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Our First Taste Of The Darkest Justice League Cartoon Ever

Always thought Harley Quinn was disturbing because of her twisted love affair with the Joker? Here’s a version of the supervillain that’s even more unhinged. And the Batman who takes her down in this alternate universe does something… harsh.

Today, Superman Feels Like An Actual Human Being

A Man of Steel who can’t fly. No heat vision. Cape torn to shreds. Yup, Action Comics #41 is the best Superman comic to come out in years.

Infinite Crisis Is Shutting Down

It had a nice long run, but — wait, no it didn’t. Having officially launched in March of this year, DC Comics MOBA Infinite Crisis will be shutting its doors on August 14, some six months later. The news was delivered via a forum post on the game’s official website from community manager Celestrata.

DC Comics Really Needs An All-You-Can-Read Subscription Service

There’s no good way to digitally jump into the history of DC Comics — you know, only one of the most storied comics publishers ever — and that’s a damn shame.

Marvel's Latest Big Superhero Crossover Is Way Better Than DC's

You know the drill: Worlds will live! Worlds will die! Lots of spin-offs! Marvel and DC Comics are pretty much doing the same universe-changing story in almost the same way at almost the same time. One of them is good. One of them isn’t.

One Thing Not Changing At DC Comics: Batman Kicking Superman's Arse

Superman isn’t as tough as he used to be. There’s a new guy calling himself Batman. You know what that means: it’s time for a classic superhero misunderstanding fight where the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight throw down again.

Mad Max Comic Shows How Fury Road's Villain Rose To Power

If you’ve seen Mad Max: Fury Road, you know that the movie doesn’t explain much about the blasted world it happens in. But there’s a new comic that fills in more backstory about the crazy War Boy called Nux and the albino tyrant he works for.

Footage From Suicide Squad Set Shows The Joker Backhanding Harley Quinn

Well you didn’t think the Clown Prince of Crime was going to be all lovey-dovey, did you? He’s not that kind of clown.

A Weaker Man Of Steel Has Me Really Pumped For Upcoming Superman Comics

Superman’s been hit with some big changes over the last few months. And it looks like they’re going to be paying off big dividends starting next month.

DC Comics' New Superhero Show Is Basically The Justice Society

The latest seasons of the Flash and Arrow TV series have been throwing new heroes like Firestorm, the Atom and others at viewers left and right. Now, a bunch of them are forming a team. It’s not the Justice League, but it’s damn close. More like a modern-day Justice Society?