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Welcome Back To Killzone 3, Here's Double XP

Now that Killzone 3 players can get online and kill each other once again, Guerrilla Games and Sony gives them incentive to do so in the form of a double XP weekend running now through 10AM UK time Monday morning.

It's A Call Of Duty: Black Ops Double XP Weekend

Those of you not busy hating on Call of Duty should probably stock up on the caffeine, as the second Black Ops Double XP weekend runs now through 8am Monday morning, spanning all three platforms.

Aion Speeds Things Up With Double XP Weekends

Tired of slow progression in NCsoft’s latest MMO, Aion? The developers feel your pain, and they plan to assuage it with regular double experience weekends, starting with the next three weekends in a row.

Celebrate 5 Years Of Killzone With Double XP

World of Warcraft isn’t the only game turning five this week, with developer Guerrilla celebrating five years of Killzone all week long at, culminating in a weekend’s worth of double XP goodness.

Return To City Of Heroes For Double The XP

NCsoft is throwing open the gates of the City of Heroes to returning players next weekend, with double experience on tap for those with a bit of time to kill bad (or good) guys.

COD4 Weekend Brings Double XP, Half-Priced Maps

As we mentioned last week, this weekend is a special double XP weekend for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare players, though now it’s now an Xbox 360 only weekend, with PS3 fans most likely getting the treatment a week later. Also exclusive to Xbox Live is a special half price sale on the Game of the Year Variety map pack. The pack will be slashed from 800 Microsoft points to 400 from 12:01am Pacific on the 12th to midnight on the 14th, which coincides with the double XP event. Honestly I can’t see how anyone still playing Call of Duty 4 doesn’t already have this pack, but it’s a nice gesture.

This weekend will also see members of Infinity Ward entering the fray between noon and 4pm on Saturday to play with their fans, so be sure to hit the jump, write down their gamertags, and start coming up with countless annoying questions to bombard them with as they struggle with the frustration of having to work on a Saturday.

Call Of Duty 4 Double XP Weekend Imminent

Infinity Ward Director of Communications / Community Manager Robert Bowling reveals in his IAMfourzerotwo blog that he is currently readying promotional materials for a big Call of Duty 4 event taking place next weekend over Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. In his post he drops those two little words that CoD players (mainly those of us that suck) love to hear: Double XP. I’m currently working on getting everything organised and together for an upcoming Xbox Live / PSN promotion we have coming up the weekend of Sept. 13th – 14th. Which isn’t this weekend, but next weekend. I will have exact details on what it is in the near future but I have a gut feeling it’ll have Double XP attached to it for all those hungry for some power-leveling on Call of Duty 4.

Bowling further explained that he is hoping to get the new playlists finished in time to make it one big promotion. Woot!

Double XP Is Imminent [IAMfourzerotwo]

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