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The Omega Men Just Pulled Off One Of The Darkest Endings In Superhero Comics Ever

Death has symbolism. Sometimes how you die can be just as important, if not moreso, than how you live. The last issue of The Omega Men cements the DC Comics series as one of the best superhero books ever, with a finale that has me wondering if it was meant to be an improvised explosive device all along.

Superman Just Died A Pointless Death

It’s supposed to matter when Superman dies. This time, it totally doesn’t.

Holy Ruck, Raggy, That Dumb-Looking Scooby-Doo Comic Is Pretty Good

When the reveal of DC Comics’ post-apocalyptic reboot of Scooby-Doo hit months ago, it featured images of Fred carrying a Big Freakin’ Gun, Velma holding a bizarre gamepad and Shaggy wearing a lumbersexual-style waxed moustache and beard. Fans everywhere went “ruh-roh” upon seeing the cover for Scooby Apocalypse #1. Don’t worry; the story inside is much better than the cover implies.

Every Major Revelation In DC Comics' Rebirth Special

Today is the day! DC Rebirth #1 is out, and with it, a crazy new chapter begins in the annals of DC Comics’ long and storied history. There’s a lot of big teases in this huge 80-page special — we’ve read through the whole thing and broke down the biggest reveals, and what they might mean for DC’s multiverse going forward.

DC Comics Lifts The Lid On DC Rebirth's Big New Revelations

This week DC is heralding a new era for its comics, both creatively and in terms of its story, with the release of DC Rebirth #1. But they have just revealed some of the craziest ramifications to come out of the new issue, including one that changes the DC universe-at-large in some pretty dramatic ways.

Future Quest Kicks Off The Cartoon Crossover My Childhood Cried Out For

The Herculoids meeting Jonny Quest and Hadji. The Galaxy Trio and Birdman sharing a weird adventure together. Mightor and Space Ghost combining past and future. It’s all going to happen and, from the looks of Future Quest #1, these team-ups are going to be freakin’ awesome.

Is This Our First Look At DC Rebirth's New Design For The Joker?

DC’s Rebirth is on the way, and it’s not just the logo that’s getting a makeover. Plenty of characters will be getting a costume refresh in DC’s roster shake-up as well. It seems like the clown prince of crime might be one of them, judging by this gorgeous variant cover by Rafael Albuquerque.

DC Comics Has A Shiny New Logo

Nothing says “Rebirth” like a logo designed to look more in line with your classic logos of years gone by, right?

DC's Chinese Superman Will Be Joined By A Chinese Batman And Wonder Woman, Too

Strange things are happening to Superman in DC’s comics. The current Superman is dying, and not only will he be replaced by the Superman of DC’s old continuity, but his powers will be diffused into many other people: including a Chinese man named Kenan Kong. But Kenan’s not going to be alone in his fight for justice.

Harley Quinn Is Already Getting Her Own Movie

Warner Bros. and DC are putting a lot of faith in the release of Suicide Squad later this year — apparently to the point that it’s breaking out Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn to star in her own movie.

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