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Supergirl's Newest Comics Writer Says The Girl Of Steel Doesn't Need Superman

Don’t expect to see a lot of DC Comics’ Supergirl grieving and crying over the recent death of her cousin Superman. “It’s all about her legacy and her strength and her power, especially now that Clark is gone,” says writer Steve Orlando. “She would be an icon whether Superman existed or not, because of what she’s went through and because she’s come out stronger on the other side.”

Because 2016 Wasn't Weird Enough Already, Catwoman Is Getting An Election Special Comic

Commentary about the US general election is in vogue, especially, apparently, if said commentary is being told through morally ambiguous comic book protagonists.

The Best Suicide Squad Story In Comics Isn't Being Published By DC

As publishers often do for comics series that get turned into multimillion-dollar films, DC Comics is offering up a new Suicide Squad series. The first issue is not very good. But there’s been a much better version of the motley crew black-ops squad concept running around in the wild that the House of Superman has nothing to do with — and that’s probably for the best.

The Cast Of Batman '66 Returns For A New Animated Movie

Video: It’s been over a year since Adam West revealed that he and Burt Ward would reprise their roles as Batman and Robin for a new animated feature — but now we have the first look at it in action: Holy footage, Batman, it’s a trailer for Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders!

Nice Try Deadshot, But This Is Harley Quinn's Injustice 2 Trailer

Video: Deadshot being upstaged by Harley Quinn? That’s something you only see in movies. Or comics. Or incredibly brief cameos on Arrow. Poor Deadshot.

How's It Feel To Be The Damsel, Batman?

Batwoman’s saving your life, you grumpy ol’ billionaire. The words you’re looking for are “thank you.”

The 10 Most Overly-Specific Supervillains In Comics

The great thing about comic books is the volume: They have been around for a long time and there have been so many issues, reboots and continuities that there’s never a lack of things to discover. The best thing about comic books is that all that space has allowed things to get weird.

All-Star Batman Offers A Brilliant Twist On A Classic Bat-Villain

Two-Face thinks he can turn everyone in Gotham City and the surrounding state into a greedy no-good criminal lowlife with the promise of cold, hard cash and the threat of suddenly revealed secrets. He’s probably right.

The Ray Will Be The CW's First Superhero Show With A Gay Lead

The CW’s DC Universe is getting a little bigger — and a little more diverse. Straight from the channel’s panel at the Television Critics Association summer tour, a new animated series for CW Seed has been revealed – and it will star the little-known DC comics hero Ray Terrill, better known as The Ray.

DC's New Superwoman Series Kicks Off With A Super-Crazy Twist

Ever since the New 52 Superman perished, there’s been Superpeople showing up all over DC Comics: There’s the Pre-Flashpoint Superman and his son, the Chinese Superman and, as has long been teased, Lois Lane as the new Superwoman. But Superwoman #1 has already changed that line-up in some major ways.

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