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DC Comics Smashes Its Toys Together For A He-Man/Thundercats Team-up Series

By the power of Grayskull, and also nostalgia! The Masters of the Universe are joining forces with the Thundercats for a brand new comic book miniseries later this year — a concentrated dose of ’80s nostalgia so powerful, it might as well be time-travel.

What DC Is Doing Right With The New Versions Of Superman And Batman

Two simple changes have made DC Comics’ relaunched Superman and Batman books much more enjoyable.

The New Flintstones Comic Has Hipster Cavemen And Postmodern Angst

Back in the day, I only liked two things about The Flintstones: The wacky animal-powered contraptions that emulated devices like record players, and Bam-Bam’s super-strength. Some of the former shows up in DC Comics’ new reboot of the Hanna-Barbera classic, surrounded by updated existential weirdness.

DC's New KFC Comic Turns Colonel Sanders Into Fried Chicken Jesus

One thing you’ll learn from the newest instalment of DC’s weird, junk-food specialty project: Harland Sanders is like a Kentucky Fried Christ who died and came back to life to spread the gospel of finger-lickin’ poultry parts. The letter column says so.

Midnighter And Apollo Are Coming Back To Make Things Painful And Hot This Spring

Two characters that started off as a sardonic, homoerotic riff on Batman and Superman’s classic best-buds relationship will be returning in all their shiny, broody glory in October.

How Batman Writer Paul Dini Struggled With A Real Crime And His Own Darkness

Paul Dini got to live his dream: He was a lifelong geek who grew up to write for the animated Tiny Toons Adventure and Batman shows. But, just as his work on a classic Batman movie was getting underway, he became the victim of a violent crime. Dark Night: A True Batman Story recounts his fight to save his own life.

Pokemon Meets DC Comics In Teeny Titans

Released this week for Android and iOS, Teeny Titans combines Cartoon Networks’ second-best Teen Titans show with the collect-and-battle mechanics of Pokemon to create something wonderful.

One Of Comics' Best New Writers Talks About What It's Like To Fight Terrorists And Write Batman

Tom King says that a lifetime of reading superhero comics helped him get ready to work for the CIA. And working for the CIA, in its own way, got him ready to write Batman.

The Dark Knight Returns Story That Shows Why Bruce Wayne Stopped Being Batman

30 years ago, The Dark Knight Returns showed an old, dissolute Bruce Wayne putting on the cape and cowl to become Batman again. This week, we get to see the tragic spiral that made him take it off.

Cartoon Network's New Justice League Series Is Bigger Than We Expected

When Cartoon Network finally announced Justice League Action, the long-rumoured new series that would face the daunting task of following up on the iconic Justice League/Justice League Unlimited, many expected it to take a hard focus on DC’s trinity of Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman. But it looks like the show’s roster will be wider and weirder than anyone expected.

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