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Spoiler: A Major Character Finally Returns In This Week's Batman Comic

Being a Robin is illegal in Gotham City. Jim Gordon’s robot Batman suit is trying to kill him. And Bruce Wayne? He’s hitting criminals over the head with a baseball bat. But the biggest thing in this week’s Bat-books is the apparent return of another major player.

Dark Knight III: The Master Race Is A Strange Sequel To A Batman Classic

For years, it seemed like comics fans wouldn’t be getting another Batman story set in Frank Miller’s Dark Knight universe. Then, this summer, DC Comics announced that Frank Miller and a team of other creators were wrapping up work on Dark Knight III: The Master Race. It’s bombastically goofy and absurd, like you’d think. But it’s also is very different.

The Problem With The Newest Version Of Superman

2015 has been a hell of a year for the Man of Steel, bringing the biggest changes that the character’s seen in decades. And, while I mostly like how the current Superman reads after getting his powers reduced and secret identity outed, his monthly adventures feel like they’re losing steam to me.

Batman: Europa Is Finally Published Ten Years Late, Isn't Half Bad

Back in 2004, DC Comics announced Batman: Europa, a miniseries with art by pencil god Jim Lee that would take the Dark Knight and the Joker out of Gotham and across the Atlantic. Years went by. Children were born that learned to walk and talk. Twitter was invented. The book never came out. Now it’s here.

Art Of The Brick: DC Comics Premieres In Sydney

“This is just so awesome,” Deputy Premier Troy Grant says as he gets ready to open the world first Art Of The Brick: DC Comics exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, and it really set the tone for the rest of the morning. This stuff really is awesome. The DC Comics inspired offshoot of LEGO artist Nathan Sawaya’s internationally acclaimed The Art Of The Brick exhibition was announced at San Diego Comic Con this year, and kicks off on Saturday, seeing its world premiere right here in Sydney.

Little Clark Kent Thinks He's A Freak In Great New Superman Comic

You’re Clark Kent, a little boy who’s way different than your parents or anyone else in your hometown of Smallville. One day, you start floating high into the sky. Who the heck is going to show you how to fly?

This Week's Superman Comic Brings Back The Jerk Of Steel

Superman III was not a good movie. But it gave us an evil Man of Steel who took shots and generally gave no fucks whatsoever. The jerkhole Superman who shows up in a new comic this week feels almost exactly like the one in that terrible 1983 threequel.

Robin, Son Of Batman, Faces His Supervillain Mum

Batman’s had lots of sidekicks over the years. Nightwing, Batgirl and Red Hood have all had gruff, tension-filled partnerships with the Dark Knight. But only one of them has been Bruce Wayne’s biological son. Trained to kill since he could walk, Damian Wayne is the most ferocious Robin ever. Now his mum wants him back.

When Batman Becomes A God, He Goes For The Revenge He's Always Wanted

In the main Justice League comic, some of DC’s preeminent superheroes have become infused with the power of gods. All that increased might hasn’t exactly changed Superman, Batman and the Flash for the better. The Dark Knight’s campaign for justice was already obsessive but, when he becomes the God of Knowledge, it gets extremely personal.

Welp, Superman Just Dumped Wonder Woman

And the worst part is: they still have to work together.

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