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Batman: Return Of The Caped Crusaders Comes To Theatres For Two Epic Days

If going to the theatres to watch The Killing Joke made you want to take a shower, Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders will be more like a bubble bath. With toy submarines. And a puppy.

The Many Bizarre Lives Of DC Comics' Doom Patrol, 'The World's Strangest Heroes'

This week, DC Comics, along with former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way, is bringing back Doom Patrol. This team of superpowered misfits has been around for decades, and this isn’t the first time they have been brought back. In fact, it’s kind of their thing. Here’s what you need to know about DC’s “latest” superteam.

And Here's Why You Should Never Mess With Superman's Family

Because one day he will punch you so hard that something will burst out of your torso that absolutely shouldn’t be in your torso in the first place. Seriously.

Future Quest Is Creating A New Superhero Universe For Hanna-Barbera's Action Heroes

In their original forms, Space Ghost, Mightor, and Birdman didn’t get much in the way of character development. They got called into action, kicked arse, and had a hearty chuckle at the end of their adventures. But Future Quest adds tragedy and real stakes for the heroes that started showing up 50 years ago.

Wonder Woman '77 And The Bionic Woman Are Teaming Up For A Groovy New Comic

Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman and Lindsay Wagner’s Bionic Woman were icons of ’70s TV — and now, decades after they ruled the small screen, they’re teaming up for a new comic series fit to burst with nostalgia.

Report: Greg Berlanti's Pitching A Black Lightning Show To Networks

Lest you think Greg Berlanti was done making superhero shows after Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl, the man’s working with Mara Brock Akil (The Game and Being Mary Jane) and Salim Akil to bring Black Lightning to TV.

DC Comics' Most Popular Superteams Will Clash In Justice League Vs Suicide Squad 

It’s not just Marvel getting in on the ‘superteams duking it out’ stuff lately — DC is joining in on the fun with a newly announced event that is setting two of their current most popular teams, the Justice League and the Suicide Squad, at each other’s throats.

Man Who Runs DC Comics Originally Told He Wasn't Good Enough To Draw For DC Comics

Jim Lee is not only a superstar artist, but one of the two men in charge of DC Comics, making editorial and aesthetic decisions to help steer some of the oldest, most beloved superheroes in the world into the future. But 30 years ago, the House of Superman told him that his linework wasn’t up to snuff.

Why Wouldn't An Immortal Black Superhero Have Just Ended Slavery?

So, if a dark-skinned alien with Kryptonian-on-Earth levels of power landed in the Deep South in 1839 and found himself a slave, he’d just break the chains binding him and others, right? Not necessarily.

Deathstroke Gets Back To Being DC Comics' Biggest Arsehole

Slade Wilson kills people for money. Sometimes, it’s just because he wants/needs to. In recent years he’s been presented as a kind of antihero, but his newest series is taking him back to his roots as a straight-up jerkwad.

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