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We Finally Have A Trailer For Bruce Timm's The Killing Joke Movie

The definitive Batman voice actors have returned for an animated adaptation of one of the most famous stories in comics history, and everything about it looks fantastic.

Batman '66 and The Man From UNCLE Have Their Ultimate Showdown

Although his ongoing digital series sadly came to a close late last year, the wonderfully campy Batman ’66 comic got a brief revival this year with a crossover with the classic spy series The Man From UNCLE. Before it comes to an end this week, we’ve got a sneak peek at the final chapter.

You Should All Be Reading These Criminally Underrated Comics Right Now

We tend to cover a lot of comic book news, but there are a lot of smaller titles that, while not making headline news, are absolutely worth checking out (and then telling all your friends about how awesome they are). Here are just some of the criminally underappreciated series out right now that you should be reading.

The First Time Superman Flew Into Space Was Delightful And Emotional

Superman: American Alien has been doing an incredible job of showing us Clark Kent’s evolution from boy to man (of Steel). It’s surprisingly funny comic that totally nails Clark Kent as a character — but, as a moment in this week’s newest issue proves, it can be equally touching.

American Alien Is The Best Superman Story In Ages

Superman: American Alien is a reminder of how great the Man of Steel can be in the hands of people who care.

Say Hello To Kenan Kong, The New Chinese Superman

There are big changes coming to Superman in DC’s Rebirth event. First off, he’s dying. Then he’s being replaced by, err, well, the old Superman (it’s a long story). But it also seems that on his way out Superman’s powers will be split among a whole host of people — and one of them is a young man from Shanghai.

This Superman Poster Encompasses Everything Great About The 1978 Movie

The most recent Superman movies have been darker, meaner, more cynical than the old flicks. Some people love it, but others yearn for the Superman of old that was wondrous and optimistic. Here’s a poster that embodies that oceanic sentiment.

Proof That Commissioner Gordon Is Not An Idiot

I was waiting a long time for this one little exchange between the current versions of Batman and Jim Gordon, because Gotham City’s top police officer gets to show that he’s not a complete dumb-arse.

Of Course Batman Wears Batman-Branded Underwear

Batarangs. Batmobiles. Batcaves. Batcomputers. Bruce Wayne is, if nothing, the ultimate example of how to successfully pull off a wholly-unified personal brand. Apparently though, that brand goes labelling underneath the Batsuit… and right down to Bruce’s bat-undies.

One Of Superman And Batman's Best Writers Flops Writing Wonder Woman

Grant Morrison delivered one of the best Superman stories ever with All-Star Superman. His long run on the Dark Knight infused Batman comics with more energy and heart than they’d seen in years. However, his take on Wonder Woman misses the mark.

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