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Neil Gaiman's Goodbye To The Sandman Ends Exactly The Way It Should

The end of the universe is nigh. The domino that starts existence rapidly spinning towards oblivion is a long-ago crime-of-the-heart by The King of All Imagination. Now the pain is rippling outwards and threatening billions of innocent lives and there’s only one perfectly way to save it all.

Batman Day Is Happening On The Wrong Date

Today is Batman Day, a fake holiday invented for the sole purpose of helping market merchandise branded with the Dark Knight. Not that Bruce Wayne needs the help. The worst thing about Batman Day is that it’s happening on the wrong date. It should be on June 26, not September 26.

Batman's First Sidekick Comes Home To A Bruce Wayne Who Isn't The Dark Knight Anymore

Dick Grayson was the first Robin, the first person to be a junior partner to Batman. But then he changed as he grew up, becoming Nightwing and earning the respect of other big-time superheroes. For ages now, his loved ones thought he was dead. This week, they find out he’s not.

The Newest Arkham Knight Comic Makes Some Shrewd Tweaks To Batman Lore

Despite being the titular bad guy in the newest Batman video game, the Arkham Knight was underdeveloped as a major villain. It’s a good thing that a new comic series is convincingly demonstrating how someone very close to the Dark Knight wound up wanting to kill him.

DC's Omega Men Are No More

Sadly, one of the best new titles published by DC Comics has been cancelled. Due out in December, Omega Men #7 will be the last issue of the series. Here’s hoping the creative team gets to wrap things up in a satisfying way.

The Minecraft Server Where You're Greeted By The Joker

Actually two Jokers and one Harley Quinn, but eh, details.

Wonder Woman Can't Save DC Comics' Most Disgusting Superhero Team

There’s no way that Wonder Woman’s going to fight crime on a team led by a drunk who’s constantly pissing himself. She’s not going to face down evil standing side-by-side with Dogwelder. She’s just not. She says so, right there on page two of All-Star Section Eight #4. But then she does. And it’s hilarious.

Why Lois Lane Told The World That Clark Kent Is Superman

It’s long been unclear who is the worse reporter: Clark Kent, who lies to his readers daily by not mentioning that he’s the guy he is always writing about, or Lois Lane, whose ability to recognise Kent’s true identity is kryptonited by a pair of glasses.

Superman's Old Boss Thinks He's A Weasel

The whole world knows that Superman and Clark Kent are the same person now. And lots of people are angry at the Man of Steel, including the cops and Lois Lane. But his former editor-in-chief might be madder than anyone on the planet right now.

Maybe Bruce Wayne Can't Be Batman Anymore

Alfred Pennyworth has finally gotten what he’s been wanting for decades: A Bruce Wayne who he won’t need to stitch up, worry over or be ignored by. Thomas and Martha Wayne’s son isn’t a superhero anymore. And the new Batman comic posits that he can’t be The Dark Knight ever again.

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