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In Age Of Ultron, The Avengers Do The Thing That Superman Didn't

As I watched the new Avengers movie on Monday night, I couldn’t stop thinking about Superman. Specifically, I got stuck on the idea that Age of Ultron felt like a much more heroic superhero movie than Superman’s last cinematic outing, Man Of Steel.

Frank Miller's Working On Another Sequel To The Dark Knight Returns

It’s called “The Dark Knight III: The Master Race.” Wonder if Superman gets beat up again?

A Closer Look At Batman V. Superman's Big Three Superhero Costumes

Briefly: Here’s a better glimpse at the costumes that DC Comics’ biggest three superheroes will be wearing in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Batman’s new suit takes big cues from the Frank Miller iteration from The Dark Knight Returns and Wonder Woman’s gear looks a bit more colourful than the promo shots released thus far. Check out the video at Bleacher Report for more.

Looks Like This Will Be The Darkest Justice League Cartoon Ever

Superman is General Zod’s son. Wonder Woman’s the daughter of Ares, evil god of war. And Batman? He’s an actual vampire. Things are going to be different in the next animated Justice League movie.

DC Comics Is Giving Old Fans What They Want In The Weirdest Way

Superman back in his classic “red underwear” outfit. Barbara Gordon back in her Oracle identity and in a romance with Nightwing. Both Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain back as Batgirl (sort of). Yep, DC Comics is using their latest crossover to give fans what they have been asking for.

DC Comics' Big New Crossover Isn't Off To A Great Start

So it’s here: the beginning of the latest instalment in a long cycle of DC Universe publishing events. Unfortunately, the first issue of Convergence doesn’t hold up the legacy of its best predecessors and might just wind up annoying the fanbase it’s supposed to energise.

Wonder Woman Gets Pants, Superman Loses Cape

Two of DC’s holy trinity are getting radically new looks this year. While costume changes are a familiar element of long-running superhero characters, each re-design speaks to various traits that the companies and creators are trying to emphasise. So, here, it’s telling that Wonder Woman’s showing far less skin than she generally does in her most familiar looks.

Still Think The Joker Might Be Coming Back In Batman: Arkham Knight?

Briefly: Still think the Joker might be coming back in Batman: Arkham Knight? Well, in the latest chapter of the tie-in digital comic, the Clown Prince of Crime gets cremated. The folks at DC Comics and sister company Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment are sure trying their best to convince fans that it won’t happen.

Batman Vs Darth Vader: The Rematch

All you people who cried foul at the end of that brawl where Darth Vader and Batman threw down on the Death Star, this one’s for you.

What Comic Books Don't Show You

It’s not always exciting to be a superhero. There’s downtime, when superheroes go back to their daily lives, screw around, play jokes on each other and pass the day. Finally, we get to see all this recreated in collectible figures and slick photography.