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This Superman Poster Encompasses Everything Great About The 1978 Movie

The most recent Superman movies have been darker, meaner, more cynical than the old flicks. Some people love it, but others yearn for the Superman of old that was wondrous and optimistic. Here’s a poster that embodies that oceanic sentiment.

Proof That Commissioner Gordon Is Not An Idiot

I was waiting a long time for this one little exchange between the current versions of Batman and Jim Gordon, because Gotham City’s top police officer gets to show that he’s not a complete dumb-arse.

Of Course Batman Wears Batman-Branded Underwear

Batarangs. Batmobiles. Batcaves. Batcomputers. Bruce Wayne is, if nothing, the ultimate example of how to successfully pull off a wholly-unified personal brand. Apparently though, that brand goes labelling underneath the Batsuit… and right down to Bruce’s bat-undies.

One Of Superman And Batman's Best Writers Flops Writing Wonder Woman

Grant Morrison delivered one of the best Superman stories ever with All-Star Superman. His long run on the Dark Knight infused Batman comics with more energy and heart than they’d seen in years. However, his take on Wonder Woman misses the mark.

Now We Know The Familiar Face Of DC's New Superwoman

We’ve known that there’s a Superwoman series coming in DC’s Rebirth shakeup ever since it announced its comics lineup at Wondercon last month. But now we know who the (obvious) choice is to be the new Woman of Steel — and her ascent to the position has some intriguing hints about Superman’s fate.

What Happened The Last Time Superman Died 

Superman has had a rough time in his comics lately: his most recent problem being that he’s about to die (for real!). As we await Superman’s impending death, now is a great time to look back and see how DC marked the passing of the Man of Steel the last time it happened — in one of the biggest events in comics history.

Our Best Look At Superman's Snazzy New Comic Book Costume 

Superman is in for some pretty major changes in DC’s Rebirth event — and with all those changes, he’s getting a new supersuit. Appropriately, given the circumstances Kal-El finds himself in, it does a grand job blending the classic Superman design with the current suit. It’s certainly better than a t-shirt and pants!

The State Of The DC Universe

DC Comics has another line-wide reinvention coming up next month. It’s exactly the kind of thing I should be excited about but I’m more worried than anything.

We Finally Know What's Up With Superman In DC Rebirth

Ever since DC unveiled its line-up for Rebirth, we’ve had some questions about why the classic Superman of the old DC universe will replace New 52 Superman in the comics. Well, today’s Superman #51 has answers… and things aren’t looking too good for New 52 universe’s version of Clark Kent.

What Is DC Comics' Rebirth, Anyway?

In a few months, everything changes for the DC comics universe again… kind of. All the talk of DC Rebirth lately might have you a bit unsure of what’s ahead for Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman and friends in the near future, but don’t worry! We’re here to explain exactly what’s going on.

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