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Batman's About To Start Unravelling DC Rebirth's Watchmen Mystery

Batman’s been showing a broader spectrum of emotions lately, with more trust and genuine attempts at connection coming from Bruce Wayne than there has been in decades. But grief never strays too far from the Dark Knight’s side. Batman writer Tom King told us how the superhero is going to handle Gotham City’s latest devastating losses and when DC Rebirth’s Watchmen mystery will start coming into play (hint: It’s sooner than you think).

Shade The Changing Man Is Now Shade The Changing Teenage Girl

Back in 1977, DC Comics published the first issue of Shade, The Changing Man, featuring a new adventurer created by the legendary Steve Ditko. Shade grew to become one of the trippiest heroes ever published by DC, eventually returning in a series that helped lay the foundation for the groundbreaking Vertigo imprint. Now a new series morphs Shade’s newest form into the most complicated one yet: A teenage girl.

Comic Writer Christopher Priest On Luke Cage, Dwayne McDuffie And One Of Batman's Biggest Dick Moves

Video: The man who’s currently writing DC’s excellent Deathstroke series has had one of the most eventful careers in comics. At New York Comic-Con last week, he talked about helping Luke Cage stop being a laughingstock and his first meeting with the legendary comic writer who helped found Milestone Media. (Also, Batman being a jerk.)

The Justice League And Power Rangers Are Teaming Up In A New Comic

The World’s Finest and the World’s… attitude-est are teaming up for a crossover previously confined to overactive imaginations and the margins of school notepads across the ’90s.

The First Issue Of The Lost Boys Comic Book Has 2016's Best Variant Cover

It’s not that one up there. Here’s a hint: You can practically feel the oil dripping off those pecs and biceps…

Midnighter And Apollo Might Just Have The Realest Romantic Relationship In Superhero Comics

In Midnighter and Apollo #1, the ultra-strategising martial artist and his solar-powered juggernaut boyfriend have friends over for dinner. When their guests make fun of Midnighter for actually showing emotions, he reminds them that he can end their lives in seconds. He’s only joking… this time.

New DC Comic Is Basically Jason And The Argonauts But With Amazons

DC comics has announced a new six-part miniseries by Kevin Grevioux and Ryan Benjamin called The Odyssey of the Amazons, set in Amazonian society years before the birth of Wonder Woman. Great Hera, sign us up.

Batman's Bat-Themed Equipment Fetish Has Finally Gone Too Far

We all know Batman loves Bat-things. But his latest Bat-thing is just so absurd, even in comparison to Batarangs, the Batmobile and arguably even Shark Repellant Bat-Spray.

Wonder Woman Is Becoming An Official UN Ambassador

Not Gal Gadot, or Lynda Carter, or the multitude of voice actors, writers and artists that have lent their talents to DC’s premier female hero over the last 75 years. The actual fictional character is becoming an honorary leader in the UN’s efforts to bring gender equality to the world.

Batwoman's New Series Will Show Her Mysterious Past And Complicated Love Life

Batwoman is flying high in the pages of Detective Comics right now, but DC announced last week that Kate Kane is getting her own solo comic once again — one that will explore and delve deep into her past. We spoke Batwoman writer Marguerite Bennett to see what’s in store for Kate’s new book.

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