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The PlayStation Store seems to be throwing a big sale every other week. If you still need some games to see you through the summer, here are the latest 'Mega Weekend' deals for the PlayStation 4. You can get up to 77 per cent off with prices start at just $8.95. Here are the links to each deal.


Other retailers went gangbusters on Black Friday. And while EB Games followed suit, to a degree, they're finally starting to amp up their discounting efforts today with their online-only Mad Monday sale. Here's the bargains to look out for.


December is the month you expect to get beaten to death by sales, bundles and other deals. Drowned in discounts. Swamped in savings. Immersed in unimaginable bargains. Steam is often the place to be for PC games, but it's always a good to check out its biggest competitor, GOG. And if you hit up GOG right now, you can score yourself a free copy of Neverwinter Nights Diamond.