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Pay What You Want For Back-End Development Training

Learn valuable, in demand coding languages like Python, Ruby, PHP, and more with the Pay What You Want: Back-End Developer Course Bundle, available this week to Kotaku Australia readers. This package, which normally costs $1328 AUD [$990 USD], can be purchased for a mere fraction of that value–but exactly how much depends on you.

Deals: Over 90% Off These Premium Android And iOS Developer Courses

Want to know how to make mobile apps and games for Android and iOS? There’s no shortage of training on the market, though choosing the right course can be tricky. To help you out, we’ve curated a couple top-notch deals on development training for your mobile platform of choice.

Deals: Protect Your Data Online With A Lifetime Subscription To Hotspot Shield Elite VPN - Only $55

Looking for a VPN to protect your network? Get the one that PC Mag gave 4 out of 5 stars. A lifetime subscription to Hotspot Shield Elite VPN is now priced lower than ever, just $55 AUD [$39.99 USD] for Kotaku Australia readers. That’s an impressive 59% off RRP!

Limited Time Only: Get A 12-Month XBox Live Gold Subscription For Just $54

Get the most out of your Xbox gaming system with a 12 month subscription to Xbox Live Gold. Kotaku Australia readers can pick up this premium membership that offers access to exclusive discounts and more for just $54 AUD [$39.99 USD], a savings of 32% off the RRP.

Deals: Build Games With 17 Hours Of Training On The Unity3D Game Engine - Over 90% Off

Get your game on, and design everything from first person shooters to strategy games with the Ultimate Unity3D Game Building Bundle. For a limited time, Kotaku Australia readers can get lifetime access to 5 courses for only $40 AUD [$29 USD], a savings of 90% off retail.

Deals: Boost Your Salary With The Ethical Hacker Professional Certification Bundle

Start your lucrative career in computer security with the 60 hours of training offered in the Ethical Hacker Professional Certification Bundle. Kotaku Australia readers can purchase this package for only $96 AUD [$69 USD], a deal available for a limited time only.

Deals: Get Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth for 50% Off Retail

Explore the final frontier and colonize an alien planet with Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth – The Collection. This exciting simulation game, available for both Mac and Linux computers, can be purchased by Kotaku Australia readers for only $42 AUD [$29.99 USD], a savings of 50% off RRP.

Deals: Conquer The Skies With The SKEYE Nano Drone Over 30% Off

Perform death defying aerial stunts from the safety of the ground with the SKEYE Nano Drone. Kotaku Australia readers, for a limited time, can save up to 32% on the purchase of either the original SKEYE Nano Drone for $47 AUD [$34 USD] or the limited edition matte black version with built-in LED lights for $55 AUD [$39.99 USD].

The Ubisoft Humble Bundle Is Quietly Good Value

Sometimes bundles pop up that are an utter waste of time. And then there are bundles that are worth it for only one or two games.

The latest offering is a bit better than that.

Deals: Save 90% On Top-Notch Training To Develop Premium Games--No Coding Experience Required

Wanted: Game designers, no programming experience necessary. Design stunning first person shooters and role playing masterpieces with the AGFPRO 3.0 Game Creator & DLC Bundle, just $14 AUD [$9.99 USD] for Kotaku Australia readers. That’s a savings of 90% off the RRP.

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