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Making Batman Poorer Might Actually Be A Pretty Good Idea

The long-running joke about Batman was that — where guys like Superman have multiple superhuman abilities — his only real superpower is money. Now, he’s apparently going to have less of it. And it might be one of the more interesting things to happen to the Dark Knight in years.

The Next Justice League Movies Will Come Out In 2017

If you’ve been wondering about the exact timeline for when Warner Bros would be expanding their cinematic universe based off DC Comics, then wonder no longer. Movies based off Suicide Squad, Justice League and Wonder Woman are coming in the next five years.

Cool Dad Builds The Best Version Of Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet

Although LEGO will release the invisible ship in 2015, as part of the “Gorilla Grodd Goes Bananas” set, this custom one made by John Wray and his kids is truly invisible and deifnitely better.

Do You Even Green Lantern, Bro? No

That’s it, DC Comics needs to revoke Turbine’s licence to create variant versions of iconic heroes for MOBA Infinite Crisis. I draw the line at popped-collar, sandals-with-socks “SoCal Hal” Green Lantern.

Who Is Kevin Smith Playing In LEGO Batman 3? Hint: It's Kevin Smith

In what I feel is a horrible example of miscasting, film director and rabid Batman fan Kevin Smith has been tapped to voice film director and rabid Batman fan Kevin Smith in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.

50 Ways Superman Could Beat Batman

Fifty not-so-serious ways, since Superman plays in a whole different league. But still, some of these — presented by Mr Sunday Movies — are brutal, especially number 38.

What An Ancient Mayan Batman Would Look Like

Inspired by Maya art and Camazotz, an actual bat god from Mayan mythology, here’s artist Kimbal’s pre-Columbian Batman.

Grant Morrison's The Multiversity Remixes What Makes DC Comics Great

Earlier this year, Marvel Comics debuted new variants of their Captain America and Thor characters. The new Captain America is a black man and the new Thor is a warrior woman. Those changes made a lot of fans upset. But comics legend Grant Morrison is featuring a black Superman and loads of racially diversified, gender-swapped versions of established superheroes. And he doesn’t care about what anyone thinks.

The Best-Looking DC Comics You'll Be Able To Read In December

Darwyn Cooke’s variant cover for Superman/Wonder Woman #14 leads this selection of the best-looking covers for DC comics coming out in December 2014.

NYCC Exclusive Arkham Origins Deathstroke Action Figure

Briefly: It’s called the New York Comic Con “Exclusive” Play Arts Kai Deathstroke action figure, but you can actually pre-order it and have it shipped to your home. $US100 preorder here.