Dick Smith Deals Of The Week

Great news if you missed last weekend’s PlayStation 4 deal! It’s baaaack. Here are the dates you need to know. Dick Smith also has 20 per cent off selected Panasonic TVs — with free home delivery. Nice.

Reminder: Get A Further 20% Off The Dick Smith eBay Store From 10am Sunday

The Dick Smith eBay store has already slashed $100 off a 50-inch Panasonic Full LED high-def TV, bringing it down to $1099. But reduce that by a further 20 per cent voucher code and you’re looking at a crazy $879.20 plus delivery. Also on special: The PlayStation 4 ($399.20 after voucher), the PS Vita Wi-Fi 2000 ($215.20 after voucher) and more. Here’s how to get that special code!

PlayStation 4 $399.20 (20% Off After Voucher) At Dick Smith This Sunday!

The PS4. It’s awesome. You want it. And you could pay $548 over at JB Hi-Fi for the 500GB PS4. Or, you could head over to Dick Smith’s official eBay store from 10am AEST on Sunday and pick one up for just $399.20 after voucher. Here’s how to get that special code.

Deals: 14 Per Cent Off Apple Mac Products At Dick Smith

If you’re in the market for a new iMac, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro with Retina Display this weekend, Dick Smith Online has 14 per cent off a full-range* of Apple computers.

The Internet Reacts To The Steam Summer Sale

One of the most anticipated days of the summer is here: the Steam summer sale. PC gamers everywhere are examining their bank accounts and backlogs, wondering if they should drop some dollars on a enticing, cheap game.

The Steam Summer Sale Starts Now

The Steam Summer Sale has begun. Lots of PC games, super cheap. Today’s big deals include Dead Rising 3, Far Cry 3 and The Witcher 2.

A PS4 And A Copy Of NBA2K14 Can Be Yours For $482

If your lounge room is looking a bit depressed due to a lack of next-gen console goodness, this weekend could put a smile on its face (wherever lounge rooms happen to keep their moody visages). Retailer Dick Smith is currently running an offer for Sony’s PlayStation 4 that combined with a good old discount code, can net you the console, plus a game, for $482.

Get Deus Ex: Human Revolution -- Director's Cut For $US5

If the new Thief failed to satisfy your cravings for sneaking around and conducting clandestine activities, now might be the time to turn back the clock a few years and pick up Eidos Montreal’s much better stab at the stealth FPS genre: Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Why? Because it’s a measly $US5 and quite good.

Get Games' Get Loaded Sale Offering 10 Sega Games For $US30

Steam might be stealing all the super-sale fanfare with its Star Wars-themed bonanza, however, there are other worthwhile discounts hiding out on the internet, if you’re willing to go look for them. Take Get Games’ Sega-filled “Get Loaded” sale, which features a bunch of solid titles from the publisher with prices based on the number you buy.

$US10 Is All You Need To Scratch Your 4X Itch With Sins Of A Solar Empire: Rebellion

Excited about the new space-faring instalment to Civilization? That’s an understatement. Unfortunately, it’s not available right now, which makes it incredibly difficult to play in the current time slice we occupy. Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, on the other hand, is just $US10 on Steam and it might be enough to tide you over until Firaxis has completed its work.