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EB Games Has Better Deals On Some PC Titles Than Steam

It’s not often that a brick-and-mortar retailer captures your attention in the middle of a gargantuan Steam sale, but that’s how the tide has gone in the last few years. The sales just aren’t as good any more — and the fact that Australians still get slugged in US dollars makes it even less enticing.

But that’s the opportunity EB are taking up right now, with a end of financial year sale. There’s plenty of games that priced at surprisingly reasonable levels.

Deals: Want To Become A Mobile Game Designer? Check This Out

Do you dream of entering the exciting field of mobile game design? The best way to learn is to get your hands dirty, and actually make a game from scratch–exactly what you’d do with the Develop A Mobile Shooter Game for Android and iOS course. Kotaku Australia readers can purchase this intensive training, and save more than 80% off the regular price.

Deals: Want To Make Six Figures? This Ruby On Rails Bootcamp Is Your Ticket

Stuck in a boring job with no chance of advancement? Why not learn a new skill that will reinvigorate your resume and open you up to a world of new opportunities? If you’ve ever wanted to explore a tech career, you can’t go wrong with the Ruby on Rails Coding Bootcamp, now marked down by over 90% for Kotaku Australia readers.

Here's Today's Big Discounts In The Steam Sale

Surprise: another big Steam sale has arrived. And while different deals will pop up, it’s often the case that you can find plenty of interesting discounts on the opening day. So here’s a big list of games to help you determine what’s worth buying.

Deals: Learn How To Design Video Games (So You Can Get Paid For It)

Video games are nearly a trillion-dollar industry. Whomever comes up with the next gaming sensation stands to earn a large sum, plus the fame that comes with that kind of success. All you need is a good idea and the skills to make it a reality, like those offered with The Complete Game Developer Course.

Deals: Unblock All: Access Hulu, HBO, And Other American Streaming Services

Hulu, HBO, and NBC are three US-based services that offer free or low-cost online video streaming. The only problem is that if you live outside the US, you can’t access these services. Thankfully, anyone can get around these restrictions when they have a lifetime subscription to Unblock All–currently 81% off the regular price for Kotaku Australia readers.

Deals: Protect Your Android For 2 Years With ESET Mobile Security

Spam, viruses, and phishing scams are a real threat to mobile device security. They steal your bandwidth, time, and in some cases, your data and identity. Luckily, readers of Kotaku Australia can purchase protection from these dangers with a 2-year subscription to ESET Mobile Security for Android, only $14 AUD [$9.95 USD], a savings of 66% off RRP.

Steam's Next Big Sale Kicks Off Next Week

You know what’s the most annoying part of E3? The thought that all of the games you get excited for are months, sometimes years, away.

Fortunately, Steam’s coming to the rescue. Next week, to be precise.

Deals: Save 21% On The KOAR All-Weather Bluetooth Precision Speaker

What’s an adventure without a theme song? Whether hiking to a mountaintop, camping in the deep wilderness, or hanging out at the beach, the KOAR All-Weather Bluetooth Precision Speaker will pump out premium sound for all to hear. Kotaku Australia readers can buy this high performance speaker for only $74 AUD [$54.99 USD], a savings of 21% off the RRP.

Pay What You Want For Back-End Development Training

Learn valuable, in demand coding languages like Python, Ruby, PHP, and more with the Pay What You Want: Back-End Developer Course Bundle, available this week to Kotaku Australia readers. This package, which normally costs $1328 AUD [$990 USD], can be purchased for a mere fraction of that value–but exactly how much depends on you.

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