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Superman's New Look To Come From One Of Marvel Comics' Biggest Artists

A legendary artist with killer runs on Spider-Man, Punisher and X-Men will reportedly be drawing the Man of Steel this year. According to comic-book rumour site Bleeding Cool, DC Comics’ flagship superhero will be getting a new interpretation from John Romita Jr, the second-generation creator whose family name is synonymous with rival publisher Marvel.

Wonder Woman Is Totally Rocking That Motorcycle Look

I, for, love the design sensibilities in the current version of Wonder Woman that’s been in place since DC Comics’ New 52 re-launch. But, another re-imagining will happen at some point — of course, it will — and I’d love it if this look by artist Dan Mora were the next face of Wonder Woman.

Everything Wrong With The Batman & Robin Movie (AKA The Entire Movie)

Listen, Bat-fans: as bad as you think Ben Affleck might be — and I’m reserving judgment — the next on-screen version of Bruce Wayne won’t be as bad as Batman & Robin. It… it can’t be.

Here's A Joker That Might Actually Kick Batman's Arse

Bane? Forget that musclehead. Batman’s greatest enemy has always been the Joker. And in armour like this, it’s possible that he wouldn’t get sent back to Arkham like he always does.

Why Marvel Comics' Ultimate Universe Could Be Better Than Ever

We should know better by now, but Kotaku bossman Stephen Totilo and I are actually excited by the impending relaunch of a superhero comics universe. Crazy, huh?

Kotaku's Favourite Comics From 2013

2013′s pretty much over and, boy, was it ever a great year for comics. Here’s what I and other Kotaku staffers loved reading over the last twelve months.

'I Know A Gangster When I See One,' Says Angry Street Batman

Who knows what set off this Times Square performer dressed up as the Dark Knight? But it takes a team-up with two Spider-Men to ensure that this Batman doesn’t go all Death in the Family on the dude he’s arguing with. Warning: contains language that may be considered NSFW.

Why On Earth Do Action Figures Need Trailers?

This is a great-looking Sonic diorama, make no mistake. It’s just… why is there a trailer? The inappropriately energetic rock music, the silly effects, the weird-as-hell vibration — ugh.

​Marvel At A Museum Dedicated To One Of Comics' Greatest Artists

Captain America, the Hulk, Fantastic Four… If you read superhero comics, you’ve probably liked a character created or co-created by Jack Kirby. He made the battles of superheroes like Thor feel larger than life but he also grew up fighting in the streets of New York City’s gritty Lower East Side neighbourhood. And he made an awesome, rarely-seen comic about it.

Marauding Maniac Meets Mournful Madwoman In Injustice Annual #1

Who would win in a fight, Wolverine-clone Lobo, or the Joker’s unhinged girl Friday? The answer might be a lot more clear if this showdown weren’t happening in the Injustice universe.