster movies, had entered a bit of a new golden age but things just keep looking up. According to new reports, the last time comic book sales were this high was way back in December 1997.

DC Comics' Newest Version Of Vigilante Isn't Another White Person

Way back in 1941, the first Vigilante was Greg Sanders, a cowboy-themed crimefighter who was also on the Seven Soldiers of Victory. Then came New York City district attorney Adrian Chase, who embodied a more well-known, violent version of the identity in the 1980s, followed by a few other folks as time passed. The newest person to wear the distinctive black suit will be a fictional basketball player whose life turns sour after a NBA career fails to materialise.

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