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Deals: Pay What You Want For In Depth Coder Training

Want to code like a pro? Then you’re going to need in depth training, like the kind offered with the Pay What You Want: Learn to Code 2016 Bundle, available to Kotaku Australia readers with savings of up to 99% off the RRP.

Deals: Go Retro With The SNES30 Bluetooth Game Controller

Go old school with one of the most beloved game controllers to have ever existed. The SNES30 Bluetooth Game Controller & Smartphone Holder looks and feels just like the classic Super NES game pad from the 90’s but works with most modern devices. Kotaku Australia readers can get it shipped for just $46 AUD ($34.95 USD), a savings of 22% off the RRP.

Target Just Slashed Prices On Consoles And Old Games

For a business that once looked like they were abandoning gaming altogether, Target has done a pretty good job of appealing to gamers with some heavy discounts. Their Ebay store offerings before Christmas were some of the best all year, something many of you took advantage of.

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They’re now apparently in the process of clearing out a good deal of gaming stock, from consoles to games.

Good Afternoon, Here's A Cracking Humble Bundle

I’m going to take a small wager and bet that there’s at least one or two games in this bundle that are worth your time — possibly even games that you might not have picked up yet.

Deals: Pay What You Want To Learn Game Development

Got an idea for a hot new game? Make it a reality and save up to $2117 AUD ($1600 USD) with the Pay What You Want: Hardcore Game Dev Bundle, available to Kotaku Australia readers right now. Just pay any amount you wish to get two great game developer courses. If you choose to ‘Beat the Average Price’, however, you get the entire ten course bundle.

SEGA's Strategy Humble Bundle Is Bloody Good Value

I was having a chat with a friend about strategy games. He told me he was going through some older titles, but couldn’t really get into the Total War games. Having just finished a playthrough of the original Dawn of War 2, I recommended Relic’s classic and said it should be available for pretty cheap.

He hadn’t found the time to buy the game yet, though. So when I saw SEGA dump a truckload of strategy games into the latest Humble Bundle package this morning, you can bet my friend got a prompt email.

Kogan's Ebay Store Is Having Another Massive Sale, Again

The Australian online retailer recently participated in an Ebay-wide electronics sale earlier this month, and there were some good deals on hardware.

But the retailer has decided to extend that 20% offering across its entire Ebay store, opening the door to some nice deals over the next few days.

You Have One Day Left To Get A Lot Of Star Wars Games For Cheap

There’s a chance that you might have most of these games already. God knows they’ve been on sale plenty of times over the last few years. But if you haven’t, or there’s just one or two games that you wouldn’t mind picking up for bugger all, then you’ve got just over 24 hours left to take advantage of a decent opportunity.

Kogan Has A Few Good Deals On Graphics Cards And Monitors Right Now

There’s caveats as always and you only have a few days to take advantage. But if you can get in quick and you’re looking for a solid GPU upgrade — and you don’t want to wait for the release of the Pascal or Polaris GPUs — this isn’t a bad opportunity.

Target Is Having Another Big Sale Until February 21

Given how insanely popular they were before Christmas, it was only a matter of time before Target turned to their eBay store and offered another 20% off storewide sale.

Thing is, now we’ve got one. And the good news: it applies to games and consoles.

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