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Everyone needs a good, cheery story sometimes — especially Bruce Wayne, who puts up with a lot of crap as the Dark Knight. So what's better than the cute tale of a billionaire shut-in and a ravenous pooch?


A few years ago, Cliff Chiang did designs for a Gatchaman-style (better known in the West as the 1970s cartoon Battle of the Planets) take on DC's finest heroes that had us longing for a classic anime take on the Justice League. But artist Jordan Gibson has added to those hopes with a whole series of Gatchaman-inspired Batgirl art that we adore.


After years of hoping and begging, it's finally happening. Warner Bros. has officially announced that the beloved DC animated series Young Justice, which came to a close three years ago, will return for a third season. No, you did not just enter an alternate reality where all your dreams have come true. This is actually happening.


Batman villain Bane is known for one thing: Breaking Batman's back. So naturally, whenever he shows up again, you can usually expect the threat of amateur chiropracty to rise up. This week's Batman #10 is all about that threat... and it might send a shiver down your spine while you're reading it.


There are more members of the various Lantern corps in the DC universe than you can shake a power battery at, but one more has just shown up in the latest issue of Green Lanterns, and they're a little bit different than anything we've seen before.


Batman's been showing a broader spectrum of emotions lately, with more trust and genuine attempts at connection coming from Bruce Wayne than there has been in decades. But grief never strays too far from the Dark Knight's side. Batman writer Tom King told us how the superhero is going to handle Gotham City's latest devastating losses and when DC Rebirth's Watchmen mystery will start coming into play (hint: It's sooner than you think).


Back in 1977, DC Comics published the first issue of Shade, The Changing Man, featuring a new adventurer created by the legendary Steve Ditko. Shade grew to become one of the trippiest heroes ever published by DC, eventually returning in a series that helped lay the foundation for the groundbreaking Vertigo imprint. Now a new series morphs Shade's newest form into the most complicated one yet: A teenage girl.