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This Week's Superman Comic Is Basically About Ferguson

Recent changes have made Superman a lot more human than he was just a little while ago. He’s not flying anymore; he’s down on the ground with normal folks. And this week’s new issue of Action Comics has him facing some of the toughest challenges that normal folks are dealing with in America today.

It's A Bad Day For Batman When Joker Calls In The Gundams

The Joker finally figures out where Batman gets his wonderful toys in this awesome stop-motion animation. Who can saved the Caped Crusader now?

Superman Wants To Take Over The World In New Justice League Cartoon

“Dismembered, burnt alive, sucked of their blood…” That’s how one Justice League takes care of bad guys in their parallel universe. Sounds… efficient.

The New Robin Is A Black Guy. And An Asian Girl. And A White Dude. And...

The new Batman is a cop. The new Robins are pretty much a gang. So, yes, the new Batman is probably going to have to arrest the new Robins. And Batgirl, too.

Arkham Knight's Harley Quinn DLC Is Terrible

Harley Quinn’s one of the most popular new Batman characters to appear in the last few years. She’s finally playable in Arkham Knight, starring in what serves as a prequel to the story in the main game. But, despite being a free add-on, the story pack starring the Joker’s sometime girlfriend isn’t worth the time it takes to download.

Batman: Arkham Knight Is Full Of Superman Easter Eggs

You don’t have to look very far to find references to the Man of Steel in Gotham — Arkham Knight is bursting with Superman easter eggs.

DC Comics: Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy Are Girlfriends "Without Monogamy"

You know the character most famous for being the Joker’s girlfriend? DC Comics just confirmed that she’s been in a relationship with a woman, too. Yep, Harley/Ivy is canon.

Wonder Woman Celebrates Victory With Sex In New Justice League Short

“You weren’t so quick to get rid of me last night.” “I notice you like to think you’re in control.” That’s the Wonder Woman of an alternate reality Justice League, talking about sex. She stabs lots of people with a big, black… sword.

The New Batman Isn't Bruce Wayne, And That's Great

The newest Dark Knight protecting Gotham City isn’t Bruce Wayne. That’s fine by me.

New Justice League Short Has Superman Doing Something He's Never Done

If you thought the way that an alternate-reality version of Batman dealt with Harley Quinn was surprising, then wait and see what Superman does to Brainiac.