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Japanese Artists Make Deus Ex A Little More Real

The link to this story was actually sent out by the official Deus Ex twitter account, and with good reason: Some of the stuff Japanese pair XSENSE (artists Yoshinori Sakamaki and Taketo Kobayashi) are coming up with looks like it came straight out of Human Revolution.

Here's The Original Plot For Deus Ex 3

No, not Human Revolution, the original Warren Spector version that never got made. There were in fact 6 options being brainstormed, including an augmented spec ops soldier who realises he’s the bad guy, and another involving rescuing a girl from a cult, which sounds very familiar.

Deus Ex Writer Is Making A New Spy Thriller For PC

Say what you want about Kickstarter, but the crowdfunding site has done wonders for many a niche PC gaming sub-genre that needed reviving. That, or specific talent. Like Sheldon Pacotti, the man who wrote the first two Deus Ex games and recently launched a campaign to make a new espionage-themed thriller called Sienna Storm.

How Deus Ex Predicted The Future

Warning: If you haven’t played Deus Ex, but have maybe bought it in a Steam Sale as something you’re absolutely going to play one day, this article will drive a twelve-car train of spoilers through that dream like you’re Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution's Starting Area, Recreated In CryEngine

Not that Deus Ex: Human Revolution didn’t already look great. It did. But the game’s unique environment, and the room we start in, Megan Reed’s office, recreated in CryEngine 3 by fan artist Jovcem, just look super.

Get Deus Ex: Human Revolution -- Director's Cut For $US5

If the new Thief failed to satisfy your cravings for sneaking around and conducting clandestine activities, now might be the time to turn back the clock a few years and pick up Eidos Montreal’s much better stab at the stealth FPS genre: Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Why? Because it’s a measly $US5 and quite good.

Woman Puts Deus Ex On Computer Chip In Her Hand

Zoe Quinn doesn’t just make heartfelt, experimental games like Depression Quest. She’s also pretty set on becoming a cyborg, judging from the cyberpunk as hell implants she’s gotten over the last couple of years.

Someone Has To Design All Those Video Game Menus And Computers

Eric Bellefeuille works at BioWare as a UX (user experience) artist. That means he works on stuff that you actually interact with, from heads-up displays to computer menus.

Mod Makes The Original Deus Ex Look A Lot Nicer

Deus Ex: Revision is an ambitious mod that’s looking to completely change the way we look at the 2000 classic.

GOG's Square Enix Sale: Thief, Deus Ex, Tomb Raider And More For A Few Bucks

There’s never a shortage of gaming-related sales, deals, bundles and hilarious cat photos on the internet and along with Steam, GOG has its fair share of these excellent treats (except for maybe the cat part). This weekend the digital distributor is offering a bunch of Square Enix classics, including Deus Ex, Thief and Tomb Raider, for up to 75 per cent of their usual prices.