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What An Ancient Mayan Batman Would Look Like

Inspired by Maya art and Camazotz, an actual bat god from Mayan mythology, here’s artist Kimbal’s pre-Columbian Batman.

Grant Morrison's The Multiversity Remixes What Makes DC Comics Great

Earlier this year, Marvel Comics debuted new variants of their Captain America and Thor characters. The new Captain America is a black man and the new Thor is a warrior woman. Those changes made a lot of fans upset. But comics legend Grant Morrison is featuring a black Superman and loads of racially diversified, gender-swapped versions of established superheroes. And he doesn’t care about what anyone thinks.

The Best-Looking DC Comics You'll Be Able To Read In December

Darwyn Cooke’s variant cover for Superman/Wonder Woman #14 leads this selection of the best-looking covers for DC comics coming out in December 2014.

NYCC Exclusive Arkham Origins Deathstroke Action Figure

Briefly: It’s called the New York Comic Con “Exclusive” Play Arts Kai Deathstroke action figure, but you can actually pre-order it and have it shipped to your home. $US100 preorder here.

Batman's Parents Need To Stay Dead. Here's Why.

The only thing more annoying than finding out your parents are still alive after you’ve built your entire crime-fighting career around their deaths? A new comedy video series from Nerdist with the autoplay locked. Warning: video will autoplay.

Arkham Knight Comic Book Cover By Jason Fabok And Emilio Lopez

Arkham Knight comic book cover by Jason Fabok and Emilio Lopez. It’s included in the Arkham Knight Limited Edition and Batmobile Edition.

Behold Harbinger Of Madness Superman

Because Nightmare Superman in Infinite Crisis wasn’t twisted enough, now you can play him in the Harbinger of Madness costume:

Batman's Greatest Villain Is Not The Joker, Penguin Or Ben Affleck

Batman’s origin was already depressing. Dorkly has found a way to make it even more traumatic.

Plastic Man Will Probably Be My Favourite Thing About Lego Batman 3

Let’s be real here: including Plastic Man in any Lego video game should break the whole damn thing. He’s Plastic Man! He can transform into almost anything! Even Lego bricks!

Look What The Creator Of Kingdom Hearts Has Done To Batman

This is what happens when Final Fantasy character designer and Kingdom Hearts boss Tetsuya Nomura gets his hands on the Caped Crusader.