Iconic Anime Character Painted On Buddhist Temple

A 700-year-old Buddhist temple in Thailand contains something visitors might find unusual: a blue robotic cartoon cat from the future. That’s right, iconic anime character Doraemon.

Anime Cat Is An Attack On China, Says Journalist

Doraemon, the blue earless robotic cat from the future, super popular in most of Asia, is under attack. Sort of. A Chinese newspaper is positing that the cartoon character is nothing more than a tool for Japan to subvert Chinese culture.

A Voltron Toy Unlike Any You've Ever Seen

To mark the 40th anniversary of Super Alloy toys and the 80th anniversary of manga artist Fujiko F. Fujio’s birth, Bandai is releasing a most interesting super robot based on the artist’s characters.

Doraemon Meets Akira In This Bleak Vision Of The Future

Japan has selected the adorable robot cat Doraemon as its special ambassador for its 2020 Olympic bid. As we all know, Akira predicted the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. That can mean only one thing…

This Taiwanese 3DS Seems Rare

In Taiwan, Nintendo is localizing Doraemon: Nobita’s Number Adventure, which, of course, features the iconic blue robotic cat Doraemon. To mark the game’s release, Nintendo is holding a contest in which five lucky people can win the above 3DS.

Japan's Cute And Nerdy Stone Statues Will Delight You

Stone statues play a prevalent role in Japanese life. You see them at Buddhist Temples and Shinto Shrines, and you also see them in front of houses and businesses or in gardens as decoration. Ditto at cemeteries.

How Japan's Nuclear Fears Are Manifested In A Cartoon Character

Many Japanese are anti-nuclear — and for good and obvious reasons. The nuclear disaster at Fukushima has made many question how safe nuclear power is, resulting in the country’s decision to take 48 of its 50 nuclear plants offline. It’s also why the government is pledging to end its dependence on nuclear power in the future.

Japan's Favorite Robotic Made Hellish For Good Hygiene

Brushing your teeth is important. Just ask Doraemon, the robot cat from the future! A Japanese dentist decided that Doraemon (and his sister Dorami) plush toys would make perfect models for teaching brushing, so the good doctor added phony teeth and a Joker smile. The result is horrifying.

Jean Reno Makes A Great Anime Cat

Doraemon is a robot cat from the future. His ears were eaten off by a mouse (hence him being afraid of them!), and his pocket carries all sorts of amazing gadgets. Doraemon is a beloved cartoon character, and he’s being brought to life by… Jean Reno.

This Chinese Hotel Is An Odd Homage To Japan And Anime

Spend any time in Japan, and you’ll see them: Chinese tourists. While tensions do flare between the two countries, there are Chinese who are infatuated with Japanese popular culture.