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The First Black Writer At Marvel And DC Comes Back To Comics After An 11-Year Absence

Somewhere during a four-decade career in editing and scripting comics, Christopher Priest found himself categorised as a “black writer”, despite having written Batman, Spider-Man and other icons. He drifted away from the industry out of frustration, leaving fans of his incisive approach all the poorer. He’s back now, though, writing one of the complex villains in superhero comics.

Bad Girls Done Well

Surprise, Suicide Squad sucks. Here’s some quality DC villain cosplay to start to set things right.

Our First Look At The Next DC Animated Movie, Justice League Dark

Video: Warner Bros. Animation’s latest DC movie might be under fire at the moment, but the next movie in line from the studio’s roster is finally going to give fans something they have wanted for a while, whether live-action or otherwise: Justice League Dark in action. And now, we have a first look.

DC Comics Is Pretty Sure You Need Another Fancy Edition Of Watchmen

Recently, DC began making a huge move that pushed Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s legendary series Watchmen into the wider DC comics canon. And now that they are a part of that canon, DC would very much like you to pay a silly amount of money for new, premium versions of Watchmen again.

Look As Stylish As Tony Stark In These New Marvel- And DC-Themed Business Suits

Aside from “coming soon” there isn’t a whole lot of information yet available about this new formal wear collection from Fun.com. But what we do know is that it will feature suits, ties and other accessories that incorporate patterns, designs and logos from Marvel and DC Comics’ properties.

Gene Yang Said 'No' When DC Comics First Asked Him To Write A Chinese Superman

The award-winning cartoonist and writer had one answer when DC Comics brought up the idea of a Far Eastern version of Superman: “There’s no way I want to do that.”

Barack Obama Does Not Approve Of The Suicide Squad

He probably doesn’t approve of the bizarre hijinks they got around to on the set of the movie either, but for now, let’s stick to the comic book version of America’s incumbent President.

Checking In On The Weirdo Superhero Comics DC Is Doing With My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way

One of the biggest comics surprises of 2016 was the news that musician Gerard Way would be spearheading an imprint of new titles for DC Comics called Young Animal. Last week, Way talked a bit about the quirky ideas he wants to infuse into Young Animal.

Dick Dastardly And Muttley Will Be Post-Apocalyptic Death Racers In Garth Ennis' New DC Comic

Look, that right there is one hell of a headline to have to write. But in a world where DC Comics is giving us all sorts of weird Hanna-Barbera series — from profane cyberpunk Scooby Doo, to post-modern Flintstones, to sci-fi spy-fi in Future Quest — I guess the thought of Garth Ennis writing a Wacky Races spin-off isn’t too far out there.

The First Trailer For Justice League Action Is All About The Action

Video: Also? It’s fun. It’s a lot of fun. There’s definitely some silliness here — hell, Batman even smirks after drops a minor quip after kicking Mr Freeze in the head — but anyone looking for some good, straight-up superhero-vs-supervillain action should be pleased with WB Animation’s newest DC offering.

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