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Maybe Bruce Wayne Can't Be Batman Anymore

Alfred Pennyworth has finally gotten what he’s been wanting for decades: A Bruce Wayne who he won’t need to stitch up, worry over or be ignored by. Thomas and Martha Wayne’s son isn’t a superhero anymore. And the new Batman comic posits that he can’t be The Dark Knight ever again.

Superheroes Who Act Like ISIS Are The Stars Of A Great New DC Comic

The first time we saw the new version of DC’s outer space super-team, they were broadcasting what appeared to be the live murder of someone who used to be a Green Lantern. One of the Omega Men slit Kyle Rayner’s throat as millions of sentient beings watched. Believe it or not, the Omega Men are supposed to be the good guys.

Arkham Knight's Red Hood Add-On Is More Bad DLC For A Good Game

Blizzard revealed a bunch of exciting new stuff coming to its MOBA Heroes of the Storm today at Gamescom. In addition to the previously teased Monk hero from Diablo III, they’re also adding a hero from Warcraft, and another one from StarCraft. AND another Diablo-themed map. Woo content!!!!

LEGO Shows DC How Parallel Universe Battles Are Done

This five second clip from the story trailer for LEGO Dimensions is more entertaining that 75 per cent of DC Comics’ massive universe-clashing, office-moving Convergence event.

Lois Lane Finally Figured Out That Superman Is Clark Kent

For decades, Lois Lane’s been the butt of jokes involving Superman’s double identity. A Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter who gets fooled by a pair of glasses? Come on, girl. This week, Lois puts it all together. And, yeah, she’s pissed.

New Justice League Cartoon Is The Bleakest DC Universe Movie Ever

The versions of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman who appear in the new animated Justice League film Gods and Monsters are dark. We’ve already seen glimpses, and the full film is indeed full of sick superhero moments. Hell, Superman cals Lois Lane a bitch. You should watch it.

Cyborg Is Going To Be Really Important For DC Comics

I’ve always had a hard time with Cyborg. I wanted to like DC Comics’ bionic superhero but something’s always held me back from digging Victor Stone the same way I like, say, The Black Panther or Robin. That started changing this week.

The Big Things That Change When Someone Else Becomes Batman

Batman is Bruce Wayne. Except, of course, when he isn’t. Other folks have worn the pointy ears of Gotham City’s shadowy superhero over the years, too, and every new Batman brings a few changes with them as well. In the comics these days, we’ve got a cop in a robot suit as the Dark Knight. The other elements associated with being Batman are transforming as well. Let’s see how different things can get.

Superman And Wonder Woman Are Totally Not Breaking Up

A few months ago, DC Comics teased that its big status quo shifts would mean serious trouble for the romance between the Man of Steel and the Amazing Amazon. But don’t worry, guys: Clark and Diana are doing fine. Just ask the Suicide Squad.

Bombshells Drop In DC Universe Online 

DC Comics Bombshells started out as a series of pinup-style variant covers. This year, it’s growing into a statue line, a comic book series, another wave of special covers and starring role in a brand new adventure in DC Universe Online.

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