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Diablo III Cosplay Is Some Max Gear Attire

Fabricator Djinn has been working on this Diablo III outfit for years now, and the result looks like it was definitely worth the wait/effort.

Diablo III's Skeleton King Is Ready To Pound You Into The Floor

Dayshot: His Majesty King Leoric of Khanduras was already a decently badarse-looking boss in Diablo III, especially considering his lowly status as the game’s first unique boss. Well, here, he’s on a whole other level.

Ten Isometric Action RPGs Worth Trying

They have been called many things over the years. Isometric RPGs, hack’n’slash RPGs, ARPGs, Diablo clones. But one thing is certain: They wouldn’t exist if Diablo didn’t come out in 1996. Diablo and its sequels spawned a whole catalogue of isometric action RPGs.

Diablo III Player Reaches Level 70 In 33 Seconds

Boosting a character got a lot easier in Diablo III since the introduction of Paragon levels and Seasons, and it always was quick playing as a level 1 character in an otherwise max level party of four. Still, reaching the non-Paragon level cap in 33 seconds is still pretty impressive.

Diablo III's Next Patch Is All About Cosmetics

Cosmetic items weren’t really a part of Diablo III. Players could get a few pets and wings as rewards for spending money on a collectors’ edition or on a Blizzcon ticket, and that was it. The upcoming patch 2.4.1 will change this by adding a ton of new cosmetic loot.

Diablo III Players Discover New Secret Cow Level

In honour of an artist who worked on World of Warcraft and Diablo, and who passed away two years ago, Diablo devs secretly snuck a mini-event into Diablo III. It’s a special version of the famous Cow level and players found it pretty quickly.

How Blizzard Made Those Gorgeous Angel Wings In Diablo III

We take visual effects in games for granted, though that’s kind of the point. It’s like magic tricks — they lose their lustre once you know how they’re done. That doesn’t mean we don’t want to know. So how about the angel wings in Diablo III? Those beautiful, wavy, incorporeal tendrils that look exactly how you’d expect?

Tips For Creating The Most Powerful Diablo III Characters

The real endgame of Diablo III starts in Adventure Mode, when our character finally finds one or two powerful items, and begins its journey to collect all the pieces required to clear everything on the highest difficulty levels in no time. The road to get there is bumpy, but our small guide might help a bit.

How Not To Play Diablo III

You might think that there’s no “wrong” way to play a game like Diablo III. This is incorrect. Somehow, I figured out how to pull it off.

Diablo III's Wizard Joins Heroes Of The Storm

All the playable classes of Diablo III have already got a Heroes of the Storm version, except the Wizard. But those days are over. The Wizard, called Li-Ming, is the next hero joining the ever-growing roster of Heroes of the Storm.

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