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The Dark Knight Returns Story That Shows Why Bruce Wayne Stopped Being Batman

30 years ago, The Dark Knight Returns showed an old, dissolute Bruce Wayne putting on the cape and cowl to become Batman again. This week, we get to see the tragic spiral that made him take it off.

Cartoon Network's New Justice League Series Is Bigger Than We Expected

When Cartoon Network finally announced Justice League Action, the long-rumoured new series that would face the daunting task of following up on the iconic Justice League/Justice League Unlimited, many expected it to take a hard focus on DC’s trinity of Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman. But it looks like the show’s roster will be wider and weirder than anyone expected.

Justice League Dark Will Finally Get A Movie, It Will Just Be Animated

The Killing Joke might not have released yet, but it looks like we already know what’s in store for the next movie from DC’s animated universe: An adaptation of the supernatural hero team up book Justice League Dark. But does the animated movie’s existence mean that the long-in-development live action film’s chances of happening just got even lower? (Yeah, probably.)

Green Arrow Might Be The Biggest Surprise Of DC's Rebirth

Green Arrow has been a steady series for DC since the New 52 launched in 2011 — as of last year, issues of the series were averaging between 30 and 20,000 copies a month. But the promise of DC Rebirth‘s changes for Oliver Queen have apparently been met with surprising, rousing success.

How Rebirth Is Changing The DC Universe

The powers-that-be at DC Comics are terraforming their fictional landscape yet again. Let’s take a look at exactly what’s transforming.

How Watchmen Killed The Killing Joke Adaptation

Bruce Timm is finally getting to adapt one of the most iconic (and controversial) Batman stories, The Killing Joke, but this is hardly the first time plans have been made by DC and Warner to turn Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s best-selling comic into a movie. They have tried twice before, and two very different scenarios caused them to hold off.

If Marvel Had Owned Watchmen, That Big DC Rebirth Twist Might Have Come Sooner

The bombshell is out: Rebirth has made the Watchmen part of the DC comics universe, and turned at least one of them into the biggest antagonist in the cosmos. It’s been a controversial twist, but would DC’s biggest competitor have done it, given the chance? According to Marvel Editor Tom Brevoort, absolutely.

Batman Returns Has Never Looked As Good As In This Amazing Catwoman Poster

I’m not sure how it happened but, in recent months, the internet has found a new appreciation of Tim Burton’s Batman Returns. Part of that is the pure insanity of the film, and lots of it is how absolutely perfect Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman remains.

The Omega Men Just Pulled Off One Of The Darkest Endings In Superhero Comics Ever

Death has symbolism. Sometimes how you die can be just as important, if not moreso, than how you live. The last issue of The Omega Men cements the DC Comics series as one of the best superhero books ever, with a finale that has me wondering if it was meant to be an improvised explosive device all along.

Superman Just Died A Pointless Death

It’s supposed to matter when Superman dies. This time, it totally doesn’t.

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