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What Happens After Superman Stops Being A Superhero

Does the Man of Steel do more good as a saviour swooping down from the sky or as a reporter exposing the evils of the world?

Briefly: Looking Good, Fastest Man Alive

After the quickest of glimpses more than two weeks ago, here’s a better look at the Flash suit that Grant Gustin will be wearing in the upcoming TV show. It definitely reads as more superhero than most of the outfits on Arrow.

Blink And You'll Miss The First Shot Of TV's New Flash In Costume

I’ve been waiting for this moment since Grant Gustin first showed up as Barry Allen in CW’s Arrow earlier this season — our first peek at the latest TV iteration of DC Comics’ scarlet speedster, the Flash. Spoilers follow.

The Winter Olympics Would Be Much So Better With Superheroes

Silver Surfer snowboarding on a Galactus-shaped ramp sure would make things more exciting at any Winter Olympics event. The real games might be over, but here’s concept artist Francesco Francavilla pairing superheroes with the winter sports that suit them the best.

If The Dark Knight Returns Were About Donkey Kong

Take Batman out of Frank Miller’s classic story about an older Batman coming out of retirement. Replace him with Donkey Kong. And you get something that hopefully exists in some more blessed alternate universe: The Donkey Knight Returns.

Dayshot: Joker, As A Chaos Wyrm, Batman, As The Dark Knight

Joker, as a Chaos Wyrm, and Batman as… well as The Dark Knight in DeviantART artist sandara‘s surreal piece. That’s breathtaking! Like one of the bosses from Dark Souls, except it looks more evil.

Robocop, Titanfall And Final Fantasy All At The Same Place

Their current publishing output may not be making folks happy. iOS releases like Final Fantasy VI may feel like some kind of bad joke. But, y’know what, the one arena where it feels like Square Enix can do no wrong is with their wonderful, wonderful toys.

1960s Batman Valentine's Day Cards Are Weirdly Awesome

Batman is no stranger to love. He hugs people and things sometimes. (Usually after something bad happens though.) So Valentine’s Day stuff with the Dark Knight’s likeness on it aren’t necessarily the worst merchandising idea. But these old cards featuring Batman, Robin and their enemies are, honestly, a little freaky.

Superman's New Look To Come From One Of Marvel Comics' Biggest Artists

A legendary artist with killer runs on Spider-Man, Punisher and X-Men will reportedly be drawing the Man of Steel this year. According to comic-book rumour site Bleeding Cool, DC Comics’ flagship superhero will be getting a new interpretation from John Romita Jr, the second-generation creator whose family name is synonymous with rival publisher Marvel.

Wonder Woman Is Totally Rocking That Motorcycle Look

I, for, love the design sensibilities in the current version of Wonder Woman that’s been in place since DC Comics’ New 52 re-launch. But, another re-imagining will happen at some point — of course, it will — and I’d love it if this look by artist Dan Mora were the next face of Wonder Woman.